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Abbot some air. Then darkness rose to overwhelm him totally. The sound of a drink being poured. “A very good night to you all. rest assured Mr. Footsteps approaching. make him comfortable. I hope to see you next week. I have sent my butler to summon a physician so I think it were best that we retire now. “How is he?” “What happened?” “Is he dead?” Another voice. Abbot will recover presently. Thank you all for coming.THE DOCTOR WHO PROJECT: SEASON 33 THE SHADOW EMPEROR Prologue Darkness. cutting through the others. Now.” A babble of agreement and shuffling movement. Give poor Mr. Then the commanding voice again. Jenkins. I think this might be just the fellow. Commanding. Voices. 4 . Strong. “Is he the one?” “Indeed he is.” A heavy door slamming.” Laughter. Sounds. Pain. Then a new voice. “Move back please.

“Birthday treat. “there is awareness and there is forgetfulness. interrupted by the sound of the TARDIS landing. eleven at night or half past teatime.” he added. The Time Lord’s embarrassment was brief. She got up from her chair and unexpectedly gave the Doctor a kiss on the cheek. To Rachel (Silver) Happy Landings On Your Birthday From The Doctor “Oh. The dial expands or contracts to accommodate the timescale of whichever planet. the grin returning. ship or station we encounter. “Well. You can try out your new gift straight away.” So saying. She opened it carefully and examined the contents. If we arrive at nine in the morning. “I didn’t even realize it was my birthday. “Perfect. it’s a watch! Thank you. all things considered.” The Doctor laughed. And possibly a few years. but you can’t remember if it is significant?” “Something like that. “You’re saying you know the exact date and time.THE DOCTOR WHO PROJECT: SEASON 33 THE SHADOW EMPEROR “Happy birthday. Silver sat down on the sofa in the console room and accepted the carefully wrapped gift from the Doctor. However. The picture showed a holographic Police Box that disappeared to reveal a flashing number 16. old house. was still smiling. obviously at some length. “Oh wow. **** The TARDIS had materialized in the grounds of a large. “It automatically adjusts to the local time of wherever we land. He tapped the side of his nose conspiratorially. pleased at her enthusiasm. Not bad actually.” the Doctor said with a shrug. “Well. looking a little uncomfortable. “And it’s not just any old watch. the watch will reset itself.” 5 . to reveal a plain box. Silver had now torn through the wrapping of her gift. He beamed as she opened the envelope. Doctor. we’ve probably overshot by a few miles. she read the greeting. then. how thoughtful. he ushered Silver through the double doors.” he replied. though. as the time rotor slowed to a halt. Opening the card. “As a Time Lord I have a constant awareness of time.” “Now I can have a constant awareness of time as well. offering her friend a delighted smile. which Silver could see in the distance over the brow of a small hill.” said Silver.” Now it was Silver who laughed. Doctor?” she asked with a hint of sarcasm. it is somewhere I hope you’ll enjoy just as much.” “Where are we?” Silver enquired as the familiar sound of landing echoed around them.” she exclaimed.” “So I guess you never miss an appointment?” Silver replied. Silver!” Looking surprised but pleased. At first she thought the Doctor had brought her to a theme park but a glance across at the Time Lord showed he too was somewhat baffled by their surroundings. turning her attention to the wrapping paper. “What if we land somewhere that has twenty seven hours in the day? Or maybe just eight?” The Doctor.” “Exactly!” But Silver had spotted a potential flaw in this otherwise perfect gift. “Off target again.” the Doctor responded.” “A gift for all occasions. Inside was a card that the Doctor had made himself. the Doctor was not forthcoming. wherever we land. “All I can tell you is that while it isn’t home.” she said. “The watch will recalibrate.

running towards them: men with guns.and believe you me. “What do you know of JADE?” “I crossed paths with JADE not too long ago. “Are you trying to tell me you’re a friend of his?” The Doctor considered for a moment. Sir. **** Captain Patel looked up from his desk as Sergeant McNeill entered his office and saluted smartly. Sergeant. “Then I guess you missed the signs around the perimeter with ‘Restricted Area – Keep Out!’ on them?” The Doctor nodded enthusiastically. Patel frowned.” McNeill replied. Tell me.” Knowing that the Doctor was unlikely to be dissuaded once he had decided on a course of action.THE DOCTOR WHO PROJECT: SEASON 33 THE SHADOW EMPEROR “Do you know where we are?” The Doctor stood a while in thought. are you familiar with Captain Connor Downs?” “That’s Colonel Downs to you. I think we should make for it and seek directions. “I suggest we raise our hands. “And what is the name of this prisoner?” “Just calls himself ‘The Doctor’. the Doctor pressed on. “That’s what I like to see.” McNeill snapped.” the first one announced by way of greeting. “I see from your insignia. waiting for the soldiers to reach them. Barely had they made it halfway to the house. Silver mimicked the Doctor and stood arms aloft. the Doctor tried to maintain dialogue with their captors. “I expect that’s what must have happened. officer in command. soldiers.” McNeill responded.” Patel acknowledged. “Two prisoners. “Ah. prodding the Doctor in the back with his rifle. when a group of men appeared.” “Talk to me about what?” asked a new voice from the doorway.” “Move. I do believe I am. found wandering in the grounds.” Ignoring the implied threat. “Really? Well. co-operative prisoners. Sergeant McNeill. but you can call me Sir . you won’t consider it a pleasure soon. one of whom claims to know you.” Not wanting to get shot for her sixteenth birthday.” Downs nodded. 6 . however. There were three in total.” Sergeant McNeill snorted but otherwise remained silent for the rest of the march across the grounds. I’ll speak to that prisoner first. Sir. none was out of breath when they reached the time travelers. what are you two doing here. all carrying sophisticated rifles and wearing khaki fatigues. this is a restricted area?” “I’m very sorry.” That caught Patel unawares. “To the house. that you and your colleagues are members of JADE. “Now.” the soldier growled. Sergeant?” Patel enquired. then talk to the Colonel. “That building looks familiar. Slowly. “Colonel Downs. Silver followed him up the hill. “Whom do I have the pleasure of addressing?” “I’m Sergeant McNeill. “Yes. both of you. in Hawaii. sounding genuinely apologetic. “Sergeant McNeill has arrested a couple of trespassers. Sir. on the double!” As they moved swiftly across the grass. Despite the distance they had run. “What is it. “Then why are you telling me about them now?” “Because one of them claims to be a friend of the Colonel.” the Doctor replied.” “Have you questioned them yet?” “Not formally.” the Doctor surmised when they were still some distance away. I didn’t know it was restricted.” This caught the Sergeant’s attention. standing and saluting with McNeill following suit.

no. Patel bringing up the rear. Downs issued an order. “Doctor! So it is you.” Colonel Downs declared. leaping off the top bunk and landing with cat-like grace. to admit the tall. motioning for them to leave the cell. falling into step behind the young soldier. Sorry – McNeill. On my authority. “Very well. Sir.” said the Doctor. “Carry on Sergeant. “Lead on. if your Sergeant McNeill informed me correctly.THE DOCTOR WHO PROJECT: SEASON 33 THE SHADOW EMPEROR “Now that is interesting. In all my travels throughout the universe I’ve found few things so firmly clamped shut as the conventional military mind such as I found in charge in Hawaii. 7 . Seems he got a promotion out of the deal. Colonel.” “Likewise.” the Doctor. “Rachel Silverstein. How nice to see you again. reclining on the top bunk. Silver. his hand extended. Macduff.” Downs ordered cheerfully. Patel rose and left the room. if you’re intent on talking to these prisoners.” “So are they all soldiers?” The Doctor’s head appeared over the side of his bunk.” Downs smiled at Silver. “It was in Hawaii. **** The door to the interrogation room swung open. her feet barely touching the floor. bearded man and his young companion. Nice chap.” he added when Patel looked unsure.” Before Silver could ask any more questions.” Patel said. this is Connor Downs. “I’ve encountered them once before. “And I don’t believe you’ve introduced me to this young lady. but what if I don’t want to talk to him?” the Doctor countered. you are to drop all charges against these two immediately and process the paperwork for their release immediately.” Growling deep in his throat. As Sergeant McNeill followed them in.” McNeill said gruffly. “A pleasure. “Well. She sat on the bottom bunk in the cell. Captain Patel. **** “Who are these JADE people?” Silver wanted to know. I think I’ll tag along. but that was just a handful.” “Where are my manners?” the Doctor responded with a smile. so I assume they are not just soldiers. “Now. “Captain Patel. though his face betrayed his disappointment that he was not to question them alone. “Captain Patel wants to talk to you. Any friend of the Doctor’s is a friend of mine. All those we encountered were. I’m sure. That bigoted bully and I didn’t get along at all. replied. by the way. we’ll talk. “Then you get to spend the night in this luxury accommodation. Sergeant McNeill led them to the interrogation suite. “That’s all very well. JADE actually stands for Justice And Defence of Earth.” the Doctor decided. where are Tamara and Grae?” Downs enquired. “I don’t know. met him before that too.” “As you wish. ever the good soldier. “It was Downs that helped bring him to justice. “At once. With a nod to his superior officer. Colonel Downs stood grinning. a couple of years ago. Turning to his Captain.” McNeill snapped. raising an eyebrow slightly. to reveal Sergeant McNeill and a corporal who eyed the prisoners warily. McNeill trailing in his wake.” As the two men shook hands. relative time. a Colonel now.” “This Colonel Downs you mentioned?” “Goodness me. It seemed that the prisoner had been telling the truth about knowing the Colonel.” Silver replied with a grin. McNeill and Patel exchanged glances. the cell door swung open. who prefers to be called Silver.” Patel replied.

appropriately dressed. of course. I’m afraid we lost her on a previous misadventure.” the Doctor mused. if that’s convenient for you. you have only to ask.” The ensuing silence was uncomfortable and soon broken by the Doctor. I have a fair degree of latitude. “As for Tamara. Landing here was an accident: we’re a little off course.” Downs replied.” “I assume you want me to talk to Mr. only to wake up here and now. but if necessary we can call on the regular army at a moment’s notice.THE DOCTOR WHO PROJECT: SEASON 33 THE SHADOW EMPEROR “To answer your question.” “Indeed.” Downs nodded. “See if he really is temporally displaced. was sitting in a winged armchair reading a leather-bound book. “It must have been difficult for you.” Downs replied proudly. like flying through space and time in a Police Box?” the Doctor enquired mildly. as you well know.” 8 . “Nut-job. “Oh Doctor. we’ve had to recreate the period in those two rooms.” “And I can’t think of anybody better suited to the job.” Silver volunteered.” “So it would seem. holding this man here without charge. “Found wandering aimlessly in the middle of Oxford Street five weeks ago. “There are fewer than two dozen soldiers on site. “Thomas Abbot.” said the Doctor. Speaking of which. and if so return him home. “You’ll go far. raising one eyebrow at her. he was nearly run over three times by passing traffic. To one side a tea set sat on an occasional table. I liked them both. your promotion?” Downs welcomed the change of topic. “As you can see. well. The sole occupant.” The Doctor had been stroking his goatee throughout Downs’ commentary. Grae left my company some time ago to travel on her own. “Well. but since you’re here.” Downs’ face fell. We’ve moved on a lot from the organization you met in Hawaii. The fixtures and fittings were even harder to get together.” “Consider yourself asked. “It goes against all my principles. as the three of them looked through the one-way window. rubbing his hands together. When the Doctor and Downs both looked at her. point taken. “If I can assist. In the last couple of years the military aspects of the operation have been largely scaled back. he was transferred to us. Bringing Arnolds to justice was a considerable coup for me and caused great upheaval within JADE itself. “OK. The pot and cup steamed slightly.” announced Colonel Downs. but Tamara was especially full of life. she shrugged. which are not easy to find these days. “Now. with more emphasis now placed on intelligence and counter-invasion strategies. Colonel Downs.” The Doctor smiled. “So. He claims to have collapsed in the sitting room of a spiritualist in 1900. Abbot?” the Doctor said.” **** The room was furnished in the manner of a Victorian sitting room. Are we free to go?” Downs frowned slightly.” “Entirely. “So. Such a sad loss. actually. while watching the man through the glass.” “We’d be most grateful. allow me to introduce you to one of JADE’s guests.” Silver sighed. I wouldn’t mind a little advice on a matter we’ve been puzzling over for weeks. After a short stay in hospital. it’s a pretty far-fetched tale. we have far to go ourselves. Clearly.” Downs smiled again. we can’t let him outside. “Thanks to you. addressing Downs.” the Doctor responded smoothly. “Well. I’m so sorry to hear that. when would you like me to talk to him?” “No time like the present. “And you’re now heading up the British Section of JADE?” “That’s right.” The Doctor was instantly intrigued. “Possible nut-job. According to witnesses.” A dark cloud crossed the Doctor’s face. you can go any time you like. We’ve provided him with books and magazines of the time. as you no doubt understand just as well as I. don’t you think?” “What.

grinning. straddling it. But the Doctor waved it away. “Likewise. a pretty heavy situation for ya?” Abbot just stared. He saw the familiar face of Colonel Downs. which had escaped his notice thus far. just testing. As the Doctor’s words caught up with the evidence of his eyes.” the Doctor began. Silver?” She shrugged.” She winked at Abbot. “Dude. as the Colonel said. there were four others there assembled. if I might just ask you a few questions?” “By any manner of means. Mr. who had been very kind throughout his ordeal.” Abbot looked downcast. As we awaited our host in the library. he was stunned into silence. this is my friend and traveling companion Rachel Silverstein. and two complete strangers. ‘at ease’. “Now. Abbot. “Ah. his smile broadening. “There’s nothing wrong with being American!” “Would I say such a thing?” the Doctor replied innocently. as if she had grown an extra head. “Hey!” Silver protested.” 9 .” said the Doctor. “Please describe all that you remember before you found yourself here.” **** Thomas Abbot looked up as the door to his room opened. I discovered that three of the four had visited Mr. “Now. his mouth working but no sound emerging. “Silver!” he said warningly. by the way.” the Colonel said. “A pleasure. She was unlike any young woman he had ever met.” The Doctor advanced.” Abbot shook her hand weakly. The Doctor glared at her. Downs remained standing.” Abbot nodded sagely. He returned his attention to Abbot. Silver jewellery adorned her neck. Colonel. “Sorry. ears and fingers. a smile on his face and a hand extended. “Well. universal. and his wife Alice. her hand extended. “The only remedy that concerns me is one that will return me home.” Abbot responded. to visit the noted spiritualist Jonathan Bartholomew.” Abbot replied. as though this were explanation enough. still in some shock over her appearance. I had gone with my friend James Montgomery.” “Then I may be the perfect tonic. none of them known to us. like. instead opting for a hard chair from the small dining table.” he said as the two shook hands.” “Then let’s get on with it. clashing colors. Thomas. “So am I to be subjected to more of these infernal tests. “I would like to introduce you to the Doctor and his companion Silver.” Abbot turned his attention to the other new face.THE DOCTOR WHO PROJECT: SEASON 33 THE SHADOW EMPEROR “Absolutely. “Please call me Thomas. for one of his renowned séances. She shrugged. his grip firm but not vice-like. Bartholomew before and they were extravagant in their praise of his talents. Her hair was jet black. She wore what appeared to be a black vest with a pattern of letters and symbols that made no sense to Abbot. Silver stepped forward. To my recollection. “Ready when you are. Abbot seated himself back in the armchair and the Doctor turned his dining chair around. Abbot stood to meet him. “Mr. “Now. His remit is rather more. I am sure.” Abbot cleared his throat with some ceremony and addressed the room. “We drew up at his home in Islington at seven thirty in the evening. “You passed. Silver by preference.” He glanced across at Downs. refusing to deprive Abbot of his seat. Silver settled cross-legged on the floor nearby. But I confess that much of what you said defied comprehension – and your manner of dress…are you foreign?” “American. ah. this must be. “Charmed. offering his armchair. Colonel?” Downs shook his head. with purple streaks running through it. “The Doctor isn’t that kind of doctor. dark blue trousers of some thick material and a jacket of two bold.” the Doctor told him. Abbot.

Very shortly I began to feel warm and light headed. Eventually he looked up. straight into Abbot’s confused eyes. He was silent for what seemed like an eternity. his gaze seemingly far away. Sir. much to the consternation of both the church and the scientific community. any scrap. The last thing I recall was a flurry of feet.” “What did you hear?” the Doctor prompted. it would appear your experience far outweighs my own.” Abbot smiled thinly. Then.” “No taller than I. Firm hands conveyed me to the chaise longue.” Abbot paused in thought. They were concerned about me. clearly dredging his memory for anything that might help the Doctor.” “Anything else?” Abbot frowned and was silent for some time. and more conversation that I failed to discern. Then Bartholomew – I’m sure it was he – assuring the party that he had summoned help and that I had become overwrought and would presently recover. We took our places at a round table in the centre of the room. “The room was somewhat ostentatiously appointed. I regret my recollection becomes rather hazier hereafter. but I’d wager there is more muscle than fat to his frame. where the evening’s most fell activity was to be enjoined. Bartholomew was famous. his chin resting on them. he bade us repair with him to the sitting room. composing his thoughts. could be just the one they were looking for. Bartholomew’s I think. “It was by the first strike of eight from the grandfather clock that Bartholomew made his entrance. “I’ve heard tell he even has the ear of the Prince of Wales. My brandy was of excellent quality though: I must concede that. He claims to have preternatural insight into the realms beyond the world of human understanding. notwithstanding that his reputation as a master showman preceded him. He looked up at the man. “I don’t recall young Ned being much of a spiritualist. Then. Bartholomew. “I’m not familiar with Mr. all but opposite me and with Mrs. “Voices. marking this time the quarter-hour.” The Doctor was frowning deeply as Abbot’s tale came to a halt.” “Then pray continue. Our host regaled us with tales of his exploits in Rhodesia. When all were settled.” the Doctor said. Bartholomew. darkness.” Silver interjected. “I must confess it was largely foolish curiosity on my part. eliciting an amused expression from Silver.” Abbot began.” Abbot admitted. “What can you remember after that? Anything. As I recall it was a trifle vulgar. we joined hands and closed our eyes. commenced a guttural chanting. But I did hear things for a while thereafter. “He greeted everybody individually. his eyes burning with a fierce intelligence. offering libations from his bountiful cellars.” “Well I hope he gives it back. “A shade portly. heavy and cold. “Per his instruction. penetrating blue eyes. certainly. from where I soon hear the door close. “Mr. “Describe this Bartholomew for me. “Yes! Bartholomew talking to somebody! Saying that he. Steel grey hair and clear. Then laughter. presumably meaning myself.THE DOCTOR WHO PROJECT: SEASON 33 THE SHADOW EMPEROR The Doctor held up his right hand. Abbot hesitated for a moment. Montgomery to his immediate right.” “In this matter. “I do not remember falling from my chair. as he considered what Abbot had told him. No older than the Colonel in 10 . earning a scowl from the Doctor. “And that is all before I woke up to madness. in his own way?” “Notorious might be a better description. halting Abbot’s recollection. though his descriptions of some of the native tribes’ rituals were perhaps a little florid for the gentler sex. but was probably less than a minute.” “So would you say that Mr. Perhaps you might tell us how you became aware of them. “He always seemed much more sensible.” The Doctor sat with his arms crossed on the back of his chair. though I do recall lying on the carpet. Bartholomew dimmed the lamps and took his own seat. might be of vital importance. As the clock struck again. Bartholomew has been causing something of a stir these five years past.” He shuddered.” Abbot said.” the Doctor commented. being bedecked with myriad spoils of his escapades. still less his talents.

Waving a final goodbye to Downs. I assure you.” “I shall. Abbot was transferred to our care.” Swallowing his apprehension. Doctor?” Downs handed the Doctor an electronic clipboard. placing his foot over the threshold gingerly.” “Likewise.” the Time Lord replied. “Unfortunately. accepting the device and stylus from Downs. Abbot stammered in consternation. I am not given to crediting flights of fancy. like the outlandish and gruesome tales of Messrs Wells and Verne. “Now. my dear fellow.” he murmured. Turning back to Abbot. followed by the Doctor and Silver. before Mr. leaving the room. “Safe journey. “I have something that might just change your mind about time travel forever. Thomas. “Take care. I would thank you not to insult my intelligence further by suggesting such things of shadow and whimsy are manifest. I have no idea. But the notion that I was somehow sent forward a century and a half is frankly preposterous. Doctor?” A suggestion of surprise flitted across the Doctor’s face. “Surely. you would not bid me enter such a confine with a young lady?” “Your carriage home. “Would you sign this please.” “Look.” The Doctor smiled. “Of course. The Colonel ushered the confused Abbot out into the corridor. Colonel. when you arrived in Oxford Street. the Doctor ushered Abbot inside and followed him. “We have to account for Mr. How long I was unconscious and where I was transported in that time. and then nothing. closing the door firmly. taking JADE’s recent guest with it.” the Doctor said. understanding passing between them.” “Of course Doctor. Downs extended his hand.” the Doctor told him dryly. who had stood silent guard throughout the conversation.” Abbot replied cautiously. but it certainly was not Oxford Street. a professional ledger clerk of some repute in society. I am a rational man. as he processed what he had heard. but there was a slight twitch forming under his right eye. Swinging the door open. wouldn’t you say. he stepped aside to allow Silver to enter and gestured for Abbot to follow. a number of do-gooder doctors and so called medical professionals attempted to persuade him that trying to live 150 years in the past was ‘not a healthy lifestyle choice’. “It’s quite safe. “Could you possibly get a few of your men to bring the TARDIS into the building? It should be just beyond where Sergeant McNeill first encountered us in the grounds. he gave vent a sigh of frustration. “Has the Colonel told you where you are?” “Not exactly. Abbot. Doctor. How do you credit them?” Abbot seemed resolute. Abbot and this form releases him into your care. Abbot took a step forward. at least not the one within the city of London. “Thomas. Downs scowled.” The Doctor smiled tightly.” **** Half an hour later the TARDIS stood in the corridor just outside Thomas Abbot’s rooms. although a gentleman may appear considerably younger than he is.THE DOCTOR WHO PROJECT: SEASON 33 THE SHADOW EMPEROR appearance. Sir.” He glanced across at Downs. As the Colonel said his goodbyes to Silver. Thomas. Handing the clipboard to a nearby private. I have no idea how you came to be here.” the Colonel replied. Colonel Downs watched as the TARDIS dematerialized. “I do not know where I was when I awoke.” He signed the form with a characteristic flourish. the Doctor spoke softly. turning to Downs. grasping his hand firmly.” Downs grinned.” The Doctor and Downs exchanged glances. the Doctor took a small key from his waistcoat pocket and unlocked the TARDIS. 11 . Finally. “Mr. you must have seen many things that seemed strange to you. “It’s been a pleasure to see you again.

I would like us to pay this Jonathan Bartholomew a visit. “That was quick. “No further than half a mile. As he stepped close enough to see what was outside.” Abbot replied. but indeed I am forever in your debt. is quite some way from Mr.” the Doctor said.” “I am reluctant to return to that accursed place again. his eyes fell on the TARDIS exterior. but in any event we should require a hansom carriage for the journey. not looking up from her reading. It took Thomas Abbot some moments to compose a coherent sentence. indicating the screen.” he declared. as the temporal crow flies. “I confess I have seen enough illusions today to see me to the end of my days. Doctor. Abbot had turned pale. try and get to the bottom of how you ended up so far from home. “I am grateful. “Think nothing of it. as a curl of London fog snaked around the open door. Bartholomew’s home. where you said we were. 12 .” Silver grinned over the top of her magazine.” Abbot argued. “That is just a few streets away from my abode. Bartholomew’s residence?” Abbot considered for a moment. I thought you might be grateful.” Silver remarked absently. the Doctor operated the TARDIS scanner. he stopped short. merely operating the control to open the TARDIS doors. what magic you have worked. I cannot conceive of how you have done this thing.” “I do declare that I am unable to comprehend any of this.” Abbot almost whispered.” Silver called. Now. Silver glanced over at the Doctor. Silver had sunk into an armchair by the door and was picking up where she had left off with the witchcraft magazine she had found in the TARDIS library. “otherwise the High Council will be very angry. turning to the Doctor. Turning. “London 1900 and Essex 2050 are not that far apart. I’ve brought you home. Bartholomew’s house. “Oh boy. are we to be turned into rats?” The Doctor smiled at his visitor. “Wait for me.” Abbot stepped slowly out. “Now. His brusque retorts to wide-eyed companions who stated that the TARDIS was “bigger on the inside” had hidden this enjoyment for several centuries. placing a hand on Abbot’s shoulder. “I do wish you would stop telling me what is possible and what isn’t. by which time the Doctor had set the craft in motion. “You’ll get used to it. least of all how we moved anywhere. “More grateful than I can ever tell you.” he said quietly. you were going to show me the way to Mr.” The Doctor raised an eyebrow. if you don’t mind. not big enough to fit the three of us in comfort. “What fresh hell is this?” Abbot cried.” The Doctor heard a magazine rustle behind him as it was dropped back into the armchair. her footsteps resounding on the floor of the console room. somewhat to Abbot’s alarm.” “But it was a box. Meanwhile.” Abbot admitted with a sigh. are you in for a shock!” The Doctor said nothing. “Why?” “Because Essex. The time rotor at the centre of the console slowed and stopped. The Victorian seemed taken aback by the sight of a dark. “See anything you recognize?” he asked Abbot. What next.” The Doctor shrugged.THE DOCTOR WHO PROJECT: SEASON 33 THE SHADOW EMPEROR **** Despite his protestations to the contrary. “This is impossible!” he said firmly. “My dear Thomas. taking in his surroundings incredulously. And how close is it to Mr. slightly foggy road lit by gas lamps. “I should hope not. ushering Abbot towards them. “Despite the quite accurate simulacrum you have conjured on that wall.” “Fantastic!” the Doctor exclaimed.” The Doctor grinned.” The raucous sound of materialization had already begun. With a flick of a switch. “Excellent. the Doctor always enjoyed taking a new passenger aboard the TARDIS. and the open doors betraying its much larger interior. “I am not sure I wish to become accustomed to such chicanery.

then decided not to pursue that line of conversation any further. Silver.” This caused a change of mind. As Abbot replied. eh? Probably saved your bacon. looking rather crestfallen. blocking her exit. the butler opened the door far enough for them to enter.” she said. We won’t be long. Bartholomew will be very unhappy if he discovers you turned us away. But the Doctor ignored his surly attitude.” Abbot enthused.” Abbot looked confused for a moment. The Doctor smiled. “It is. Thank you. if Thomas and I conducted a quick reconnoitre on our own. “You are to await the master’s pleasure in the library. **** The thin mist swirled around their ankles as the Doctor and Thomas Abbot made their way along the streets of Victorian London. Sir. I can guarantee it. We’ve traveled a long way. while we wait in the hall. Stay here and keep an eye on the TARDIS for me.” The butler regarded them coolly.” For a moment it looked like she was going to protest further. that machine of yours is quite the marvel. Mr. among others of similar style. the Doctor’s foot prevented him. a tinkling sound announced visitors to those within. old chap. he withdrew at a stately pace. It was a large but unremarkable house. Bartholomew. clapping the man on the shoulder.” The Doctor smiled at her. The Doctor shook his head. “We should like to speak with your master. “Mr. “Not this time.” The Doctor sighed deeply. I’m not sure what kind of danger this man Bartholomew poses. “Why. Silver pushed the lever that closed the doors of the TARDIS. I’m sure the old girl would be delighted to hear such praise. Bartholomew is not at home to visitors this evening. It would be quicker and safer. Indicating with a nod that they should remain just inside the front door. the Doctor pulled hard on the bell. But not before she learnt the address of Mr.THE DOCTOR WHO PROJECT: SEASON 33 THE SHADOW EMPEROR But the Doctor turned in the doorway. There was nothing to set it apart as the home of a renowned spiritualist. They talked as they walked.” the butler intoned. “I am sure that the principles on which its locomotion is founded are entirely beyond a man of my learning. “No. “Excellent! What did I tell you. sounding deflated. Silver.” “Trust me. The reason was soon apparent. After a short wait the door swung open and the two time travelers were greeted by a tall. gentlemen?” The Doctor took a step forward. Then her shoulders slumped and her head dropped. “If that’s what you want.” “But Doctor…” Silver began plaintively. then turned back toward Abbot. “I have not been instructed to expect visitors. his foot just inside the door.” A look of annoyance crossing his face. When they reached the front door. Somewhere just on the edge of hearing. “I must say. thank you Thomas. for all of us. sometimes the TARDIS is beyond even my understanding. the butler remained firm. “Then why not check with your master. “Where are we going. “He’ll see us.” As the butler made to shut the door. The Doctor strode up the footpath with Abbot close behind. further than you can possibly imagine. exactly?” the Time Lord asked him.” Shortly thereafter they arrived at their destination. Thomas. Mr. Reluctantly. Jonathan Bartholomew. Please.” 13 . but I’m quite sure he is a threat to this time. “May I help you. It didn’t take long for him to return. from any quarter. balding man dressed in a smart butler’s uniform. his disapproval evident.

“Should I know you. larger within than without.” “And answers you shall have. speaking in time with the clock chiming nine. Mr. of watching a Sherlock Holmes story on television when she was younger. deep voice from the doorway. Running his fingers along the spine of a particular tome.” the Doctor replied casually. Bartholomew has an extraordinary collection of books. While the room was so large. He pointed a finger at the Doctor.” Bartholomew said. are you. “but you must be mistaking me for someone else. Mr. The Doctor and Abbot turned to regard their host. Having already printed out a map to Bartholomew’s house from the ship’s data bank. “My dear Mr. as you well know. I assume you’re a fan of Jules Verne and Herbert Wells. his eyes were hard and predatory. A couple of minutes later. The large grandfather clock read five minutes to nine. but your reputation precedes you. but didn’t want them to see her. A frustrating ten minutes later. but the sound was uneasy. Centuries? Nobody lives that long!” “Nobody human.” Abbot just stood there. she began her search. I’ll give you that. she was out of the TARDIS doors. a wolfish expression. Abbot. she was pondering yet another flowery gown. I thought I was the only person in the universe to have a first edition copy of this.THE DOCTOR WHO PROJECT: SEASON 33 THE SHADOW EMPEROR “Indeed. somewhere the Doctor had shown her shortly after she had arrived aboard the TARDIS. You are a fascinating individual.” Abbot shrugged. there was a handy index by the doors. especially the bookshelves lining three of the four walls. Grinning. He took in everything with interest. Her face brightened as she thought of the wardrobe section. “You have a lively imagination. thinking furiously. A couple of minutes later. She needed some sort of disguise. when something darker caught her eye.” “They are half-witted fancies. he was a man of large build. striding over and shaking him firmly by the hand. yet carried himself with an athletic grace. **** The Doctor recovered quickly from his surprise. Sir. And you have the ability to change 14 . Sir. While his smile was wide and welcoming. welcome back. But then you are not human. Selecting the aisle for Victorian England. I have read many of your exploits throughout the centuries.” the butler replied frostily. “This is the first time our paths have crossed. his mouth open as the implications of the statement sank in. making her way swiftly through the foggy streets of London. Bartholomew?” Bartholomew smiled. Bartholomew.” declared a rich. which you call TARDIS. With a spring in her step she set out to see what she could find. “I must say. The two of them looked around the room. For Abbot. it was much as he remembered it. “I should rather have answers than study books. But the Doctor was seeing it all for the first time. she couldn’t see the back wall. that is certainly true. her hair scraped up under a dark flat cap. Doctor?” The Doctor laughed. Her mind quickly picked up a stray memory. following in the footsteps of the Doctor. she was determined to follow the Doctor and Abbot. Mr. “I do hope your little trip has not inconvenienced you too much. where he left them.” Bartholomew growled. “You are a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. “And you must be this Doctor about whom I have learned so much!” **** Silver stood in the TARDIS console room. the Doctor turned to Abbot. Silver was transformed from 21st Century teenage girl to 19 th Century male street urchin. As described. she picked the clothes she had discovered from their rail. But Bartholomew had already turned his attention elsewhere.” “I’m flattered. slipping his shoulder out from under the Doctor’s hand and escorting the two of them to the library. You travel through time and space in a blue box.

Have I omitted anything?” “You’re remarkably well informed.” the Victorian admitted. “Oh. Bartholomew wagged a finger at the Time Lord. The meaning was clear. **** At that moment.” He gestured. Dominating the centre of the chamber was a large stone altar. throwing out meagre illumination. presumably when your body becomes too injured to repair itself. Addressed now. “I thought it rather clever myself. when he noticed two scowling. finding herself in dark alleys each time. Squinting slightly. heavyset men who had entered the room behind them. “So where exactly did you acquire all this knowledge?” the Doctor demanded. “Do you think so?” Bartholomew enquired. you can’t deny that you use the forces embodied in these artefacts for the purposes of evil. the Doctor was staring around the torch-lit chamber before him. I am neither alien nor from another time. Nothing out of the ordinary. 15 . all shall be explained. Bartholomew’s request was not to be turned down.THE DOCTOR WHO PROJECT: SEASON 33 THE SHADOW EMPEROR your physical form. The nearby gas lamp was little help.” “And what do you see. “Who are you. he took a few moments to compose his answer. ready if needed by their master. The two heavies stood behind Bartholomew. Silver found she was getting close to her objective. The city was trying to confuse her. if you should like to step through. Examining her map.” The Doctor snorted at Bartholomew’s condescension and was about to refuse. a hidden door in the bookcase swung open.” the Doctor groaned. I assure you. If Bartholomew was what he said he was – and why should he lie? – then he had managed to get hold of information that was well beyond the present time. There were more books here.” He strolled over to the nearest bookshelf. Mr.” Bartholomew smiled his wolfish smile again.” The Doctor considered this carefully. “This I find good. Abbot?” asked Bartholomew. though not nearly as many as in the main house. There were also a number of objects around the floor and walls. she set off in search of the Doctor. raising an eyebrow. I prefer the term pagan warlock. Sinister objects. as I am sure you would agree. **** Consulting her printed map.” “I know something about evil and can usually spot it without too much difficulty. Silver peered through the darkness at the street nameplate fixed to the wall above her. Providing that there were no more alleys between her current location and Bartholomew’s house.” the Doctor conceded. “I see that you’re a Satanist on the side. With a slight sigh of escaping air. really?” Bartholomew grinned. his eyes narrowing. taking in the whole chamber. both of you. how clichéd. she made out a name on the wall. the Doctor led him through the concealed doorway. It should be three streets away now. I will show you as much of the truth of the situation as I think you can comprehend. she concluded. Now. She had taken three wrong turns so far. Touching Abbot lightly on the arm. “Not that I describe myself so. my dear fellow. With a renewed surge of optimism.” the Doctor said pointedly as Bartholomew entered behind and stood before him and Abbot. Abbot had been too stunned to add much to the conversation since the two forces of Victorian and Gallifreyan had clashed. “It is a means to an end. a collector and spiritualist.” “Whatever you call it. “One man’s evil is another man’s good. I am exactly what I appear to be: human. turning to his other guest. running his index finger along the spine of one tome in particular. “Patience. “Unlike you.

Just as she was starting to step out of the kitchen. aren’t you?” “Never more so.” **** Silver studied the large. “As you say.THE DOCTOR WHO PROJECT: SEASON 33 THE SHADOW EMPEROR “What I see here. is wrong – utterly monstrous! Whatever diabolical scheme you are engaged in. the Doctor considered this information before enquiring. what next? The best thing to do would be to find the Doctor and help him. “Another puritan. Silver heard the sound of 16 . Bartholomew?” the Doctor demanded. Jago. what else? I shall kill you. finally finding an open window around the back. dark house.” “Who said anything about the British Empire? I shall be Emperor of the entire world! The British Empire is just the beginning. “You know the Professor?” “I read an account of the Li H’sen Chang incident a few years ago. Sir. But why not tell me anyway? Please? I dare you. Few megalomaniacs can resist the temptation.” “What exactly are you up to. “I already have the ear of the Prince of Wales. what happens now?” “Now. So I decided to draw you here.” Bartholomew confirmed. “Go on.” “A shadow emperor. an adequate stepping stone to supreme control!” “You’re serious. I can scarcely refuse to enlighten you. you are an extraordinary fellow.” the Doctor declared. you might as well boast. Skirting the large central table. I’m afraid. “That is the prerogative of the Royal Family. “So when our beloved Monarch dies next year.” “Ah. He was full of praise. “You staged all this…for my benefit?” “But of course. Abbot into the future. “You’re saying that you somehow sent poor Mr.” The Doctor’s eyes narrowed. down to the hour. in the hope that I would learn of him and bring him home? That all of this has been a trap and I’ve walked right into it?” “Exactly so! Professor Litefoot was right.” “So I hear – I hope you give it back!” Abbot raised his eyebrows and the Doctor shrugged. she managed to squirm through and landed lightly on the hard tiled floor. the plan worked perfectly. the Prince shall accede to the throne and appoint me as his chief advisor.” “You wish to rule the British Empire?” the Doctor scoffed. I will do everything in my power to stop it. However. Bartholomew continued. Approaching cautiously. the Doctor gave voice to his thoughts.” The Doctor looked sharply at Bartholomew. I intend to be Emperor. “So. But now she was here. As you can see. Doctor.” Bartholomew sighed. she realized that simply ringing the doorbell wasn’t an option. Until such time as I am ready to step out of the shadows and seize the reins of power for myself.” “After such a gracious request. and tracked Litefoot down to interview him about you. I had hoped that when the Doctor returned you might be of further use to me. Slipping the catch. she found a heavy door that led out into the servant’s passageway. The room was in darkness but her eyes rapidly adjusted. and yes.” Frowning. Doctor? Why. if she could.” Still trying to wrap his mind around what Bartholomew was claiming. she scouted around the entire building. as was Mr. Doctor. showing that she had broken into the kitchen. she was sure of it – even after her wrong turnings. I quickly realized that you were a threat to my plans. When I first learned of you from the journals of those whose lives you touched.” “Maybe. This was the place. I know exactly when she will pass away. but I am no common adversary Doctor.

” Bartholomew commented wryly. who was trying to pull him back towards the secret doorway they had entered through.” he announced. the muzzle flash not making much impression on the thick smoke now filling the chamber. my dear Doctor. however. do I get a last request? A hearty meal? A final cigarette?” “I would not have thought you a smoker. Using his free hand. **** Silver stood. with a couple of lamps set into the walls. “I say! What are you think you’re doing?” Glancing back. one of the Doctor’s hands twitched forward.” the Doctor told him with a slight smile. Standing in the shadows. the sound of a commotion from somewhere in the house caused him to hesitate. The Time Lord pushed the bookcase closed behind them. the Doctor and Abbot saw the butler at the far end of the hall. The Doctor shoved his hands deep into his trouser pockets. she opened the door. Doctor. Before he got any further in. As Bartholomew turned to issue them with instructions. so she slipped out into the passageway beyond.” “I’m sure you are. Be assured that I am prepared for anything you may try. She ducked back inside. Something small clattered to the floor and a cloud of smoke burst forth. frozen in fear. “I think we just outstayed our welcome!” the Doctor called back. It seemed likely that the Doctor might have been the object of the man’s attention. The Doctor complied airily. The man was now nowhere in sight. “That won’t hold Bartholomew for long.THE DOCTOR WHO PROJECT: SEASON 33 THE SHADOW EMPEROR approaching footsteps. Taking the hint. They appeared to be empty. Gingerly moving forward. Silver heard him call out to someone. Turning. They obeyed without question. As the door swung shut behind him. but the offer would be nice. It almost seems a shame to have to destroy such an intellect as yours. “I’m not. his face changing from joviality to menace in a heartbeat. This was brighter than the kitchen. he ran for it. hoping that whoever was coming her way hadn’t seen her. reaching the door to the hallway in two long strides. as the shadowy figure of a man stepped through the door into the kitchen. removing his hands slowly then raising them above shoulder height. though I must say that laying a trap for me beforehand is something new. Coughing. her heart beat faster as she saw the handle of the door she had been about to use start to turn. opening the front door and bolting into the night. I congratulate you on your foresight. You won’t want me intervening in your nefarious schemes.” the occultist ordered. then turn around and leave. I suppose I should have expected no less. A gunshot echoed.” “So. they heard a stern voice behind them. Silver made her way towards where she had heard the man shouting a few moments earlier. Abbot close on his heels.” The pistol had appeared in Bartholomew’s hand as if by magic. but couldn’t make out the words. Stunned into immobility. “I know your reputation for trickery. **** The Doctor frowned at Bartholomew. As he and Abbot dashed for the front door. Behind them Bartholomew could be heard cursing loudly. who didn’t seem at all incapacitated by the smoke. Abbot stumbled into the library just a little ahead of the Doctor. Bartholomew beckoned forward the two heavies. 17 . “High praise indeed. he saw the hand belonged to the Doctor.” Bartholomew executed a small bow. “Put your hands over your head Doctor. “Well. Abbot felt a hand pull him backwards. where I can see them. Doctor.

18 . But obviously not cautiously enough. squatting down to see this street urchin better. “And who might you be?” Bartholomew enquired. And I sense great power within you.” the Victorian declared between gasps for air. “Well. Now. looked back the way they had come. then that man is you. “No. It was a triangle. Doctor. Sir?” Jenkins asked.” Abbot straightened. “I could teach you. As she lifted her head.” Jenkins nodded. Bartholomew reached out and pulled her to her feet. Hearing no sounds of pursuit. beating an impeccable retreat. “Your trust is appreciated. He noticed a glint of reflected light around her neck and grasped the object. Abbot drew up beside him. But Bartholomew was smiling widely. then he has powers that make him possibly the single most dangerous man in the history of this planet. this is a stroke of good fortune. “Very good. Before she even knew he was there. Through the gap she could make out a hallway. so maybe it was time to apply that trust. hands on knees. Thomas. Bartholomew is certainly a unique individual. having regained his composure somewhat. the man had grabbed her from behind. which I have no reason to doubt. and if he truly did send you into the future. who was coughing into a handkerchief. You are the Pagan Princess I have been expecting.” The Doctor smiled modestly. eyes blazing with defiance. but this time I don’t want him knowing about it. You may even rival me in that respect one day. we are blessed this evening.” he hissed. I am sure I can handle this…guest. “Your arrival was foretold by the runes. I know more than you could ever guess.” he murmured. “That…was too close…a shave. I have been using rituals for more than twice the number of years you have been alive.THE DOCTOR WHO PROJECT: SEASON 33 THE SHADOW EMPEROR The door at the end of the passageway was partly open. with a stylized Egyptian eye in the centre. with a large front door and other doors to left and right. “It looks as though the master has another unwelcome visitor to deal with. but might as well have tried to stop the tide coming in. “If there is one man I trust to do just that. She resisted. Sir. “You know about Paganism?” “My dear girl. to be more than she had ever thought possible.” He put a fatherly hand on her shoulder. help you develop those powers. wheezing like a steam engine. “Our Mr. here was a chance for her to develop. to grow. dragging the struggling Silver towards one of the side doors. I want to take another look around Bartholomew’s lair. “Leave that alone!” Silver exclaimed.” “You’re a warlock?” “Of course. the grimy flat cap fell off. We have to find a way to stop him. While she had the greatest of respect for the Doctor. one hand clamped firmly over her mouth. Cautiously she stepped into the hall. he steadied down to a jog before stopping altogether.” the man declared.” “Do you need me to stay. Silver looked up at him. **** The Doctor didn’t stop running until he was at least three streets away. seemingly none the worse for their dash. revealing her black and purple hair that was hidden beneath it. The Doctor had taught her to trust again.” This brought Silver up short. He has knowledge far beyond what he should have.” **** The butler thrust the wriggling bundle of ragged clothing at the feet of his Master. “What is this.” Silver considered his words. The Doctor. we need to return to the TARDIS. and he had shown her such wonders in their short time together. yanking the symbol from his hand. Jenkins? Another visitor? My.

The door opened easily and despite the gloom the Doctor retraced his two strides to the bookcase unerringly. “Teach me. “Doctor.” He stepped aside to reveal Silver. he found there was nobody home. Struggling in the grip of one of the Satanist’s thugs. “The only place she could possibly be is Bartholomew’s house. The Doctor was seized by strong arms and held in position. “Damn it! Why can’t they just do what I tell them for once!” “They?” Abbot enquired. I’m not annoyed with you for leaving the TARDIS. The house appeared dark throughout. but got no reply. “We need to reach her before he does.” the Doctor sighed.” he decided. the Doctor and Abbot found that it was illuminated by a couple of flaming torches set into the wall. Especially when I now hold a trump card. **** “Silver. They were wrong. while Abbot was felled by a blow to the back of the head. punching buttons with unnecessary force. the Doctor managed to look sympathetic. Silver. they quietly made their way to the library. “I can’t find Silver. a hint of amusement in his tone. “Silver is just the latest in a long line of headstrong young people who think they know better than someone who has been around a lot longer than they have. second on the left. Following the passage into the hallway.” Still silence greeted him.” the Doctor told him.” she said simply. Bartholomew is more dangerous than I could ever have expected. He tapped lightly on her door.” “So where do you think she has gone?” “That’s what worries me. Silver. He slumped to the floor. He stood over the console.” Now he thumped the console with his fist. “It’s all right. “Look. Peering into the room. he tried the door handle. “She must be sulking in her room. The Doctor opened the inner door and marched down to Silver’s bedroom. “My companions.THE DOCTOR WHO PROJECT: SEASON 33 THE SHADOW EMPEROR She looked up at Bartholomew. The Doctor returned to the console room with a deep scowl lining his handsome. the Doctor ran his finger down the spine and the hidden door swung noiselessly open. Despite the large Victorian holding him firmly in place. unconscious. Doctor?” Bartholomew echoed.” “Caught. “Does Miss Silver look to you like she is being restrained?” 19 . the master and servants all seemed to be asleep. The Time Lord looked around the empty console room and frowned slightly. the Doctor and Abbot found themselves in the kitchen of Bartholomew’s home.” His fingers flew over the console with the grace and fluency of a concert pianist. “Is anything amiss?” Abbot asked. Stepping through into the chamber. Selecting the same volume Bartholomew had used earlier that evening. I’m sorry we left you behind. “She accessed and downloaded a map of the area and she’s used the Victorian area of the wardrobe section. I’m just sorry you got caught. they held back for a minute or two until the Doctor decided that the coast was indeed clear. we’re back!” the Doctor called as he and Abbot entered the TARDIS. but I think we were right to do so. his frustration evident. what an entirely expected surprise. presumably still lit from their encounter with Bartholomew.” the Doctor admitted.” **** Like Silver before them. “Silver?” Concerned. Cautious lest the noise of their arrival should have alerted the household. the Doctor beheld once more the grinning face of Jonathan Bartholomew. I knew you would not be able to resist returning to my humble abode. bearded face. still dressed as a street urchin and unable to look the Doctor in the eyes.

As it caught the light.” the Doctor replied. then I have just one conclusion. Too dangerous for a mere human to influence. Doctor. Possibly the strongest and most organized human mind I’ve ever encountered.THE DOCTOR WHO PROJECT: SEASON 33 THE SHADOW EMPEROR Now he came to mention it. “Of course I will. Then he turned and handed it to Silver. of untapped potential. “in my mind.” “And it is mine to control. telling me things. Then she simply looked away.” the Doctor breathed. he’s the enemy! He wants to destroy me because he believes I will be a hindrance to his plans!” “Is he right? Will you hinder him?” The Doctor looked shocked. Doctor.” the Doctor told him defiantly.” said Bartholomew gleefully. “Is that what I think it is?” Bartholomew raised an inquiring eyebrow. Silver paled. but it’s also dangerous.” The Doctor frowned. if you’re sure you’ve not been influenced by any alien force. You must have an incredibly powerful mind. turning his wolfish smile on the Doctor. “And what do you think it is?” “A vortex crystal. Doctor. I can’t help you. Meanwhile. Abbot here forward in time?” “Then you were very lucky.” the Doctor quipped. you may attend to Mr. here. “Well. “It whispers to me sometimes. at last lifting her head and giving the Doctor a defiant stare. I do not think he heard you. Silver looked torn. then moved the unconscious Abbot onto the altar. Strange things.” 20 . the crystal changed color. “Why. “Or at least a sliver of one. Silver wasn’t either held or tied in any way. practicality will always win out over loyalty. How do you think I sent Mr. “What have you done. Doctor?” This gave the Doctor pause. “It’s powerful yes. injecting plenty of venom into his words. Bartholomew says I have a great deal of power. thank you Doctor. “You didn’t tell me you had ordered a male voice choir. The Doctor gasped. with every fibre of my being! What Bartholomew is trying to do is wrong!” For a moment. as though to persuade herself. “Time to finish this. Silver blushed. Silver has elected to join me in the furtherance of knowledge.” “But Silver. snapping his fingers. as was the fact that Silver still couldn’t meet his gaze. they began to chant. They bound the Time Lord’s hands tightly in front of him. you flatter me. I assure you. forbidden knowledge. He found one.” Silver muttered. Another click of Bartholomew’s fingers saw the figures produce a length of rope. green to red: it seemed to have a life of its own. Bartholomew?” the Doctor demanded. Bartholomew was rummaging through a selection of ceremonial daggers.” Bartholomew gave a mocking bow. “You see. Bartholomew reached under his cravat and brought out a thin slice of crystal on a gold chain. “Then I’m truly sorry.” Realizing what he meant.” Bartholomew rejoined exultantly.” he tapped the side of his head. Satisfied that everything was ready. I have influenced this vortex crystal of yours. One of the most powerful naturally occurring phenomena in the universe. “Drugged her?” “Nothing so crude. “Silver? Is this true?” “Yes. then nodded forcefully. held it up to the light and smiled. “Louder my dear. No. Abbot.” “That is where you are wrong.” “So what does the fact that it did no such thing tell you. I’m sorry Doctor. “Yes!” Silver repeated.” The Doctor looked like he had been physically struck. but I won’t be able to realize that traveling with you.” Bartholomew declared. shifting through from white to blue. From out of the shadows stepped twelve robed and hooded figures. The Doctor found this mildly puzzling.” Bartholomew patted her shoulder affectionately. but even to his own ears it sounded half hearted. “When the time is right. “It should have shredded your mind like tissue paper. “Mr.” “So it would seem. At a nod from their master.

“I refer to it as the Gateway. Doctor. “I’m sorry.” Stepping back. Silver moved to stand in front of him. Nicking the skin gently. “No matter how strong and organized the mind. “Don’t fight it.” He patted Silver on the shoulder. a swirl the Doctor recognized with a thrill of horror. Bartholomew’s eyes flashed with satisfaction. I have never tried casting a Gallifreyan through the Gateway before. Bartholomew said something to Silver in a low voice. With a wave of his hand. As his guard attempted to restrain the Doctor. he elbowed the man sharply in the stomach. struggling with the rope binding his hands. regrettably. Silver had surreptitiously sliced part way through them. “He’s leading you astray!” Silver shook her head sadly. I am sorry. She gazed up into his eyes. becoming a swirl of colors that shifted in harmony with those of Bartholomew’s crystal. Your death will bring me no joy. but then I am just an ignorant savage. “I call upon the forces embodied in this crystal to give me the strength to use the powers we are summoning to open the gateway between the past and the future!” As the Doctor watched. but not unkindly. But not low enough. “Oh. the air around the head of the altar shimmered.” “Then release me!” he snarled. I have a destiny to fulfill. Abbot. “You may be right. Silver skipped backwards away from him. the Doctor wrenched his hands apart.” “I will never go quietly. a bead of blood trickled down his exposed neck.” the Doctor snapped back.” she told him simply. I cannot do. Taking a deep breath. Very quickly. the dagger still stuck into his leg. “Will my end be quick?” Bartholomew shrugged. I am not some weak-willed petty villain that you can overcome with your Time Lord’s parlour tricks. Much as I expected. doubling him over. When she had stood before him earlier. “It isn’t too late to end this. Though the humans we experimented on died quickly.” He looked up at Bartholomew. She turned away from her former mentor. she reached forward and pressed the dagger against the throat of the still unconscious Thomas Abbot. the chanting changed slightly. Doctor. “You have been a worthy opponent. and were ready for the next world. and I don’t want you to suffer. Her face a blank mask. Doctor. Bartholomew turned to the chanting group around the chamber. and you stand between it and me. “That. Silver lifted the knife high above Abbot’s chest… …and buried it in Bartholomew’s left thigh. Doctor. made peace with Rassilon or whoever you call a God. Doctor. out of sight of her Victorian mentor. as the chanting got faster. increasing in depth and intensity. snapping the remaining strands of rope. the dagger gripped loosely in her hand. The vortex increased in brightness and color. “I thought you had accepted your fate. “Is that what you call it?” Bartholomew enquired.” Silver had rejoined him before the altar. Bartholomew grasped the sliver of crystal and looked up at the ceiling.” Bartholomew sighed. pitching his voice low. 21 . “I do not know. Like Silver. “The Time Vortex!” he breathed. but now found herself firmly held by one of the hooded figures. You have met your match this time.” the Doctor pleaded.” “Then turn away from him!” the Time Lord exclaimed. At this. Doctor. A swift blow to the back of the neck felled him into the dark pit of unconsciousness. Bartholomew was roaring with pain.THE DOCTOR WHO PROJECT: SEASON 33 THE SHADOW EMPEROR “Not half as much as you flatter yourself.” the Doctor grated. that crystal will destroy you!” “Poppycock! Your craven attempt to sow doubt in my mind will fail. It will only make this more painful. She nodded once in agreement and moved to the altar. Silver. Many things happened at once. Bartholomew was smiling.” The Doctor actually hung his head.

Mr. The entire building had been consumed by fire in the night. “Are you okay?” Silver dashed to his side as he leaned against the altar. he walked away. he tumbled across the threshold. “And thank you once again for bringing me home. The Doctor and Silver watched him leave. Suddenly the Doctor went limp.” So saying he reached down and with little effort lifted the thug that he had recently rendered unconscious. the Victorian was holding his own. **** The following morning dawned bright and clear. Meanwhile. made their way through the house. though there was a red glow over the spot where Bartholomew’s house had stood. As he did so. the Doctor vaulted past him and tackled Bartholomew before he could fully recover. The Doctor looked down at her and for a moment Silver thought she saw mistrust in his eyes. “I hope this is as eventful as things get for you!” “As do I. Nodding to Abbot. sending it spinning into a stack of Bartholomew’s pagan texts. As they left the chamber.” she replied. Bartholomew overreached as the Time Lord ducked out from under his bulk. Between them they would name all the members of Bartholomew’s Satanist sect. Abbot and the Doctor had handed their captives over to the authorities. the Doctor knocked one of the blazing torches off the wall. the only person unaccounted for being the owner. “Good. And you?” “Bumps and bruises. Then we just need to tidy things up here. they made for the safety of the TARDIS. The Doctor.” the Doctor said. Momentum carried Bartholomew forward and for a brief moment. Abbot?” the Doctor asked. At the mouth of the alley he turned and waved again. “Goodbye. the three of them. realized where he was and sat up. slowly but surely edging towards the still open tear in the vortex. he teetered on the edge of the vortex opening. “I’ve been better. With his face a mask of horror. nothing more. looking over at the other member of their party. hoping that they could escape justice. Then the two of them stepped into the TARDIS and left Victorian England behind them. he was starting to turn the tide in his favour.” Abbot replied with feeling. he took Silver’s in it and kissed the back of it. Caught off guard. Thomas. dazed and confused. shouting as they went to alert the staff to the fire. but Abbot prevented her. Then with a smile and a wave. Finding the kitchen. But then he smiled weakly and the moment was gone. Silver struggled in the grip of the hooded man.” Abbot told him with a smile. extending his hand and smiling. “I shall survive. Even encumbered by the dagger in his leg.THE DOCTOR WHO PROJECT: SEASON 33 THE SHADOW EMPEROR awakened by the sound of Bartholomew bellowing. 22 . plus their two burdens. he indicated that the man should pick up his own victim. Almost instantly. shaking the Time Lord by the hand. parked in a quiet alley near Bartholomew’s home.” Disengaging his hand. The Victorian and the Time Lord grappled. the tear snapped shut. In fact. Silver and Abbot stood outside the TARDIS. The Doctor staggered away. Abbot realized her predicament and slid off the altar to come to her aid. drained by his fight. Abbot recovered his presence of mind enough to deliver a punch that knocked Silver’s attacker off his feet and deposited him on the cold stone floor. As the fire took hold. The rest of the robed and hooded figures were not as brave and fled into the shadows. Silver wanted to plunge into the fight to aid the Doctor. They returned the gesture. I think. The two of them watched as Satanist and Gallifreyan battled on. The Doctor and Bartholomew still struggled for primacy. “And you.

looking up from his study of the console with a smile. Again she wondered if he believed what she said. with his thoughts and his research. He discovered that Bartholomew had married. She tried not to think about whether or not she believed it herself.” she told him. having three children. But to Silver the smile looked forced. he sought out all the data he could on Jonathan Bartholomew. The same number of times the Doctor had framed his reply. He had known many misguided young people who occasionally strayed from the straight and narrow. Using the TARDIS’ data banks. Something about seeing Bartholomew and Silver together had disturbed him.” the Doctor said. **** 23 . probably a dozen times since they escaped from Bartholomew’s house. though his wife had died reasonably young. or words to that effect.THE DOCTOR WHO PROJECT: SEASON 33 THE SHADOW EMPEROR **** “It was all an act you know. this was something else. great. during the birth of their only child. a son. just where he had thought it might: with Silver. It wasn’t that she had almost betrayed him – not really. You were very convincing. Census records. Eventually the Doctor’s trail ended. desperately wondering whether or not he believed her. That son had married too. No. **** After a few minutes. He thought fleetingly of Adric and his trust of the Urbankan Monarch. I wouldn’t really have joined him. “I couldn’t risk you tipping him off. Silver left the Doctor alone in the console room. birth and marriage certificates.” Silver had said the same.” “Of course. newspaper clippings.” “I had to be. Bartholomew had been Silver’s great. “I know. great grandfather.

screaming his defiance of the Doctor and his intention of visiting vengeance upon him… 24 . But then he had a little bit of special protection. The sliver of crystal still glowed around his neck as he tumbled through the maelstrom. By rights he should have been dead by now. shredded by the time winds until his atoms were scattered across all of space and time.THE DOCTOR WHO PROJECT: SEASON 33 THE SHADOW EMPEROR Epilogue The Time Vortex resounded with the rage of its newest occupant.

While he still lives in Yorkshire and works for the same company.THE DOCTOR WHO PROJECT: SEASON 33 THE SHADOW EMPEROR MARK SIMPSON Season 33’s The Shadow Emperor is Mark’s third story in a row for TDWP. 25 . he is now single once again and very much enjoying the new lease of life the Doctor is having on television. following on from Split Infinities (Season 31) and No Rest For The Wicked (Season 32). Things have changed a little for Mark in the last year.