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ICT for School

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Freedom in Knowled
Company Profile

About ETH
ETH is an acronym for Education To Home for bringing education to millions of learners transcending the
barriers of geographies, economic levels and languages. The underlying theme is Freedom to Learn wherever
you are. ETH leverages the power of Information and Communication Technologies, to achieve its mission.
ETH is about freedom and it is expressed in its creations, organization culture and its empowerment process.
ETH Research Lab was founded by in 1998 by Dr. Vijay P Bhatkar to develop technologies and content to bring
‘Education to Home’ using technology as a media such as through Internet, Television, Mobile and CDs.
The core mission of ETH is to bring Education to Home, transcending the barriers of geographies, languages
and economic levels, through innovation in Information and Communication Technologies.
ETH is part of US$3 billion Siva group that has led the PC, broadband and mobile revolutions in India.

About Siva Group


Foresight is a gift. And when you combine it with skill and commercial acumen, the result is often
breathtaking. That in a nutshell is the story of the Siva Group, a future spotter, early entrant, market maker ...
a story of vision, speed, consolidation and operational excellence. Started in 1986 by Mr. C Sivasankaran,
the Group today is a US$ 3 billion conglomerate, with operations in Realty, Telecom, Project Engineering,
Shipping, Energy, Agri exports and e-education / software.
As early as 1988, Mr Sivasankaran recognized the enormous potential of personal computers. Way back
then, Siva PCs went on to become the benchmark value definers and trend setters for the nascent industry. In
the following years, the group’s reputation as a pioneer and ‘Nextpert’ grew rapidly as it went on to build
leading brands in broadband connectivity, mobile telephony and food & beverages, proving with each
venture, the core competencies of the group in terms of entrepreneurial spirit, operational capability and
unmatched skill in scaling.
The mobile brand Aircel created by the Siva Group was one of the major
players in the mobile market then, changing the rules of the game from the
word go. Post its divesture in March 2006, the Group has been making its
presence felt in the fields of Realty, Project Engineering, Shipping, Energy,
Agri exports and e-education / software initiatives, both in India and abroad.
While the Siva Group has grown to become one of the most
successful business houses in the country, it has stayed rooted to the
guiding business principles and beliefs of its founder promoter
Mr. C. Sivasankaran, viz.
Identify unfulfilled needs of society
Convert such needs into business opportunities, seizing the first mover
Offer high quality products and services at reasonable prices while
enhancing wealth for all the stakeholders
Create wealth with social responsibility

Dr Vijay P. Bhatkar is one of the most acclaimed ICT leaders of India.

He is best known as an architect of PARAM series of Supercomputers, GIST
multilingual technology and Education-To-Home (ETH) mission. He is widely
recognized for his noteworthy contributions in bringing ICT to the masses through
a series of path-breaking initiatives.

He is also credited with the creation of several national institutions, notably

Dr. Vijay P. Bhatkar amongst them being the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-
DAC) - India’s national initiative in Supercomputing; the Electronics Research
& Development Centre (ER&DC), Trivandrum - India’s largest R&D Centre in
application oriented R&D in electronics; the ETH Research Laboratory, Pune for
launching Education-To-Home mission; the International Institute of Information
Technology (I2IT), Pune -India’s largest Post-Graduate Institute for advanced
education in IT; and the IndiaInternational Multiversity (IIMv) - an educational
initiative for promoting the concept of integral education.

Professor Ram Takwale is an Emeritus Professor in the University of Pune and

Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU), Nashik. He is the
President of Indian Consortium for Educational Transformation (I-CONSENT),
Chairperson, Indian Institute of Education, Pune, Director, MKCL, Member, Rajiv
Gandhi Science and Technology Commission of Maharashtra, and Secretary of the
Network for Educational Transformation (NETRA). Prof. Takwale’s contribution
includes the development of a model of YCMOU responsive to the needs of the
region, models for work-place based learning, use of ICT in administration and
Prof. Ram Takwale
education, ICT based teacher training model.
ICT for School Transformation

Program to improve quality of education by leveraging benefits of ICT in learning, teaching, administration
and collaboration in schools.
ETH is driving the ‘ICT for School Transformation’ initiative, architected as a global collaboration platform for
schools across geographic regions, syllabuses and languages. The innovative offerings in the ‘ICT for School
Transformation’ implementation program brings multi-play infrastructure, solutions and services to the schools,
teachers students and parents.
‘ICT for School Transformation’ enhances the quality of education imparted by schools, through teacher
training and technology awareness programs for schools.
Various components of program include awareness workshop, teacher training, school content, schools
infrastructure managements system, portal for knowledge sharing, interschool activities etc.
The platform connects various schools through effective teacher trainings comprising specially designed
activities driven through four phases of Overview, Training, Implementation and Evaluation.
Students have a global arena to participate in interschool competitions such as Games, Quizzes and
Olympiads, access to learning resources, interschool talent search and mentoring programs, exposure to
subject matter experts and scientists, giving them the ‘freedom to learn’ .
With teachers from across the world being involved in a school for imparting high quality education, ‘ICT
for School Transformation’ gives administration and collaboration platform for schools and teachers that
gives them the ‘freedom to operate’ irrespective of where they are.
The program aims at brining schools across the globe on one platform. Schools can decide to participate in any
model and for any component of the program to leverage the benefits of ICT according to their specific areas of


Infrastructure Services
§ Multimedia Lab § Teacher Training § Bal Scientist
§ Multimedia Class-room § Virtual School -Special Interest Group
§ Set Top box and TV based -Hosted Lectures -Educational Posters of Scientists
Virtual Classroom -Recorded Lectures § Olympiad
§ Basic LAN System -TV based classroom -Interschool Exams
§ Knowledge Bank -Question Bank, Mock Exam
-Digital Library of open
§ Digital Campus – An Integrated School
Information Management System
§ Digital Class – CBT/Web based
st th
content for standard 1 to 10
§ Portal for administrative
collaboration and knowledge sharing
Digital Campus-School Edition

Most Comprehensive Administration Automation Suite For Any Kind Of Educational Institution...

Student Admission
Core Features:
' D i g i t a l C a m p u s - S E ' o rg a n i z e s t h e
§Access Management admissions process and makes it more
§Administration effective. This comprehensive system enables
§User Management you to track applicants from initial inquiry to
enrollment. With 'Digital Campus-SE', you
§Student Admission
can capture important information necessary
§Fees Management to make enrollment decisions regarding the
§Attendance Management applicants and maintain a comprehensive
§Staff Leave management record of each contact.
§Result Processing There are configurable admission processes
§Certificates as per the entrance test, marks and certificates
§Financial Accounting required. Through 'Digital Campus-SE' every
§Pre Exam
student gets enrollment number which serves
as 'Log-in ID' and also unique identity across
§Assessment Engine
the years.
§Discussion Forum (SIG)

Key Benefits: Fees Management

'Digital Campus-SE' helps you to take control over school fees with an ease and track fees
§Computerized management
of students at school in a user friendly and efficient manner and it is tightly integrated with
of marks and grades. Admission, Financial Accounting, Transportation and Clearance system. It speeds up and
§A single database solution atomizes the work of fee collection and receipt generation with the aim to minimize the
allowing all information to human errors and it also lets you print the standard reports for fee collection as per the
be stored in one location requirement.
meaning no more double up
Attendance Management
§Total Operational Automation.
§Effective communication Using this module the concerned teacher of the class can mark student as absent for a
between teachers, parents particular day, can manage the attendance of students of various classes, and able to edit
student attendance. He/She can also view the attendance for a specified duration. Regular
and students.
and on-time attendance will help to evaluate students' performance.
§Best possible resource
§Authenticated profile Staff Leave Management
dependent access to data.
'Staff Leave Management' module takes care of leave management and attendance that
§Elimination of people- integrates these two critical HR tasks. It intelligently adapts to your policy and allows
dependent processes. employees and their managers to manage their leaves and mark their attendance. Routing
§Low Cost of Ownership. and approvals can also be customized based on schools unique processes. Most
§Completely Scalable and importantly, time off information will be consolidated for analysis, reporting, and payroll
Customizable solution for
calculation. Also the concerned user can update leave balance, check leave requisition
status, mark staff attendance, view and print various reports (Leave Balance Report, Staff
Educational Institutions.
Leave Report, and Holiday Report).
Digital Campus-School Edition

Add-on Features Result Processing

'Digital Campus-SE' has a comprehensive
·SMS & Email Integration student evaluation system or Examination
·Transport Management & Result Processing system. We can define the
·HRMS way we need to enter the marks for a class,
·Payroll Management Map Exams, Create the rules for calculating
·School Website
·Parent Portal It contains configurable Result Rule engine
·Question Bank Management for Term exam, Cumulative results and
grades. It takes complete care of end to end
·Assessment Engine
operations of Pre and Post exam processes. It
accepts and then processes the scores of
Premium Features students and subsequently produces their
report cards and analysis charts in graphical
·Assignments format. Also the output format for the Reports
·Lesson Plan cards/Progress Reports could be customized Fig: Digital Campus-SE’ Screenshots
as per the requirement of the school.
·Learning Management System
·Purchase Management Certificates
Using this module the user can track the various certificate related activities. So he/ she can issue Bonafide
·Nursing Certificate, School Leaving Certificate, Attempt Certificate etc with the help of this module. Also the user
·Discipline can view issued certificate details and can re-issue certificates. The staff experience certificate can also be
·Event Management issued using this module.
·Book Store Management
Financial Accounting.
Financial Accounting module in 'Digital Campus- SE' gives the school a solution to make an accounting
for their transactions. The application can be easily configured to give a picture of finances of the school.
We can create different ledgers as we need like separate ledgers for students or staff members for tracking
all transactions. Its comprehensive accounting system covers multiple companies, currencies, multiple
voucher management, memo management, day closing for fees, Payroll vouchers etc. It follows the
standard double entry system which is followed across the globe.

Pre Exam
This module deals with the various activities which are necessary to define before examination.
The task provided in this module are defining result masters (creation of examination categories,
exams, grading system for non graded standard and for graded standard etc.), assigning teacher
for marks entry, defining marking schemes and blank sheets for marks entry.

Assessment Engine
Beside these usual fields of activity, the Academic entity does the most important work for the
examination. There are provisions for teachers to send their selection of questions to the
Academic entity. This particular entity is monitored by the Administration entity. As questions
come in from the teachers, the administrator has the right to randomly choose questions that are
to be set for a particular exam. Besides basic management of various minor cogs of
administration, the Academic Entity dispenses with everything a school requires so as to ensure
that examinations pass smoothly.
Digital Class

Computer based learning and teaching is a critical part of ICT for School. Towards this ETH is preparing a series of
CDs and web content not only for teaching the progressive learning of Information Technology as the student progresses
through different classes, but also for teaching as well as for self-learning various useful subject at all levels.
Digital Class is implemented using student friendly multimedia software which contains multimedia content titles for
all the standards viz, Std 1st to 10th for Marathi, English and Semi-English mediums of all subjects. Based on
Maharashtra State Board syllabus, it includes Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Languages, Grammar,
Information Technology as well as the Virtual Lab for science subjects.
Through these CDs, students will be able to learn in an interactive way, by watching and listening to the multimedia
content. Each concept is explained through the use of appropriate pictures, videos and animations, and every
subject is covered with three parts viz. Study, Examination / Exercises & Games.

Key features
ŸBased on the syllabus of Maharashtra State Board
ŸContent is in multimedia form with simple to use navigation
ŸConcepts are explained through appropriate pictures, videos and animations
ŸHigh quality color scheme, voice over and music with easy navigation
ŸContent is written by experts in school education, with 10-15 years of teaching experience in the respective subjects

Content titles
Maharashtra CBSE Maharashtra CBSE
Standard I, II State Board Syllabus Syllabus Standard VIII State Board Syllabus Syllabus
Sr. Subject Marathi English Sr. Subject Marathi English
1 Mathematics √(Parisar Abhyas) √(Macmillan) 1 Mathematics √ √
2 Environment Science √ √(Grammar) 2 Science √ √
3 English √ √ 3 History √ √
4 Marathi √ (Only Ist std.) 4 Civics √ √
5 Geography √ √
Standard III 6 Sanskrit (Composite) √ √
Sr. Subject Marathi English 7 Marathi √
1 Mathematics √ √ 8 Hindi (Composite) √ √
2 Science √ √
3 History √ √ Standard IX, X
4 Geography √ √
5 English √ √(Grammar) Sr. Subject Marathi English
1 English (Grammar) √ √
2 Sanskrit (Composite)
Standard IV √ √
3 Algebra
Sr. Subject Marathi English √ √
4 Geometry
1 Mathematics √ √ √ √
5 Science-1
2 √ √ √ √
Science 6 Science-2
3 √ √ √
History √ 7 Virtual Lab
4 √ √ √
Geography √ 8 History
5 √ √ √
English (Grammar) √ 9 Civics
√ √
10 Geography
Standard V, VI, VII 11 √ √
12 √ √
Sr. Subject Marathi English Environment Science

1 Mathematics 13 Information Technology √
√ √ 14 Marathi √
2 Science √
√ √ 15 Hindi (Composite) √
3 History
√ √
4 Civics
√ √
5 Geography

6 Information Technology √
7 Marathi (Grammar) √
8 English (Grammar) √
9 Govt. Scholarship – 7th √ √