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Air Pollution

The government solves the air pollution problem by implementing a wide range of measures

to control emissions from motor vehicles, power plants and industrial and commercial

processes locally. For the smog problem, the government works with Guangdong Provincial

Authorities to implement a joint plan to tackle the regional smog problem. The government

reduces the suspended particulates and nitrogen oxides emissions from motor vehicles in five

ways, they are: “adopt tighter fuel and vehicle emission standards”, “adopt cleaner

alternatives to diesel where practicable”, “control emissions from remaining diesels with

devices that trap pollutants”, “strengthen vehicle emission inspections and enforcement

against smoky vehicles” and “promote better vehicle maintenance and eco-driving habits”.

The air pollution problem brings us sickness of lungs, like Pulmonary Fibrosis, Cancer,

Cardiovascular diseases and Emphysema. There are few reasons to cause the Pulmonary

Fibrosis as well. They are inhaled environmental, occupational pollutants and cigarette

smoking. And the other reasons are certain medications and therapeutic radiation. The

sickness makes us inconvenient and destroys our health of lungs. And it will take a long time

for the treatment. As we can observe from the past, the worst air pollution happened in
London when dense smog (a mixture of smoke and fog) formed in December of 1952 and

lasted until March of 1953. 4,000 people died in one week. 8,000 more died within six month.

In another way, the air pollution index increased to 138 on the 1 st of February, 07. And the

numbers of patients who went to the clinic I problem could be serious. Ncreased by 30%. It

shows that air pollution

Smoke and carbon monoxide may cause the Green house Effect, the process in which the

emission of infrared radiation by the atmosphere warms a planet’s surface. Or even it may

causes the Acid Rain, it is a kind of rain or any other form of precipitation that is unusually

acidic. It has harmful effects on plants, aquatic animals and buildings. The animals may have

some health problems if they are living in such a polluted city, more serious they may die by

suffocate. Previously, the animals may be extinct in a short period. I think that planting more

trees may help to protect the environment in Yau Ma Tei, because trees can produce

photosynthesis, so it can give out more oxygen, it may cause the environment be more fresh

around Yau Ma Tei.

The business volume of the shops or restaurants will decrease because of air pollution. Many

people stay at home especially in summer because the air pollution is more acute in summer.
Therefore the Environmental Protection Department advises people who have respiratory illne

sses should not go out. This makes some of the business volume of shops or restaurants worst

than before.Hong Kong air pollution is quite terrible now, the air of Hong Kong is unbearable.

Many foreigners thought that we need to improve air quality of Hong Kong so that if the

government doesn’t do anything, Hong Kong’s tourism will get worse than before. Air

pollution is the main concern when people emigrate from their country to Hong Kong. Many

people in Hong Kong died and got diseases of respiratory because of air pollution. They got

lung cancer or heart diseases. Hong Kong’s pollutant are from cars and factories, Hong Kong

government doesn’t improve much in this two problems, so that everyone scared about this


Diseases can be Initiated and/or Promoted by Air Pollution

Environmental Protection Department

Environmental Protection Department

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Environmental Protection Department

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