Parul University Offers Quality Education And Opportunities That

Work Wonders For a Student’s Overall Development
Parul University is located in Vadodara, Gujarat and operates under the
management of Parul Arogya Seva Mandal Trust. It is one of the best universities
in Gujarat, which allow students learn much more than just textual knowledge.
In the early 90s, students had to leave Gujarat for the sake of higher studies for
there were no self-financed institutes for higher professional education. With
sincerest of efforts and an objective to provide quality education, social welfare
and health care, Parul Arogya Seva Mandal (PASM) Trust, established in 1990,
came up with a solution. Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Jayesh Patel,
PASM initiated the concept of self-financed higher education in Gujarat. The
government of Gujarat started supporting self-financed institutes in the state. With
this support, PASM found the first self-financed institute ‘Ahmedabad
Homoeopathic Medical College’ in 1993 in Gujarat. Thereafter, many other
institutes were formed in the name of “Parul Group of Institutes” that later got a
university status.
While giving a brief insight into Parul University, one of its senior faculty members
stated, “Parul University is a premier multidisciplinary university established under
Gujarat Private University Act 2009. Our founder Dr. Jayesh Patel, in his efforts to
make up for the lack of higher education facilities in Gujarat, established a number
of self-financed academic institutions offering diploma/degree/post graduate
courses in different fields. This enabled students gain quality higher education
right in their native state. With the passage of time, a slew of other professional
courses were incorporated, thus making Parul University a leading Indian
educational institute.”
Parul University today has more than a 150-acre campus equipped with modern
infrastructure in Vadodara, Rajkot and Ahmedabad with a capacity to house
25000 students. Parul University is the only campus in Gujarat that has 109
faculty members belonging to illustrious organizations like IITs and NITs. It
comprises of 22 institutes that offer more than 100 educational programs including
Diploma, Under Graduate, Post Graduate and Doctorate level programs in
Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Ayurveda, Computer Application, Homoeopathy,
Engineering & Technology, Business Administration, Social Work, Vocational
Education, Architecture, Management and Fine Arts.
The senior faculty member further stated, “Our University has 2000 faculty
members and an in-campus residential facility for 7000 students, out of which
approximately 300 students belong to 26 different countries across the globe. Our
residential complex has separate accommodation provision for boys and girls. It is

designed in a way that helps students stay and study amidst all the comfort and
the best of facilities. Right from the five messes that serve homely breakfast, lunch,
high tea & dinner to hostel residents, 24-hour water and electricity supply to Wi-Fi
are the facilities we provide to students. Swimming pool, open-air theater, hospital,
banking service, gymnasium and more are the on-campus amenities we provide
to students, which account for their overall development.”
Students at Parul University get to study and learn under the guidance of
exemplary academicians and in the ideal environment, which indicate volumes of
quality teaching, learning, knowledge and innovation. It allows students to grow
into not just well educated but also responsible and good human beings. This
premier multidisciplinary Indian university is certainly one of the best universities
in India .
About Parul University:
Parul University is an amalgamation of 22 self-financed higher education institutes
that received a university status in the year 2015. Offering quality education and
overall development opportunities to students, Parul University is also considered
as one of the top 10 engineering colleges in India.
Contact Information:
Parul University
Ta.Waghodia - 391760
Dist. Vadodara
Gujarat (India)
Phone: +91-2668-260312
Fax: +91-2668-260201
Mob: +91-9099040577