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Recognize the use of this is and that is in singular form of nouns.

Values Integration: Caring of the Body
Recognizing the Use of This is and That is
A. Reference: PELC page 8 s.6
Textbook: English Expressways 1, page 128
B. Materials: eraser, book, apple, pictures of different objects, chart
C. Springboard: Dialogue with pictures
D. Strategies: Picture Presentation, Dialogue, Modeling
A. Review
Fill in the blank with A or An
1. _____ fan.
2. ___________eraser.
B. Motivation:
Teacher presents an object to her pupils.
Teacher asks the names of the object in her hand to her pupils.



1. Listening
Teacher says: Thats correct. This is a book. (Writes the sentence on
the board.)
Teacher presents another object to her pupils that I found above the
cabinet. Ask the name of the object to her pupils.
Teacher says: Thats right! That is an apple. (Writes the sentence on the
Values Integration: Ask: What kind of food is an apple? Are fruits good
for our body?
C. Presentation: The teacher presents the two sentences on the board.
a. This is a book.
b. That is an apple.
Ask: What is the first word d read in the first sentence?
What is the first word d read in the second sentence?
Teacher writes the subject matter on the board.
Recognizing the Use of This is and That is
Teacher presents the dialogue: Shopping Time
Teacher reads the dialogue followed by the pupils.
Comprehension Check-up:
1. Who sees a pretty fan?
2. What does Lisa see?
3. What does Fatima want to buy?
4. What does Fatima say about the bag?
D. Discussion:
2. Speaking: Teacher lets the pupils study the pictures posted on the
board and read what the children are saying on it.

Ask: What is the boy on the left holding? How many balls is he holding?
(Repeat the procedure for the following set of pictures)
Let the pupils read this: Use this is with one thing that is near.
Use that is with the object that is far.
Teacher presents different pictures on the table and in the cabinet
which are far from the pupils. Call pupils to present the picture using
this is and that is. (Teacher writes their answers on the board)
Let the pupils read the sentences written on the board.
4. Writing:
We have here incomplete sentences on the board. Complete the
sentences with this is/that is based from each picture.

(Girl holding a pencil)__________ a pencil.

(Boy pointing to a star) ________ a star.
(Boy pointing to a tree)_________ a tree.
(Girl holding an umbrella)_______ an umbrella.

E. Generalization:
-What is used when the object is near to the one speaking or
he/she is holding the object?
-What is used when the object is far to the one speaking or she
is not holding the object?
F. Application
Teacher shows another set of pictures to the pupils and tells
them to stand up and stamp their right foot if their answer to the
picture is This is and stamp their left foot if their answer to the picture
is That is.

Complete the sentences using This is or That is


holding an apple)_________an apple.

pointing to a sun)_________ a sun.
pointing to a kite)_________ a kite.
holding a ball)____________ a ball.

Write 2 sentences using This is and That is