Daily Exclusive ORYZA Rice E-Newsletter

February 26,2016
Vol 7,Issue II




Daily Exclusive ORYZA Rice E-Newsletter

Global Rice Quotes
February 26th, 2016
Long grain white rice - high quality
Thailand 100% B grade

Vietnam 5% broken 350-360

India 5% broken

Pakistan 5% broken 335-345

Myanmar 5% broken 420-430

Cambodia 5% broken 410-420

U.S. 4% broken

Uruguay 5% broken 445-455

Argentina 5% broken 435-445

Long grain white rice - low quality
Thailand 25% broken 345-355

Vietnam 25% broken 340-350

Pakistan 25% broken 305-315

Cambodia 25% broken

India 25% broken

U.S. 15% broken (sacked) 440-450

Long grain parboiled rice
Thailand parboiled 100% stxd
Pakistan parboiled 5% broken stxd NQ

India parboiled 5% broken stxd
U.S. parboiled 4% broken

Brazil parboiled 5% broken 520-530

Uruguay parboiled 5% broken

Long grain fragrant rice
Thailand Hommali 92%

Vietnam Jasmine

India basmati 2% broken

Pakistan basmati 2% broken NQ

Cambodia Phka Mails

Thailand A1 Super 325-335

Vietnam 100% broken

Pakistan 100% broken stxd 285-295

Cambodia A1 Super 335-345

India 100% broken stxd

Egypt medium grain brokens NQ

U.S. pet food 280-290

Brazil half grain


Daily Exclusive ORYZA Rice E-Newsletter
All prices USD per ton, FOB vessel, oryza.com

March 7 the EU to Vote on Relicense of
Feb 26, 2016

European environmental organizations, some scientistics, and organic farmers are seeking to stop
the use of glyphosate in European Union (EU) agriculture. The Italian movement is using the
hashtag #stopglifosato.
In early 2015, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the cancer-research arm
of the World Health Organization (WHO), announced that glyphosate, the world’s most widely
used herbicide, is probably carcinogenic to humans.
In November 2015, the European Union’s food watchdog, the European Food Safety Authority
(EFSA) ruled that glyphosate was unlikely to be carcinogenic. Now the the European
Commission plans to grant a new 15-year lease to relicense glyphosate, a move being fought by
critics of the herbicide.
On March 7, EU national representatives will vote on whether to relicense glyphosate

Thailand Rice Sellers Lower Some of Their
Quotes Today; Other Asia Rice Quotes
Feb 25, 2016

Thailand rice sellers lowered their quotes for Hommali rice by about $5 per ton to about $665$675 per ton today. Other Asia rice sellers kept their quotes unchanged today.
5% Broken Rice
Thailand 5% rice is indicated at around $355 - $365 per ton, about $5 per ton premium on
Vietnam 5% rice shown at around $350 - $360 per ton. India 5% rice is indicated at around $360
- $370 per ton, about $25 per ton premium on Pakistan 5% rice shown at around $335 - $345 per
25% Broken Rice

Daily Exclusive ORYZA Rice E-Newsletter
Thailand 25% rice is indicated at around $345 - $355per ton, about $5per ton premium on
Vietnam 25% rice shown at around $340- $350 per ton. India 25% rice is indicated at around
$325 - $335 per ton, about $20 per ton premium on Pakistan 25% rice shown at around $305 $315 per ton.
Parboiled Rice
Thailand parboiled rice is indicated at around $365 - $375per ton. India parboiled rice is
indicated at around $350 - $360 per ton, about $55 per ton discount to Pakistan parboiled rice
last shown at around $405 - $415 per ton.
100% Broken Rice
Thailand broken rice, A1 Super is indicated at around $325 - $335 per ton, on par with Vietnam
100% broken rice shown at around $325 - $335 per ton. India's 100% broken rice is shown at
around $260 - $270 per ton, about $25 per ton discount to Pakistan broken sortexed rice shown at
around $285 - $295 per ton.

Thailand Announces Long-Term Rice
Strategy to Boost Consumption and Limit
Feb 25, 2016

The government of Thailand has announced a long term rice strategy, scheduled to being next
year, in hopes of increasing domestic rice consumption and limiting domestic rice production,
according to the Thai PBS.
The Prime Minister is reported saying the nation’s average per capita rice consumption has fallen
from 190 kilograms per year to 106 kilograms over the last decade.
The plan is also supposed to supply farmers with high-quality seeds and financing, in addition to
encouraging them to rotate crops for better soil health.

Indian Scientists to Develop Hearty Rice
Variety Using Resistance of a Weed with
Historical Significance
Feb 25, 2


Daily Exclusive ORYZA Rice E-Newsletter

Researchers at M S Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF), Chennai, India are trying to
develop rice varieties that can yield rice in drought conditions. After studying about 12 years,
researchers have identified genes in Prosopis juliflora, a weed that can thrive in adverse
conditions like soil salinity and drought. Using the genetic makeup of the weed, researcher can
develop transgenic rice grains that can also cope with salinity and drought.
Prosopis juliflora is native to south and central America and the Caribbean, grows fast and is
tolerant to arid conditions and saline soil. The plant was introduced to India during the 1870s, by
the British to meet firewood shortages but quickly took over and adversely affected the
biodiversity of parts of India, according to the Times of India.
The research team at MSSRF is also looking at other plants that show similar stress tolerance
like Avicennia marina, a halophytic (salt loving) plant and Chrysopogon zizanioides (vetiver), a
perennial grass.

Common Wholesale Basmati Rice Prices
Advance, Catching up with an Increase in
Pusa 1121 Earlier This Week

Daily Exclusive ORYZA Rice E-Newsletter
Feb 25, 2016

Wholesale basmati rice prices in the national capital are mixed today, according to data from the
Press Trust of India (PTI).On February 25, 2016, prices of Pusa 1121 held steady at Rs.4,100 5,000 per quintal (around $597 - $728 per ton).
Prices of common basmati increased, catching up with a previous rise in Pusa 1121 on February
23. Common basmati rice is quoted Rs. 100 higher to around Rs.5,400 - 5,500 per quintal
(around $786 - $801 per ton).

Oryza U.S. Rough Rice Recap - Cash Prices
Fall after IGB Fails to Award Tender
Feb 26, 2016

The U.S. cash market was seen materially weaker today after the Iraqi Grain Board failed to
make any awards on their latest tender.
Analysts note that it is not uncommon for the IGB to request an extension on the validity of the
offers; however, many believe that they will cancel this tender and reissue another tender in the
coming weeks.


Daily Exclusive ORYZA Rice E-Newsletter
Many in the industry believe that they will include South American origin on their next tender
which was excluded on this tender.
In the meantime, the USDA reported that cumulative net export sales for the week that ended on
February 18th, totaled 55,800 tons, a decrease of 38% from the previous week but 9% higher than
the prior 4-week average.Increases were reported for the following destinations: 15,400 tons to
Japan, 11,500 tons to Haiti, 9,500 tons to unknown destinations, 8,300 tons to Mexico, and
4,000 tons to Canada which was partially offset by a 200 ton reductions from Belgium.
U.S. rice exporters shipped 68,500 tons, an increase of 80% from than last week and 62% higher
than the prior 4-week average.Increases were reported for the following destinations: 22,700 tons
to Costa Rica, 18,000 tons to Mexico, 14,000 tons to Haiti, 4,200 tons to Canada, and 2,800 tons
to South Korea.

Oryza CBOT Rough Rice Futures Recap Chicago Rough Rice Futures Collapse as
Iraqis Cancel Latest Tender
Feb 26, 2016

Chicago rough rice futures for Mar delivery settled 22.5 cents per cwt (about $5 per ton) lower at
$10.435 per cwt (about $230 per ton). The other grains finished the day with mixed results;
Soybeans closed about 0.8% lower at $8.6550 per bushel; wheat finished about 0.6% higher at
$4.5400 per bushel, and corn finished the day about 1.1% lower at $3.6050 per bushel.U.S.
stocks traded higher Thursday, following the prior day's massive intraday reversal, as low oil
prices continued to weigh. The major averages fluctuated between slight gains and losses, after
opening higher following a better-than-expected durable goods report. Also weighing on
sentiment was the overnight 6.4% plunge in the Shanghai composite, while the Hang Seng lost
nearly 1.6%. In contrast, Japan's Nikkei 225 rose 1.4%.European stocks pared gains but held
about 2% higher.
The STOXX Europe 600 Banks outperformed, briefly trading more than 4% higher but still more
than 30% below its 52-week intraday high. In afternoon trade, the Dow Jones industrial average
rose 131 points, or 0.8%, to 16,616. The S&P 500 rose 12 points, or 0.64%, to 1,942, with
financials leading nince advancers and energy the only decliner. The Nasdaq composite gained
15 points, or 0.33%, to 4,557. Gold is seen trading about 0.2% lower, crude oil is seen trading
about 2.1% higher, and the U.S. dollar is seen trading about 0.1% lower at about 1:15pm
Chicago time.Wednesday, there were 3,105 contracts traded, down from 3,959 contracts traded
on Tuesday. Open interest – the number of contracts outstanding – on Wednesday increased by
390 contracts to 12,773.
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