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New Orleans Cup

Saturday, June 14 2008
Newman High School
1903 Jefferson Ave, NOLA
Gi & NoGi – Kids & Adult Divisions
Weigh in begins at 9 A.M.
Visit for details.
I would like to invite you and your academy to the New Orleans Cup Brazilian Jiu
Jitsu Competition on Saturday, 06/14/08 inside of Newman School, 1903 Jefferson Ave.
New Orleans, Louisiana. This will be a great opportunity for the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and
Grappling community to get together, compete and consolidate synergies among the

Pre-Registration until May 31st
$40.00 one division (GI or No GI) - $50.00 both divisions.
Send this form to
After May 31st
$50.00 one division (GI or No GI)-$60.00 both divisions.
LBJJF Members $45.00 one division $55.00 both divisions.
Weigh in begins at 9 A.M.

Please refer any questions to:
Our inaugural event will feature:

● Custom Medals
● Six Mats
● All adult competitors will receive a T-shirt
Participation Medals for kids.
● Professional referees.
● BJJ and No Gi.
● No Gi Beginners and No Gi Advance
● 4 divisions for adults.
● 2 divisions for Kids (No Open Class for kids).
● CBJJ rules for Gi and No Gi ( ).
● All Competitors will weigh-in.
● Picture ID required.
● GI color – White, Black or Blue. No other color or combination like white top and
blue pants.
● Kid’s division between 4-6 years old, No submission allowed, just points.
● Women’s GI and No GI.
● Drinks and Food will be sold in the gym.

Appropriate Etiquette:

● Fingernails and toenails must be clipped.
● No headgear or wrestling shoes allowed.
● Any kind of diseases like Staph infections, ringworm or etc, will result in
● No T-shirts or rashguard allowed under the GI.
● No Gi – Must use a rashguard (recommended) or T-shirt.
● The Gi and No Gi uniform must be clean.

Illegal Techniques:
All the professors must read the CBJJ rules and explain it to the

● No Slamming
● No Neck Cranks or Cervical Locks.
● Foot locks: Just Straight Achilles locks. No Heel Hooks, Knee Bars, Toe Holds.
● No striking, Biting, Putting fingers into the Eye or Nose of the opponent, small
joint manipulations, head butting, hair pulling, chin to eye or groin shots.
● The use of foul language or other immoral acts of disrespect towards the referee
or any of the assisting public.
● Run out the ring with a submission locked to avoid tapping out.

Points System:

Besides the Take Down, all positions must be established for 3 Seconds.
After the time is over, the Referee will decide the winner in case of same score for both

4 points – mount, back mount, back (two hooks must be inside)

3 points – passing the guard

2 points – take downs, sweeps and knee on the belly

Fight Time:

Kids 4-6 years old – 2 min
Kids 7-9 years old – 3 min
Kids 10-15 years old – 4 min
Juvenile 15-16 years old – 5 min
Adult - White belts – 5 min– Blue belts 6 min – Purple belts 7 min – Brown belts 8 min-
Black belts 10 min.
Master - all belts 5 min
No GI Beginner – 5 min
No GI Advanced – 6 min
New Orleans Cup – June 14, 2008
CITY:____________STATE:______________ ZIP:__________________
EMAIL:_________________________ GENDER: __________
In Case of Emergency, Call: _____________PHONE:(___)____________

WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY: The School urges you and all
students to obtain a physical examination from a doctor before using any
exercise equipment, participating in any exercise class or competition. All
exercises, including the use of weights and use of any and all machinery,
equipment, and apparatus designed for exercising shall be at the student's
sole risk. Student understands that the agreement to compete, use, or
selection of exercise programs, methods and types of equipment shall be
student's entire responsibility and the School shall not be liable to student for
any claims, demands, injuries, damages, or actions arising due to injury to
student's person or property arising out of or in connection with the use by
student of the services, facilities, and premises of the School. Student hereby
holds the School, its officers, owners, agents and employees harmless from
all claims which may be brought against them by student or on student's
behalf for any such injuries or claims.



Weight Classes:
The year of the birth will be considered for the age division, not the Date of the birth.

No GI Weight Class
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Official
Weight Classes
Juvenile (16 – 17 years old), Adult (18 -29 years Old), Master (over 30 years old)
The senior division will be together with the master.
Phone: (__) ___ -__________ Belt:_______________
Email:_______________ Year of Birth_____________
Weight Class with the GI :_______________________
Weight Class No GI:___________________________
No GI: (___) Beginner (____) Advance.
Mark your division with (X)
Division NO GI NO Gi Open Class GI GI Open
Adult – 18-29 years old
NO GI NO Gi Open Class GI GI Open
Master – over 30 years old
NO GI NO Gi Open Class GI GI Open
Kid's 4-6 years old
Kid's 7-9 years old
Kid's 10-12 years old
Kid's 13-15 years old
Juvenile 16-17 years old
Please check you weight class with your Coach!!!
No Refunds!!
Newman School
1903 Jefferson Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70115
Please refer any questions to: