There is no reason to be melodramatic.

All decisions were taken in the meetings of the Cabinet
and CCPA. Responsibility is collective; the onus cannot only be on the Prime Minister or Home
I did not mince words
Did you not understand the global repercussions of any damage
At least now take concrete steps to quell communal tensions and assuage the feelings of
Muslims through affirmative action',
which should make all Indians hang their heads in shame".

This is one step ahead for me. I've always tried to climb one step higher and this project is one
step higher for my career,
This time the event is for a good cause
Though all of us have already contributed in whatever small wa
I went out of my way to walk a friend home because she was afraid of walking home
alone at night (and I'm not. I'm also a small female), and she didn't even say thank you
or anything resembling thank you.
I am the kind of person who will help people if they ask for it, even if it conflicts with
my schedule or whatever. And sometimes I just feel like I'm used, like I don't actually
exist as a person, but as some lifeless soulless object to be taken advantage of. Things
happen at my job to make me feel this way also. Maybe I'm making way too big a deal
out of this, but maybe I'm not. Or maybe it's all in my head
receive pathetic replies like "it gets better" which actually translates to "I don't give a
shit about you.
Granted, my students have never initiated this conversation and have never asked what are the
differences between the degrees, but they are always attentive to this information sharing and ask further

I didn't really make an informed choice

their familie The prices have gone up by 4-5 per cent. We've all taken the failure in our stride he won't interfere in the career choices of his sons. or common sense : absurd making little or no sense : foolish <a preposterous excuse> I have extended courtesy and given him time for half an hour Rebut . Your gifts have made a world of difference in the life of Needless to say.We were in a state of shock. has her father's complete moral support. : contrar y to nature. It is not preposterous even to say that people have almost forgotten him and his movies. I was completely disappointed and it took me nearly a week to come to terms with the situation. their parents. "he had to rebut charges of acting for the convenience of his political friends" Being virtue of being somebody’s son I am sitting with u and talig to u I am very conscious of this looked charged-up and energetic are worried that the charged-up KCR is likely to keep them on their toes As the year 2015 draws to a close. your child can now look forward to a New Year with hope in his eyes just because you chose to stand with him. I wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity of saying a big “thank you” for partnering with World Vision India in building a nation fit for the holistic development of children. he'd always be willing to make suggestions. who is going through a rough patch. PREPOSTEROUS 1. Sunil has hit his lowest phase ever. Now the demand is picking up and market can absorb the price hike . it just didn't work.claim or prove that (evidence or an accusation) is false. prices had rock bottomed in last 3 months. "Everybody was bleeding. We are limited in what we can say right now It is a big concern obviously for students. I'm not sure if the film was good or bad. reason.

en·vis·ag·es 1. lo·cus . as in size. As a matter of policy. the consultancy work also provides incentives for faculty contribution… All consultancy and related jobs need to be structured and executed in the spirit of promoting Institution – Industry interaction aug·ment (ôg-mĕnt′) v. To make (something already developed or well under way) aug·ment·ed. To conceive an image or a picture of. the Institution and its Departments encourages its faculty members to undertake Consultancy work Furthermore. en·vis·aged. See Synonyms at increase.The price hike has been necessitated by the fact that rupee has depreciated by en·vis·age (ĕn-vĭz′ĭj) tr. extent. Fee –plural fees fae·ces (fē′sēz) bodily waste matter derived from ingested food and the secretions of the intestines anddischarged throug h the anus lo·ci (lō′sī ) Plural of locus. especially as a future possibility: envisaged a worldat peace. aug·ment·ing. 1.v. aug·ments v. orquantity: Conti nuing rains augmented the floodwaters. en·vis·ag·ing.

Whereas comprehension does not . A kind of nervous fear related to something either known or unknown is called apprehension. lo·ci (-sī′. Prerequisite vs Requisite When we read the word prerequisite it implies that there are certain conditions and requirements that are to be satisfied for an event to take place. -kē. In fact. This experience can lead you apprehending that you should not touch fire. -kī′) 1. Both the words prerequisite and requisite are used to describe qualifications in the field of education but prerequisite is used for qualifications that are required by a student to get admission in a particular course and requisite is used for the qualifications that a student must possess to complete the course. Empathy is a complex kind of feeling. The main difference between compassion and empathy is in how we approach another. A locality. In compassion. A center or focus of great activity or intense concentration The word ‘study’ is used in the sense of ‘learn’. On the other hand. A simple example is when you touch the fire it will burn your finger. Compassion refers to sympathetic feeling towards another without attempting to know their feelings or even understanding the intensity of their sufferings. On the other hand. Apprehension is the ability to understand something by relying on tangible or concrete experience. but in empathy we try to look from the other person’s point of view. 2. a place. You become one with him after understanding his or her feelings. It needs basic understanding of the emotional standards of human beings. the word ‘studies’ is used in the sense of ‘research’. The word requisite vastly differentiates from prerequisite as it implies that there are certain things that are absolutely necessary in the event that is taking place. you would step into the shoes of the sufferer as far as experiencing the impact of the suffering is concerned. Thus. Empathy refers to trying to imagine another’s problem coupled with strong feeling for that person. we look at the person from our point of view. Prerequisite vs Requisite • Prerequisite is essential to begin an event but requisite is essential to complete it. pl. This is the main difference between the two words. it can be said that the word ‘studies’ has the suggestive meaning of ‘research’. it is very important to know that in the case of empathy. understand his problem and share the feeling.(lō′kəs) n.

. • Innovation is practical whereas creativity is all about experience. and he files for a patent. Innovation is a term often used in management. Attitude is the opinion or the method by which one approaches a given situation.require concrete experience to understand. What is the difference between Creativity and Innovation? • Creativity is the act of conceiving or imagining something original. He advised me not to go to the bakery in that weather. Innovation means something to do practically. It is indeed what the person is within. • Creativity is a term that is often used in literature. It can be the implementation of a novel idea too. John’s advice was very useful in choosing a book. What is the difference between Innovation and Invention? • Invention is when a new idea strikes a scientist. Character is the very essence of a particular man. Advise is considered as a verb whereas advice is considered a noun. on the other hand. Attitude is liable to change according to the situation. • Inventions in the scientific world are results of innovation. it is the ability to understand throughreliance on conceptual interpretation and symbolic representation. Innovation. Creativity means something to do with the thoughts. Character on the other hand makes one to do a particular thing even if the world is watching. It is after all a kind of surface emotion. • Both innovation and creativity have to come from within. It is not liable to change. is the implementation of something new or novel.

• A vacation. • Novelty is the basic premise of an invention while it is not the central idea behind innovation. and an existing product is redesigned or improved upon. • An enquiry is a quest for knowledge or information. whereas inquiry is also a quest but more in the form of a formal investigation. to develop a new one.• Innovation is when a need is felt for a product. What is the difference between Inquiry and Enquiry? • It is clear then that the word inquiry is used where a formal investigation is done or carried out to get to the root of a puzzle or a case. unlike a holiday. The two words are often used interchangeably. but those who are learned know the difference between inquiry and enquiry and use it appropriately. • A vacation can be defined as a consecutive string of holidays without working days in between. . What is the difference between Holiday and Vacation? • A kind of absence from the routine of work is called a holiday. • Inventions are new without any precedent while innovations are changes that add value to an existing product or service. is a specific holiday observance.

You can address such a person by his/ her first name too. . The word sincerely has much to do with your association with the person with whom you are corresponding. In other words. This is possible because of the fact that you normally use the word regards while wishing a person known to you or the one to whom you have spoken before. then you can sign off the letter using yours sincerely by employing your first name. However.• In many countries. • Shorter breaks with the members of the family in the form of trips to resorts and such other places is called holiday. On the other hand. Yours Sincerely vs Yours Faithfully Yours faithfully should be used in signing off after writing to someone whom you do not know or have not met. You normally begin with letter with the greeting dear sir or madam. one must remember that yours sincerely is used for friendly yet not intimate letters. it can be said that if you have met the person with whom you correspond or spoken to him/ her over phone or was introduced by some other person to you. a holiday can mean festivities associated with some cultural or a political event as official observances. if you are writing to someone whom you have met before or whom you have known for quite some time. It is quite interesting to note that letter writing experts would say that the usage of regards in the place of yours sincerely is highly recommended too. then you can begin the letter with the greeting dear Mr/Miss/Mrs/Ms and end the letter signing off as yours sincerely. This is when the recipient is not addressed by his/ her name.