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Gehman Mennonite Church Wednesday, April 9, Prayer Meeting and Bible Study, 7:00 p.m.

April 6, 2008

9:00 Sunday School** JGA will be meeting at the Bowmansville Mennonite Church on Wednesday, April 9
10:00 Hymn of Praise* Sylvia Eberly from 7-8:30 pm. They will be having their "Tea and Talent" evening. (This was
Scripture Reading: Luke 24:13-35 Lena Brown cancelled in February because of bad weather.) Girls are invited to present a talent
Responsive Reading such as a song, musical instrument, poem, picture or craft. (2-3 minutes in length)
Offering Moms are invited as special guests!
Praise & Worship
Sermon: Steve McCosby JBA will be meeting at the Bowmansville Mennonite Church on Wednesday evening,
Hymn April 9, from 7-8:30. They will be doing a service project.
Sharing Time
Closing Prayer & Benediction Jr. Youth will be meeting at the Bowmansville Mennonite Church on Wednesday
*Congregation will stand. evening, April 9, from 7-8:30. It's time for the annual trip to the Dairy Queen! Bring
***************************************************************** money to purchase ice cream.
** Sunday school will be combined as we discuss the future ministerial leadership.
We will meet in the auditorium. Saturday, April 12, Men’s Prayer Breakfast here at church, 6:00 a.m.

Today: May 5, Monday, 7:00 p.m. - Members Meeting - Nomination forms are in your
Sunday School Nursery: Tamarah, Karen mailbox this morning for offices elected by the congregation, along with job
Church Nursery: Michelle & Lamar descriptions. Please return your nomination form to Irvin by April 20.

Next Week:
Greeters: Luke & Ruth Horst If anyone is interested in camping at Woodcrest Retreat, July 25-27, the weekend of
Chorister: Darlene McCosby our service there, contact Woodcrest (738-2233) by tomorrow or the sites will be
Scripture Reading: Darrell Gockley released.
Sermon: Irvin Martin
Sunday School Nursery: Chrystle, Roxanne Please note the thank you note on the bulletin board from Ken & Lois Martin for the
Church Nursery: Dianne & Nelson gift of $750.00 we gave them.
Host & Hostess: Steve & Darlene McCosby
Today we have a fellowship meal. Everyone is invited to participate. March 2008 Offering Report:
Total Offerings: $12,445.08
Offerings: Designated Youndt Property 790.00
Last week’s offering was $2,554.00. First Fruits Giving 1,165.51 (District Bishop Fund/Lanc. Menn.
The offerings for April are for Mennonite Central Committee and Mennonite Conf.)
Disaster Service. Budgeted Funds: 8,935.00 (Insurance, Ministers, Operating,
Gehmans Missions, Youndt
Attendance last week was 107. property purchase, youth)
Lanc. Menn. School 383.64
Lititz Area Menn. School 383.65
Hinkletown Menn. School 383.64
Gehman Menn. School 383.64
Sauder Family Fund: 20.00
Karen’s transfer to home has proved to be the right
thing to do. She came home on Monday afternoon.
She is under hospice care for her medical needs.
With hospice nurses taking a large part of the day
time and the night shift, Karen is receiving very good
care. Volunteers are also scheduled to be there
throughout the day to help with meals, laundry and to
spend time with the boys. Your cards, short visits,
and most of all your prayers are so encouraging to
Randy. Karen, for the most part, is in a deep sleep
and with medication seems to be resting comfortably.
The boys are being real troopers with Jared and
Derek spending time holding their mom’s hand and
taking part in devotional times with her. They are
back to their regular school time and are glad to be at
home. Through this very difficult time God has been
“Therefore we do not lose heart…..inwardly we
are being renewed day by day.” 2 Cor. 4:16