Present Continuous

Present Continuous
we use “be” + “ing” verbs

we use “be” +”not” + “ing” verbs

Present Continuous
We use “be” followed by
“Pronoun or subject”

I am walking.
She is talking.
He is laughing.
It is raining.
They are singing.
We are cooking.
You are smiling.

I am not walking.
She is not talking.
He is not laughing.
It is not raining.
They are not singing.
We are not cooking.
You are not smiling.

Am I walking?
Is she talking?
Is he laughing?
Is it raining?
Are they singing?
Are we cooking?
Are you smiling?

Present Continuous Negative

A. Fill in the blanks with “is” or “are”.
1) Kate _____ cooking a turkey for
2) Mom _____ setting the table.
3) John ______ making coffee.
4) The boys _____ watching TV.
5) It ____ snowing outside.
6) The baby ____ laughing.
7) The girls _____ painting Easter eggs.
8) We_______ eating turkey.
9) The dog ____ barking.
10) They _____ celebrating Easter.
C. Negative form. Fill in blanks with
“is/ are /not” and/or “ing”verb”

D. Make a question.
Fill in the blank with “be” and “ing” verb

1. I am ______ cooking.

1._______ I _____________ dinner? (cook)
2. He _______ not eating. B. Write the correct verb in the blank.
2. _______
Jack (prepare).
______________ pie? (bake)
1. (laugh)
Kate is ______________
3. She is not _____________
the girls
2. (rain).
They are _________
for Easter
4. It ___ ____ _________
3. Weeggs.
are ______________
turkey (eat).
5. They are _____painting Easter
5. ____they___________Easter eggs? (make)
6. We _____ not eating now.4. The Easter Bunny is ___________ (come).
? (coming)
5. I am ____________
7. You ____ _____ _________(walk).
7. ____ the dog________________ ?(bark)
8. Mary is _____ sleeping. 6. The children are ____________ candy (eat).
8._____ she ________________?(talk)
7. You are
9. Kate and John ____ not watching
TV.______________ a nice song (sing).
9.______he ____________________?(laugh)
8. The dog is _____________
the cat (chase).
Key:___ _____ _______ (bark).
A. Fill in the blanks with “is” or “are”.
10_____Kate and(run).
John ____________?(sleep)
9. The cat is ________________

Jack and John are ___________ (laugh).

Fill in blanks with “is/ are /not” and/or “ing”verb” 1. Is the dog barking? 8. Negative form. We are not eating now. 3. 7. 3. 10.The dog is chasing the cat (chase). Am I cooking dinner? 2. It is not raining. 5.You are singing a nice song (sing).He is drinking coffee (drink). 9. They are not painting Easter eggs. D. 7) The girls are painting Easter eggs. Kate and John are not watching TV. 2. I am not cooking. 2) Mom is setting the table. Is she talking?(talk) 9.The children are eating candy (eat). 4. 2. 9. 6. Fill in the blank with “be” and “ing” verb 1. 6. Are they making Easter eggs? 6. He is not eating. Is Jack baking a pie? 3. 4. 8. 8) We are eating turkey. Are Kate and John sleeping? .1) Kate is cooking a turkey for dinner.The cat is running(run). B. Are the girls eating? 4. Make a question. 10.I am making Easter eggs (make). Are you coming ? 7.They are hunting for Easter eggs (hunt). 10) They are celebrating Easter. 4) The boys are watching TV. She is not laughing. 7. 1. Mary is not sleeping. 3) John is making coffee. 5.The Easter Bunny is coming (come). 6) The baby is laughing. Is he laughing?(laugh) 10. C. The dog is not barking. 5) It is snowing outside.We are eating turkey (eat). You are not walking.Kate is preparing dinner (prepare). Is it raining? 5. 9) The dog is barking. 8.