From "La Priere de Nostre Dame" by Geoffrey Chaucer

Have ta'en on me a grievous action,
Of very right and desperation!
From "Witches' Frolic, The" by Richard Harris Barham:
Or pass by such action
The sphere of attraction,
From "Sennett Song" from "Chaplin":
I really just want to see action!
Charlie, run for it . . . Fast . . . Faster . . . Charlie. Don't slow it dow
n, chaplin.
From "Dancin' on the Sidewalk" from "Fame":
South Street Seaport I am the action
The number one tourist attraction
From "As the Chairman of the Committee / How Beautiful / Never Was There a Girl
So Fair / Some Girls Can Bake a Pie" from "Of Thee I Sing":
This lousy action
Calls for retraction!
From "We Know" from "Hamilton":
As you can see I have done nothing to provoke legal action
Are my answers to your satisfaction?
From "Infinite" by Eminem:
To get your brain relaxin, cause they be actin maniac in action
A brainiac in fact son, you mainly lack attraction
From "Slow It Down" by Neil Diamond:
just steaming away from the action
get some traction
From "Brand New" by Lil Wayne:
Cameras on big lights, action
Welcome to the show, I am tha main attraction
From "Respect Us" by Lil Wayne:
Believe I'm 'bout that action
Slash a busta like a fraction

From "Chain Reaction" by Bee Gees:
You get a medal when you're lost in action
I wanna get your love all ready
For the chain reaction
From "Rise to It" by Kiss:
Hey, get up, lights, camera, action
It's gettin' time for the show
'Coz tonight you're the main attraction
And if you want a lover who can play the other role
From "Rock Star" by R. Kelly:
lights, thats the s-stamina action
ima rock star
check the crowd reaction
im like lights, thats the s-stamina action
From "Burning for Love" by Bon Jovi:
I've been watching you, you want action
You need love and I need satisfaction
From "Love Songs" by Kottonmouth Kings:
Then he joined on the action
Pulled out a jimmy strapped it on and started taxing
From "This Is 4 U" by Kottonmouth Kings:
we all got choices to make, every action has a reaction,
From "Overlap" by Ani Difranco:
Each one of us wants a piece of the action
You can hear it in what we say, you can see it in what we do
We negotiate with chaos for some sense of satisfaction
If you won't give it to me at least give me a better view
From "Roll the Bones" by Rush:
It's action, reaction random interaction
From "The Enemy Within" by Rush:
To you, is it movement or is it action?
Is it contact or just reaction?

for satisfaction From "Chain Reaction" by Accept: I know I need heavy action I know I need chain reactions From "Monument Valley" by Drive-By Truckers: It's where to plant the camera and when to say action When to print the legend and when to leave the facts in . cameras. flashing lights and action main attraction From "Russian Roulette" by Accept: Wargames .From "Body Movin'" by Beastie Boys: We're getting down computer action Do the robotic satisfaction From "Summer Night City (single Version)" by ABBA: When the night comes with the action I just know it's time to go Can't resist the strange attraction From that giant dynamo From "Human Touch" by Alanis Morissette: Reaction to the action There's more to me than human flesh I've had enough distractions I need some tenderness From "Keep It In the Family" by Anthrax: An action from reaction and you can't make a retraction From "Keep It In The Family (Live)" by Anthrax: An action from reaction you can't make a retraction From "Erase/Replace" by Foo Fighters: An action. a reaction From "Bolivia" by Esham: Passion.killed in action Wargames .

call it Fatal Attraction From "The Most Excellent Way" by Audio Adrenaline: Love is calling get into action Love is the start of a chain reaction From "Father" by Bizzy Bone: And the critics. they wont take action They want us to repo this to your satisfaction From "Father" by Bizzy Bone: And the critics. computers keep crashing From "Shake Shake Shake" by Shaggy: Take you where there's all night action Dancin' to the beat with a passion From "Makin' Good Love (Remix)" by Avant: And I'm lookin' for a little bit of action I be comin' through wanna do that thang Let me bless you with thug passion From "POP" by Backyard Babies: .From "Stupefaction" by Graham Parker: Cameras without action I can't see the point But I see the attraction From "Stupefication" by Graham Parker: The people sit there cameras without action A D A D I can't see the point but I see the attraction From "Los Angeles Times" by Xzibit: 'Cause I got a kill switch with a itch for the action While other rappers use mass weapons of destruction From "Concrete" by Xzibit: Anyway you want it to happen I'm ready for action You get shot up under my soles. they wont take action They want us to repo this to your satisfaction But while they build more.

2 (Theme From)" by Primus: Answers deserving action What am I. braced for satisfaction .let's get billion dollar action It's alright to love and fight you need total satisfaction From "Hellbound 17 1. wave your hand for action Some women in the '90's want more than satisfaction From "Everything Is Fair" by A Tribe Called Quest: Now I'm missin' action for this fatal attraction From "Picasso Moon" by Grateful Dead: You get all manner of action Tinsel tigers in the metal room Stalking satisfaction They got 'em packaged up for love and money From "Chrome" by VNV Nation: Prompts for action force reaction From "Take It To The Head" by KELLY PRICE: Listen baby. of the populi I am but a fraction From "Verses from the Abstract" by A Tribe Called Quest: Don't move to rebuttal. do you think you ready for the action? I give chicks 'Butterflies' like Michael Jackson From "Tear It Lose" by Twisted Sister: I GOTTA FIND SOME ACTION AIN'T GONNA STOP UNTIL I DROP OR GET SOME SATISFACTION! From "Bring It Home" by Swollen Members: I'm an abnormal creature with pummelin' action Feature presentation plus the comin' attraction From "Passion" by Blackalicious: Askin' for action.

R. no air From "Shone" by Flo Rida: You can be my action. I don't look when I'm crashin! I'm so dope I could bundle cook-up by the aspirin Gaspin like it's Aspen. I look for the action Funk Doc.From "Time For Some Action" by N. penis satisfaction From "Digital Girl" by Jamie Foxx: It's when it's time for some action I wanna hit it way. the main attraction From "Lucky" by Hedley: A lot of work for a little action But it's worth your satisfaction From "Who Are the Pimps?" by Boogie Down Productions: You only get a glimpse of the action or reaction From "Toxic Waltz" by eXodus: but too much action may leave you in traction From "On The Run" by Lita Ford: I'm looking for some action To get a piece of your heart I lose a piece of my head It's like a chain reaction . the action.D.: It's time 4 some action What can u imagine From "WKYA (Drop)" by Redman: Ridin the highway at night to run a deer down. way out like John Paxton From "Township Rebellion" by RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE: Action for reaction From "Taiyed" by 311: The hereafter.E.

rise from the ashes Reject your doubt and release the passion From "The Same As Being in Love" by Harvey Danger: Try to take a less dramatic course of action This attraction.: I was missing in On the side of a I was taken in a From a street in action carton Datsun Acton From "Eternal" by Shadows Fall: Coming from your action creates a reaction From "Back To The Start" by Lily Allen: .A. he's in it for the action A million dollar satisfaction From "Cold Sweat" by Warrant: All I want is a little action Ooh a little bit of satisfaction From "Consistency" by Ari Hest: Can't keep cool throughout my action Once in a while I find satisfaction From "Welcome To The Masquerade" by Thousand Foot Krutch: We've got the power. who's got the action? Break it down 'til there's nothing but a mere fraction Out of the fire.From "Grunge Whore" by Turbonegro: No self respect.I. introspection From "Amazon" by M.: I was missing in On the side of a I was taken in a From a street in action carton Datsun Acton From "Amazon" by M.I.A. who's got the action? Break it down 'til there's nothing but a mere fraction From "Welcome To The Masquerade" by Thousand Foot Krutch: We've got the power.

camera.A. the celibate rocks From "Flight" by Hammill Peter: It seemed the time was for action.: Lookin' for Jack Action To get my satisfaction From "Back Seat" by LL Cool J: You're climaxin'. you're climaxin'.P. it seemed so cool to be that kind. From "Inside The Electric Circus" by W. I'm known for action. insane asylum grows Night after night.: Three ring madhouse calls the action It's life upon the road.S.P.. the main attraction From "Jack Action" by W.. it's so relaxin' From "Keep It to Yourself" by Bessie Smith: If your man is full of action Givin' you a lots of satisfaction From "Stars Of CCTV" by Hard-Fi: Flashing blue lights.S. my tongue writhed to form some retraction but I knew I was flying blind.I intend to put these words into action I hope that it sums up the way that I feel to your satisfaction From "Up And Down" by Pretty Ricky: Girl. I intend to put these words into action I hope that it sums up the way that I feel to your satisfaction From "Heartbeat And Sails" by Augie March: O scoop my brains and let my heart have action In its thousand million lots And feel the subterranean movement a fraction And deep under ocean. sexual satisfaction From "Go Back To The Start" by Lily Allen: This is not just a song.A. action . it's full action You love a good waxin'.

action. President: Listen JoJo action Gimme me satisfaction From "This Is What We Do" by MC Hammer: That was the last straw. fast flips. dips for action Cash rules. my only attraction From "Fantastic 4" by DJ Clue: Take evasive action Flip like reciprocal fractions From "Fantastic 4" by DJ Clue: Take evasive action Flip like reciprocal fractions Turn the heat up on mcs to watch their meat blacken You try get fly.Watching my life. spring into action Step on the foot. the main attraction From "Coffee and Donuts" by Kevin Rudolf: So what's all the action? Am I the main attraction? . now they're gonna lose traction From "Girl With The World In Her Eyes" by 2 Skinnee J's: That for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction From "Tragedy Of War (In III Parts)" by Company Flow: Otherwise or the king of action Packed like a liquor store auto when check cashin From "Can't Hear Nothing But The Music" by EPMD: Slate take two. main attraction From "Everything is real" by Remedy: Licking my lips out. you get electrified and fried From "The Union Forever" by The White Stripes: Just by his action has the traction From "JoJo Action!" by Mr.

Camera. Camera. Action" by Valeria: Lights.From "Revolution Action" by Atari Teenage Riot: What we gonna go for? action! In ain't self destruction! it ain't self destruction! From "Bounce" by Blazin' Squad: Now its time 4 sum action Blazin comin back wiv a lyrical attraction From "Trains. Camera. Your body next to mine Just a chemical reaction Lights. throat her. Planes and Automobiles" by Leaders of the New School: To approach her. Action . Action. along with the action She said it's cool making love in this fashion From "Lovin'" by Apache Indian: Ca me have the good lovin' and me have the action Have the right flex ina slow motion Gal you have fe no say a just one to one Whole heap pf lovin' ina different fashion From "Sandcastles" by Ballyhoo!: I've got no Just a list To get that It feels so plan of action of things I need satisfaction far from me From "Cha Cha Heels" by Eartha Kitt: Here I am looking for crime I'm looking for some action Wanna have a real good time And give you satisfaction From "DJ Enuff Freestyle" by Diplomats: And we be seen in action Keep them fiends collapsing And they thirsty and they nodding and the be ? They see me my actions From "Lights.

Like you've never seen before. a little late romance It's a chain reaction From "Show Out" by Unk: Lights. camera. shorty. action. action. a glass of wine. camera. a place to dine.From "Show Out" by Dj Unk: Lights. I'm the main attraction From "I'm Sorry" by 1st Ladi: the consequenses of my action but until you're back here in my arms I'll never have the satisfaction From "Humble Magnificient" by Edan: Simplify the wordplay and structure steady action Broke the braggadocious brother down to petty fractions From "Funky Cold Medina" by Tone-Loc: . shawty I'm the main attraction From "Do A Dance" by Kingsbery Peter: I believe in making the action Just a little more sex and distraction From "Why Why" by Baby D: minutes of action Slow grinding on the mattress Eye to eye with mine Had an action for passion From "Prowlin'" by Grease 2 Soundtrack: I'm gonna show you cats some action. We're gonna get some satisfaction Down at the grocery store! From "Chemistry Tonight" by Anni Frid Lyngstad: I could take evasive action But I need the satisfaction From "Give Me The Night" by Benson George: You need the evening action.

From "Brand New (dirty)" by Lil Wayne: Cameras on. so they all get some action Some love on the weekend. From "Hoover Factory" by Elvis Costello: Green for go. and I'm lookin' for some action But like Mike Jagger said.. big lights action Welcome to the show I am the main attraction. From "Brooklyn Bridge" by Bobby Bare: . green for action From Park Royal to North Acton From "Human Hands" by Elvis Costello: On the factory floor and you still say "Wheres the action?" Now you manufacture happiness And get sold on the cheap for someone's satisfaction From "Morgana Jones" by Kenny Rogers: Morgana leave me alone I don't need none of your action Morgana leave me alone I got my own kind of satisfaction. From "After Midnight" by Eric Clapton: We're gonna stimulate some action.Cold coolin' at a bar. I can't get no satisfaction From "Red Sails" by David Bowie: Red sail action Red sail Some reaction From "Strictly Genteel" by Frank Zappa: Help everybody. some real satisfaction From "Chain Reaction" by Diana Ross: All you gotta do is get in the middle of a chain reaction You get a medal when you're lost in action Don't pass me by I wanna get your love all ready for the chain reaction . We're gonna get some satisfaction..

oh big man of action.Big deal. life is short yes. A big transaction. glances and such You always had to be the main attraction . From "Poor Baby (Living Legend Version)" by Roy Orbison: Got you a part of the action A come-over-touch. she's full of action. Ludacris)" by R. While relaxing Revolutions got to happen From "Life During Wartime" by Green Day: A call to action and a reaction. that's the stamina action I'm a rock star. that's the stamina action From "Love On The Run" by Madonna: Was I nothing. Kelly: Lights. From "Dancing In The Dark" by Bruce Springsteen: I'm dying for some action I'm sick of sitting 'round here trying to write This book I need a love reaction From "Keep It To Yourself (1930)" by Lonnie Johnson: You got a gal. feel the action I can't get no satisfaction From "Let Me Entertain You" by Queen: If you want to see some action You get nothing but the best The 'S' and 'M' attraction We've got the pleasure chest From "Everybody Move" by Kottonmouth Kings: ya take some action. From "Rock Star (Remix) (feat. (I'm a rock star baby) Check the crowd reaction I like lights. Give you lots of satisfaction.

get satisfaction From "Puppets" by Depeche Mode: Watch your action. get relief.reaction -From "You Ain't Livin' Till You're Lovin'" by Supremes: And you get all the action But still you can't find no satisfaction From "Still Me (feat.From "Brave New World" by Weezer: It does not take this action. Set up and go to no satisfaction. close reaction From "Action" by Def Leppard: Everybody wants a piece of the action Everybody needs a main attraction From "Stand Your Ground" by Rancid: There's no food. pick a piece. so you're spurred into action. to see a chain reaction. pick a partner. From "Pass Out" by Ludacris: U can catch me chillin up in the cut but I always ready 4 action . From "Roll The Bones" by Rush: It's action -. no satisfaction From "The Beast" by Blondie: I take action. Jamie and Kanye West)" by Usher: Only reason I be eye chattin its when its time for some action I wanna hit it way way out like john paxton From "A Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action" by Toby Keith: A lot more action Let's get on down to the main attraction From "Remote Control" by Beastie Boys: All this action.

Atlantic City lights. will give money for some action Said she's light skinned and. lookin' for action Blew right down Broadway. camouflage fashion From "Woo Woo Woo" by Esham: Ain't no hesitation. and she'll strip for Andrew Jacksons From "Life is Like a Musical" by OutKast: No words like such grow in some action And you got us well to a fraction . Joe Walsh)" by Ringo Starr: Faded to action Fill in the blanks No more distraction Thanks but no thanks From "Out On The Streets" by Ringo Starr: Got in my car. main attraction From "Screw Jams" by Chamillionaire: She's the type rich men. baby holla at this action Cause I Woo Woo Woo like my name was Freddy Jackson From "Woo Woo Woo" by Esham: Ain't no hesitation. but tonight I'm just relaxing From "Ghost Showers" by Ghostface Killah: Action.Fernando Fuentes" by Fame Factory: Pain of the action You´ll never take control of me! Fatal attraction From "Fill in the Blanks (feat. baby holla at this action Cause I Woo Woo Woo like my name was Freddy Jackson Baby asking am I blasting? All my homies is assassins Cause the guns we like to flash them. got no reaction From "Look at Me" by E-40: Stay out the way I'm H O T and 'bout that action Hooded up with dem slugs and face-maskin'.I stunt like jackie chan and lay low like reevie jackson From "Action .

it's full action your love a good waxin'.From "Knowing" by OutKast: Every action has a positive and equal reaction From "Battery" by Metallica: Lashing out the action. returning the reaction From "Who Got The Camera?" by Ice Cube: No lights no camera no action And the pigs wouldn't believe that my slave name was jackson From "NRG" by Strawbs: Take the time To take some action soon There will be A chain reaction soon From "One Man Show" by Drake: Took a lot of patience and action I grind so I'm anticipating relaxing From "Hungry For Love" by Whitesnake: I'm in the mood for action In need of satisfaction. Cool J: you're climaxin'. there is a reaction From "Back Seat" by L. you're climaxin'.L. it's so relaxin' From "Let Me Entertain You" by Bobby Darin: If you want to see some action Got nothing but the best The S and M attraction We've got the pleasure chest From "Bulworth (They Talk About It While We Live It)" by Method Man: Hate to see a brother do good through legal action So you sabotage and throw a Def in the Squad . From "Don't Rock The Boat" by Bob Marley: Every little action.

Action! (Remix)" by Missy Elliott: I'm talkin lights. cannons Being launched at the palace Vision. Jake's hate the Gods with a passion From "Do What Ya Feel" by Method Man: Now walk wit dat one.. Camera. a man of action won't you let your lips give out some satisfaction From "Ms.. camera. Camera.. Action! (Remix)" by Missy Elliott: It's time for some action Camera's flashin Everywhere. word. Action! (Remix)" by Missy Elliott: It's time for some action Camera's flashin Everywhere.. Camera. From "Action" by Sweet: And thats why everybody wants a piece of the action Everybody needs a main attraction From "Apocalypse" by Wyclef Jean: This is the day after action Projects.Fo'-fo's blastin. keep the po-po flashin these Dark Soul Assassins. action Have me sayin' "I'm sorry Ms. I ain't no tease I wanna be your main attraction. time time fo some action Dreamin bout Toni Braxton From "Lights. revelation . it's not like I been with u all night long. Rightfernow" by Wiz Khalifa: Roll camara please I think it's time for sum action.. Jackson" From "Lights. main attraction They react like I'm one of the Jacksons From "Bustin' up or bustin' out" by Foghat: I'm a man. main attraction They react like I'm one of the Jacksons From "Lights.. And I wanna see it so I beat her with the lights on. sum action.

rear traction From "Yes Yes Y'all (feat. for my rip off of the main atraction.From "Scandal Beauties" by Magnus Uggla: You're all over town looking for action. Camp Lo)" by Will Smith: lights camera action the hip-hop attraction From "Big Willie Style" by Will Smith: Left Eye ready for action The main attraction . From "All Virgins" by Shaggy: Body on the ship and everything in action True she a virgin I man read fi long Me a true guy and have not more woman Carry her around mi loverboy mansion From "Everybody's My Friend" by Kansas: Everybody Everybody Everybody Everybody wants wants falls wants to to in to have a little piece of the action get into the show love with the main attraction know if they can hang around From "In Self-Defense" by Journey: Missing persons lost in action (action) Forgotten victims of the night (victims of the night) They're making crime the main attraction (attraction) They're making everyone uptight From "Hands Held High" by Linkin Park: The world is cold. this is the living in the pool of success. is this our faction From "Piece Of Your Action" by Mötley Crüe: Tight action. the bold men take action Have to react to get blown into fractions From "Dust" by John Frusciante: We've answered why it's not been action we blow the ghosts. (?) You gotta be cool but there's no reaction.

now I'm ready for action Ooh. now I'm training reaction From "The Edge Of Sorrow" by Pink Cream 69: I'm the man in action Get your satisfaction From "Hard for Love" by Savatage: Are you lookin' for action Give me the right reaction From "Hard for Love" by Savatage: If you're ready for action Show me your main attraction From "What it Takes" by Jason Mraz: and it takes a word to make an action it takes some work to make it work it takes some good to make it hurt it takes some bad for satisfaction From "We Ain't Goin' Nowhere" by South Park Mexican: These senoritas be bangin' I hit 'em with the action assassination of the heart but won't be no attractions .From "Jack Action" by Wasp: Looking for Jack Action To get my satisfaction From "Gonna Shout" by Saxon: Are you looking for some action Show me your reaction From "There I Go Again" by Mobb Deep: Cuz you know with every action there's a reaction From "Hey Ma" by James: Action cause and reaction From "The Edge Of Sorrow" by Pink Cream 69: Ooh.

typical attraction From "I Just Wanna" by Cam'ron: Come over show ya homie action I want em now I want em wild I wanna bone they back in I wanna whip I wanna drop I wanna chrome reaction You should know I'd give a kidney to ya'll From "Take Me There" by Mudhoney: Feelin' so dull in the middle of action Out on the prowl lookin' for a distraction From "Sacrifice" by Nelly Furtado: My spit take critical political action The hustle is a puzzle each piece is a fraction From "Buggin' Out" by A Tribe Called Quest: Yo when you bug out. reaction. I get caught up in the action Gotta find the main attraction now Gotta get some satisfaction You better take me to the heart of that .From "Hellbound 17 1/2 (Theme From)" by Primus: answers deserving action what am i? the populi? i am but a fraction is there heaven? From "Two Way Action" by Andrew Bird: With a pack of two-way action I'm subsisting on a fraction From "In your dreams" by Fey: Action. you usually have a reason for the action Sometimes you don't it's just for mere satisfaction From "Criminal World" by Simple Minds: You can shelter me with your sweet action This world is splitting up and it's a chain reaction From "Night Life" by Foreigner: Ooh yeah.

From "Tear It Loose" by Twisted Sister: I'm gonna hit the streets. action You're gonna be my main attraction From "Gimmie One" by Redman: Eat a meal. oh. lights. get in the action . Love And Special Sauce: But find no relief into action Well I'm cashin' From "Dancer" by Marc Almond: So dancer. cruise around. then back to the hood for more action . I gotta find some action Ain't gonna stop until I drop or get some satisfaction! From "Man! I Feel Like A Woman!" by Shania Twain: Oh. oh. camera.feel the attraction From "I'm Changing My Name To Chrysler" by Arlo Guthrie: And I've devised a plan of action worked it down to the last fraction From "She's A Rhythm Child" by Jacksons: DYNAMITE IN ACTION SO MUCH SATISFACTION From "Concentrate" by Swollen Members: Appeal to the masses that I m made for action Suspenseful thriller it s a fatal attraction From "Let's Do The Motion" by Namie Amuro: Let's do the action Feel the vibration From "U Can Do (Life)" by De La Soul: Missin in action cause the action got a fraction From "Love Ya" by Keri Hilson: They say in time I'm gonna walk some other action Say curiosity is gonna take over my actions From "Soda Pop" by G.

Promotin' Red Gone Wild with no backin Doc get five on the mic like Joe Jackson Foreign bitches feelin me for my accent From "Shone (feat. Pleasure P)" by Flo Rida: You can be my action Penny size attraction .