BSC in Computer science.
2005-2011 Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) Muscat ,Sultanate of Oman,

Projects carried out (college)
 Final year project Part1(February-June2011) , Bluetooth application, SQU
Implementation of Bluetooth that develop application of mobile by using J2ME and
lightweight Toolkit (LWUIT).
 Final year project Part2 (Septamper-December2011), continue the project part 1 with more
Details in implementation.
Skills (Software/Hardware/others)
 C++ language
 Visual Basic language
 Java
 Object Oriented programming
 Network
 Cryptography and Network Security
 Graphics
 Java 2 micro Edition(J2ME),
 Java APIs for Bluetooth wireless technology (JABWT)
 Introduction to Management

Technical Courses

Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012.
Microsoft Access L3 advance 2010.

Training Details

MS Access (Data Base) advanced Level 17-12-2013 to 19-12-2013.
Querying Microsoft SQL server 2012 from 16th June 2014 to 19th June 2014.

Royal Court Affairs - IT Department from 20th August to 20th September 2011 .

Port Of Salalah – IT Department from 26th June to 25th August 2010.

Oman Telecommunications Company - Technical Support Department from 19/Jul – 31/Aug 2008.

Administrating SQL DB 2012 from 26th October 2014 to 30th October 2014.

Working Experience
Application Administrator

1/Apr/2013 – Present

Port of Salalah IFS world (Industrial and Financial System) consultant and administrator Traveller Management system administrator. Access. Willing to work in a Team Languages:  Arabic – Write and Read  Gibali-Communicate  English – Write and Read  Computer Knowledge  Office Package (Word. REFCON – Reefer application server maintenance and refer controllers and periodic PM with the vendor carried out time to time. Part of IFS cost optimization.  Department of science. Project.3Ds Max and Flash)  Interests and Hobbies  Swimming     Reading Photography Traveling Computer and Internet . Certificate of evaluation at High School (achieved 96. Maintaining and fine-tuning database (Oracle.  Participation Certificate (3DsMax) from 2ed Mars to 17th Mars 2009. SQL). Excel. Assist technical evaluation in for new development in IT as member of the team. Act as an intermittent between the client and the vendor for troubleshooting application related issue. my role to maintain the database and application. Develop self-confidence and ambitions. Outlook)  Design Tools ( Photoshop . Certificates  Participation Certificate (Oracle) from 14th Mars to 23th Mars 2010. HR-System project. Maintain application for roster. Provide necessary training and development feedback for ESS (Employee Self Service) portal. member of Team and consultant.Port Of Salalah             General Cargo Terminal business application developed by third party.7%) SKILLS AND ACTIVITIES  interpersonal       Capable communicating effectively and efficiently. provide 2nd level support with DBA. flexible character and capable to work under pressure. Dependable. ROSTIMA port wide rolled-out. Power Point. Attitude towards adapting new learning. HR project –IT consultant and projects manage.

com GSM: + 968 91 397 233 .edu. Zuhoor Al-Kanjari Associate Professor.REFERENCE: Tel: +968-24141407 and +968-24141482 Sanoj Kumar Application Supervisor IT . Software Engineering HOD. Computer Science Department College of Science Email:Zuhoor@squ.Port of Salalah Email:sanojplr@gmail.