Post # 51 – New Electrical and electronics products

GIA Finds Growing Emphasis on Energy Efficiency, Convenience,
Safety and Security in the Global Home Automation Market
Home automation is defined as the process of automating the entire home
environment by means of a combined in-built monitoring system. Capable of
controlling electronic, electrical and security appliances from a single interface,
home automation solutions are increasingly growing in prominence among
homeowners across the world.

Post # 52 - home electrical safety tips

Don't switch on the principle breaker without counseling a guaranteed
electrical expert first.
Remind all family unit parts not to switch on the principle breakers or
circuit box.
Call an affirmed electrical technician or architect to check the electrical
wiring of your homes. Electrical wirings or gadgets may oblige substitution
relying upon the condition or the degree of the harm.
Don't utilize machines that are influenced by surge water. Call a confirmed
apparatus specialist to check all influenced apparatuses.
Continuously wear a Personal Protective Equipment (elastic boots, elastic
gloves, goggles and so on.) amid clean up particularly when working close
electrical supplies.

cook faster and keep us warm during the evening (or cool in summer). Which is the reason we've assembled a helpful rundown of tips and guidelines to There might be numerous electrical perils and dangers around your home that you have to be mindful of with a specific end goal to have a level of power wellbeing at in the event that its not kept up effectively.randallelectrics. Electricity has the fantastic force to help us see better.Post # 53 – Electrical Safety at Home http://www. . Then again. power can likewise hurt too.

jugs and toys – inside simple span to debilitate climbing .) or playing on furniture Place things of investment –.Post # 54 . for example.springfreetrampoline. bouncing (leave this to the Springfree™ Trampoline.Keeping the kids safe outside and inside the home Some extraordinary tips to parents: Extensive TV's ought to be affixed to a divider or set far enough again on the furniture to guarantee they're out of range to little youngsters Keep electrical lines out of youngster's span Demoralize kids from climbing.

Before your kids go out trick or treating talk to them about safety so a fun day doesn’t turn into a tragedy.Post # 55 – Safety Tips for Kids at Halloween http://blog. Happy Halloween Halloween is approaching and kids are all ready to dress up and head out to get as much candy as they possibly can.

Post # 56 .Air conditioning maintenance tips Air conditioning is widely used in South Australia to help maintain a comfortable environment for living and working. Improving the efficiency and managing the energy use of residential air conditioners will help to:  reduce the running costs of air conditioners  better manage the growth in South Australia's peak electricity demand  reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by air conditioner use. .

floor arrangement zoning to augment solace for daytime exercises and resting effective shading (counting vegetative plants) http://www. increase regular ventilation by diminishing hindrances to air ways through your home. provision of fans to give ventilation and air development without breezes. The outline of your home can fundamentally influence the interior solace conditions house introduction for presentation to cooling .Post # 57 – Consumer Tips on Air Conditioner What size or type of air conditioner should I purchase for my home? Before obtaining an aeration and cooling system you ought to consider other nonvitality devouring method for giving an agreeable home environment amid the hotter months of the year.

don't approach it. Basically strolling towards a high voltage wire which is touching the ground can make you be shocked in the event that you get excessively close on the grounds that the voltage spreads out through the ground. on the off chance that you see a force line lying on the ground. To save money on your Electric bill consider: Adding a clock to control your heated water storage Replace conventional lights with fluorescent lights (Fluro's last 5 to 7 times longer than ordinary globes) Replace fluorescent lights with LED lights (LED's last 25 to 50 times longer than ordinary globes) Choosing LED lights when putting in new light apparatuses Turn off the force focuses with the wellbeing switch actually for equipment which has a force sparing mode. Force sparing modes still expend electing . Electrical repairs are best left to a qualified Electrician. Stay at least 10 meters far from them.Post # 58 – Electrical Safety E a Light In a comparative vein.

au Its fantastic.html Post # 59 – Unsafe Bridge FunnyPhotos. amazing and thrilling bridge!

com/forum/archive/index.Post # 60 – Funny Photos http://www.davidicke.html .php/t-244366-p-4.

Origin Energy and AGL – are taking their business elsewhere. but their ‘green’ initiatives are small compared to their investments in coal and gas” Electricity Retailers Paying Price for Undermining RET Energy Matters CEO Jeremy Rich says households and businesses disgusted by the position of some retailers – including Energy Australia. “‘The Dirty Three’ sometimes market themselves as environmentally conscious.Post 61 – Electricity News http://www. “Recently these companies have been undermining Australia’s Renewable Energy Target.” says the group.

It is designed to work with grid-tied or off-grid solar systems.Post # 62 – Alternative Power http://goo.6 kWh lithium-ion solar energy storage system for residential and commercial use has been launched by JuiceBox Solar Energy Storage System For Homes and Businesses Unveiled An 8. It features a system controller so the battery can be used as back-up power .

gl/RRIZso . Notice these capabilities go beyond mere storage. Post # 63 – Home Consumer News http://goo. thus enabling peak shifting and demand charge a grid.

9 per cent. down Compact lightning protection The DEHNcombo YPV SCI combined lightning current and surge arrester is now available from DEHN distributors throughout Australia and New Zealand. Safety The device incorporates the Y configuration circuit with the patented short circuit interruption technology (SCI) and takes up only four standard DIN spaces.8 per cent. but its clear consumers have come to realize that the measures in the Budget were not as drastic as they had been led to believe. seasonally adjusted.Retail spending ‘patchy’ but industry is optimistic about strong Christmas period Retail spending has increased for the third consecutive month. according to the August Retail Trade figures released yesterday by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. however spending in department stores and household goods retail — in particular electronics — is down. “The downturn in April and May was largely due to speculation around the possible impacts of the Budget. and household goods retailing was down 0. It is tailored to meet the requirements of the new EN 50539 parts 11 and 12 standard. which is also .com. The weakest performing categories were department stores. Post # 64 – Electrical Technology Update http://ecogeneration.

Post # 65 – Current News Related Electricity . DEHNcombo YPV SCI is a combined compact lightning current and surge arrester for protecting the direct current side of PV systems.referenced in the latest AS/NZS 5033 standard – installation and safety requirements for PV arrays. which does not require any additional backup fuses for systems with a short-circuit current rating not exceeding 1000 amperes (A).

The company.homeimprovementpages. which she ran with her husband Sam Jedari. currently in . Lu Luo is the sole trader of Infinity Cable Co Pty Ltd. It had been selling the dodgy cable as far back as 2010 Post # 66 – Lighting Ideas http://www.000 Australian homes and businesses. Sydney. was run out of a base in Wetherill Park. its regional business manager. where dangerous materials were imported from China before being installed in as many as The Australian Woman Behind an $80 Million Recall of Dangerous Cable SYDNEY — An Australian woman is at the centre of a dangerous cable recall.

That’s because it’s illegal and dangerous to attempt electrical jobs if you’re If you need any electrical work done around the house. Post # 67 . .homeimprov Would I Need an Electrician? http://www. Your certified electricians has the complete ideas on this. you’ll need an electrician to do the job.Lighting Design Turn your existing kitchen into a custom design kitchen with selection of impressive lighting ideas of high quality products and services.

an electrician can advise you on the placement of power points. replacing or repairing lights  Test and tag: testing and labeling equipment to detect problems  Install solar power systems  Install back-up generators When renovating a property.Here are a few tasks electricians can carry out:  Wiring a new home or rewiring an existing house  Replacing power points  Installing safety switches  Installing. Post # 68 – Inspirational Quotes . lighting and sockets and oversee the routing of new wiring and installations.

Post # 69 – Outdoor Living Ideas .

au/ Beautify your surroundings with this amazing lighting .

and back to the power source. Electricity will form a "path" or "loop". The human body is also a conductor.Post # 70 All electrical systems have the potential to cause harm. Electric current cannot exist without an unbroken path to and from the conductor. Electricity can be either "static" or "dynamic. This is also known as creating or completing an electrical circuit. a power tool). When you plug in a device (e. . Most metals are conductors.g.. Conductors are materials that allow the movement of electricity through it.What do I need to know about electricity? http://www." Dynamic electricity is the uniform motion of electrons through a conductor (this is known as electric current). to the tool. the electricity takes the easiest path from the plug-in.

.au/energy-efficiency/ Lighting can represent give or take 10% of a family unit's nursery gas discharges.Post # 71 – Advantage of Switching to LED Lighting while enduring eight times longer. Halogens lamps and incandescent use up a colossal measure of vitality Fluorescent lights are significantly more vitality proficient. Swapping your old globes for fluorescent or LED lights can spare you 80% on lighting bills. They utilize 20% of the power that halogen globes do.energymatters.

. South Australia & Western Australia (all 2012-2013) and in Tasmania in 2013.A confusing aspect of exchanging to LED can be in connection to what sort to purchase as rather than watts. building regulators and electrical safety regulators are coordinating the safety recall. Post # 72 – Safety Recall Infinity Electrical Cable Recall Eighteen electrical retailers and wholesalers recalled Infinity electrical cables due to safety concerns on 27 August 2014. It is estimated that around 40. The accompanying outline shows watts vs. A taskforce of consumer agencies.000 homes. Queensland. The cables were supplied in NSW (2010-2013). commercial and residential buildings could be affected. lumens. in Victoria. ACT (2011-2013). they are generally appraised in "lumens".

The electronic moment water framework supplies heated water at an exact . the idea of comfort assumed an entire new measurement with the dispatch of the first completely electronic prompt electric water In the realm of boiling point water heating.Post # 73 – Hot water Electrical System

When set. has 7 force stations. This Hydro energy is a type of renewable vitality that uses water put away in dams and streaming in waterways to make power. spreading over New South Wales and Victoria.800 megawatts.1 it’s one of the world's most mind boggling incorporated water and hydro-power plans. very nearly a large portion of the nation's aggregate hydro yield. . which has a limit of 3. regardless of the possibility that taps are turned on somewhere else. 16 dams and 145 kilometers of your obliged temperature stays steady. Post # 74 – Hydropower http://www.temperature when the unit is exchanged on. Australia's greatest hydropower generator is the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme. Australia has more than 100 hydro-electric plants. with hydropower helping around 7% of Australia's National Electricity Market.

Here are some practical ways to help reduce your power bills:  Turn your air conditioner’s (large 3HP air conditioner) thermostat up by just one degree and save up to 10 per cent off its running Practical ways to help you reduce your electricity bill Air conditioners are big power users.Post # 75 – Reducing Your Electricity Bills http://www. Looking at air conditioner use and efficiency is a key to reducing power use in the Territory. . It takes the humidity and edge out of the heat and the fan then circulates the cooler air. Try running your air conditioner between 24 and 27 degrees and use your fan as Try it and you'll reduce your power bill and still have a very comfortable living environment.powerwater. about $171 per air conditioner per year (based on 10 hours a day for 250 days).

DVD and stereo off by using the button on the unit (not the remote) or turning it off at the wall and save up to $24 a year.5HP air conditioner 250 days for 10 hours a day.  Cut the time you use the pool pump from 12 hours to eight hours a day and save about $374 a year.  Turn your television. .  Switch to LED lights which use up to 79% less electricity than traditional halogen incandescent bulbs and save up to $123 a year per 10 bulbs changed. based on running a 1.  Similarly. replacing halogen down lights with LED lights will save more than 83% electricity and up to $187 a year per 10 bulbs changes. Reduce the running time of your air conditioner to five hours a day and save about $363 a year.