Tutorial Universal Theme Patcher, Take Ownership, And Windows

Theme Installer
Presented By : Suck-Style
Yo Yo Guys… Now I will Give you Tutorial complete, How to Use Universal Theme
Patcher, Take Ownership, And Windows Theme Installer. . .

First . . Let’s We Make Restore Point .. how to make it ? ? Follow this step..
1. Open Your Explorer, Right Click on Computer/MyComputer and Choose Properties.

Click Properties

2. Click System Protection

Click This

B. 1 Choose This 2 Click This 4. Here I Use Local Disk C as System ( Windows ). If your windows use A. And Than Click Create 1 2 Click This . Example : Before Patch Theme . In Table PROTECTION SETTINGS choose Local Disk C ( System ). And Then Click CREATE.D or anything as system. Give Name the Restore Point.3. so you have to choose it.

Click System Restore Click This . Now Let’s we check in System Restore.5. Wait Until Message Box Show and Say Like This Tadaaa… You have make restore point.. After That. .

.- Click Next - And You will see restore point that we have make before. .

and Windows Theme Installer we have to Check Bit Windows ! . this is how to check Bit Windows.. 1. Before we Use UTP. Take Ownership. .Second . Check your Windows Bit Here Your Bit Windows . . Right Click Computer/MyComputer. Open Explorer. And Then Choose Properties 2.

Open folder universal theme patcher_20090409 2. themeui. 1. Right-click the exe file. select Run as Administrator.Third . so I use Utp-x86. *Note : I use windows with 32 Bit. .exe For 64bit (amd64) : UniversalThemePatcher-x64. wait until text " patch succes " and than do it again for next until 3 files that have been patched. Let we start from Universal Theme Patcher . ) . Require administrator rights.dll ( Click Patch One by One. . 2008/Vista/Windows 7 need to patch 3 files: uxtheme. shsvcs.exe 3.Exe 4.dll.dll. Choose the corresponding patcher based on you Windows For 32bit (x86) : UniversalThemePatcher-x86.

dll". Just Follow The Instruction No. . Than search file "explorerframe. 1. How To use Windows Theme Installer.1. .D or Anything.. Open Folder exploreframe 2. Before we use Windows Theme Installer.reg After Finished. Just go to there and acces windows\System32 3. And than right click at the file and choose TakeOwnership. After Patch. 3 5. 1.*NOTE : I Have Patch.. Fifth .. And than open windows theme installer v1. Button Patch sure On. run as administrator.B. Restart Your Computer to Take The Effect Fourth . Open Folder TakeOwnership 2.. we Have to Install take ownership First. If Your Windows Use A. Let’s Go to "C:\Windows\System32" *NOTE : My System Use Local Disk C for windows. . But If you have not patch. so when I Open it again Patch button is Off. with right click.. Double Click at InstalltakeOwnership.

dll. When opened. Give Checklist at ExploreFrame. And Click Browse 1 2 4.dll From Folder which same with your windows bit For 32bit (x86) : chose " exploreframe.3. Choose ExploreFrame.dll " from folder exploreframe(86) For 64bit (amd64) : chose " exploreframe.dll " from folder exploreframe(64) .

YOU SHOULD NOT TO PATCH IT AGAIN. SO IF YOU HAVE BEEN PATCH ALL. .5. VISIT ALWAYS : http://suck-style.com/ . Restart Your Computer to Take The Effect.blogspot. YOU CAN CHANGE THEME WHENEVER. And Than Click Install Theme 2 1 6. I’m Sorry for My Bad English ^^ *NOTE : ALL PATCH IS JUST ONCE. Choose the theme that have background folder.