8:44 am, Tuesday, 3/23/2010 1st, 1 Cib/Vulture, Wisdom Mayan calendar day (Enter this journal date, your birth

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On Video here The Mayan day being a 1, that means this is the beginning of a new Trecena, or 13-day period. Though there are 20 Mayan sacred sun signs, such as today’s, whiAch is Cib, meaning Vulture or Wisdom, there are only 13 numbers that cycle around. A Trecena is one such cycle, comprising 13 days. The 1-day in important to note, because it sets the tone for the entire cycle. Thus, though the numbers, or Tones, and the sun signs will change throughout, all will carry the ‘flavor’ or sense of the sun sign Cib. It is uncanny, how the Mayans managed to uncover this. It is amazing how it works; how accurate it is. Moving on. First, I am not a contactee. I have had no physical dealings with extra-terrestrials. That being said, I certainly have had dealings with them. As have we all, really, but that is another story. So, there are some I am familiar with, and some not. Yesterday I had dealings with a new group, those from Arcturus. It was amazing. Just like on earth — or anywhere, I suppose, in the lower densities (such as 3D) — there are the ‘good’ guys, there are the ‘bad’ guys. It’s no different with ETs. It bothers me, some, that so many dear people are so quick to project onto anything extra-terrestrial, anything with fancy technology and/or the ability to appear in light body, the qualities of rescuers, helpers, or even saviors. But I’ll leave that aside. It isn’t germane to my experience; I’m not looking for rescue, just support. I am a sovereign being. I take that seriously. Let somebody ‘rescue’ you, and pretty soon you find them in charge, in control. No thanks. So, I’m somewhat familiar with some from Sirius, the Pleiades, and

Andromeda, but last night I had my first (conscious) direct contact with Arcturians. It was superlative. I won’t even try to describe it; there are no words. Just as we are on 3rd density [3D], these other races occupy one density or another. I’m not sure with the Pleiadians, but the Andromedans are on 5th density, and it’s 6th density for the Arcturians [and the Sirians from Sirius B]. They left 3D behind so long ago, there’s no telling what ‘date.’ (Besides which, our dates and time system has no meaning to anyone but us, it’s so unreal, so ephemeral, so very 3D.) Wow! That’s all I’m left with saying. Wow. I will never be the same, again; not possible. The changes are too deep, too far reaching. I actually went to where my hologram of me, of TheresaAnn, originates, is projected from, and made changes to and as the “me” there. See, I told you it was no use trying to explain. It doesn’t matter, anyway. Everything is what it is, in spite of what we might say or might think of it. I will say this, though: our beliefs, our thoughts do create. Though I knew that before, it is different to see it in action; to see how it works...well, to see it at work, anyway. I’m amazed. And you can bet I’ll be a hawk, now, observing my thoughts; much more aware of their power, inherent. One thing’s for sure, and that’s that we’re the creator of this (3D) dream, but we don’t do it from here, from 3D. Einstein was really onto something when he said something to the effect that to arrive at a solution we must rise up above the problem; not stay at the same level with it. And that’s so. But there’s more to it; so much more. For, to make any changes to ourselves, here ‘below,’ we must also rise upward in densities; rise over this level. That’s been the main thing that’s plagued those who work with the Law of Attraction, and the like; staying on the same level with the situation. The ‘how’ is the thing, though, isn’t it? Yes, and that’s not easily done. Well, it is easy, once you get there, but there are no short-

cuts. In the end, each one is his or her own savior. We must rescue ourselves, rise us up out of the muck, then the view becomes so much the clearer. We can see, when we rise, all the nonsense, below, and we wonder “what ever was the fascination, there?” We look back at 3D, at duality where we were trapped so long, with a deep sigh of gratitude for the new view. For from this perspective it is all seen, it is so simple, so easy To behold all the pitfalls and traps That kept us down In our own little cage wheel We rumbled around and round; Endless ages, it seem, we were trapped And we thought, too we were bound And bound to forever go round and round Lifetime after lifetime, repeating... But no more. For our vision has cleared, now Things are seen for what they are And we’re free as a bird, never to return Oh, we’ll look back in fond memory And forever we’ll retain, you see The experiences we had, there below For they’ve expanded us in ways That weren’t available in other ways And we’ve grown, greatly expanded our Self And the underlying purity The outstanding dignity The divinity we suspected was always below Just beneath conscious reach, you see We knew we were divine—and it’s so

Wow, never know when the poetry is going to break out, anymore. Just a note about that, to close here. It is not edited, not worked on; none of that. It just flows, and it shows how I’m willing to make a complete ass and fool of myself, here. It’s part of the surrender, the diving into the now, into heart. It’s a trip to be had, but the way that we get there is to let go. For this trip is clearly a flow; do you see? So, apologies for the amateurishness of the poetry, but just make allowances, okay? Thank you. ~~~~~~~~~ 9:30 am, 3/23 2nd ~~~~~~~~~


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