Chapter - 2

The problem in the study of salary and wage administration is “ANAMOLY
problem means the lower level workers are drawing more salary than the higher level of
workers and the allowances which are given to the higher level workers are very different than
the low level workers. Due care has been given to find out the method of fixation of wages and
salary and to understand the reaction of the employees to wage

and salary in term of

perception and level of satisfaction and charging employees aspiration and to access employees
satisfaction. The one of the board will form that is wage board will form that is control the
wage and salary structure.

The objective of the study are specific in nature, they are

To analyses the salary and wage administration process in the Organization.

To analyses the various factors effects salary and wage administration.

To highlight the disadvantages in salary and wage administration.

To analyses the various monetary and non-monetary rewards in Promoting more

To offer suggestions on the basis of findings and conclusions of the Study.

Finally as a partial fulfillment of the requirements of BBM degree Courses.

The scope of the study is to analyze as how for there are objects of wages and salary
programmers are maintained not only creating committed labor force but at the same time in
devising the wages and means of program various factors like job evaluation merits rating and
also incentives system with a view to maintain contended and harmonious labor force and
relation as such the researches has selected the “Bharath Granites” to study the area of salary
and wages administration.
The study of salary and wages administration is now considered to be very important in
the field of man, machine and management. Such the resources have selected topic salary and
wages administration to study in a concern which carries much importance in the economic
development of the country.

Research methodology may be understood as science of studying how research is done
scientifically it is a way to systematically solve the research problems.
And to collect the relevant information relating to the perception of respondents towards the
salary and wage administration through questionnaires.


The reference period for this research is one month. Secondary Sources: Secondary data was gathered by the following sources. Sample Procedure: The random sampling method was used to collect data for the study.  Interview with the staff and workers. Sample Unit: The sample consists of staff and workers from all the departments. It was not possible to cover the entire organization small sample size that is 15 for executives were taken. Due to time constraints the study is limited.  Secondary data was collected from Internet and magazines to get an over View of the entire system. LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY: a. . Primary Sources: In this project report the primary data was gathered by the following source. The workers are under the fear that the suggestion given by them will be given or known to others. it was very difficult to take a very big size. It was very difficult to draw attention from all members of the department. Sample Size: The actual sample size consist of a 30 respondents form staff and workers.  Through interest  From magazines TOOLS FOR DATA COLLECTION:  Questionnaires were used to collect the primary data.  Direct observation. b. c. Random refers to the sampling techniques in which each and every item of population is given an equal chance of being included in the sample. e.  Company record and annual reports. STATISTICAL TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES The primary data was collected with the help to schedules and calculated percentage were then drawn and used to generalize the study.  Discus with the head of the human resource department.The salary and wages administration research much decided the sampling plan this plan calls of three decisions. d. Table where than translated into groups for better analysis and comprehension. Some of the workers are hesitating to give clear and complete opinion about the questionnaire. SOURCES OF DATA: Data can be collected from two sources namely.