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– Charity Events in Brisbane

Connect 2014 Fundraising Dinner
Connect and make a difference
September 5, 2014
Friday 6:30 PM - 11:30 PM
Royal International Convention Centre
600 Gregory Terrace
Brisbane, Queensland
In communities across Queensland, individuals and families are facing
serious issues such as homelessness, mental illness, poverty, domestic
violence, family breakdown and unemployment. Those experiencing these
challenges can often feel alone and afraid.
To help address this heartbreaking situation, Churches of Christ in
Queensland’s community chaplains are working with our care services to
reach out to people in need and connect them with their local community.
Our dedicated chaplains invest in people’s lives, demonstrate unconditional
love, are available to help when people are in desperate need and
give guidance to those who are struggling with life’s pressures.

Post # 32 – Electronic Vehicle News Update

Is Australia's electric vehicle market set to take off? Government and solar
companies seem to think so.

Western Australia .abc. .OK – Different state though. revealing electricity costs in WA are the highest in the Plan to reduce power bills by passing investment costs to producers A proposed shake-up of Western Australia's electricity market would see household bills reduced by passing the risk of investing in the market on to The Government last week released details of a review of the system.Post # 33 – Australian News relating electricity Bill http://www.

au/topics/emergency-safety-andinfrastructure/infrastructure/utilities/sa-electricity-supply-industry South Australian electricity supply industry overview In South Australia electricity is generated from renewable and non-renewable sources and sold in the National Electricity Market (NEM). Electricity retailers buy electricity from the NEM and sell it to households and businesses. Electricity generation Electricity in South Australia is mainly generated by four sources:  gas-fired generation (51%)  wind energy (27%) .gov. Transmission and distribution networks transport the electricity from the power stations to end users.OK / Interesting Post # 34 – Australia Power Source

. coal-fired generation (17%)  rooftop photovoltaics (PV) systems (4%). GOOD Post # 35 – Clipsal Safety Switches Update https://www.clipsal. A cooker switch must now be installed within two metres of an electrical cook top and oven. Clipsal has a wide selection of cooker switches to match any style and A safety requirement in all Australian states.

Post # 36 – Electrical Tagging/Testing http://www. the use of a PAT remains one of the most comprehensive and efficient methods of ensuring an items electrical safety. Whilst the Australian Standard does not mandate a Portable Appliance Tester (PAT) should be used to conduct these Portable Appliance Tester The current Australian Standard. AS/NZS 3760:2010 specifies the tests required to be conducted in order to confirm the electrical safety of an .appliancetaggingservices.

Post # 37 – Electrical Faults Statistics http://www. . switches and the like. which has become live or from contact with worn or damaged cords.html Reasons for Electrical Testing Your current insurance policy (including your Public Liability cover) may not cover accidents on site caused by equipment that does not comply with the relevant laws and safety regulations. It is to be remembered that electricity does not have to be high voltage to be dangerous or kill by the time the Workplace Health & Safety Inspector is on site it's too late. Fatal accidents at work have resulted from faulty Electricity can kill in 30 milliseconds. Accidents similar to those mentioned above can be dramatically reduced by regular in-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment ensuring the safety of your

Post # 38 – Mark it Safe testing and tagging Mark it Safe .

php? main_page=product_info&products_id=392 Power Point and Earth Leakage Tester A combined Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) polarity and Socket Tester tester.Please note that this tester will indicate if an RCD trips at the appropriate current leakage fault. ELCB trip test function will test that the ELCB will trip at the power point and also indicate the approximate level of trip current required from 10mA up to a maximum of 100mA in 4 Tester and Adaptors https://www.testandtagsupplies. checks most type of power points for correct wiring and also whether the ELCB trip from each power # 39. but cannot be used for testing in .

said. They may be NECA’s Chief Executive Officer James Tinslay. We urge all our members to go online and support this important campaign.” “By uniting the many voices of small business around the country. small business is too big to together.” said Mr Tinslay. “The campaign will bring together in the one place the deeply personal accounts from real small business operators who have agreed to share their stories.accordance with AS/NZS3760:2003 for which an accurate RCD trip time test is required. the campaign’s aim is to change the attitudes and actions of politicians and governments and to show them that. It will give the widest possible group of small business the platform through which they can participate in the national debate. “Most of our members are small electrical and communications contractors and they are fed-up at having their needs ignored by politicians and governments. Post # 40 – Small Electrical Business Campaign http://www.

small voices on their own. . saying it gives homeowners the opportunity to shop around for the best deals with retailers. tax relief and better Solar Tariff to benefit homeowners Master Electricians Australia (MEA) has supported the State Government’s decision to abandon the 8 cent solar feed-in tariff.idealelectrical. http://www. but together small business can make a big noise in Canberra. Initially the campaign will concentrate on key small business issues like reducing government cost and red-tape burdens.” The campaign will highlight that there are over two million small businesses in Australia that together employ more than seven million Australians or more than 60% of the workforce. employment reform.

au/ “The leading Australian organization trusted to make life and business easier for electrical contractors” Our Vision To provide the best service and support to SME Electrical Contracting Businesses in Australia Our Strategy To be the leading provider of essential and value add services to SME electrical contracting businesses .ecaa # 41 .

australianpropertycompliance. .Post # 42 – Thermal Scanning of Electrical Switchboards minimize risk and create value Thermal!solutions-thermography/c10c2 Improve business safety. is a non-obtrusive demonstrative process that permits perception and measurement of the temperature in completely working electrical switchboards. Images speak to hotness maps of the switchboard. with distinctive colors representing to different temperatures. utilizing a specific infrared Polaroid. The pictures recognize blemishes in associations and in the supplies and may pinpoint any "hot spots".

Post # 44 – Brainy Quote http://www.html .com/quotes/quotes/r/raycharles167077.brainyquote.

Post # 44 – Inspirational Safety Quotes .

but in our professional life zero wants intolerance and punishment Post # 45 – Wind Electricity . not on self.safetyrisk. only on others. In our personal life we expect tolerance and When one’s goals and language are perfectionist and absolute the only trajectory and attribution is blame.http://www. Brother and sister generating light from wind power Post # 46 – Static Electricity .

Static Electricity Is The Mysterious Architect Behind Beautiful Abstracts Post # 47 - LED Lights . http://www. slow failure rate and sturdy design make LEDs a smart buy for the energy conscious home or business owner. This joined with their long life span. . LEDs high efficiency design can reduce energy lighting costs by up to 90%.ledlights-australia.html#MR16 LEDs are an extremely efficient and cost effective way in which to light your home or warm and cool lighting

Wind power Au http://theconversation.Post # 48 . . while others say the exact opposite. The most recent report says bills will fall if the target is How does the Renewable Energy Target affect your power bills? The economic analyses carried out so far have delivered wildly differing results.

and a forecast to get 51% of electricity from renewables by Renewables still have a long way to go to compete with fossil fuels Australia has some fairly ambitious goals for green energy: a renewable energy target (currently under review) of 20% of electricity from renewables by 2020.Post # 49 – Wind Power Au http://theconversation. .