The 11i Accounts Payable Payment Batch functionality has been replaced by the Payment Process

Request (PPR) in R12. PPR can be accessed via Payment Manager, a fund disbursement HTML
page (as opposed to the prior 11i Oracle forms).
Posted on November 24th, 2014 by Shahzad Bashar
Setup Required for Payment Process Request:
The Payment Template is now the required setup for PPR and contains the following tabs:

Selection Criteria (pay through date, payment method, payee, pay group, operating unit,
legal entity and payment currency),

Payment Attributes (disbursement bank, payment document, payment process, profile,
exchange rate, type, and payment date setup),

Processing (automation setup for how PPR should run—whether to stop the PPR at each
stage of the process for user review before proceeding to another, or just to confirm the process
without the review of selected and build invoices)

Validate Failure Results (setup for PPR on how to handle a validation failure).
Users only need to select the Payment Template during PPR submission and all the selection criteria
will be automatically defaulted. But, it can be overwritten by the user before submission.
Payment Process Request Submission:
A PPR can be initiated by clicking the “Submit Single Payment Request” link in the Payment
Manager dashboard:

This status also indicates that the Auto Select program has been completed successfully. . Invoice Pending Review: PPR will show an “Invoice Pending Review” status if the “Stop Process for Review After Scheduled Payment Selection” option is enabled in theProcessing automation settings. indicating that the selected invoices are being reserved for the current PPR. Invoices Selected: After reviewing the selected invoices—once the user proceeds to the build step of PPR—the PPR status is updated to “Invoice Selected”.Payment Process Request Status: Here are the different PPR statuses and what they mean: New : The “New” status shows that the PPR has been submitted and the Auto Select program is running.

After printing is complete and then the PPR status changes to “Printed”. Payments by check are marked as “Formatted – Ready for Printing”.Pending Proposed Payment Review: The “Pending Proposed Payment Review” status will appear if the “Stop Process for Review After Creation of Proposed Payments” option has been enabled in the Processing automation setup. . meaning the payment instruction file was created and is waiting to be sent to your printer. This status also indicates that PPR is in the build step. Formatting: The “Formatting” status takes place when Payment Instruction files are generated from a Proposed Payment. Electronic payments will usually be marked as “Formatted” at this stage. Once the user selects the printer then the status becomes “Printing”.

indicating successful completion of PPR. . Terminated: The “Terminated” status indicates that the user has terminated the PPR before the confirmation. Cancelled: If there is no invoice which meets the selection criteria.Confirmed: Once the payment instructions have been transmitted/printed and confirmed. then the status gets updated to “Confirmed”. then PPR is automatically terminated and the status changes to “Cancelled”.