Exercise: Fill in the gap with some, any or no

1. Are there _____________applications left?
2. _______________companies make profits from selling products, others from selling services.
3. I don't have ___________ complaints about the way I've been treated.
4. Have you got ____________ notes for me?
5. ___________ results were given to the participants on Thursday. Results will be mailed to
participants in two weeks.
6. __________manager can do well in an expanding market.
7. There are __________ services available for the period you selected. Please chose another one.
8. Are there _________problems with the programme?
9. Do not open ___________ files attached to an email form an unknown, suspicious source.
10. You can get free demo or trial versions of _________ software programmes so you can try them for
30 days for free.
11. _____________ tax increase is a job-killing measure and should be defeated.
12. _____________ recruiters work with hiring managers at companies, others work as headhunters at a
third-party firm.
13. Have you received __________ responses?
14. There are ___________ extra ordering fees, except a small charge for some shipping options.

much or many 1. There is ___________ technological development that countries have undergone over the years.A LOT OF – MUCH – MANY Exercise 1: Fill in the gap with a lot of. How __________equipment do they need? 2. 9. Do you have ___________ work to do? 5. I’m afraid we can’t give you ____________information at the moment. I don't have ____________news to report. ______________ customers purchased this item last year. Exercise 2: Fill in the gap with much or many 1. 7. 10. 12. 10. How ________________time will you need to complete the project? 11. There were ____________ guests at the conference last week. This new tax will put ______________small firms out of business. 3. How ____________times have they discussed this project? 12. How ___________ people are you expecting for the meeting? 2. Our firm does _______________business with overseas customers. We don’t have ____________ work at the moment. Our biggest customers didn’t purchase _____________machinery from us last year. We're investing ______________money in research and development. I don’t have __________ time to spare. 6. The company doesn’t have ___________money left. I feel __________ better now. Thank you so ____________ for your help. 4. . How ___________ much money did they ask for this service? 3. 8. Please be quick. 5. I feel I have _______________responsibility on my shoulders. You should know how ____________earning potential your business has in the current market. 6. There are so __________ things that I want to ask you.. 4. 8. We don’t have __________ products at the moment. 7. How ___________ revenue does a bank make per customer? 9. 11.

The cold will go away. In general. rest and wait. _______(much/ a lot of) fish is consumed while meat is not eaten ___________( many/a lot/ much). people eat ___________( much/ a lot of) fruit. What about you? How _________( much/ a lot of/ many) colds do you usually get every year? Do you usually cough and sneeze ____________(a lot/ much/ many)? . The drug companies make ____________ (much/ many/ a lot of) money with “cold cures”. beans and nuts and use _________(many/ a lot of) olive oil in cooking and as a salad dressing. a) The Mediterranean diet Traditional Mediterranean diets tend to include __________( much/ many/a lot of) fresh. Coughs and Vitamin C Cold viruses spread by coughing and sneezing ( The air from a sneeze travels at over 160 kilometres an hour). b) Colds. You can help to stop colds from spreading by sneezing into paper handkerchiefs throwing them away. Scientists are not sure that this is true but eating ____________ (much/ a lot of) fresh fruit and vegetables can improve our general health and resistance to viruses such as colds. You do not catch a cold when you come into close contact with people who have got one. People living in the Mediterranean area do not eat ________( a lot of/ much) processed food. rice. Antibiotics kill bacteria not viruses. Taking ___________ ( a lot of/much) antibiotics does not help colds.Exercise 3: Read the following texts and choose the correct quantifier. Some people believe that taking ____________( many/ a lot of/ much) vitamin C stops you from getting colds. natural foods. These cures sometimes make you feel better but when you get a cold the best thing to do is this: Take ____________ (much/ a lot of) hot drinks. vegetables. bread. pasta.

Fill in the gap with a little or a few 1.A LITTLE & A FEW Exercise 1. 6. 15. 7. nothing more. What we need is just ____________awareness. . 12. I can’t express my gratitude in —————— words. We have had ___________ issues with the mobile version of the website. 2. Only _________workers remained on strike.How's your job going? . There were ____________members present at the meeting. ___________tolerance. I turned on the engine and I realized that the car still had __________ gas left. 8. I’m ____________ afraid to do this by my own. ________________precaution is necessary in handling an electronic device. . 10. now I save ____________ money every month. She recommended me that I take ____________ days off from work. 5. 11. 13. The cane sugar industry is located mainly in Florida and Louisiana with _________output in Texas. 3. 9. 4. Only ____________ participants contributed efficiently in each discussion. We are dealing with ___________projects at the moment. a bit of open mindedness can let you climb any obstacle. It is better to have __________ knowledge than none at all.It's great. 14.