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Hotel Management College in Punjab: Do you want to pursue a career in Hotel

Management? With CGC best Hotel Management College in Punjab you can explore the vast
variety of opportunities waiting for you in the hospitality industry all over the globe. Our Hotel
management college in Landran, Mohali (Punjab) will equip you with all the required skills,
knowledge and hands on experience for you to take charge of the major responsibilities in the
hospitality sector. Our Institute is approved by National Council of Hotel Management and
Catering Technology, Noida.

About CGC, Landran Top Hotel Management College In Punjab

If you like a to interact with people, travel around or like a career which is exciting and
professionally fulfilling and offers good chances of growth , then Hotel Management or
Hospitality sector is perfect choice for you.
At CGC Hotel Management College in Punjab, we provide a healthy, friendly and competitive
environment for our students which itself motivates them to give their best at every step. It is
our responsibility to take care of your over all development and make you a complete
professional in your area of interest. We regularly keep on updating our course and
methodologies according to the requirement in the industry so as to train our students in the
best possible ways.
Our Faculty members are well qualified and have good amount of industry experience which
makes them master in this field. Also, we make sure to train our teachers from time to time to
new and innovative methods of teaching so that efficient and effective student learning can
take place. Also, placement of our students is our main concern, and hence right from the very
beginning of the course, we impart rigorous training to them, so as to enhance their skills and

develop their competencies.

Demand and Scope of Hospitality Management/Hotel Management

Hotels pla er i porta t aspe ts i a ou tr s i frastru ture as hotel i dustr is like
backbone of the tourism industry. A number of factors like promotion of tourism and rapid
industrial progress have given a boost to hotel and food industry. It is a very luxurious and
glamorous profession. With increasing globalization, career opportunities in this field are not
only confined within the country but there is also a wide scope of a career overseas or abroad
in this field.

Need and Requirement of Hotel Management Experts in Punjab

Punjab is a state which is rich in its culture, religion and cuisines. It is very famous for its
hospitality and generosity it extends to its guests or tourists. People of punjab are very loving
a d el o i g. Pu ja is a popular tourists attra tio .
Foreigners and people from other cities in India enjoy the variety of food and flavors, the
customs and festivals, colors and scenic beauty over here. But most important of all that they
get to experience and cherish in Punjab is loving, friendly and helpful nature of its people,
which makes their visit more enjoyable and worthwhile and hence they want to come back
over and over again.
Due to all this there is a great boom in the hotel management and tourism industry in Punjab.
The state has come up with great number of tourist places, luxury hotels, restaurants, guest
houses, malls, clubs etc and many more are in the pipeline. And hence, the requirement for
professionals in hotel management and hospitality sector has increased over a period of time.
Their demand is not only in Punjab, but all over the country or for the matter of fact all over the

Scope of Hotel Management in India and all over the Globe

The world is changing and so is the meaning of hotel management. Today, hotel management is
not only confined to hotels but have gone deep into tourism, catering, airlines, clubs etc making
it a very paying and an exciting career option.

With the rapid growth of hotel industry pushed forward by foreign and domestic tourism
and business travels, the demand for well trained and quality personnel too has gone up
India is one of the preferred tourist and travel destinations.
Approx 4.4 million tourists visit our country every year.
The growth of 20% has been recorded in the tourist and hospitality industry over few years
and more growth is expected in coming years.
At present, there is about 200 millions of job available in this industry, out of which 20% of
the job opportunities are in India.
Healthy Salary packages and fast grow.

Job Options after Graduating from our Hotel Management Institute in Punjab
After graduating from our Hotel Management College in Punjab, There is a wide range of career
options available for our students. Depending on which field you want to enter you can be
specialization in Food Production, nutritionist, housekeeping, hotel manager etc? Some of the
options that you can opt for are as following:

Own Business or an Entrepreneur: You can start you own restaurant, coffee shop, club or
hotel and even work as a consultant and guide others build up their restaurant or hotel etc.
You can even start your own catering unit and cater to Offices, Institutes, and private parties
and functions.

Hotels/Restaurants/Clubs: one can get jobs in different departments of hotels like front
office, housekeeping, food and productions etc in various 5-star International chain of Hotels
Like Taj, Oberoi, Hyatt, Radisson etc or in local reputed hotels, chain of restaurants like McDonalds, KFC, Dominos, Pizza Huts etc and clubs like Club Mahindra, Underdogs-the sports
Club, Bluo- Balling and food alley and lots more.

Aviation/Airline and Tourism Industry: A hotel management student can also join as an Air
hostess or Flight Stewards or Ground staff or as Customer Relationship officers.

Work in Retails Sectors: One can work in famous clothes and sports brands, PVR, malls,
Ba k Offi e jo s, BPOs, Hospitals, et

Teaching Profession: Hotel Management students can also opt for teaching private colleges
depending upon their academic performances; they can join in as assistants and lecturers or
can even start their own cooking, baking or hospitality classes and groom students for better

How to get Admission at CGC Hotel Management College Punjab?

At our College of Hotel management, students graduate with remarkable amount of knowledge
of business and an exceptional network of hospitality industry contacts. With our extensive
internships programs, practical experience is provided to our students which set them apart
from any other. We provide value to our students which benefit them to learn a lot of course
and make them master of hotel management course.

Hotel Management Courses Offered at CGC Landran

Our Hotel Management College in Punjab offers various courses so that students can build their
career. The courses are illustrated below

Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (B.HMCT) 4 years

SC. Hotel Management and Catering Technology (B.Sc. HMCT) 4 years
Sc. Hospitality and Hotel Administration (B.Sc. HHA) 3 years

Hotel Management Course Eligibility Criteria

Our Institute of Hotel Management is one the best Hotel Management College in Punjab. We
impart hospitality education with motto of providing quality education. It is approved by
National Council of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Noida. The eligibility criteria
is a s follows;

Admission to all seats of B.Sc (HMCT) and Bachelor of Hotel Management & Catering
Technology (B.HMCT) are done by the college on the basis of marks attained in 10+2.
Admission to B.Sc HHA (Hospitality and Hotel Administration) which is approved by the
National Council of HMCT is made on the basis of JEE (Joint Entrance Examination). Online
registration can be easily done on our website for all seats except those of

Trainings & Extracurricular Activities offered to Hotel Management StudentsLectures

Behold I do ot gi e le tures or a little harit , Whe I gi e I gi e

self - Walt Whitman

A lecture holds the power to enlighten the students about a whole new World of possibilities. It
ensures the swift flow of knowledge and ignites all the senses towards new ideas. Our college
ensures that a lecture is not just verbal but visual as well. The power point presentations, audio

feeds, activities, practical presentations, quiz and questionnaires are planned very carefully by
the lecturers to execute a topic and provide maximum effect. Guest lectures are also conducted
to give the students a viewpoint of the experts of the field and to satisfy their queries and
introduce them to the newest technologies available in the field.

Expert Talks
E perie e is the lesso of the past to lesse the urde of the future - Michael Sage
With an aim to provide students with the best in the industry we inculcate Guest lecture where
experts come to give presentations, practical demonstration, trainings and to water the seeds
of doubt in a vast tree of knowledge, ideas, drea s, a d ai s. To oast the stude ts orale
and to invite them to a voyage of employability options and the threshold of challenges to
overcome, we ensure to prepare the students to take on the industry with a positive outlook
and ample of motivation.

Group Discussion
If the freedo of spee h is take a a the du
slaughter - George Washington

a d sile t e

e led, like sheep to the

A rich discussion is one in which ideas never end and new ideas are generated. A discussion
intends to bring out the confidence, leadership qualities, and access listening skills, enhance
creativity, motivate out of box thinking and prepare for quick responses. Group discussion is the
first assessment test to enter in an industry. A group discussion is done in a carefully set
environment with planned facilitation by a moderator to provide the best quality flow of the
discussion. It will help you to overcome from the speaking in front of many people and it brings
confidence in your lifestyle too.

Brainstorming sessions
You have brains in your head and feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you
hoose! Dr. Seuss
Brain will stay nourished only if it is given challenges, it will expand only when it is given ideas, it
will explode only when it is not channeled and it will be an asset when you know how to control
it. In our college it is believed that ideas and feedback can go a long way. The brainstorming
sessions have become one of the most progressive custom of the college where students are
heard and their ideas reward the college to provide them better facilities.

Industrial Visit
We have tie ups will all leading hotels and regularly invites renowned and top brands in India

The Oberoi
Taj Mahal Hotel
Intercontinental Hotels
Jaypee Hotels
Crown Plaza
The Lalit
The Claridges
Hyatt Regency
Kempinski and many more for industrial training and placements

For Industrial Visits we regularly take our students to leading hotels in and around Chandigarh
and also invite Industry experts for various workshops and lectures

Student Counseling
The college insures that students do not feel ignored or forgotten at any stage nor feel dejected
in the new place. Counseling gives students someone to open up to at the hour of need, be it
personal or social issue. Counseling always holds the entire student, faculty and family in a
common bond which strives towards strengthening the resolve of social betterment and

In the college we intend to materialize the theories and facts by presenting the students with
workshops to help them understand the complexities of various processes while also teaching
them the need and importance for basic blocks of the theory. The main aim of the workshop is
to give path to millions of new opportunities and ideas, to create a curious urge in students to
try their knowledge in more creative and zealous ways. Workshops help the student to learn
more practical ways and also be introduced to the new technology inter wining with the
present technology.

Jobs Placements for Hotel Management by CGC Landran

Chandigarh College of Hotel Management and Catering Technology has rechristened the
hospitality principle with its professional approach and unique style. The mosaic of work crafted
for the department helps students fit in easily into the top hotels of the country. Students
trained through sophisticated lab equipments, highly professional faculty and prolonged
training sessions can be sure of an exciting and lucrative career.
CCHM welcomes the prestigious Hotel and Hospitality companies to its campus. The Institute
ensures impeccable Hospitality and excellent coordination to the placement teams during the
recruitment drives. With a success rate of 94% from the total 37 companies that visited us for
placements this year the students have out shown in all fields of hospitality.
CCHMCT regularly invites renowned and top brands in India including The Oberoi, Taj Mahal
Hotel, Intercontinental Hotels, Imperial, Jaypee Hotels, Crowne Plaza, The Lalit, Radisson, The
Claridges, Hyatt Regency, Marriott , Kempinski and many more for industrial training and
placements of their students. Remuneration ranging from 27000/- for the MT program offered
by the Kempinski Ambience Delhi to 13000/- for various hotels at the entry level.
The Institute maintains its reputation of being best Private Hotel School of India by consistently
maintaining highest academic standards and ensuring excellent placement of students.

Our Top Recruiters are


The Oberoi Hotel

The Taj Hotel Group
Hotel Hyatt

Eligibility Criteria for Hotel Management Course at CGC Landran

Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (B.HMCT) (4 Years), B.Sc. In Hotel
Management and Catering Technology ( HMCT)(3 years), B.Sc. In Airline Tourism and
Hospitality Management (B.Sc. ATHM)(3 years) courses at CGC has following eligibility criteria in
order to get Admission

The eligibility criteria for admission are as per PTU norms, 10+2 in any stream from any
recognized board.

Join with CGC College and make your future bright.

Students Testimonials
You a also he k our stude ts testi o ial.

Bei g o e of the se eral stude ts fortu ate to re ei e the si o ths I dustrial Trai i g at
The ITC Maurya, Delhi, I had an edge over the others at the OCLD, the flagship Management
Trai i g progra
e of The O erois and MT Program at The Park Hyatt. My experiences on
the Chandigarh College of Hotel management were really worth cherishing. The last 3 years
was like a dream journey- work and fun going hand in hand every day. Looking back- I have
had the privilege of being tested for my skills and trained specially for several events &
competitions. The Industry Visits, Seminars, workshops, Guest Lectures by Industry
Professionals keep us updated about the developments in the Hospitality
I dustr . Cha digarh College of Hotel Ma age e t a d Cateri g Te h olog definitely the
est pla e to e.!!
Daven Chander

I a happ a d proud to e a CCHMCTIAN! The last 3 ears ha e ee trul e ora le for

me. The co curricular activities like the inter and intra college competitions, club activities
have given me opportunities to express and explore my organizational and leadership skills.
Since CCHMCT has students from all over the world, we also learn a lot about other cultures
a d di ersit , gi i g us alua le e perie e a d i sight for our future as a Hospitalit
Perso . Here I fou d a outlet for
reati e urges, a d opportu ities that ere
wholesome and fulfilling. The hostel scene is also really cool with ample choice for everyone.
So, though I am really far from home, my parents have no apprehensions about my wellbeing. Besides, the Student Information System (SIS) with regular inputs from college about
attendance and academic progress always keeps them updated. A o e all CCHMCT has
given me a platform to be successful in life by the placement at The Grand, New Delhi.
Sathi Das

Duri g
i itial sear h for the est hotel a age e t ollege i I dia, o e of
se iors
from my hometown said that CCHMCT is one of the top 10 hotel management colleges in
India, with its excellent infrastructure and professionally experienced faculty was the best

option. I am glad that I took his advice. I have seen for myself the stupendous
transformation I have made over the years in language skills and self-confidence. Besides
this, the Technical Development, the Personality Development and the VACE (Value Added
College Education) Programme have greatly encouraged my all-round development that I
am confident of doing very well at the Campus Interviews next year. The Industry Visits,
Seminars, workshops, Guest Lectures by Industry Professionals keep us updated about the
de elop e ts i the Hospitalit I dustr .
Neeraj Singh Karki
To Engage with CGC Landran Family like our other students from different locations of Like
India Chandigarh, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir (J&K)
etc. Then you must have to contact us below given details

Name: Mr.Tahir Sufi, PRINCIPAL
Address: CCHMCT, Landran, Mohali
Phone Number: 9781925266