Study Notes : LCM and HCF Shortcuts PDF
Dear aspirants, here is the study notes and pdf for LCM and HCF topic covered for IBPS Bank PO and Clerk
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LCM and HCF Formulas Aptitude Problems, Questions pdf
Factor : A number is said to be a factor of other when it
EXACTLY divides the other.

Ex : 6 and 7 are Factors of 42.
Multiple : A number is said to be a multiple of another,
when it is Exactly divisible by the other
Ex : 42 is a multiple of 6 and 7

Please re - read these definitions. So that you can get the difference between Factor and Multiple.
Prime Number : Prime number is a number which has no factors except itself and Unity.
Ex :2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17 etc are prime numbers
Composite Number : Composite number is a number which has other factors besides itself and Unity.
Ex : 14, 15, 16, 18 etc
Co-Prime : Two numbers are said to be Co-Prime (Prime-To-Each Other) when they have no common factors
except Unity.
Note : The Co-Primes need not necessarily be Primes.
15 and 19
15, 17 and 22



Common Multiple : A Common Multiple of two or more numbers is a number which is exactly divisible by
each of them.
Ex : 12 is a common multiple of 2, 3, 4 and 6
Least Common Multiple (LCM) : The LCM of two or more given numbers is the Least Number which is
exactly divisible by each of them.
Ex :
20 is the Common Multiple of 2, 4, 5 and 10
40 is the Common Multiple of 2, 4, 5 and 10

Express each of the given number as the product of Prime Factors 2. 6. It is also Called Greatest Common Divisor (GCD) Ex : Find the HCF of 18. 8. Repeat this process of dividing the preceding divisor by the last reminder obtained. 12. So 6 is the H. 4. 540 If you find this method till confusing. 4. 2. and 10 Highest Common Factor (HCF) : The HCF of two or more numbers is the Greatest Number which divides each of them Exactly. 18 Factors of 24 --> 1. 3. Choose common factors 3. 24 In the above example they have given very small numbers. But Here 20 is the Least Common Multiple of 2. What if they ask you to find the HCF for 84 and 540 ? Will you write the factors to both of them and then find out the Highest number? If you are planning to do that . This Product is the required HCF of the given Numbers Ex : Find the HCF of 84.80 is the Common Multiple of 2. please erase that thought from your mind :) Because there are several methods to make the process simple Methods of finding HCF : HCF by factorization : 1. which divides them exactly is 6. 2. Now divide the divisor by the reminder. till you get the reminder "0" The LAST DIVISOR is the HCF of the given TWO numbers . So it was easy for us to find the HCF. 5. 24 Here the Greatest number. HCF by Method of Division : Consider two different numbers. don't worry. 5 and 10. 4. 24 Factors of 18 --> 1.C.F of 18. 3. Divide the longer number by the smaller one. Find the Product of Lowest Power of these Factors. 6. There is another method to find HCF. 9.

70 Thats it. Now the answer is 14 :) Download LCM and HCF Shortcuts PDF .Ex : Find the HCF of 42.