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Seminar “Mind the Gap! Raising Awareness
on Social Inclusion of Young People”,
19th to 25th April 2015, BRCKO, Bosnia-Herzegovina
(Arrivals and departures included)

Our last General Assembly organised in June 2014 in Bulgaria adopted a strategic vision for
the next 5 years that foresees the year 2015 for Y-E-N as a year of campaigning for social
inclusion and access to social rights for young people in Europe. This long-term project is
one of the strategic actions for our organisation.
For the period up to 2015 we will keep striving towards our “Vision 2020”: to
reach an inclusive society for young people! Y-E-N / R-E-J considers an inclusive society, a
society where young people, their needs and participation is recognised, valued and
In order to reach our goals, one of our strategies was to apply for an Annual Work Plan
in the frame of the European Youth Foundation (EYF) of the Council of Europe

Through them. photo gallery. The seminar will be hosted by our member organisation in Bosnia-Herzegovina: PRONI. During this “contact-making seminar”. stake-holders mid-November 2015. A mobile evaluation meeting in STRASBOURG (France) and BRUSSELS (Belgium) including final conferences to present our results to other youth NGOs. Romania in July 2015 to develop competencies for campaign activists and to strengthen their capacity to prepare and carry out European and local educational activities about inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities. It consists of 3 activities: - - - A seminar in BRCKO. we will be able to reach as campaign activists. The aim of this seminar is to prepare and re-launch our campaign on social inclusion of young people. In coherence with our Goal n°2 of our “Vision 2020”. Bosnia and Herzegovina from the 19th to the 25th of April 2015 gathering 25 participants from 17 countries. The seminar The seminar “Mind the Gap!” is the first activity of Y-E-N Work Plan "INCLUSION EXPRESS". posters. advocating and lobbying for their inclusion and striving the society to take concrete actions towards this goal. website and Facebook Page and Groups. this campaign aims at raising awareness about the situation of socially excluded young people.“INCLUSION EXPRESS”: European campaign for social inclusion of young people was approved! This annual work plan is one of the strategic actions for our organisation. . The objectives of this seminar are: . young people being real victims of exclusion and the youth and social workers working with them.To develop a common vision of our “Inclusion Express” campaign. leaflets. It will take place in BRCKO. The organisations present in our network are working in the field and fighting for social inclusion on a daily basis. promotional material and press toolkit). They will also share here their experience and practices in looking for inclusive solutions. A training for trainers in MILCOVENI. Bosnia and Herzegovina in April 2015 to “re-launch” our campaign and to take a snapshot of the present situation regarding this campaign: Where are we? Where do we want to go (aim)? How to get there (objectives)? What is the best way (strategy) and how to develop campaign tools (message. policymakers. young people with fewer opportunities and youth/social workers will meet to take a snapshot of the present situation to prepare the campaign. trailers.To take a snapshot of the present situation & to prepare the campaign: What are the aim. We would like to use this work plan as a travelling caravan on the European continent to empower young people to know their rights and youth/social workers to support them to defend these rights and advocate for inclusive youth policies in Europe. slogan. objectives & strategy of this campaign? How to develop campaign tools .

For this first seminar. 4 working days).- (message. To raise awareness on the impact of youth work as a tool to actively promote social inclusion. learn and collect good practices on social inclusion of young people based on experience and expertise of the young people and youth/social workers. departure on the 25th. and promotional material and press toolkit)? To share. we kindly ask you to try to find cheap tickets to reach BRCKO bus/train station The nearest airports are BELGRADE (Serbia). Dates and the venue: The seminar “Mind the Gap” will take place in BRCKO. Final general evaluation concerning the activities. exclusion Sharing inclusive methods in youth work (“ITINERAR-Y-E-N” results) Field visits Theoretical inputs about campaigning Producing campaign materials Planning the next steps and developing new project ideas A work session dedicated to the role and functions of CoE and EYF. Northern & Southern Europe Programme of the seminar: Some elements of the programme: Getting to know each other Mapping social exclusion. expectations. If you have any special needs. please inform us using the attached application form. . It will be hosted by our member organisation PRONI. in Bosnia-Herzegovina from 20 th to 24th of April 2015 (arrival on 19th. Participants will be sharing rooms. facilitators and food and accommodation. using non-formal education. Team: The team for this activity will be recruited inside the Pool of resources of the Youth Express Network and will be selected on the basis of their contribution and knowledge to the seminar. collecting life experiences of overcoming social exclusion Theoretical inputs and clarification/definition of concepts such as inclusion. we want to work with young people with fewer opportunities. young people with fewer opportunities and youth/social workers will meet and express their needs. OSIJEK (Croatia) and or TUZLA (BosniaHerzegovina) . Methodology: The seminar will be based on several interactive activities prepared by the facilitators. objectives. Nevertheless. These activities have the aim to prepare and launch the campaign. leaflets. posters. youth/social workers in equal representation (50%-50%) from Eastern Western. slogan. Financial Conditions: Travel expenses will be 100% reimbursed (within the specified limits and the visa costs 100%. share their experience and practice in looking for inclusive solutions. Full board and lodging in a central hotel of BRCKO will be provided (3 meals per day). and it will be participants-centred. During the seminar. The seminar is designed for young people with fewer opportunities and youth/social workers.

it will be between 20 € and 40 € maximum.00 30.00 40.00 40. this amount is calculated according to the World Bank Growth Domestic Product/ capita (2014).00 40.00 30.00 40.00 40.00 Participation fees: A participation fee will be asked.00 30.00 € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € The reimbursement will be done AFTER the seminar when Y-E-N has received your boarding passes (2 ways. so that we can give you green light concerning prices of tickets and travel times: y-e-n@wanadoo.00 30.00 20. scanned and sent by post).00 40. To be fair. Depending on your country of residence.00 40. Indicative and non exhaustive table of participation fees: Country of residence Armenia Azerbaijan Belarus Bosnia-Herzegovina Croatia Cyprus France Georgia Germany Hungary Italy Macedonia Netherlands Romania Serbia Turkey United Kingdom Participation fee with the subject “MIND THE GAP” The deadline for sending the application is 20th of March 2015 . Application forms: The application form needs to be sent to y-e-n@wanadoo.00 40.00 40.Please consult Youth Express Network office before booking your flight / travel.00 40.