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China Calcium Carbonate Market Share, Size, Trends,
Growth, Research and Investment Prospect 2014-2018

As of 2013, Chinas output of calcium carbonate had reached 23 million t and had became the largest
calcium carbonate manufacturer in global. In 2013, the outputs of light calcium carbonate and heavy
calcium carbonate were 10.5 million t and 12.5 million t respectively. In recent five years, the annual
average growth rate of calcium carbonate industry was about 13%, which met the demand for calcium
carbonate by national economy development.
At present, there are about 400 light calcium carbonate manufacturers, taking the small and mediumsized enterprises as primary, the manufacturers with annual output exceeding 300,000 t are less than
5%, the number of manufacturers with output exceeding 100,000 t are less than 60, the outputs of the
rest of over 300 manufacturers are only 10,000-15,000 t separately.
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Seeing from the supply structure of light calcium carbonate, the output of micro-powder calcium and
particle calcium accounts for about 70% of total output, active calcium accounts for 12%, and superfine
calcium and Nanometer Calcium accounts for 18%.
In 2013, the consumption of calcium carbonate stood at 22.9 million t in China, in which, the
consumption in machine-made paper and paper board industry accounted for 36% of total consumption

Hexa Reports
Market Research Reports and Insightful Company Profiles
of calcium carbonate, plastic product industry accounted for 31%, coating industry accounted for 14%,
and rubber product industry accounted for 5%. In recent years, these industries keep fast growth, which
also drives the development of calcium carbonate industry.
As for the calcium carbonate products in China, in respect of total output, the supply meets demand
basically, while in respect of product structure, the supply of low and middle grade products exceeds
demands, the high grade products are in short supply and needs import. In China, the fine grinding
calcium carbonates (FGCC) used for paper-making and superfine active light calcium (nanometer calcium
carbonate) mainly rely on import.
Table Of Content
1. Overview of Calcium Carbonate Industry
1.1 Definition and Properties
1.2 Industry Chain
2. Environment Analysis of Calcium Carbonate in China
2.1 Economic Development Environment
2.2 Related Policies, Laws and Standards
2.3 Technical Environment
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3. Status Quo of Calcium Carbonate Industry in China
3.1 Status Quo Analysis
3.2 Competition Pattern
3.3 Development Dynamics in 2013-2014
4. Supply and Demand in Calcium Carbonate Market in China
4.1 Supply
4.2 Demand
4.3 Price Analysis
5. Development of Calcium Carbonate in Key Fields in China
5.1 Calcium Carbonate Industry Development in Guangxi
5.2 Calcium Carbonate Industry Development in Guangdong
5.3 Heavy Calcium Carbonate Industry in Nanzhao, Henan
5.4 Environment Management of Calcium Carbonate Industry in Jingxing, Hebei
5.5 Cost CNY 10 billion to Build Production Base in Yongfeng, Jiangxi
6. Import & Export of Calcium Carbonate in China
6.1 Import & Export Data

Hexa Reports
Market Research Reports and Insightful Company Profiles
6.2 Main Import Sources and Export Destinations by Trade Amount
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7. Key Calcium Carbonate Manufacturers in China
7.1 Guilin Jinshan Chemical Industry Co., Ltd
7.2 Changzhou Calcium Carbonate Company
7.3 Fujian Dongnan New Material Co., Ltd
7.4 Guangxi Hezhou Kelong Micro-Powder Co., Ltd
7.5 Jiangxi Guangyuan Chemicals Co., Ltd
8. Development Trend of Calcium Carbonate Industry in China
8.1 Market Development Forecast
8.2 Technical Development Forecast
9. Investment Analysis on Calcium Carbonate Industry by Insider Experts
9.1 Investment Opportunities
9.2 Investment Risks
9.3 Entry Barrier
9.4 Industry Development Suggestions
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