Government of India

Ministry of Science and Technology
Department of Science and Technology
Technology Bhavan, New Mehrauli Road
New Delhi-110016

Science for Equity, Empowerment & Development Division
Submission of Concept Note
Under the Scheme for Young Scientists and Technologists

Encouraging passionate young minds towards social development through knowledge
creation and utilization
Scheme for Young Scientists and Technologists (SYST) was initiated by the Department in
the year 1991 with an aim to encourage young scientists to provide technology based solution
to the society. It has been realized over the years that the key to future progress of a nation
lies in the realization of “Science and Technology for Society and in the Society”. The
Department would like the young innovators to take up leadership role to make exceptional
contribution towards the society through Science and Technology. This process will in turn
result in building up a strong nation and take the society to a next level.
Young Scientists who would like to contribute towards the development of nation through
nurturing science are invited to submit the concept notes under the SYST scheme of the
Science for Equity Empowerment and Development Division of the Department of Science
and Technology.
1. The applicant should possess any of the following degrees:(a) Ph.D in Basic Sciences (Life Science, Physical Science, Chemical Science, Earth &
Atmospheric Science, Mathematical Science), or equivalent.
(b) Master’s degree or PhD in Engineering/Science, Medicine/Surgery, Pharmacy, Veterinary,
Agriculture or equivalent.

Note: Organizations/Principal Investigators whose projects proposals were not recommended by the Department under the SYST scheme need not submit the concept note on the same theme however are encouraged to submit concept note on the socially relevant topic relevant to the particular geographical area. estimated budget to cover manpower. travel. Empowerment & Development Division (SEED) Department of Science & & Phone: +91-11-26590541) She can be contacted for any questions/queries relating to submission of concept note under this call. . consumables. key objectives. New Delhi–110016 (E–mail: syst. These organizations should agree to facilitate smooth execution of the project and also provide necessary infrastructure/facilities for this purpose. contingency etc. should be submitted in not more than 2000 words. The concept notes will be screened by a screening committee and the selected candidates will be requested to submit the full blown proposal as per the prescribed format. The applicant not in regular position should align themselves with an S&T based organization including reputed NGO with minimum 5 years in existence for implementation of S&T based project. proposed methodology. brief introduction.2. expected outcome. Application Process: The concept note indicating social problem. equipment’s.dst@gmail. New Mehrauli Road. Technology Bhavan. Women and Physically Handicapped category. timeline. The concept notes preferably through email should be submitted on or before 31 st March 2014 to Dr Rashmi Sharma Scientist ‘D” Science for Equity. However age relaxation of 5 years would be given to scientists belonging to SC/ST/OBC. The candidate should be less than 35 years on the date on which the application is received in DST.