based on tablet size, shape and density.
The Coating systems generally consists of the following:
36" (approx.910 mm dia) -provided with perforated section in Stainless Steel conforming to
AISI 316 material. Pan possesses suitable opening for charging and discharging tablets.
Stainless Steel conforming to AISI 316 baffles of proprietary design gently maximize mixing and
tablet turnover during pan rotation resulting uniform coating.
A sink with drain is provided at lower section of the cabinet allowing perforated pan to rotate
through wash solution further speeding pan cleaning operation.
Pan is housed within double-walled, crevice free cabinet made from Stainless Steelconforming
to AISI 304 Material. Cabinet provided with hinged doors (single skinned) on either side sealed with Food quality Neoprene Gaskets to assure leak-proof enclosure. Pan is easily
accessible through side doors for cleaning and maintenance.
Proximity switches provided for front and side doors interlocked with PLC.
Flame Proof light fitting mounted on Cabinet for illumination within pan with S.S. cover.
….. 2/-


PERISTALTIC PUMP: Peristaltic Pump for product dosing with suitable tubing (Food grade silicon rubber). (oscillating type). Magnehelic gauge for indication of Pan Cabinet differential pressure.M.K. U. …. SPRAY GUNS: 2 Numbers Airborne dedicated spray guns (Delavan. London make – 1.S OPERATORS CONSOLE: Operators console mounted on the side of the Main Unit consisting of HMI. wire braided pipe provided.I.I. WASH IN PLACE (W. Digital Pan Speed [RPM] displayed on H.P): W.I. 3/- /var/www/apps/conversion/tmp/scratch_6/305865668. System consists of strategically mounted high capacity stainless steel spray Nozzles fed through pipe network from centrifugal pump flame proof execution with pneumatic solenoid valve. Header Assembly with facility for angle adjustment and lateral manipulation for optimal spray on tablet bed.. S.0mm) mounted on header assembly. SOLUTION HOLDING TANK: Non-pressurised solution feed vessel of 60 L capacity in Stainless steel 316 Quality with S.doc . S. Retractable Arm provided with angle adjustable device for spray/dosing header. top lid and pneumatically operated Agitator mounted on lid.S. DRIVE ASSEMBLY: Pan is driven by FLP Electric Motor through Speed Reduction Gear and AC Frequency Drive to provide variable speed between 4 o 20 RPM.P. S. Suitable S.: 2 : RETRACTABLE ARM FOR SPRAY ASSEMBLY: S. Regulator and Pressure Gauges for CONTROLLING SPRAY atomization and spray fan air for controlling spray width.

: 3 : DAMPERS: Stainless Steel conforming to A. CABINET: < AHU casing will be PUF injected double walled with outer skin of pre-coated GI and Inner skin of pre-coated GI before Hepa filter and S. The modular construction allows quick and easy removal of sub-assemblies for maintenance/ replacement. Integrated unit includes Micro Filter up to 10 Micron.doc . steam inlet connections and condensate outlet for raising temperature from Ambient (30  C to 85 C) …… 4/- /var/www/apps/conversion/tmp/scratch_6/305865668.I 304 ON/OFF type Dampers(2nos) on inlet and outlet duct for controlling the quantum of inlet/outlet air.S.S. [B] AIR HANDLING UNIT: Air Handling systems are carefully designed and manufactured for modular construction and ensuring streamlined and optimum delivery of air. HEATING SECTION Steam Coil contains Copper Tubes with Aluminium fins. UNLOADING DEVICE: Stainless steel AISI 316 made tablet unloading device shall be provided to unload tablets from Pan after batch shall be completed. CENTRIFUGAL FAN Fan section Plug type belt-less (direct driven) centrifugal backward curved fan in GI construction driven by FLP electric motor for assuring delivery of optimal volume of air.3 Micron) and DOP port after HEPA for checking the integrity of HEPA.I.P SWITCH: Provision for mounting Differential Pressure Switch across Hepa filter and Magnehelic gauges across Pre and Fine filters. Frame will be extruded hollow aluminium profile. D. Fine-filter up to 5 Micron and Hepa Filter (0. FILTERS: 3 Stages filteration. 304 Quality from Hepa filter onwards.

steam trap. .doc …. - Alarm annunciation and record. /var/www/apps/conversion/tmp/scratch_6/305865668. Standard system include PLC systems employing premium/mil-spec components for: - Automatically controlled paramount process parameters. The scrubbed water is collected in the bottom re-circulation tank.. Venturi cum plate Scrubber with Spray nozzles and re-circulation Tank in M. epoxy painted. Impeller driven by FLP electric motor. [D] AUTOMATION & CONTROL SYSTEM: .: 4 : STEAM & CONDENSATE PIPE LINES MS pipelines with pneumatically operated valve for steam inlet. The system in general shall comprise of ducting. etc. 5/- . [C] WET SCRUBBER: <. - Indicate essential equipment functions. GM release valve.S. pressure gauges. . Recirculation pump and water re-circulation piping. By-pass line with pneumatically operated valve for condensate and standard steam fittings interfaced with PLC. LIMIT SWITCHES Limit switches (2nos) provided across openable doors in Inlet AHU for filters. CENTRIFUGAL EXHAUST FAN MS Centrifugal Fan with casing. Wet scrubbing system for minimalising explusion of dust and coating resins from coating systems. - Diagnostics.. which has to be drained periodically. Principal Management of COATING Processes is effected through an ascending range of Automation and Controls. DUCTING MS Ducts provided between Scrubber outlet and Exhaust Fan inlet. - Batch parameter data logging. The fumes are scrubbed by using water as the scrubbing media. The fumes from auto coater shall be sucked by a blower located after the scrubber.

:5: Scope is envisaged as follows: 1) F. 4) Counter for Total Dosing Cycles. Algorithms for Accurate Temperature Control with Steam Heating. Operator's Code No. Provision for RS 232 Serial Interface for connection of 80 Column Serial Printer (Printer not in our Scope) for detailed Real . limits. Deviation Band Limits and Film mode selection.M. PLC System programmable for Film Coating Sequencing including Intermittent Spray for Film Coating.doc .D. with Pressure Gauge 2) Human-Machine Interface (H. values.I. as well as help line for self-diagnosis and corrective action.time record. 3) Menu-Driven.) Graphical Video Operator Terminal for real-time. Elaborate pre-programmability of set deviation bands. /var/www/apps/conversion/tmp/scratch_6/305865668.L.I. Ensure pre-Emptive cessation of key coating operations in case of abhorrent functioning of any sub-systems. user-friendly presentation of all information relevant to Coating Batch.R. Touch Screen Key programmed parameters. Enhanced Data Entry Capability and with Touch Screen for entering Product Codes.. Inlet Air Temperature Controller with Proprietary P. Audio visual Alarms indicate nature of fault.

:6: ANNEXURE OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES FOR AUTOMATIC MODEL Sugar Coating System Solution Preparation System(FLP/Jkt) Imported Multi Head Pump Multi Head (Indigenous Pump+Imported head) Imported Single Head Pump Single Head (Indigenous Pump + Imported Head) Weighing Scale Air Flow Meter Pressure Transmitter Differential Pressure Transmitter – Hepa Differential Pressure Transmitter – Bed Filter Cartridge SS Ducting (per meter) SS Insulated Ducting (per meter) MS Ducting (per meter) AC VARIATOR FOR Inlet blower AC Variator Exhaust Blower /var/www/apps/conversion/tmp/scratch_6/305865668.doc .