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Gehman Mennonite Church

March 16, 2008 Remember our Maundy evening service on Thursday, March 20 at 6:30. There
will be child care for those under 12 years old, a light supper, a service with
9:00 Sunday School communion and feet washing.
10:00 Hymn of Praise* Darlene McCosby
Scripture Reading* Matt.4:17-21 Lena Brown Participate in the 2008 Celebration of Church Life by attending the “Festival of
Responsive Reading Congregational Life” this afternoon, March 16, from 2:00 -5:00 p.m. at Lancaster
Offering Mennonite School. Exhibits, seminars, stories, an ice cream social and Friendship
Praise & Worship Community’s Coffee House provide activities for many ages and interests. The
Special Music: Musser Family evening service will begin at 6:30 p.m.
Mission speakers: Dave Flamm Family
Women’s CARE Group Tuesday, March 18 at 6:30 p.m. at Glen Martin’s shop
"Come Follow Me" - Matthew 4:16
Hymn: Darlene McCosby
Sharing Time Youth Group Bible Study, Tuesday March 18, at 7:00 at Travis and Carolyn's
Closing Prayer & Benediction house.
*Congregation will stand.
***************************************************************** Wednesday, March 19, is Sewing Circle. The project for this month is Newborn
Today: Kits.
Greeters: Gerald & Amber Martin The ballots to affirm six members of the Pastoral Search Committee are due
Sunday School Nursery: Karen J., Margaret today. Please place them in Pastor Irvin’s mailbox.
Church Nursery: Roxanne & Chrystle
Gerald & Amber Martin have site #11 available at Spruce Lake, June 20-22. Talk
Hostess: Lena Brown
to them if you are interested in that site for this year.
Next Week:
Greeters: Ed & Marlene Martin
Chorister: Grace Sensenig Debbie Mast has been asked to take Karen Z. Sauder’s place as a representative from
Easter Program our church on the Bowmansville Bible school committee. Also, please look at the
Church Nursery: Margaret G. & Lena
display on the table and decide what you will do to help with this year’s Bible school.
Easter Sunday - Our day will begin with a breakfast from 8:30-9:15 followed by Ladies “Night Out” at Woodcrest Retreat will be held Thursday evening, April 17,
the morning worship service beginning at 9:30. There will be no Sunday School. at 6:00 p.m. Enjoy a delightful evening of a delicious catered buffet with speaker,
Bernice Wagner sharing on the theme “Hospitality from A-Z”. Cost: $17.00. Call
Offerings: 738-2233 by April 4 for reservations.
Last week’s offering was $2,750.38.
The offerings for March are for Gehmans Mennonite School, Hinkletown
Mennonite School, LMHS, and Lititz Area Mennonite School. Senior Citizen’s Day at Woodcrest Retreat, is Wednesday, April 23, 9:00 a.m. -
2:00 p.m. Speaker: Rev. Robert Gerhart - Authentic Reenactment of Rev. George
Attendance last week was 119. Bechtel, Pioneer PA Preacher. Rev. Gerhart will be sharing his ventriloquist talent in
the aternoon. Lunch provided. There will be a freewill offering. Call 738-2233 for
You are invited to sing at the Denver Nursing Home this afternoon. Meet at reservations.
Happy Birthday to Wilbur Martin today, Ruth Horst on Monday and Lisa Horning
on Friday.