NURS 112

Fall 2014 Syllabus

School of Nursing, College of Health and Human Services
California State University, Sacramento

NURS 112: Nursing Care of Adults
Fall 2014 Syllabus
Part 1: Course Information
Faculty of Record
Debra Brady, DNP, RN, CNS
Office: Folsom Hall 2018
Office Hours: TBA
Office Phone: (916) 278-7334 Cell: 217-2579

Theory Faculty
Katherine Kelly, DNP, RN, FNP
Office: Folsom Hall 2005
Office Hours: TBA
Office Phone: (916) 278-1505

Nassrine Noureddine, EdD, RN
Office: Folsom Hall 2019
Office Hours: TBA
Office Phone: (916) 278-1507

Clinical Faculty
Professors are listed in SacCT by Clinical Section. Clinical faculty share office
space in Folsom Hall. Clinical and office hours are TBA. Please email your clinical
professor via the course SacCT website. Refer to your clinical rotation handout for
clinical faculty contact phone numbers.

Course Description
Introduction and application of nursing concepts in meeting health needs of adults.
Emphasis is placed on health promotion and disease management across the adult
life span. Lecture three hours; laboratory six hours.
Prerequisite: Admission to nursing program.
Corequisite: NURS 111, NURS 113.
Graded: Graded Student.
Units: 5.0

Required Texts

California State University, Sacramento


Heitkemper. J. Baltimore: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. & Meyers. ATI Materials for RN Fundamentals and Nutrition (available by order from ATI.. Louis. F. See staff in Nursing Resource Center for ordering information and dates). Bucher. ISBN 9780323039543 Thomas. (8th ed. L. (12th ed. Dirksen. ISBN: 9780781771948 (or a comparable electronic application for PDA or smartphone) Deglin. S. L. (2009).lww. Elsevier Mosby. I. ISBN 0803623100 (or a comparable electronic application for PDA or smartphone) Gulanick. Information on this interactive personalized virtual patient simulation product can be found at: http://thepoint. C. J.lww. Purchase from http://thepoint. This provides you with all of your first semester texts at a discount.lww. Davis. T. Philadelphia: Purchase this on or after orientation. A. Davis’s drug guide for nurses. R.). S. Sacramento 2 . (Ed). Select Buy now button. (21st ed.. (6th ed. M. Elsevier/Mosby. This is an electronic medical record charting system that will be used for assignments in N112 and N113. (2011). We will address questions during orientation. Lewis. Medical-surgical nursing: Assessment and management of clinical problems.). Manual of laboratory and diagnostic tests. (2009).) Philadelphia: FA Davis. Nursing care plans: Nursing diagnosis and intervention. (2011). Next Select 6month access and press proceed to purchase button. M. ISBN 9780803615595 vSim for Nursing / Medical-Surgical.).. Laerdal/Lippincott Course Point. Taber’s encyclopedic medical dictionary. (8th Ed. H. Complete the tutorial.A. H. Purchase aby following this link: groupby=learningactivity&ts=1405345748237 Select Buy Now button. Next Select 2 year access and press proceed to purchase button. M. Docucare.NURS 112 Fall 2014 Syllabus Students are encouraged to purchase the Pageburst bundle of first semester books available at the SacState bookstore. Recommended Texts & Other Readings Lab Test and Drug Guide reference books or mobile applications (student choice of materials may be substituted for the above) California State University. M. Lippincott. ISBN 9780323065801 (Same text will be used for N1123) Fischbach. & Vallerand. (2012). Camera. L.. St.).

and evaluating patient care technologies. the Clinical Evaluation. including HealthStream Mobile device (PDA. human patient simulation.NURS 112 Fall 2014 Syllabus Other readings will be made available in SacCT (See Learning Modules). Clinical Assignments. This course is a five-unit combined theory and clinical course employing a variety of modalities to facilitate student learning. three theory exams. The student is expected to: 1. Apply nursing concepts to formulate individualized plans of care for adults across the lifespan. using. California State University. includes Nursing Fundamentals) Individual transportation School of Nursing uniform and required equipment Up to date health clearances. and clinical experiences in the hospital and community.) loaded with nursing reference materials is highly recommended for this course. Course Structure This course will be delivered in a blended learning online environment through the SacCT course management system. Exhibit competency in accessing. Part 2: Course Objectives Course Objectives Students must meet all course objectives in order to pass the course. iPod. This includes case study-based lectures. weekly online quizzes. Demonstrate basic knowledge of concepts related to patient safety and quality healthcare. online skills videos and learning modules. including access to SacCT and SacLink e-mail Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat Reader ATI (Assessment Technologies Institute) 1st semester Nursing Study Packet (available online. 3. 2. illness prevention and disease management across the adult life span and integrate these into clinical nursing practice. smartphone. Sacramento 3 . Assignments/Examinations Required assignments/examinations for NURS 112 are the Simulation Experiences. and the ATI for Fundamentals. Integrate theories and concepts related to health promotion. 4. etc. Course Requirements        Internet connection.

The hours for this experience cannot also be counted for an assignment/extra credit in another course. You will receive an Orientation to the Simulation Learning Center in N113. There are no makeups or extensions. mentoring. Professional Development Experience (Appendix B) The purpose of this experience is to increase the student’s understanding of the broad opportunities in the community to provide service to specific groups and/or learn how professional nursing organizations impact nursing practice. and associated clinical forms. Unless further notice is given. You will be assigned specific simulation times based on your N112 Clinical Section. rotations will be either from 0730-0930 or from 0930-1130. Weekly Quizzes on SacCT Quizzes are in the Weekly SacCT module and open the Monday prior to the week the content is addressed in lecture. Clinical Assignments & Evaluation (Appendix A) There are 90 mandatory clinical hours for N112. Quizzes are open-book/internet. and observational experiences in the peri-operative and outpatient/Home Health settings. Two attempts are available for each quiz and they may be done individually or in groups. Sacramento 4 . The grade calculator automatically records your highest score in My Grades. These hours include time spent in acute care adult medical surgical setting providing direct patient care. The goal is to provide students with the opportunity to interact in a nursing role in the community and/or network with nurses in professional organizations. implementation of nursing skills and collaborative communication/problem solving in a safe learning environment where a mistake in judgment will not adversely affect a patient. The following meet the criteria: Professional Organizations: California Nursing Students Association (minimum of 2 meetings) Sigma Theta Tau Conference/Educational meeting related to MedSurg/Geriatric Care Nursing related Community Service (must be approved by faculty) Immunization Clinic Blood Pressure Clinic Health Fairs Frist Aid Assistant at various Cancer/Neurological fundraiser walks/runs Presentation at a Senior Center on a health promotion topic Volunteer at a Senior Daycare Center California State University. Participate in a minimum of 2 hours of a community service opportunity. The second attempt on the quizzes is due no later than one hour after class. Please see SacCT for more detailed Clinical Assignment information.NURS 112 Fall 2014 Syllabus Assignments Simulation There are three mandatory simulation experiences to integrate theory content and practice assessment. the Clinical Evaluation guidelines. or professional nursing organization meeting.

Part 4: Grading Policy To pass N112. Part 3: Topic Outline/Schedule Important Note: This syllabus. and 60% being material covered between MT2 and the final. First-attempt ATI examination passage will count toward your final course grade as indicated in the Grading section of this syllabus. there will be a remediation plan that you may utilize along with nonproctored computer exams to practice prior to retaking the ATI exam. closed-book. along with course assignments and due dates. in-class. 100-point scale. Any changes will be clearly noted during the first class session/orientation. In addition. proctored computer examinations. It is the student’s responsibility to check SacCT for updates to the syllabus and Course Outline. Sacramento 5 . Examinations are taken as closed-book. If the examination is not passed on the first attempt. If the second exam is not passed. See Addendum C for Topical Course Outline and Schedule. students must achieve passing scores in the theory and clinical sections of the course. The final exam is cumulative. if the examination is not passed on the third attempt. near the end of the semester. with approximately 40% of questions being material covered from MT1 and MT2. Fundamentals ATI Passage of the ATI examination with a score of at least a Level 2 is required for passage of NURS 112. All students will be scheduled to take their exams on the same specified date and time. NURS 112 grades are computed on a weighted average. a final third and attempt will be available. Course grading is as follows: California State University.NURS 112 Fall 2014 Syllabus Examinations Theory Exams There are three NCLEX-style. All students will take their exams concurrently in a computer lab. A second proctored computer version of the examination will be retaken per the posted testing schedule in the School of Nursing. is subject to change. course failure will result. ATI examinations are nationally-normed. note that this schedule does not include individual clinical rotations for acute care. proctored computer examinations. The remediation plan is specific to those areas that each individual needs to remediate. A letter grade will be assigned for the entire five (5) units based on test scores and clinical assignments. It is the students’ responsibility to check with the School of Nursing for the repeat test date for this exam.

9% B80-82.9% C 73-76. Students can access these via the MyGrades tool in their SacCT course.NURS 112 Fall 2014 Syllabus Assignment Mid Term 1 (75 questions) Mid Term 2 (75 questions) Cumulative Final (100 questions) ATI RN/ Medical Surgical Exam Online Quizzes/Case Studies/Simulation lab Clinical Assignments PDP Total Non-weighted points 75 points 75 points 100 points Percentage (%) of total grade 18% 18% 32% Points earned 5 points 5% 5 160 points 16% 16 100 points 10 points N/A  10% 1% 100% 10 1 100 18 18 32 Letter Grade Assignment (based on percentage. School of Nursing Policy does not allow rounding up of the cumulative exam score to attain a passing grade (example: cumulative score of 72. Petition forms are obtained from your Faculty Advisor and must be submitted to the Chair of Student Affairs by the date specified by the Chair. Sacramento 6 .9% F 72. nor professional points are added into the score if a student fails to achieve the 73% on exams. ATI California State University.) Additionally. rounded to tenth place): Letter Grade Course Percentage A 93-100% A90-92. Midterm 2. Students must also pass the Fundamentals ATI with a Level 2 within three attempts. Theory Class/Lecture In the theory portion of the course students must earn a cumulative exam score of 73% or greater on Midterm 1.7 would not be rounded to 73% and this would not be a passing grade.9% B+ 87-89. Neither clinical points.9% and below Course points and grades will be posted on an on-going basis in the online Grade book. Theory Failure: A student who does not attain an accumulated 73% average on exams will receive an F in the course and may petition the School of Nursing Student Affairs Committee to repeat the course. students must earn a minimum overall grade of 73%. and ATI. the Final exam.9% C+ 77-79.9% B 83-86.

California State University. and the focused review. Points are awarded for prep. which must be completed within 1 week of the proctored exam. the first attempt on the Proctored ATI assessment. Clinical points are only added into the final total course point score that determines the grade once the student obtains the required 73% cumulative passing score on the N112 Theory exams. Sacramento 7 . Late work will not be accepted. A student must have a minimum of 75 clinical points and meet all course objectives to pass clinical.NURS 112 Fall 2014 Syllabus ATI is 5% of the N112 grade. Points awarded for evidence of preparation for ATI Proctored Assessments Proficiency Level on ATI Proctored Assessment Points awarded for Achievement on ATI Proctored Exam 1 Proficiency level III on Proctored Assessment Proficiency level II on Proctored Assessment Proficiency Level I on Proctored Assessment (this exam must be repeated to achieve a minimum of Level II)* Below level I on Proctored Assessment (exam must be repeated to achieve a minimum of Level II)* 1 1 1 Points awarded for evidence of remediation on missed topics from ATI proctored assessment 1 Total points awarded 3 Focus Review Time required for Evidence of Remediation on Missed Topic from ATI Proctored Assessment 1 hour 2 2 hours 1 4 (80%) 1 3 hours 1 3 (60%) 0 4 hours 1 2 (40%) 5 (100%) Clinical There are a total of 100 clinical points.

the lowest prep paper score from subsequent weeks will be dropped.85 x 32 1x5 . A student who receives a clinical failure will be removed from the clinical and theory portion of the course and the N112 SacCT site. In addition. convert it to a decimal.90 x 16 . Example of Calculating Your Overall Grade: Take the percentage.40 8.20 5.00 87. To repeat the course a petition must be obtained from the Faculty Advisor and submitted to the School of Nursing Student Affairs Committee by the date designated. Clinical Prep 18 points for 5 weeks = 90 points possible Perioperative Reflective Summary = 5 points Home Health Reflective Summary = 5 points There are a total of 100 clinical points possible. 100 points = 100% 95 points = 95% 90 points = 90% 85 points = 85% 80 points = 80% 75 points = 75% Clinical Failure: A failure to meet the required 75 points and /or clinical objectives will result in a clinical failure and an F in the course.50 1. A total of five clinical preps worth 18 points each will count toward your clinical prep points.94 16.89 x 18 .NURS 112 Fall 2014 Syllabus There are 8 weekly clinical preps.06 Students are responsible for tracking and checking their own scores. Sacramento 8 .00 14.83 x 18 . but these will not apply to your point total. Part 5: Course Policies Attendance Theory and Simulation Lab California State University. The student will not be allowed to take further examinations in N112.02 27. and multiply it by the total points possible: MT1 MT2 Final ATI Quizzes/Sim Clinical PDP TOTAL POINTS = 83% 89% 85% 100% 90% 85% 100% .85 x 10 1 x 1 = = = = = = = 14. A serious patient safety violation can result in immediate clinical failure. and for computing their own percentage scores during the semester. Any inconsistency should be reported promptly to the instructors. The first two weeks are partial and practice preps and you will be given feedback on the grading rubric.

A clinical grading rubric is used to provide weekly feedback on clinical performance and clinical preparation papers (Appendix C). Students who are unable to meet clinical objectives in the clinical time allotted will not pass clinical. Any clinical hours missed due to illness and/or emergency must be made up. University Policies Academic Honesty Academic honesty is ensured when a student completes academic work on his/her own merit. This concept is violated when a student gains an unfair advantage over other students such as is the case when copying others’ assignments. the student may not be successful in completing the clinical requirements in the time allotted and may not receive a passing grade in clinical. pass all clinical objectives satisfactorily and complete all clinical requirements satisfactorily to pass the course. death in the family or other extenuating circumstance the student will need to supply a form of verification on the issue. If there is insufficient opportunity to make up missed clinical time during the semester.NURS 112 Fall 2014 Syllabus Theory attendance (lecture) each class session is strongly encouraged due to the complexity of material and case study discussions. attempting to gain knowledge of exam items or related content. Missed Exams Students must take the exams at the scheduled times unless there is an emergency or other extenuating situation. For illness. or plagiarizing published works. Failure to comply with the above policies regarding tests and the arrangements that have been approved by the instructor will result in a 5 points deduction per day on the exam score until the test is made up. Sacramento 9 . As you will find. Make sure you are proactive in informing your professors when difficulties arise during the semester so that faculty can help you find a solution. Assignments submitted late will receive zero points. Acceptable verification includes: Note and phone number from Healthcare Provider. Asking for Assistance If you find that you have any trouble keeping up with assignments or other aspects of the course. or Funeral Director. Clinical The 90 Clinical Hours required for N112 are mandatory. Should such an event occur. in the time allotted for such activities. building rapport and proactive relationships are key to becoming an effective professional. If any part California State University. Clinical schedules are not flexible due to limitations in clinical agency and faculty availability. Late Work Late work will not be accepted unless prior arrangements have been made with the faculty regarding the assignment. Auto Mechanic. Students must. car problems. make sure you let the Faculty of Record know as early as possible. the student must contact the theory faculty of record prior to the scheduled test time to be excused and make arrangements for test make-up. Students who have been most successful in this course attended all lectures.

please contact your instructor as soon as possible. It is the student’s responsibility to provide documentation of disability to SSWD and meet with a SSWD counselor to request special accommodation before classes start. Special Note Course policies are subject to change. may result in one or more of the following: letter of reprimand placed in the student file. notice of jeopardy of failing a course. Once academic dishonesty is determined to have taken place. whether during class times or course-related activities. but not limited to. referral to University Student Affairs. and/or dismissal from the nursing program and/or University.HTM) and to adhere to all policies found within the School of Nursing Student Handbook. Violation of any of these principles.htm). It is the student’s responsibility to check SacCT for corrections or updates to the syllabus.csus. failure of a course. Sacramento 10 . Additionally. SSWD is located in Lassen Hall 1008 and can be contacted by phone at (916) 2786955 (Voice) (916) 278-7239 (TDD only) or via email at sswd@csus. will receive a score of zero. to understand their definitions. adhering to the Student Code of Conduct found in the Student Handbook (see also the statements in the School of Nursing Philosophy). Reasonable Accommodation If you have a documented disability and verification from the Office of Services to Students with Disabilities (SSWD). California State University. and to consult with faculty if you need the School of Nursing Student Handbook requires notification of the University’s Student Affairs office. and wish to discuss academic accommodations. Any changes will be posted in SacCT. course failure or program dismissal. the assignment will not be accepted. students are expected to follow the University Student Code of Conduct (http://www. It is your responsibility to review the university policy and student handbook regarding academic honesty and 112 Fall 2014 Syllabus of your written or verbal work is suspected of academic dishonesty (whether you benefited from or provided an unfair advantage). See also the Sacramento State Policy Manual (http://www. and the student(s) will be subject to disciplinary action including.csus. Student Conduct Participation in nursing program obligates students to demonstrate professional behavior at all times.