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Healthcare organisations of all types are

being forced to rethink and re-engineer
traditional business models to keep pace
with demographic and lifestyle trends, fiscal
constraints and rapidly advancing technology.
The sector is highly regulated and subject
to shifts in national and local policy. Health
and social care providers are required to
demonstrate national minimum standards
through compliance with the Care Standards
Act 2000.
The value of your business depends
significantly on your ability to demonstrate
high standards in resident care, quality of
the working environment, staffing levels,
professional management and processes
and procedures.


A business prognosis will help you to evaluate
strengths and areas in need of development
to ensure the right decisions are made about
your new or existing business. Whether
your business is flourishing and ready for
expansion or in trouble and in need of a survival
assessment. AECOMs Healthcare Business
Progress tool, designed by our healthcare
professionals, will provide a holistic and
insightful assessment of your business, helping
you to better understand its performance
and potential.


The Healthcare Business Prognosis will focus on:

We provide an assessment service of a single business

or a multi-property portfolio. We use an approach
that is shaped by industry standards and one that
engages with a wide range of internal and external
stakeholders critical to your business including
staff, patients and their families. On completion we
will provide a high level business prognosis with
recommendations where appropriate. We also offer a
wide range of services tailored to meet your
business requirements..

Estate management
Property assessment: basic compliance checks,
development potential.
Assessment on financial management
Marketing assessment to optimise occupancy levels
and turnover
Competition analysis
Socio-demographic analysis
Supply and demand assessment.
Customer service, operations.
Business growth
Assessment on risk management, organizational
management, stakeholder management,
management control, expertise, resource.
The information captured within the Healthcare
Business Prognosis assessment will also help you
demonstrate compliance with the Care Quality
Commission Compliance under the Health and Social
Care Act 2008 and the Care Standards Act 2000.
If an assessment is requested for a recently acquired
business, AECOMs Healthcare Business Prognosis will
focus on:
Regulatory record
Background, business style and culture
Estate condition
Areas in need of improvement.

Across the UK + Ireland our healthcare teams provide
professional planning, design and management
services through a fully integrated single business
approach. This allows us to focus on reducing client
risk, improving value and assuring outcomes on
projects throughout the asset lifecycle. Our capability
is further enhanced as teams draw on AECOMs global
network, comprising close to 100,000 people across
150 countries, enabling them to call on a vast pool of
knowledge, creativity and technical excellence.

Our services cover virtually every aspect of healthcare

facility development and asset management. From
initial economic market research and cost modelling
through to design, project management, delivery and
innovative estate management strategies, acquisition
and disposal. Projects range from fitness and wellbeing
centres, local community health centres and care homes
through to some of the UKs most technologicallyadvanced hospitals, specialist cancer centres and
global centres of excellence in medical research.

For more information on the Healthcare Business Prognosis

or to arrange a consultation, please contact:
Dean Jones
Programme Consulting

D: +44 (0)1727 535000

M: +44 (0)7341 129282