M/s Alshifa
Mr. Ibrahim Zimmo
Mr. Farhat CH

M/s Knack Technocrats
Mr. Rohit Darolia

1. Mr. Rohit requested for the electrical load for all the process equipments to
calculate the heat load for HVAC Design. And was submitted by M/s Alshifa.
2. Locations for new machines & existing machine finalized.
3. Meeting held with the structural contractor. It was decided to have service
area just above the injection moulding area between grid A-B (new extension)
4. Mr. Rohit suggested to construct the structure on the basis of 500 Kgs/Sq.M.
load instead of waiting for AHU weight & sizes.
5. Sectional drawing submitted by Mr. Rohit for new extension area between grid
6. Revisions in Area Layout
a. Passage & air locks for RM movement from approved RM stores to
dispensing is redesign, as the existing rooms can not be disturbed.
b. Water system will remain at its present location & Die mould shop is
relocated near injection mouldin-1 (grid B-C & 13-15)
c. Lift planned near ink room (grid 7-C) for the movement of moulded
material to the stores in new extension.
d. Existing Air compressors will be shifted out side the building (location
marked in the layout)

1. Layout & Equipment location revised for injection moulding area, as per the
exact site conditions (columns in room)
2. Mr. Rohit checked the existing room dimensions physically and revised the
layout accordingly.
3. Revisions in layout

Injection moulding room dimensions revised. Rohit for the classified area. 5. e. Revised drawing submitted by Mr.a. Meeting held with structural contractor and revised drawing submitted by Mr. Meeting held with Mr. M/s Alshifa will confirm that the existing columns on grid B and 1-7 can be shifted by 700 mm to avoid the step in the passage. 3. Glenn Durham (Agent for Thermax) for the information about absorption type chillers.) b. c. Also the line diagram for AHU is explained by Mr. It is decided to make structure for two or three AHUs above the existing mezzanine area (Grid 7-9). a. Nitrogen Tank is relocated as it was coming in the passage-P1 4. static pressure etc. Rohit. it was suggested by the contractor that instead of compressor type chiller we should select absorption type chiller to save the power consumption. 6. 11-02-08 1.8 mtrs. 5. Tonnage. Rohit physically checked the locations of existing AHUs. as per the discussions held on 10-02-08. Existing assembly machines & printing machines are relocated in the new layout. b. Existing staircase on grid G is to be removed and new staircase and lift to be planned. Also the equipment layout revised as per the column locations. d. Existing AHU Capacities (CFM. Mr. Dimensions for assembly area revised accordingly. Passage P1 adjacent to sterilizer & gamma departments shifted towards process area by 1. Drawing for Existing AHUs if possible. 2. Following details area required from Alshifa to design the HVAC system. Meeting held with the HVAC contractor. Rohit 4. . M/s Alshifa will confirm the orientation of insulin assembly machine with the manufacturer according to the layout.

7. Farhat CH Mr. Existing Ducting Drawings. Ibrahim Zimmo Mr. Rohit. Bar Chart for submission of drawing is submitted by Mr. Existing Chiller capacities. Gamma. Power consumption for existing utility equipments. e. Rohit Darolia . SECCO details.c. cutting mill & Sterilizer. f. Mr. d.