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NURSING 112: Nursing the Adult Client
Topical Course Outline Fall 2014
Theory class time/location: Monday mornings 0800-1050 (occasional start times varies as noted below);
Lectures: FH 1063, exams: FH 1029/1033, and simulation experiences: FH Simulation Learning Center.
Any updates to times or content contained in this document will be sent out to all students via SacCT
announcement or message. If class is scheduled for a holiday during which the university is closed, the
content will be addressed during frontloading or in an online format. Exams are given in a proctored
computer lab setting. Questions are based on readings, lectures, simulation experiences, and case
Learning modules will open each Monday at 1200 prior to the next Monday’s class; please be prepared
to access this material (PowerPoint slides, lecture/discussion objectives, and case studies) for
reference and note-taking during class (may print beforehand or use a laptop). Case studies, as part of
the weekly homework, will be discussed in class. Weekly quizzes close on Monday at 1200 after the
corresponding lecture and may be taken up to three times each. They may be taken in groups, but quiz
questions may neither be compiled nor distributed.



Week 1
Please complete the following reading for this week. Material will be covered in
Monday morning 9/8.
Introduction to the
Dr. Brady
Lewis: Nursing Practice and Process (29/01
Nursing Process and
16). Stress and Coping: (88-99).
Case Studies
ATI: Safe and Effective Care
Case Study Group
Environment Client Safety/Home
Safety /Ergonomics Therapeutic

week 2 front loading
Week 1 Quizzes will be
due Monday
ATI Nurse Logic 2.0
modules (all 4)


Nursing Process,

Revised 8/4/14 DB

Dr. Brady

Lewis: Chronic Illness/ Older Adult (61-

Week 2 Module/Case

Kelly Time blocks assigned by clinical section Lewis: Resp A & P: (475-481). questions 1-8 due upon arrival. & Chronic Illness Case Studies Math Review Dr. ATI: Nursing throughout the Lifespan). WEEK 5 9/29 Midterm #1 (MT1) FH 1029/1033. 07300915 Revised 8/4/14 DB Dr. Brady (exam) (Peri-Op Lewis: Post Operative Care (349-364). Noureddine Lewis: Sleep and Sleep Disorders: (99-111) Pain: (114-137). ATI: Health Promotion/Client Ed.. Noureddine 76). Respiratory Management Week 4 Module/Case Studies Week 4 Quiz Bring to Sim Lab for points: completed Case Study H.CAM Therapies). Pain Management .Psychosocial Integrity Week 3 Module/Case Studies Week 3 Quiz WEEK 4 9/22 Sim starts @ 730 SIMULATION LAB: Nursing Management of Clients with Acute and Chronic Respiratory Abnormalities Dr. Drug Calculations Studies Week 2 Quiz Dr. Tables 262. Basic Care and Comfort . Brady Dr.M. Focus on Asthma drug therapy and oxygen delivery systems & Nursing Care plans Table29-2. Stress. Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases Asthma & COPD (560-600). Lower Resp problems: (521-533). General Survey/VS . and Sleep Disorders Dr. Fatigue. Health Promotion.Front loadin g Class 730am -1200 Concept Maps. Noureddine WEEK 3 9/15 Nursing Management of Clients with Pain. ATI: Surgery/Infection Control. 3. & 4 = good summaries. Table 2924 COPD Assessment ATI: Head & Neck . Nutrition/Oral Hydration & Week 5 Module/Case Studies Week 5 Quiz . Data Collection.

Care of Wounds Week 6 Module/Case Studies Week 6 Quiz WEEK 7 10/13 Nursing Management of Clients with Stroke and Degenerative Neurological Disorders Dr. Kelly Lewis: Cardiac A & P (686-690) Geriatric Cardiac changes Table 691. MS (14281432) Parkinson’s (1432-1437) ATI: Musculoskeletal & Neurosensory Systems Sensory Perception Week 7 Module/Case Studies Week 7 Quiz WEEK 8 10/20 Nursing Management of Clients with Cardiovascular Disorders Dr. Brady Simulation Lab Review Day starts at No new quizzes due. ATI: Medication Administration and error prevention. and Sepsis Dr. Alzheimer’s (1445-1452). Wounds: (176-183). Heart Failure (766-785) ATI: Thorax/Heart/Abd. Brady Lewis: Stroke (1388-1411) Table 58-8= good summary of emergencies. Cardiac Arrest/CPR Week 8 Module/Case Studies Week 8 Quiz WEEK 9 10/27 SIMULATION LAB: Revised 8/4/14 DB Dr. Infection.0930-1050 Module: Nursing Management of Clients Pre and Post Surgery (Peri-Op Care)/Labs Case Study Discussion Care) Mobility/Immobility WEEK 6 10/06 Nursing Management of Clients with Inflammation. Brady Lewis: Inflammation Patho Concept Map: (172). Infection: (226-231) Sepsis Article Posted on N12 SacCt site for this week. .

Cardiac. Table 45-3 Nephrotoxic Drugs. Tables 45-8 and 45-9 Details on diagnostic studies. Neuro. Table 17-19= good resource on IV fluids. Week 10 Quiz Week 11 Module/Case Studies Week 11 Quiz . Please make sure you sign in. cases Dr. Brady (Exam and GU Module) Dr. ATI: IV Medications/Adverse Effects. Table 45-5=good summary of assessment findings with urinary disorders. Noureddine Dr. ATI: Bowel Elimination/Urinary Elimination WEEK 11 Lewis: Fluid and Electrolytes (285-302.Sim starts @0730 Review for MT2: Surgical. Review content for Weeks 5-8 Prepare for MT2 Time blocks assigned by clinical section 0730-1200 Week 9 quiz will be the Simulation experience and cases. Week 10 PP & Case Studies Lewis pg. GFR. Renal and Urologic Problems: UTI (1064-1071) Glomerulonephritis ( 10731074) Urinary Tract Calculi (1076-1080) Bladder Cancer (1085) Urinary Incontinence and Retention (1086-1092) Surgery of Urinary Tract (1094-1099). Brady Lewis: Urinary A &P (1047-1051) Table 45-2 Geriatric Differences. Sepsis.U. Table 17-18 = good assessment tips. Creatinine. 1160 Case Study S. focus on urinalysis & culture. Kelly 7:30 for some sections. WEEK 10 11/03 Midterm #2 (MT2) FH 1029/1033 0730-0915 930-1050 GU Case Study Discussion: Nursing Management of Clients with Alterations in GU Function 11/10 Nursing Management of Clients with Fluid and Electrolyte abnormalities + Revised 8/4/14 DB Dr. BUN. 307-308).

Diarrhea (963). Constipation (966-968) Appendicitis and Peritonitis (973975). Kelly Meeting with Dr.Geriatric Considerations (981983). Kelly and Dr. first half of ATI Nutrition text Week 13 Module/Case Studies Week 13 Quiz ATI Practice Exam #2 WEEK 14 12/01 Sim starts @ 730 SIMULATION LAB: Alterations in GI Function Time blocks assigned by clinical section Revised 8/4/14 DB Dr. NG/Enteral feedings WEEK 12 11/17 Nursing Management of Clients with Alterations in Musculoskeletal Function Dr. GERD (935). Fractures (1517-1524). Cholecystis/Cholelithiasis. Gastritis (940-942). Joint abnormalities (1561-1576) Week 12 Module/Case Studies Week 12 Quiz ATI Practice Exam #1 ATI: System-Specific Assess WEEK 13 11/24 Nursing Management of Clients with Alterations in Metabolic Function Dr. Peptic Ulcer Disease 947 = good concept map. Hernias (996). Glucose Monitoring. Kelly Lewis: Diabetes Mellitus (1153-1188). Vourakis on 2nd semester schedule Lewis: Musculoskeletal System: (14891503) Table 62-1 Geriatric Differences. Noureddine Lewis: Nausea/vomiting: (924-928). Fluid/Electrolytes. ATI: Security and Disaster Plan Nursing Through the Life Span.Group Case Studies Individual Considerations. Week 14 Module/Case Studies Week 14 Quiz Professional Development Assignment due 12/1 @0700 in Blackboard dropbox . Brady Dr. Table 62-6= good summary of Musculoskeletal abnormalities. Gallbladder disease (1036-1040). Pancreatitis (10301035). (942-949).

09301130 Revised 8/4/14 DB Dr. fill out faculty/course evaluations . 07300845 Dr. fill out faculty/course evaluations WEEK 16 12/15 Final Exam FH 1029/1033.ATI: Review Fundamentals text and online resources WEEK 15 12/8 Fundamentals ATI Exam FH 1029/1033. Brady ATI: Review Fundamentals texts and online resources for focused review after exam to maximize ATI points toward your grade Review modules/case studies. Brady Individual focused reading and selfdirected review as needed Review modules/case studies.