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City of West Saint Paul
ATTN: Data Practices Act Compliance Officer
1616 Humboldt Ave

West Saint Paul, MN 55118

February 26, 2016
Dear Sir or Madam:

Please consider this a formal request for the release of public data, as follows:
1. Copies of anv and all documents, written and electronic, such as e-mails, letters, notes,
call logs, reports, or any other document or correspondence involving any staff member
or elected official of the City of West Saint Paul and any of the following individuals,

topics, or organizations for the time period of October 1^\ 2015 through the most
current date at the time this request is processed.
a .





Individual: J o a n P e t e r s o n



Gabrielle "Gabby" Giffords

Mark Kelly

Nancy Haas
Patrick Hynes

e .



I n d i v i d u a l ; Chanda Smith Baker


Individual; Keith Dixon


Individual: Sarah Dixon


Individual: Jon Halverson


I n d i v i d u a l : Ivan Fossen


Individual: J a n e e H a r t e a u


Individual: Babette Jamison

Individual: Dave Korus

n .

Individual: Ross Litman

0 .

Individual: Jennifer Polzin




I n d i v i d u a l : Paul Schnell

Paul Pribbenow

r. Individual: Mary Streufert

s. Organization: Messerii & Kramer, as lobbyists for Americans for Responsible


t. Organization: Americans for Responsible Solutions

u. Organization: Pillsbury United Communities

PO Box 131718 Saint Paul, MN 55113-0015 | +1-612-424-4032 |


V. Organization; Minnesota Alliance with Youth
w. Organization: Land O'Lakes, Inc.
X. Organization: Women's Advocatesjnc.
y. Organization: Team Rubicon

z. Organization: Brady Campaign

aa. Organization: Northland Chapter-Brady Campaign
bb. Organization: Tubman Center
cc. Organization: Augsburg College

dd. Organization: League of Women Voters, Duluth

ee. Organization: Minnesota Coalition for Common Sense
ff. Topics: Gun Control
gg. Topics: Gun Legislation
hh. Topics: Minnesota Coalition for Common Sense

ii. Topics: Event / Press Conference on February 25, 2016 with the Minnesota
Coalition for Common Sense,

jj. Topics: County-wide law enforcement meeting held at West Saint Paul Police
Department that Mark Kelly attended on February 25, 2016.

kk. Topic: Use of the West Saint Paul Police Range by Mark Kelly and any other

II. Topic: Policies for the use of the West Saint Paul Police Range
mm. Topic: Policies for loaning firearms for attendee use by Mark Kelly or

2. To the extent that any portion of these records is non-public data, this request shall be
read as a request for the public portion{s) of those records.
3. Further, please consider this letter a formal demand for the indefinite retention of the
requested data, pending resolution or reclassification of its status.

4. As required by section 13.03, subd 3., paragraph f of Minnesota Statutes, I am requesting that in
the event that any portion of this request is not granted, that your department "... certify in
writing that this request has been denied and cite your specific statutory section, temporary
classification, or specific provision of the law upon which the denial was based."

We would prefer to receive document copies electronically via PDF delivered by e-mail.

PO Box 131718 Saint Paul, MN 55113-0015 | +1-612-424-4032 \


Please contact me If the costs for this request will exceed $250.00 - otherwise, please invoice
with the specific information required under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act to
our address and we'll make prompt payment.
1 can be reached via e-mail at to discuss further if needed.

ryan Strawser
Executive Director

PO Box 131718 Saint Paul, MN 55113-0015 | +1-612-424-4032 |