: Seto Galuh Wiratama
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: G (Agribusiness)

127. Brian and Diana phone …almost every day
A. themselves ( diri mereka)
B. themselves (mereka sendiri)
C. each other(satu sama lain)
D. the other ( lain)
My answer is C Because the sentence using the word “ALMOST” on the top of a
suitable answer is C
128. Lets take another… at the sales figure


My answer is C Because the meaning of”GLANCE” is match with the sentence
129. It is reported that the boat …. about 60 miles off the coast of South Africa.

Was disappeared ( telah lampau dan biasanya disertai dgn ket.waktu)
Was being disappeared
Has been disappeared

I choose A Because the tenses of the sentences using past tense,so the answer
must be in Verb 2 (Simple Past tense).

Which(yang) C. because This is the preposition question. We must know what the match answer is of. Except(kecuali) ANSWER: I choose A.130. B. Who(siapa) B. Where(dimana) D. because the sentence above states that the place to store books and “Where” is the word that fits 133. What (Apa) ANSWER: I choose C. D. Whom(siapa) B. 132. With At Of To ANSWER: I Choose C. using verb-ing. Suitable Answer . Which(yang) C. Taking a new job To take a new job Take a new job Do take a new job ANSWER: My answer is A. C. 131. What will become …the child now that his parents are gone? A. B. Because the sentences is using Present tense . I am considering … A. But(tetapi) the answer must be written like this. The instructor told us … to find the book A. C. D. because the sentence above states that about interrogative sentence that asks “who” don’t love their children and the answer is A . A. There are few mothers… don’t love their own children.

D. Bought(verb 2 dari kata buy-membeli) With buy (akan membeli) After buying (telah membeli) Buy(membeli) ANSWER: I Choose D. More and more overseas visitors are coming to this city to …clothes. so the verb must be followed by –ing. B. C.I choose C similiraties as my answer. because This sentences using present progressive. Because The sentences was written is past participle or participle clauses. A. If in the sentences we see word between it must be an preposition. In that case. the question ask about verb-ing 136…. To swim Swimming To be swimming Swim ANSWER: I choose B. 135. lake is very different from swimming in an ocean. because This is the interrogative sentences that using present tense. . C. D. C. Same Difference Similarities Variation ANSWER : Is about an preposition. Wears Is wearing Wear Wearing ANSWER: I choose D. A.134. C. B. B. 137. A. Who is that man …black? A. B. So the answer must be in verb one. There are no …between the brothers. D.

140.the demand for personal computers … A. . D. I lost I lose Lost I Did I lose ANSWER: I Choose D. B. So the easily way to answer this question is choose what the answer completely match with the question above. Because the sentences using present perfect tense and we can found a word “since”.not only … suitcase. Since the early 1990’s. A. Has been steadily increasing D. Because the sentences using past perfect so it usually followed by did. D. 139. Steadily increases B. On my trip to Italy. A. In addition to English. Are steadily increasing ANSWER: I Choose C. Steadily increase daughter can …French.138.but I broke my glasses. And because "steadily" is the adverb before an adverb should use 3 forms of Be is been. That word show that the sentences is present perfect tense. B.Because this sentences look like written in present tense. C. Talk Say Speak Tell ANSWER: I choose C. C.