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Inmuse Music Service is a music production company based in
Indonesia aiming to provide premium quality music at an affordable
We provide various Music-related service, from composing,
arranging, programming, MIDI Mock-ups, mixing, mastering and
sound design.
Our mission is to become the best partner in music production for
film-makers, producers, composers, arrangers and all mediarelated companies.
Inmuse team consist of:
Ivan Tangkulung (Founder)
Ivan is a Composer, Arranger and Orchestrator, and Founder of
Inmuse Music Production. He has composed and written for
international ensembles such as New Thread Quartet (New York),
SETTS Ensemble (Singapore) and Trinity Youth Symphony
Orchestra (Indonesia).
His latest commercial works include A Chest of Shadows: A
Musical for the Indonesian Arts Festival (2015), Indonesian Film
Festival 2015 and Gianti Giadi Art of Dance E-MOTIONS 2015.
He is currently a lecturer at IMI (Institut Musik Indonesia), teaching
music composition and theory.
Fernandi Terahadi (Co-Founder)
Fernandi received full scholarship from the Yong Siew Toh
Conservatory of Music (YSTCM), National University of

and OST Beda for Film Hijab. with Zhou Xiao Dong. Services: 1. 3. We also provide orchestration service where we can help fill out and thicken the orchestration. bringing your composition from score or hand-writing to life using cutting-edge samples and realistic virtual instruments. Indonesian Film Festival (2015). He graduated from School of Creative Art (SOCA). from catchy jingles to classical-tinged arrangements. I love Mama by NIVEA. Mixing and Mastering . Composition and Arranging Inmuse provides music composition and arranging service. 2. Sound Design. Flowers of Asmat (2015) by NUANSA Cultural Production. 2 Ruang and Nutcracker in Jazz Concert. Orchestral Mockup Inmuse provides the best orchestral mockup service. He has scored and written for Mahamoelia in Europe on Screen Festival (2015).Singapore to pursue his Bachelor of Music degree in Recording Arts and Sciences. Fernandi currently studying under Zhou Xiao Dong. film-scoring even avant-garde compositions. Inmuse’s talented composers come from diverse musical background and are well-versed in many styles to provide the best and most suitable composition and arrangements for your every need. His sound design and mixing engineer credit includes: P. sound designer. He has worked with T’ang Quartet (Singapore) in the recording of The Music of Pictures Concert (2014) and Jazz Musician Tony Makarome (Singapore) in the album production. majoring in Music and Audio Production and studied film scoring at Sjuman School of Music. and mixing engineer.S. and even sweeten the orchestral mockups with live players. Fernandi also composed for film and musical theatre. Stefanus Liga (Co-Founder) Stefanus is a a composer. 3.

No submission fee 8. 3. Jalan Raya Kelapa Lilin Blok LB 5 No. Winners will be announced by May 2016 and the winner will receive their mockup by June 2016 (latest) 10. Deadline for submission is April 2016 9. Contact Us Contact us now if you have question regarding our service. Sound Effects. We are inviting composers to submit their works for Orchestra/string ensemble/Woodwind Ensemble/any combination of orchestral instruments 2. We create computerengraved copy from your hand-writing or MIDI sequences.com. Jakarta. The winners will receive free orchestral mockup of their short piece. 4. Do include Composer’s biography at the body of the email or attached Fernandi Terahadi is full-time undergraduate at the Yong Siew . 6. 11. etc. 4. We would love to hear about your projects! Email: inmuservice@gmail. 20235. The compositions must be miniatures. with Sound Design.Inmuse provides complete Post-Porduction service for your film. Foley. 3 scores will be chosen as winners. All styles are welcome. we make sure the copy of the score and individual parts for each instrument are wellorganized. All composers from all age and nationality are welcome 7. Submission in PDF format should be sent to inmuservice@gmail. Medan. 4. with the subject line SUBMISSION – NAME – TITLE. and Audio Mixing. With highly detailed preparation and utmost care. and Mastering 4. 52. 5. Indonesia. 1-2 minutes in length. games.com Whatsapp: +62811601459 Address: Karantina No. Copyist Inmuse provide music copying service for you. Indonesia NEWS: CALL FOR SCORES FOR ORCHESTRAL MOCKUP Inmuse 2016 1.

I was born in Jakarta.S. Mixing Engineer for OST “Beda” in “Film Hijab” and some other Album. which was performed at University Cultural Center.During his time studying in the Conservatory. Indonesia . Moreover.Sounder Designer for short film “P. . mixing engineer and guitarist. sound designer. He composed music for “Flowers of Asmat”.Toh Conservatory of Music (YSTCM). majoring in Music and Audio Production and currently study film scoring at SSOM ( Sjuman School of Music ). Fernandi has done music recordings project such as the recording of “the Music of Pictures” concert which featured T’ang Quartet. Fernandi currently studying under Zhou Xiao Dong. I’m a composer. a play by NUANSA Cultural Production. He received full scholarship from the YSTCM to pursue his Bachelor of Music degree in Recording Arts and Sciences. I graduated in 2014 from SOCA ( School of Creative Art ). I love Mama” by NIVEA. National University of Singapore. Besides music recordings. Fernandi has worked with Zhou Xiao Dong to produce a jazz album featuring Tony Makarome’s band. I compose music for Film “Mahamoelia” in Europe on Screen Festival. in 1991 and began playing guitar in senior high school. make short bumper for “Festival Film Indonesia” and make some arrangement in “2 Ruang” and “Nutcracker in Jazz” concert. Fernandi has also done music arrangements and music compositions for film.