10 Terrifying Laws Dictated By ISIS You Must Read And Feel Thankful

For You Aren’t Under Them.
by Priya Gupta - Aug 2, 2015

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IS or Islamic State is fast growing and spreading it’s terror even quickly! Even India’s neighbors aren’t too far from them. But worry not
Indian Army is here! But meanwhile, read these scary and nerve wrecking ‘laws’ which are forced upon the citizens. Read them and feel
bad for those who aren’t as lucky as us.

1. Women will have to wear Islamic dress all the time and must not leave the house, unless very necessary.
Here too, they should not leave without their husbands or will have to face number of lashes.


2. When this is how they treat women from their religion, think what could be the plight of non- Muslims or
‘kaafir’ as they call them. Such infidel women no matter their age as treated as sex slaves and are subjected to
violent brutality. They are often given as ‘rewards’.



3. Petty crimes such as stealing will result in cutting of right hand and left leg.


4. People are forced to pray and even shops are closed during that time of day. Some shopkeepers use to lock
themselves in their shops but, IS patrol found out and threw them out, forcing to pray.


5. Neither can men escape from this torture; they are held responsible for every ‘mistake’ a women does in his
society. This is punishable by several lashes in public.


6. Selling or consuming alcohol, cigarettes or drugs is punishable by 80 whips.


7. Idol worship is strictly prohibited in Islam and therefore, museums and other such things are destroyed.


8. Homosexuality is a grave sin and is punishable only by death of both the partners. Death often comes by
throwing the person from a height, in public.


9. Guess what price shall be paid if you gave wrong directions to someone? Lashes and also, you may lose
your limbs!

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10. Disbelief in God or leaving the group equals to getting executed. Not a week goes without someone being


What do the people living there have to go through.. can’t be even imagined! Tell us your views below.

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Abdul Basit · Mehran University of Engineering and Technology

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Abdul Basit · Mehran University of Engineering and Technology
They are NOT Muslims.
They are terrorist and Terrorism has NO religion.
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7 · 1 hr

Ritesh Kumar · Area Sales Manager (ASM) at Alembic pharmaceuticals Limited
U ppl simply ignore to accept those who r wrong.. but they r muslims nd we know wht ur
books says
Like · Reply · 1 hr

Ayesha Ahmad
Okay so Ritesh ...tell me what our book says...? May be u know things much better ryt.. n if
u have turned the pages of your history book then u must have read about Hitler! He was a
christain n he was responsible for brutal killings.. bt nobody ever said that every christain is
a terrorist.. since these terrorist r muslims..so u'll blame my religion for it... n for ur
information...these people are not muslims they r not even humans.. they'll be thrown
directly into hell once they r dead because islam has always taught us peace...n that is
what we believe in...
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4 · 45 mins

King Asad · Abu ali ibne seena
Ritesh Kumar Adbul kalam was a muslim and he got too much respect in india. there are
every type of people every where in every religion
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3 · 42 mins

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Joe Maskarenhas · Works at Swan Percussion
Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) should come back to earth and teach them a lesson for humanity.
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4 · 2 hrs

Sodium Acetate · University of Karachi
ISIS is not a muslim organization they are terrorists.
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8 · 2 hrs

Mukesh Kumar · Bangalore, India
Some people are such an ass

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2 · 2 hrs

Md Zaid · Dayananda sagar pre university college
it is a shame that no 1 is stoping these tyrants and moreover they r not muslims
bloddy terrorists spoiling the name of ISLAM
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2 · 1 hr

Sakshi Shrivastava
Like · Reply · 8 mins

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