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Nagbalon Eco park



One of the effects of urbanization is mental exhaustion from the city
life. (Refaat, 2014) A man struggles to escape from the psychology of
limitations and the brink of urbanization. In exploring the outdoor
environment of an urbanized city, one will focus on response to stimuli, the
circulation here and now, trying to ponder where to walk through and where
to walk out, but the consistent response for this simple stimuli cannot be
maintained indefinitely. (Refaat, 2014) Moreover, crowded city can cause the
brain to suffer memory loss and mitigating self-control. Amidst all the
struggles of a man from its changing habitat, we, humans can still be relieved
through just a brief exposure and experience of the environment. All the
anxieties, exhaustions, depressions brought by the city life can be gone
through a landscape that focuses on relaxation, rest and preservation. A
glimpse of natural elements can improve the performance of the brain,
escaping from the city life will give your brain a break from the complex
demand of urban life. Eco parks are large-scale transformation of the
connected, enormous landscape that promotes nature preservation, ecology
and wildlife enhancement, protection and human measure. Ecological design
is an important component of sustainability because it boosts the relationship
of human to nature and it gives a lasting impact to ecology.(Anderson, 2006)
Unfortunately, there are only few cities that see the importance of eco parks
in urbanized cities. Yet, of these few cities, some are not that ecological,
hence, few cities around the world, practice ecological design and preserve
the environment.
Philippines, one of the countries that are rich in natural resources, has
its potentials to incorporate the ecological design approach for the
preservation of its natural resources yet due to unplanned urbanization, and
the negligence of the local government, it has been impossible for the
country to reach sustainability, agricultural lands and wildlife areas were
converted into commercial and industrial purposes rather than to balance
urbanization and the preservation of nature. It is evident in Bulacan. It is a
province known for its immense crop production. Together with the other
provinces in Central Luzon, Bulacan is one of the pioneering region of
agricultural lands. From 73,465 hectares area of farms by land use in
Bulacan (1980) it lowered down to 69,242 hectares (2010). (NSO) Moreover,
some of these farm areas were unused caused by the increase of water level

in lowland areas an example of this is the agricultural areas in Marilao

Bulacan, particularly in Barangay Nagbalon.
Marilao City is a highly urbanized city in Bulacan. It was known for
growing buildings, cultivating gray construction, generating various pollutions
and diseases, industrialization and urbanization that takes risk the ecology in
various areas such as the Barangay Nagbalon. Because of climate change,
urbanization, industrialization, and progress in the nearby towns of Marilao,
crop production slowly diminishes as well as the fish production. Small
portions of these rice fields and fish ponds were still active till this time due
to the constant flooding brought by climate change, and silted river basin
caused by immense garbage dumps thrown by undisciplined residents.
During normal high tides, the main road of Nagbalon was flooded as though
the roadways are extension of the river. These cases affect the environment
of Nagbalon, its residents and their livelihood. (


An Ecological Park could be the Lungs of the City (Refaat, 2014). It
will minimize the impacts of urbanization to the barangay. Residents can
escape from the blurred visions brought by the depleting quality of living.
Through an Eco Park, the Barangay Nagbalon can arise from the flooding
issues of regression. Yet the problems that should be taken with consideration
in order to see clearly the sustainability in Nagbalon are; the increasing water
level; the drainage system; water quality of Marilao. And what are the
principles of an ecological park that could be applied in the barren area to
make it come to life again.
A New Beginning for Baranngay Nagbalon through which ecological
design approach is applied.

To study what are the possible resolutions for the water quality of the
fish ponds and the Marilao river.
To promote sustainability in Nagbalon through a landscape design
To create a landscape design for the barren lands and wetlands
incorporating the ecological design approach