Guidance for Audit Debate Class

Financial Audit Seminar
Regular Class
1. Class coordinator prepare the classroom setting (documentation, lay out, etc) 10 minutes before the class
2. Class coordinator responsible to coordinate with the lecture team.
1. Each group obligated to submit n Audit Debate Paper according to the related topic chosen for each
weekly basis.
a. Format: Microsoft Word, Font: Arial, Maximum 4 (FOUR) pages, A4 paper size: A4, 1,5 space:
margin:4,4,3,3 cm; written in Bahasa Indonesia
b. Consist of:
 Page 1 (Cover) : UBAYA’s logo, group identity: group name, student name, student
number, position held
 Page 2 - 4 (Content):
Brief review of given topics or case according to the theoritical concept, regulation or
law, journal, article , recent survey or actual case related. (Group can not used the same
actual case as their reference)
Conclusion: the pro’s and con’s based on the concept or theoritical
 Page 5 (References)
 Reference/ Supplementary Bibliographies:
Minimum 2 (two) journal or article (1 national (such as Simposium Nasional Akuntansi)
and 1 international), recent survey etc
Minimum 2 (two) books as reference
Minimum 1 (one) an actual case in Indonesia or foreign country,
c. The paper should be clear, concise, comprehensive and systematically written, with logical and
conceptual approach and with strong argument for the conclusión.
2. Paper must be submitted H-2 at 12.00 pm by email at: (only on the second
week) and
3. Late submission on paper will be charge penalty for minus 10 poin gradually (every 2 hours).
Evaluation Criteria for Weekly Audit Paper:

Technical Writing Format
Group Analysis (Conceptual understandability, clear, concise and
systematical and logical argumentation)
Reference/ Supplementary Bibliographies (article/ journal/actual case
reference, etc)


systematical and logical argument. Each group that appointed for debate session must prepared them self and submitted the hardcopy of their paper to the lecture in charge (5 minutes) 2. (5 minutes)  Session II: Debate begin (50 minutes)  Session III: Class Discussion (30 minutes)  Session IV: Closing Statement (5 minutes)  Session V: Brief Review by Lecture (10 minutes) 3. Best Group for This Week chosen by the groups through voting. article/ journal/actual case reference. formal dress.DEBATE TECHNIQUE AND PROCEDURE: 1. Evaluation Criteria for Debate Performance: No 1 2 3 Description Group appearance (languange. Debate session:  Session I: Introduction of group member. Opening Statement: consist of the group argument and their statement. and also giving a peer review of their peformance. member participation. etc) Conceptual comprehention (Conceptual understandability. etc) Team work (team communication. etc) Total Score <60 60-70 71-80 81-90 90-100 Remark Poor Fair Good Excellent Superb ---000--- % 20 30 50 100% .