NURS 111

Fall 2013 Syllabus

School Of Nursing, College Of Health And Human Services
California State University, Sacramento

NURS 111: Introduction to Professional Nursing
Fall 2014 Syllabus

Part 1: Course Information
Doreen M. Baldock, RN, MSN
Office: Folsom Hall 2032
Office Hours: Tuesdays 3:00-5:00, Wednesday all day by appointment
Cell: 530-263-7033 (c) 530-274-9884 (h)
Richard Keegan, DNP, FNP-BC, RN
Office: Folsom Hall 2028
Office Hours: Email for appointment
Cell: 916-278-7269 (w) 916 834-7084 (c)

Course Description
Provides a conceptual base for the practice of professional nursing. The changing
and expanding roles of the professional nurse in the health care delivery system are
explored, with an emphasis on professional behavior, ethics, evidence-based
practice and informatics. Lecture three hours.
Prerequisite: Admission to Clinical Nursing program or instructor permission.
Corequisite: NURS 112 and NURS 113 Graded: Graded Student. Units: 3.0

Required Texts
Black, B.P. (2014). Professional Nursing: Concepts & Challenges (7 th ed.). St. Louis,
MO.: Saunders.
ISBN: 978-1-4557-0270-1
Staff. California Advanced Directive. St. Louis, MO.: Professional Media Resources

California State University, Sacramento


California State University. The student is expected to:  Explain the roles of the nurse in today’s health care environment. many guest speakers are invited in to add their expertise to particular topics. This will ensure that no important announcements are missed and that quizzes/assignments are completed on time.  Define principles of ethical reasoning and apply within the context of patient care.  Analyze the evolution of the health care delivery system across the lifespan and nursing practice in the United States. Identify ways in which cultural and lifestyle differences affect health and health care across the lifespan. including HealthStream Course Structure N111 meets three hours every Thursday for lecture in room 1029/1033. Course Requirements     Internet connection with access to SacCT and SacLink e-mail Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat Reader School of Nursing uniform and required equipment Up to date health clearances. DC. quizzes. It is strongly recommended that students access the course SacCT site at least twice weekly. Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed. Sacramento 2 .  Describe the application of principles of evidence-based practice and applied informatics. ISBN: 978-1-43380561-5 Other readings will be made available in SacCT.).NURS 111 Fall 2013 Syllabus Recommended Texts & Other Readings American Psychological Association (2008). Compare and contrast critical professional and legal nursing concepts. Part 2: Course Objectives Course Objectives Students must meet all course objectives in order to pass the course.  Articulate methods in which nurses can influence politics and policy. Washington. In addition there are numerous assignments. While faculty lectures numerous times. and exams.

The faculty strongly recommends exam reviews in small groups (1-3 students per computer) prearranged with course faculty. Internet assignment. Image assignment. Email professor to set up appointments. **See TCO next page California State University.NURS 111 Fall 2013 Syllabus Assignments/Examinations Required assignments/examinations for NURS 111 are 8 quizzes. Please see “Missed Exams” for further information. Note that exam reviews are not held within three school days prior to an exam. 3 exams. Please see course outline and weekly content for due dates and instructions. Sacramento 3 . Culture Presentation.

ADA article on SacCT) Lozano (c) Power in Politics (Black 15) Keegan Week 4 Sept. It is the student’s responsibility to check SacCT for updates to the syllabus. Please keep in mind both exam and quiz questions are taken not only from lecture but from reading assignments as well. Week Topic Faculty Assignment(s) Due Week 1 Sept. 25 Week 5 Oct. is subject to change. 18 Image of Nursing (Black 1) video (review image assignment) Baldock ** Professionalism & Socialization Quiz Internet Assignment due Professionalism & Socialization (Black 3 & 6) Baldock Critical Thinking (Black 8) Keegan Cultural group member list/topic due Nursing Process (Black 8) Keegan **Nursing Process Quiz Test 1 Baldock History of Nursing (Black 2) Baldock **History Quiz Informatics (Online Readings/Potter & Perry pp 353-360) Kelly (c) Image of Nursing Assignment due Education (Black 7) Baldock Caring for Unique Individuals – Blind Speaker (Black 10.NURS 111 Fall 2013 Syllabus Part 3: Topic Outline/Schedule Important Note: This syllabus. 16 California State University. Sacramento Cultural Group Leader Email Input to Prof. 2 Week 6 Oct. 4 Course overview (Syllabus)/video Intro to Nursing (Black 1) Baldock View “Real Nurse” Video online (SacCT) prior to class Web CT/Information Technology (review internet assignment) Heaser/Met (c) Week 2 Sept. Any changes will be clearly noted during the first class session/orientation. 11 Ethics (Black 5) Altmann (c) Baldock **Ethics Quiz Week 3 Sept. 9 Week 7 Oct. Baldock 4 . along with course assignments and due dates. This includes Black chapter 9.

& ACA (Black 14) View Escape Fire (own time) In class assignment/video disc on movie Cultural Presentations (3) Baldock ** Health Care Delivery Quiz ** Escape Fire Quiz (in health care delivery module) Baldock Post Key Concepts Sac ct Week 13 Nov 27 Thanksgiving Week 14 Dec 4 Cultural Presentations (5) (Black 9) Keegan Post Key Concepts Sac ct Week 15 Dec 11 Cultural Presentations (5) Baldock Post Key concepts Sac ct Nursings Future Challenges (Black 16) Week 16 Dec. 20 HC Del. 30 Test 2 (test Rm TBD. 1219 Finals Week California State University. 13 Cultural Presentations (3) Cultural Outline Due Post Key Concepts Sac Ct Baldock Week 12 Nov. 23 Legal Issues & BRN (Black 4 + BRN website) Hall (c) Keegan Week 9 Oct. 12 & 13) Vourakis (c) **Theory Quiz Cultural Test Questions Due Research (Black 11) Baldock **Research Quiz Caring for Unique Individuals – Interpretive Services Morrow (c) Week 10 Nov. 1500-1615) Keegan Advanced Directives (bring booklet to class) Laverty (c) Theory (Black Ch. Sacramento BaldockKeegan 5 . 6 Week 11 Nov.NURS 111 Fall 2013 Syllabus Week 8 Oct.

Exam grade averages <73% will not be rounded up. no more then a total of 20 points per student per semester. In NURS 111 a possible 605 points can be earned for the course. Students must receive a 73% average on exams for successful completion of the course. this means the three exam scores will be added then divided by 3. To pass NURS 111 the student must achieve a cumulative average of 73% on exams and an overall 73% in the course from total points. a grade of 73% must be met without the addition of extra credit California State University.NURS 111 Fall 2013 Syllabus Part 4: Grading Policy The letter grade for the course is based upon test scores and assignments. Exam averages will be weighted. Sacramento 6 . Either two 10 point assignments or a 10 point and two 5 point assignments per semester are accepted. The course cannot be passed using extra credit points. In other words.8. Total extra credit points for the course cannot be greater than 3% of the total points possible. Course grading is as follows: Type: Individual or Group Submission Method 150 (75 each) Individual Proctored exam 180 Individual Proctored exam 80 (10 each) Individual Online quiz Individual Assignment drop box 25 Individual or Group up to 5 students Assignments drop box Cultural Analysis Presentation 100 Groups ( 4 to 5 members) PowerPoint/ SacCT TOTAL 605 Item 2 mid-term exams Points Final exam 8 quizzes Informatics and the Internet Paper Professionalism and Nursing Image Paper 20 Extra credit will be available and posted on the Sac Ct course site.

Makeup testing is available Mondays at 9 a. etc.9% and below Grades will be posted on an on-going basis in the online grade book.m. Five points is automatically deducted even with proof submitted. Lassen Hall 2302. doctor notes. Discussions and quizzes will not be accepted late. 278-6296 (http://www.00 check or money order). There is a small fee (~$6. rounded to tenth place): Letter Grade A AB+ B BC+ C F Course Percentage 93-100% 90-92.9% 87-89. or 1 p. In the event of emergencies. proof of such is required (receipts.csus. Sacramento 7 . it is your responsibility to notify the faculty of record so that you are not dropped from class. Attendance will be taken during the 4 th week of the semester to verify enrollment before census day. The Faculty of Record reserves the right to use the Testing Center for these exams.m. Testing Center hours are 7:30 a. and Fridays at 9 a. Late Work Assignments may be turned in up to two weeks late. If you are unable to attend that class.9% 83-86.9% 73-76.NURS 111 Fall 2013 Syllabus Letter Grade Assignment (based on percentage. Missed Exams Exams must be taken at scheduled times. Students can access these via the My Grades tool in SacCT.9% but the score will be reduced by 2% of the possible score per day late. Students are responsible for tracking and checking their own scores. Notification of absence is required within 24 hours after the exam to allow for make-ups. Any inconsistency noted should be reported promptly to the instructor.9% 80-82. daily. California State University. Ten points is deducted without proof. attendance at the White Coat Ceremony is mandatory.m. Make-up exams are to be taken within two weeks of the original exam date. exams must be prescheduled online with the Testing Center.9% 72.). to 4 p.m. Part 5: Course Policies Lecture Class attendance is strongly recommended.

you have one week to complete each quiz. the quiz would be available from 1200 the day of the first class day until 0700 the second class day. last review day prior to a Wednesday final would be the Thursday before). attempting to gain knowledge of exam items or related content. Thus. For example. the School of Nursing Student Handbook requires notification of the University’s Student Affairs office. building rapport and proactive relationships are key to becoming an effective professional. Asking for Assistance If you find that you have any trouble keeping up with assignments or other aspects of the course. If any part of your written or verbal work is suspected of academic dishonesty (whether you benefited from or provided an unfair advantage). Make sure you are proactive in informing your professors when difficulties arise during the semester so that faculty can help you find a solution. you must sit in the last row of the classroom. Electronic Devices If using a computer during class time. 10 points out of 605 total points = 1. It is your responsibility to review the university policy and student handbook regarding academic honesty and California State University. Exam Review Exam review is encouraged! The faculty strongly recommends small group reviews (1-3 students per computer) prearranged with faculty. if there was a quiz for the on-line content in week 2. Email faculty ahead to set up appointment time for your group. Once academic dishonesty is determined to have taken place. the assignment will not be accepted. or plagiarizing published works. but not limited to. course failure or program dismissal. Exam reviews will NOT be permitted within 3 school days prior to an exam (for example. Sacramento 8 . will receive a score of zero. This concept is violated when a student gains an unfair advantage over other students such as is the case when copying others’ assignments. No audio or video taping is allowed without explicit permission from each of the individuals being taped. and the student(s) will be subject to disciplinary action including. A missed quiz will result in a score of zero – no quiz will be reset.NURS 111 Fall 2013 Syllabus Quizzes Quizzes will be available from 12 noon the day the on-line assignment is given until 0700 the following week. make sure you let the Faculty of Record know as early as possible. Laptops are to be used ONLY for note taking for the lecture of that day only.65% of your final grade so don’t panic if you miss one quiz! Due dates for assignments will be posted in the class schedule because they vary in duration. As you will find. University Policies Academic Honesty Academic honesty is ensured when a student completes academic work on his/her own merit.

csus. students are expected to follow the University Student Code of Conduct (http://www. research located in Solano Hall 5000. Violation of any of these principles. etc. Additionally. Reasonable Accommodation If you have a documented disability and verification from the Office of Services to Students with Disabilities (SSWD).HTM) and to adhere to all policies found within the School of Nursing Student and/or dismissal from the nursing program and/or University. It is the student’s responsibility to check SacCT for corrections or updates to the syllabus. hours. Special Note Course policies are subject to change. See also the Sacramento State Policy Manual (http://www. and to consult with faculty if you need assistance. computer labs.NURS 111 Fall 2013 Syllabus plagiarism.csus. adhering to the Student Code of Conduct found in the Student Handbook (see also the statements in the School of Nursing Philosophy).csus.stm) for information about locations. notice of jeopardy of failing a course. Writing Center The College of Health and Human Services Writing Center. and resources available. study areas.csus. California State University. Visit the University Labs website (http://www.htm). University Resources Sac State Library As a Sac State student you have access to the various resources offered by the library such as book checkout. It is the student’s responsibility to provide documentation of disability to SSWD and meet with a SSWD counselor to request special accommodation before classes start. SSWD is located in Lassen Hall 1008 and can be contacted by phone at (916) 2786955 (Voice) or (916) 278-7239 (TDD only) or via email at sswd@csus. and wish to discuss academic accommodations. Student Conduct Participation in nursing program obligates students to demonstrate professional behavior at all times. referral to University Student Affairs. failure of a course. Sacramento 9 . may result in one or more of the following: letter of reprimand placed in the student please contact your instructor as soon as possible. Any changes will be posted in SacCT. to understand their definitions. Student Computing Labs Students can use any of the IRT managed student computer labs on campus. online tutorials. whether during class times or course-related To learn more about available resources visit the Sac State Library website (http://library.

California State University. Standards for Written Work Written work should adhere to APA format. The Center is staffed by graduate students from the English Department.278.NURS 111 Fall 2013 Syllabus is a program designed to assist students with all stages of writing from pre-writing through editing a text utilizing a peer-tutoring environment.7255. If you have questions about the Center. Sacramento 10 . please call 916.