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The timeline for the Shawshank Redemption ---The UnOfficial Shawshank Redemption Site- 5/18/08 12:30 AM

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This is the major time line for the movie that I wrote. I used Stephen King's book and the movie for the information. I
have adjusted some dates to fit the time line of the movie. All times with a ? in front of the date is just my best guess
at the date, since it was never revealed in the book or the movie. Any updates or corrections please send to me at


Ellis Boyd "Red" Redding murders his wife by cutting her brakes on her car. A women and baby are accidently
killed in the mix when Mrs. Redding offers them a ride.

Red is sentenced to three life sentences for each of his victims to be served back to back to back at
Shawshank Prison in Maine.

June 1946

Andy and Linda Dufresne buy insurance for each other for $50,000.00.

June 1946

Linda Collins Dufrresne expresses an interest in golf, and decided to take lessons at the Snowed-in Hills
Country Club. She takes lessons for four months by golf pro Glenn Quentin. After a while Linda and Glenn
become lovers.

August 24, 1946

Linda Dufrresne's husband, Andy discovers her affair with Glenn Quentin.

September 8. 1946

Andy goes to the Wise Pawnshop in Lewiston, Maine and buys a six-shot .38 Police Special with a check.

September 10. 1946

...Somewhere between 12:00 PM & 3:00 PM -- Andy confronts his wife about her affair, they argue bitterly.
She said she was glad she knew, that she was tired of all the snaking around. Linda tells Andy that she
wanted a divorce in Reno, to which Andy said, "I'll see you in Hell, before I see you in Reno."

Linda takes off to go and spend the night with Glenn.

...7:00 PM -- Andy goes to the Snowed-in Hills Country Club bar and orders three glasses of Whiskeys in a
twenty-minute-period. As he was getting up from the bar he told the bartender that he was going to Glenn
Quentins house and he could "read about the rest of it in the papers."

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The timeline for the Shawshank Redemption ---The UnOfficial Shawshank Redemption Site- 5/18/08 12:30 AM

...8:45 PM -- Andy goes to Handy-Pik store, which is about a mile from Glenn Quentin home. He buys
cigarettes, and three quarts of beer.

...Between 9:00 PM and Midnight -- Andy drives to Quentin's house and parks his car in the turnout. He
drank his beer and smokes his cigarettes while listening to the radio. He watches the lights in the downstairs
house go out. He then sees the lights go on upstairs, then fifteen minutes later, he watches them go out too.
He pull's his gun out of the glove box and loads it. He gets out of the car and takes two or three steps
towards the house. He then started to feel signs of a bad hangover, he gets back in his car and decides to
sleep it off.

September 10-11, 1946: 11:00 PM - 2:00 AM

Glenn Quentin and Linda Dufrresne are murdered in bed.

September 11. 1946

...Morning --Glenn Quentin's cleaning women finds both him and Linda in bed, dead, each shot four times.

...Afternoon --The detective assigned to case finds three pieces of evidence. Two empty quarts of
Narragansett Beer (with Andy's fingerprints on them), twelve cigarette ends (Kool's the kind Andy smokes),
and a plaster moulage of a set of tire tracks (exactly matching the tread-and-wear pattern of the tires of
Andy's Plymouth).

December 1946 - February 1947

Andy was indicted and tried for the murder of Linda Dufrresne and Glenn Quentin. The trial lasted for six

February 1947

Andy was found guilty of both murders. The judge ordered Andy to serve two life sentences, back to back "for
each of his victims." He is to serve is sentence at Shawshank Prison

February 15, 1947 ?

...1:00 PM -- Red is up for his first parol. He is rejected.

...1:30 PM -- Andy arrives at Shawshank.

...1:40 PM -- Red and his friends (Heywood, Skeet, Floyd, Jigger, Ernie, and Snooze ) get the first look at
Andy, while betting on which of the new fish (new cons) would be the first to brake down and cry that night.
Red said it would be Andy.

...5:00 PM -- Andy is brought to his cell for the first time. His new home.

...Night -- The cons start yell at and teasing the "new fish" to see who they could make cry. Heywood gets a
"fat ass" to cry and beg for his mom. Heywood wins the bet.

February 16, 1947 ?

...8:00 AM -- Andy experiences his first breakfast at Shawshank. He sits at the table next to Red and his
friends alone.

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The timeline for the Shawshank Redemption ---The UnOfficial Shawshank Redemption Site- 5/18/08 12:30 AM

...9:30 AM -- Andy takes his first real shower at Shawshank. He meets Boggs.

Mid-March 1947

...10:00 AM -- Andy finally talks to someone. That someone was Red. Andy watches him playing catch in the
prison court yard. He approaches Red and introduces himself.

Andy asks Red if he could get him a "Rock Hammer." They talk for awhile, and agree to price. Red likes him
right away.

April 1947

...10:00 AM -- Red gets Andy's rock hammer and gives it to Brooks, who his the prison Liberian and he gives
it to Andy.

April 11, 1947 ?

...11:00 AM -- Andy gets attacked and raped by Boggs and the sisters for the first time.

May 1949

...Noon -- Andy, Red and the rest of the gang get picked for out door detail tarring the roof of the licence
plate factory.

May 17. 1949 ?

...Morning -- The guys are tarring the roof when they hear Bryon (the head
guard) talking about how he just inherited $35,000.00. Andy being a smart
banker walked over to him to the amazement of the rest of the cons and told
Bryon how he could keep all that money, just before Bryon almost throws him off
the roof.

Andy agrees to help Bryon with his money and Andy asks him if he could get
him and the rest of his "co-workers" three beers a piece.

May 28. 1949 ?

...10:00 AM -- The guys in return for Andys work get to take a brake on that rook and drink beer. Andy quit
drinking so he just watched from the shade.

June 1949

...Night -- Andy gets up and goes to write his name in the wall of his cell with his rock hammer. He see's
that the wall his soft, and that his rock hammer could easily get a large piece of the wall out at a time. Andy
gets an idea.

...A couple days later -- Andy goes to the movie room in the prison and goes up to Red from behind and
asks him if he could get Andy a poster of Rita Hayworth. Red says he can but it will take him a few weeks.
Andy says thank you and leaves the room.

On his way out, he is grabbed and thrown in to the projection room by Boggs and the Sisters. Boggs tells
Andy that he is "going to open his fly and he is going to swallow what he gives him to swallow." Andy says
anything he puts in his mouth, he will lose. Andy ends up scaring him out of that, but Boggs and the Sisters

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end up beating him "within an inch of his life."

Boggs got a week in the hole and Andy spent a month in the infirmary

...A week later -- Boggs time is up. He goes back to his cell only to find two guards waiting for him. They
beat him up so bad that they had to transfer him to a minim security hospital upstate. Boggs never walked

As Red and his friends watch the guard take Boggs away they agree to get Andy something for when he
comes back. They agree on rocks so he can cave them in to chess pieces.

July 1949

...Day - Andy gets out of infirmary, and goes back to his cell only to find a large poster on his bed on Rite
Hayworth and a note from Red that says "welcome back."

...Later that week. Evening - The Warden uses a random inspection of the cells to meet Andy. He talks
with him and can see he is good with numbers.

August 3, 1949 ?

...2:00 PM - Andy is called to the Warden's office and he is moved from the laundry where he has been
working for two years too the library.

...3:00 PM - Andy goes to the main building where there Shawshank Prison is. Brook's is happy to have
company in there.

...3:10 PM - Bryon comes down with another man named Dekins. He tells Andy that he was thinking of
setting of a trust fund for his kids. Andy starts to see why they moved him down there.

August 4, 1949 ?

...Lunch - Brook's is telling the story of how Andy dealt with Dekins. Andy then gets the idea of asking the
Warden for some funds for new books.

...Later that afternoon - Andy asks the Warden for funds for the library, the Warden tells Andy that there in
not enough money in the budget. Andy then asks him if he could write Senate directly and ask for money.
The Warden says its pointless, but he could write letters if he wants to.

April 1950

...Afternoon - Andy is doing the taxes for half the guards at Shawshank.

April 1951

...Afternoon - Now Andy is doing the taxes for all the guards at Shawshank (including the Wardens).

April 1952

...Afternoon - And now Andy is doing the taxes for all the guards at Shawshank and the guards at other
prisons. Red is helping Andy now.

March 3, 1954 ?

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...Morning - Brooks is up for parole. He is approved.

...Afternoon - Brooks is going nuts he has Heywood by the throat with a knife. Red and Andy manage to
talk him out of killing Heywood.

March 5, 1954 ?

...Morning - Brooks is released from Shawshank.

March 10, 1954 ?

Brook, having a hard time with the life of a free man, writes Andy and the guys a letter, mails it, goes back
to his room and hangs himself.


...Afternoon - Andy finally after writing a letter a week for six years got boxes of books and records from the
state senate,. The guards tell Andy to get all the books out of the office before the Warden returns. Andy
agrees. One guard leaves, and the other one uses the bathroom.

Andy looking through the records pulls out Mozart's "Le Nozze de Figaro." He turns it on, and then walks
over to the bathroom door and locks it. He does the same with the door to the office. He then puts the
record on over the public address system of the prison, so everyone can hear the song.

Andy got two weeks in the hole for that incident.

November 1957

...Evening - Red is up for parole. He is rejected. Andy gets him a "Parole Rejection" present: a new


...Afternoon - The state senate, sick of Andy writing them finally realized that they couldn't buy him off with
just a $200.00 check. An Appropriations Committee voted an annual payment of $500.00, just to shut him up.

1960 - 1961

Everyone is busying working on remodeling the library with all the extra money. They name it "The Brooks
Hatlen Memorial Library."


The Warden starts his famous "Insideout" program.


...Afternoon - The Warden takes money from Ned Grimes to have "his men"
work somewhere else.

...Later that night - Andy is in the Warden's office doing all of his book
keeping. He was keeping track of all of the Wardens dirty money.

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...The next day - Andy is in the library with Red put books away on shelf. Andy
tells Red how he landers all of the Wardens money using a fake person that he
made up named "Randel Stevens."


...Afternoon - Tommy Williams comes to Shawshank. He got stuck in the
woodshop where Red worked with some of the other guys. They liked him right

...Week later - Tommy is at lunch telling stories, when Andy suggests to him that
maybe he should get a new profession (burglary wasn't working out for him).

...Couple days later - Tommy is at lunch telling stories, when Andy suggests to
him that maybe he should get a new profession (burglary wasn't working out for

...A week later - Tommy goes to the library and asks Andy if he will help get his GED. Andy says he will.

Late April 1966

...Afternoon - Tommy takes his GED test. He thinks he failed it, flips out and throws it in the trash. Andy
gets it out and mails it in anyway.

...Couple days later - Tommy and Red are on a rest brake in Woodshop drinking Coke. Tommy tell's Red
he feels bad that he let Andy down. Red tells him that Andy is proud of him. Tommy asks what he is in here
for, Red tells him and Tommy can't believe it.

...Later that afternoon - Tommy is telling Red and Andy about Elmo Blatch a guy that he shared a cell with
that claimed to kill Andy's wife and her lover. Andy upon hearing it goes to the Warden with the story.

...Little while later - Andy is in the Warden's office telling the Warden what Tommy told him. The Warden
doesn't believe him and Andy says the wrong thing that sets the guy off. He sends Andy to the hole for a

May 1966

...Morning - The board of Education mails Tommy's test results back. He passed with a C+ average.

...Days later - The Warden calls Tommy outside at night to kill him, and set it up as if he was trying to

...Weeks later - The Warden visits Andy in the hole. He is "sad" about Tommy trying to escape. Andy
doesn't buy it. He tells's the Warden that everything stops. The Warden tells him nothing stops or he will do
the hardest time there is. He leaves and gives Andy another month in the hole.

June 10, 1966 ?

...Morning - Andy is outside sitting alone up against the wall in the prison yard.
Red comes up to him. Andy tells Red about Zihuatanejo, Mexico. A little town on

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the Pacific ocean. That is where Andy wants to live the rest of his life. He then
tells Red that if he ever gets out to go find a field up in Buxton, Maine, where
there is a stone wall that looks like its from a Robert Frost poem. He said that at
the base of the wall there is a rock that has no business being there, and that
under it was something he wanted Red to have.

...Lunch - Red and the guys are talking about Andy at lunch, Andy is not there.
They are worried about him.

...Night - Andy is in Norton's office working on the books. What Warden doesn't
know is that he switched the books. Andy has the Warden's books in his coat
and the Warden has Andy's Bible in his safe.

Andy goes back to his cell. When all the lights g out, Andy makes his escape.
He had been secretly digging behind his Rita Hayworth poster and now there
was a tunnel and a way out of that prison.

Andy climbs through the wall and out to the sewer pipe, he goes through that to
the river out in front of the prison. He is free.

June 11, 1966 ?

...Morning - Cell count. They realize Andy is missing. The Warden finds the hole behind Andy's poster and
they know hes gone.

...Morning - At the same time the Warden is freaken out, Andy is visiting banks as a Mr. Randel Stevens
collecting all of the Warden's money, $370,000.00 worth. Andy gives the banker teller a package and asks
if they could add it to their out going mail, and the teller says no problem.

The package was too the "Portland Daily Bugle."

June 13, 1966 ?

...Afternoon - The Portland Daily Bugle gets the package and makes it the priority story.

June 14, 1966 ?

...Morning - The front page story for the Portland Daily Bugle is: "CORRUPTION AND MURDER AT
SHAWSHANK." Below that, the sub-headline read: "D.A. Has Ledger. Indictments Expected. The Warden
read it and then heard the police sirens. They arrested Bryon and were coming for him.

The Warden opens his safe, instead of his ledger he see's Andy Bible. Instead of going to jail, the Warden
shoots himself.

June 25, 1966 ?

...Afternoom - Red's get a blank postcard with a postmark from "Fort Handcock, Texas."


...Evening - Red is up for parole again. This time he gets it.

...The next day - Red is leaving Shawshank, he get's on the bus and heads to Portland. He gets a room at
the Brewster, the same room Brooks had.

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..Day after that - Red is at work at the "Food Way." After work he passes a pawn shop. He looks at a gun
in the window, then sees a compass.

..Later that night - Red is in a chair with a compass in his hand. He looks at it and thinks about the
promise he made to Andy.

..Next day - Red goes to Buxton and finds Andy's field. He see's what Andy left for him, a note and some
money. He wants Red to come to Mexico with him.

..Later that day - Red packs his bags and heads for the bus station and he;s off on a new journey to

..Two weeks later - Red meets up with Andy in Mexico. Both free men.

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