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Varun Mishra

recruitment has
many meaning

The word
and plays an
important role. Employees leave the organization in search of
greener pastures- some retire some die in saddle. The most
important thing is that enterprise grows, diversifies, and takes
over other units-all necessitating hiring of new men and women.
In fact recruitment functions stop only when the organization
ceases to exist. To understand recruitment in simple terms it is
understood as process of searching for obtaining applications of
job from among from whom the right people can be selected. To
define recruitment we can define it formally as it is a process of
finding and attracting capable applicants for employment. The
process begins when new recruit are sought and ends when their
application are submitted. The result is a pool of applicants from
which new employees are selected. Theoretically, recruitment
process is said to end with receipt of application in practice the
activity extends to the screening applicants as to eliminate those
who are not qualified for job.

understand the current

and selection
process being followed at RCOM and to know how effectively
it is being implemented in the organization.
To study the present Recruitment Policies in RCOM.
To study the different methods of recruitment & selection
depending on the requirements of the organization.

To find the relationship whether jobs offered based on

qualification to the employees in the organization.

Literature review

Ms. Ambika Verma(2009) in their survey research on the use of

technologies in recruiting, screening, and selection processes for job
candidates conducted in Dimension group found that most
organizations implemented technology based recruitment and
selection tools to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and expand the
applicant pool.
The meta-analysis of the research conducted by chapman, uggersler,
carroll, piasentin& Jones (2005) concluded that timely responses
from HR managers were linked to greater applicant attraction to a job
with an organization.
According to Robins, in his study revealed that, The ideal
recruitment effort will attract a large number of qualified applicants
who will take the job if it is offered. So recruiting is a process of
discovering the potential candidates for actual organizational

Research Methodology


The sample design chosen was non probabilistic type. Non probabilistic
sampling is a sampling technique where the sample is gathered in a process that
does not give all the individuals in the population equal chance of being selected.
Both primary and secondary data are collected for the purpose of completion of
this project report.

Information gathered by feedback forms filled by and interview and

discussions with the employees of various departments and my project
guide/mentor. A detailed and well-structured questionnaire was presented to the
managerial staff at RCOM Copies of the questionnaire being distributed to the
employees at random to obtain their views followed this.

Secondary data is being collected through following methods;
RCOM Training planner and induction guide.
Information from Dealer Management System (DMS) software
used by RCOM
Company annual report and other publication.
Other recruitment documents available at the recruitment
Company Website


UNIVERSE (Lucknow)


Help increase the success rate of the selection process

by reducing the number of visibly, under qualified or
overqualified job applicants.
Help reduce the probability that job applicants, once
recruited and selected, will leave the organization only
after a short period of time.

Begin identifying and preparing potential job applicants

who will be appropriate candidates.