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Paper Writing – D class
The use of learning diaries as an effective way to teach writing to the eight graders.
Writing is considered as means of communication. In addition, it tends to involve a
thinking process from human being. Writing is one of language skills of which students should
have good control. Meyer (2005) says, “You cannot see and hear your readers, so you must think
about their reactions. You must choose a subject that will interest them and try to present it in an
interesting way”. Writing has always formed part of the syllabus in the teaching of English
(Harmer, 2004). In activity of writing, students are expected to be able to compose wellorganized pieces of writing in English as their foreign language. Recently, teaching writing to the
eighth graders was not easy. Unfortunately, most Indonesian students think that writing is
generally difficult. The reasons are that it takes a lot of time to think about the topic that they are
going to write, they have view ideas and inspirations, and they only have little knowledge about
technique of writing. Moreover, teacher are usually only relies on textbook which contains
simple exercises e.g. completing text, arranging sentences into paragraph, answering questions
about the text given. Furthermore, students have no practice on writing. Students are not asked to
write their own writing product. Thus, students get difficulties on writing because they are not
accustomed to.
One of the effective media that can be used in teaching writing is by using learning diary.
As a theory from Meyer (2005) stated that Writing comes from working through a process of
writing. Thus, writing needs some steps such as exploring ideas, pre-writing, organizing, writing,
and revising the first draft, editing and proofreading that cannot be done immediately. In the
writing areas, exercising writing everyday will help write English text appropriately. Habit of
writing diary and they are all very up to date, every single day, what they do, fun or things they
find funny, interesting, they put it on their diaries is good to improve students’ writing ability.
Therefore, learning diaries, which are written continuously along with the feedback from the
teacher, can be the effective way to teach writing. Some studies have been conducted and they
showed that the use of learning diaries is one of effective ways to teach writing. Indeed, the aim
of this paper is to argue that learning diaries can help students solve their writing problems,

A study conducted qualitatively by PARK (2003) proven that the use of learning diaries brings big impact on increasing students’ interests on the learning materials. Her study showed that there is significance difference on students’ achievement on writing before and after the treatment by using learning diaries. By having students writing learning diaries continuously. the implementation of learning diaries brings ease for the students to write and makes their ability of writing improved. ideas and thought without having fear of being evaluated or .improve their writing ability. learn more. expressions. learning diaries can make students put more interests on the learning materials as the students will be easily on learning writing and enjoy the teaching learning process of writing. enjoy it more and be more able to appreciate the relevance of what they have learned. than students who passively receive what we teach them. Students will put interests in the diary as a media along with the learning materials. etc. they tend to understand more. Students may face some problems during the writing process such as lack of ideas. to encourage and empower students to take more responsibility for their own learning. as they are easier to write. sentence structures. increase their interest on the learning material. A study conducted by Kurnianingsih (2009) also resulted that writing learning diaries improves students’ writing ability. students’ difficulties on writing can be solved easily by them. it will be easier for the students to accept diary as a media for their teaching learning process. organization of writing. students will be accustomed to write about their feeling. remember more. Such a study conducted by Hidayat (2012) showed that by accustoming on writing learning diaries. Since learning diaries is a simple media and students are sometimes writing diary by themselves unconsciously. Thus. and gain selfconfidence so that they will be encouraged to do more writing. Since the students are putting more interests on the learning materials. to be more reflective in their study. Another profit of using learning diaries is that learning diaries can increase students’ interests in and engagement with the learning material. Those problems can be covered by doing continuously writing so that students will be accustomed to write and having their writing better by the day. Learning diary also has another benefit when it is implemented in the teaching of writing. Their difficulty on writing has been decreased. and to allow them to have a voice and provide valuable feedback to the teacher. It showed that the learning journal has good potential to increase student interest in and engagement with course material. In short.

Jeremy. encourage more writing. Harmer. (2004). Reza. students will feel secure while writing diaries. and help them find writing interesting. Universitas Negeri Semarang. and slowly they will find that writing is an interesting activity to be done. students’ writing ability will be improved. 2011) also showed that writing learning diaries help students gain self-confidence. By writing learning diary can also make students to be more interested to the learning materials and gain self confident so that they will be encouraged to write more writing. Therefore. The Effect of Diary Writing on EFL College Students’ Writing Improvement and Attitudes. they will find themselves feeling happy to be put inside writing activity. . & Gholami. Vaseghi. Taufiq. they will be interested to do more exercises on writing. & Gholami. (2011). Semarang. learning diary can be an effective way to teach writing to the students since writing is considered as difficult skill to be learnt. Vaseghi. (Undergraduate). The more students feel confident on their writing.blamed because of just little mistake they make in their writing. Learning diary can help students to solve their writing problems such as difficulties on finding ideas and structured of the sentences. Literature and Linguistics. they will be encouraged to write more. It has been proven that learning diary gives some positive effects to the students. (2012). International Conference on Languages. 5. writing learning diaries will help students to get their self-confident on writing. Hidayat. Reza. How to Teach Writing. In conclusion. New York: Addison Wesley Publishing Company. Thus. When they found that writing is interesting. 26. As a study conducted by (Barjesteh. References Barjesteh. The Use of Diary Writing Method to Improve Students’ Writing Recount Text Ability. As diary known as a personal record. It is also proven that by writing learning diary. Hamed.

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