FMS DELHI | MBA | 2014-16

Ans 1 –The Company would run the risk of diluting the brand and causing
dissatisfaction to current consumers if it launches offerings under the same brand for
middle and lower segment. Thus, to ensure profit maximization the the firm should not
launch low cost offerings under same brand name. However, a new brand “Nikhaar by
Saundarya” can be launched which will use the existing distribution network strength
of Saundarya and would also enjoy the high brand affinity that Saundarya enjoys by
the middle class. However, it would not hinder the perception and imagery of
Saundrya Parent Brand. Also, new offerings must be introduced in Saundarya portfolio
to ensure long term growth of premium portfolio as well.
Ans 2 – The best approach would be inform the customers about the bug, serve with
alternative software package which might be older but free of bugs to ensure smooth
functioning of work, work on updating the recalled software by removing the bugs and
then reinstalling the software.
While doing all this, company should ensure complete and fair communication to its
customers and speedy recovery of software as hiding behind the curtains would
eventually cost much more when the problem will be discovered. Also company must
provide compensating offer to its customers who have suffered to maintain healthy
Ans 3 – The most justified reason could be that the top mgmt. would need time to
deliberate and get consensus. The organisation has been functioning in a specific way
for a long time with salaries linked to performance. A change must be systematic, well
thought off and smoothly implemented rather than in a hurry. Thus the management
must deliberate upon the pros and cons and also the weightage of the different
parameters before finally implementing it. Also, being a participative firm, it will need
to invite ideas and acceptance from other members.
Ans 4 – Being a general manager I must need to understand what my target audience
is, what makes them switch to online shopping, etc. Being a customer oriented firm
(assumption), I shall conduct a survey to understand this consumer behaviour of the
customers who shopped frequently with me earlier but have stopped now. Digital is
the new wave and a pretty strong one. Assuming that they seek convenience and
variety online and are split loyal between 2-3 websites, I will decide whether to list my
products on them or introduce an exclusive online channel based on the brand
personality of the retail chain I manage.
Ans 5 – The challenge was to restore confidence in the key stakeholders and re-build
credibility for the corporate brand
1) Set up a media desk immediately to ensure that no media query goes
unanswered. Every story must carry Cadbury’s point of view.
2) The top management should come ahead and apologize for the incidents and
ensure to all stakeholders the extensive enquiry is taking place and that the
company is open to any quality check by the FDA.
3) A celebrity with high referent power must be roped in to promote the message
that the chocolates are safe for consumption.

Jain FMS DELHI | MBA | 2014-16 4) Packaging must be altered to communicate the safer and better product freshness and quality. Even if it calls for substantial investment and change. Ans 6 – Chamakdar kapde phoolon ki khushboo se saje Ans 7 – 16 Ans 8 – Ans 9 – F will be sitting to the right of C Ans 10 – Son in Law . company must not let the consumers’ confidence erode.