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BY Paul Henrickson, Ph.D. ©2007

tm. © 2007

The following were notes written to an intelligent person whose had habits of thought,
while pertinent and logical for his usual occupation, did not change in order to achieve a
better gestalt for new circumstances.

1) the reason you could not immediately solve the structure of that puzzle was that you had
placed a previous expectation upon the problem that pictures must be pictures OF
2) The something your selected was rather dominant image in you, male/female.
3) This apriori selection inhibited your being able to select an alternative one (recently, an
unpleasant e-mail exchange with one Barbara Bode, a socio-political contrivist, is a good
example of a previous mind-set blocking more productive alternatives.
4) The procedural structure mentioned earlier of “proto”, “para” and “syntactic” modes
applies. In the prototactic mode all is chaotic. OUR need for order drives us to analyze
paratactic….ANY organization syntactic will do just so long as WE know OUR place in
5) Finding our place in it and our place in RELATION to other places provides a security as
to WHO we are
6) Consequently, ANY threat to that concept is viewed very seriously as LIFE AND DEATH
threat to our concept of self…the threat is, in fact, a threat to the death of the concept of
7) This explains why those who had once been individuals but then found a self-definition in
CONCERT with others join with those others in a mutual defense against this conceptual
8) This response explains, I think, why gangs are formed, political parties are formed, boy
scouts, girls scouts fraternities, secret societies and why we have such expressions of
incivility as Salem witch trials, Inquisitional torture, political intrigues and retributions such
as what John the Baptist suffered at the hands of the disappointed Salome…whose self-
concept was that of a successful whore. John failed to support that self-concept, because
of this threat to the existence of her self-concept and the system that Herod and
Herodius had subscribed to and reinforced in Salome he had to be eliminated. As
one means of justifying the Herodian system.
9) ]What happens in this path from chaos to some kind of order is that an unknown number
of possibilities are left behind and some of those organizational possibilities may be
better suited to create social accord than others and to do so WITHOUT sacrificing the
unique and unconventional perceptions of some individual. Perhaps this may be the aim
of those in support of “pluralism” I do not know. I suspect that since they are currently
attempting to attract adherents that they may simply be employing the same tactics other
organizations in the past have done to increase their numbers…and those tactics are
essentially contrary to the aims of the development of individual perception.
10) The aim of these puzzles is simply to give the individual another chance at SELF
realization. One of the more revelatory incidents coming out of an application of these
puzzles to the thinking of a 7 year old was “I can’t do this. There is no picture for me to
follow”. Not only does this illustrate the accurate perceptions of churches which claim
“Give me the child for the first seven years and he will be mine” It also demonstrates that
even at seven there is still a chance for the individual initiative to be evident. This seven
year-old asked to have another puzzle.
11) Some how, I relate all this to Christ’s statement that “the kingdom of Heaven is within