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e) follow

9. A vessel which is able to load and discharge by itself is called ____________

a) self-employed
b) self-serving
c) self-made
d) self-sustaining e) non-self sustaining
10. A vessel which is not made fast to the shore, at anchor or aground and not
moving through the water is _________ .
a) A vessel underway and making way
b) A vessel underway and misled
c) A vessel underway but not making way over the ground
d) A vessel underway and stopped
e) A vessel which is disabled


1. A cloud of great width and an altitude of between 2000 and 7000 feet is
called ________ .
a) nimbus
b) nimbostratus
c) stratus
d) cumulus
e) stratocumulus
2. A device for measuring pressure of atmosphere is known as a:
a) windscale
b) compass
c) barometer
d) blip
e) shaft
3. A fire started in the main engine room of a vessel when at sea. Both main
engines were stopped by the crew. The ship had full electrical power supply
during the event due to having a separate auxiliary engine room. The crew
used CO2 and water to start the fire, which was finally extinguished after
about 4 hours.
Which of the underlined words must be changed to get a correct meaning?
a) at sea b) stop
c) used
d) start
4. A male passenger, Seluk Gne, aged 35, has been ill for three days. His
temperature is 39 and his pulse rate is 85.
This is a description of a __________ .
a) doctors state
b) nurses state
c) patients state
d) pupils state
e) customers state
5. A receipt of goods shipped on board a ship signed by the person (or his
agent) who contracts to carry them, and stating the terms on which the goods
are carried is known as _________ .
a) Bill of Health
b) Bill of Lading
c) Bill of Bulkhead d) Bill of Sale e)Notice of Readiness
6. A safety message is sent whenever ________ .
a) There is an important navigational or meteorological warning
b) There is an urgent message about the safety of a ship
c) There is an urgent message about the safety of a person
d) Immediate assistance is required
e) There is loss of life
7. A ships position may be found by a ________ .
a) knots b) navtex c) GPS
d) cable

e) gmdss

8. A vessel overtaking another __________ of the overtaken vessel.

a) must keep clear
b) must alter course
c) will be kept
d) shall keep out of the way

11. A vessel which is used for pulling or pushing a disabled vessel is known as
a/an ___________ .
a) Tug
b) OBO c) Reefer d) Dredgere) Icebreaker
12. A wind which first blows from South, then changes direction to blow from
the South East, then changes direction to blow from the East is said to be
________ .
a) veering b) backing c) clockwise
d) freezinge) funneling
13. A VHF message isnt made up of __________ .
a) Ships name and call sign
b) Ships position given by latitude and longitude
c) Distance and bearing from coast station
d) The name of the master
e) Ships next port of call
14. A wind which first blows from South, then changes direction to blow from
the South West, then changes direction to blow from the West is said to be
__________ .
a) anti-clockwise b) deliberate
c) swellingd) veering e) backing
15. According to COLREG 1972 and its supplement, the master is not
obligated to be on the bridge himself;
a) While checking whistles daily
b) While mooring
c) When there is poor visibility
d) While berthing
e) While passing through the restricted waters
16. According to the International Code of Signal, the statement I must
abandon my vessel is symbolized by means of the code letters _________ ?
a) AE
b) BF
c) DX
d) HW
e) ED
17. According to this clause of a charter party, if loading operation is
performed on holidays, time spent for loading _____________ ; otherwise,
these days _____________ .
a) shall count / shall not count
b) shall not count / shall count
c) is permitted / are not permitted
d) isnt to be included in laytime / are to be included in laytime
e) should be excepted / should be accepted
18. Acil durumda tm merdivenler ve klar aydnlatlacaktr.
Correct translation of this sentence into English is;
a) All stairways and embarkation stations shall be illuminated in an emergency
b) All stairways and exits shall be illuminated before an emergency
c) All stairways and exits shall illuminate in an emergency
d) All stairways and exits shall be illuminated in an emergency
e) All stairways and muster stations shall be lighted
19. Air draught means the same as _________.
a) weight b) length c) height d) width e) size

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e) is used for purposes of loading and discharging

20. An oil derrick is ____________ .
a) a platform where all the needed machinery for drilling is mounted
b) all the equipment needed on the ground
c) where brokers and captains live
d) a machine used to dive into the sea bottom
e) an experienced greaser
21. Arrival message does NOT include __________ .
a) nationality of the ship
b) call sign
c) position
d) last port
e) destination
22.Atmospheric pressure is usually given in ___________ .
a) minibars
b) minimum
c) millenium

29. Coal shipped in wet condition _______________.

a) loses weight
b) gains weight
c) weighs the same
d) has no loss in weight
e) has no difference in weight
30. COLREG defines a vessel turning as a vessel ________________ .
a) making no move
b) making a small alteration in course
c) making a U turn
d) making a large alteration in course
e) not making any alteration

d) miles e)

23.At its 20 th session in November 1997, 1MOs Assembly adopted resolution

A. 850 (20) on The Human Element: Vision, Principles and Goals and, at the 21
st Assembly in November 1999, IMO passed a resolution whereby the prime
emphasis in the Organizations work was shifted away from developing technical
standards and towards the human factor. Resolution A. 900 (21) Objectives of the
Organization in the 2000s pays particularly close attention to the importance of
fostering a culture of maritime safety. This was deemed to be the Organizations
prime mission in the early years of the new millennium.
According to the above paragraph, the resolution adopted at the 21 st
assembly focused more on ___________ than ___________ .
a) developing technical standards / the human factor
b) the human factor / developing technical standards
c) the organizations work / maritime safety
d) maritime safety / the human factor
e) the previous resolution / the one of the new millenium
24. Auxiliary vessels do not include __________ .
a) cable layers
b) ice breakers
c) floating cranes
d) harbour tugs
e) fishing boats
25. Bir teknenin dier bir tekne zerine veya rhtma, iskeleye yanamas;
a) alongside
b) berthingc) portside d) starboard
e) afloating
26.By means of radio, the captain of a ship can talk with men in other ships or
with men ashore. _________, or if bad weather is ahead, he can be told of it in
time to change his course.
a) TV is a means of entertainment
b) Because of it, captains keep the radio under their pillows
c) Phone too, makes communication possible
d) Whatever, the captain should maintain his course
e) He can learn if it is safe for him to go on his destination
27. Careless and improper handling of cargo during loading and discharging
operations, improper stowage, fastening and lashing, improperly laid dunnage or
lack of dunnage altogether, insufficient ventilation or lack of it and poor separation
of cargo may be considered as the main ones.
The passage is related with __________ .
a) crushing
b) pilferage
c) leakage
d) damage to cargo
e) ventilation
28. Cargo gear _________________ .
a) provides ventilation in the holds
b) sometimes called manholes leading to the lower compartments
c) protects the weather compartments below deck from waves
d) is a vital concern both for good seamanship and for the seaworthiness of the

31. Communications within the ship are done by _________ .

a) VHF
b) Radio telegraph
c) Radiotelephone
d) An internal telephone system
e) Loudspeaker
32. Complete the following message with a proper message marker:
_________. Obstruction in the fairway
a) Warning
b) Request
c) Information
d) Advice
e) Instruction
Dear Sirs,
I regret to inform you that due to the stoppage of the separating valve of the bilge
manifold some water from the ballast tank on port side was pumped overboard
together with the oil contaminated bilge water from the shaft tunnel.
The cause of this contamination is purely technical and totally accidental.
The CHIEF ENGINEER OF THE M/V . . . . . . . . . . .
This correspondence is an example of;
a) bunkering order
b) notification
c) damage to the ship
d) statement of sea protest
e) resume
34. Depth from waterline to vessels bottom is called;
a) keel
b) air draught
c) draught
d) freeboard
e) underkeel clearance
35. Displacement Tonnage of a ship is ______________ .
a) the weight that a ship carries, when it is fully loaded with cargo
b) the amount of water spilled out by a ship, when it floats at a specific condition
c) the total volume of all the closed spaces of a ship
d) the sum of all weights including the cargo,
e) none of the above
36. Dredging operations by the M/V Gate from 10 Oct 13:00 hours to 11 Oct
03:00 hours in position 15 34N,061 29W. Wide
a) channel needed
b) berth requested
c) assistance required
d) distances indicated
e) cases covered
37. Dnya scaklndaki son deiimlerin nedenlerinden biri de ozon
tabakasndaki deliktir.
The English version would be _______ .
a) The late hole in the ozone layer is partly the result of changes in the worlds

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b) Due to global temperature change, you can expect a hole in the ozone layer
c) One of the reasons for the recent changes in the world temperature is the hole in
the ozone layer
d) One reason for the hole in the ozone layer is nationwide change in temperature
e) The hole in the ozone layer was the result of a sudden change in the global
38. Hydrographic survey information is used in the making of _______ of all
a) charcoal
b) charters c) charts d) chalks e) changes
39. If a wind is going to freshen, it is going to __________ .
a) change direction
b) lose strength
c) gain strength
d) change name
e) stay the same
40. For maintenance of class _________ .
a) U.S. Coast Guard controls must be performed by the Flag State
b) The periodical (regular) and occasional (extraordinary) surveys must be
c) Inspections by IMO officers for the ships documents must be performed
d)The shipyard must control the ship
e)The Port State Control should be performed
41. Going through water by force of wind with the help of the sails is known
as :
a) Navigation
b) Steering
c) Propulsion
d) Sailing
e) Manoeuvering
42. Fire-fighting equipment ___________ .
a) should be regularly checked
b) might be driven
c) must be drawn
d) is loaded
e) is used for keeping liquid for foods
43.I am not under command means ________________ .
a) I am not unable to manoeuvre as required by the Rules
b) I am unable to manoeuvre as required by the Rules
c) I am no different than what I was before
d) therefore I can keep out of the way
e) therefore I could keep out of the way
44. I am proceeding at reduced speed.
a) Geitte ilerleyeceim.
b) Limana ilerliyorum.
c) Dk hzla ilerliyorum.
d) Hzm arttryorum.
e) Puruvamdaki gemiyi geeceim.
45. I am sinking, I am on fire, I am not under command, I am in
collision are all ______________ .
a) pilot request messages
b) way point messages
c) anchoring messages
d) clearence messages
e) incident messages
46. I have herewith the pleasure in informing you that my vessel is in all
respects ready to commence working as per above in accordance with terms
of mentioned charter party. Yours faithfully.
The above mentioned remark takes place in a/ an __________ .
a) notice of readiness
b) bill of lading
c) letter of credit

d) negotiable bill of lading

e) time charter party
47. l need help may be followed by __________ .
a) What is the anchor position for me?
b) I am sending a boat for you
c) I have a long tow
d) I am aground
e) I am altering my course to port
48. I will attempt rescue by breeches-buoy.
a) Can kurtarma varagelesiyle kurtarmaya geliyorum.
b) Can kurtarma varagelesiyle kurtulmaya alyorum.
c) Can kurtarma varagelesiyle kurtarmaya alacam.
d) Can kurtarma varagelesiyle kurtuldunuz.
e) Can kurtarma varagelesiyle kurtuluyorsunuz.
49. Ice-breaker assistance is suspended until favourable weather
conditions, means; __________________ .
a) When the weather conditions get favourable ice- breaker assistance will resume
b) It is suspected whether ice- breaker assistance will be favourable or not
c) No ice breaker assistance will be available even if the weather conditions
become favourable
d) Ice-breaker assistance will be provided until favourable weather conditions
e) Ice-breaker assistance must be received by the favourable weather conditions
50. For classification survey, the following is to be kept on board and made
available to the surveyor on request.
a) Class certificates and other documentation of significance
b) Reports on previous surveys performed
c) Approved drawings
d) All the above
e) None of the above
51. If collision is imminent, which one of the two power-driven vessels has to
keep out of the way?
a) The one which has the other on her starboard side
b) The one which has the other on her port side
c) The one which is faster
d) The one which is slower
e) The one which is newly bought

52. If immersion in water is necessary, you should enter the water _________ .
a) quickly
b) suddenly
c) gradually
d) immediately
e) fast
53. If the weight of a floating ship is greater than the weight of equal volume
of water displaced by the ship, the ship will ______ .
a) float
b) tilt
c) list
d) sink
e) capsize
54. In certain fairways you must maintain a speed of ten knots exactly. The
name given to this speed is ______.
a) quick speed
b) heart attack
c) fast speed
d) increased speed
e) fairway speed
55. In cold water the skin and peripheral tissues become cooled and then the
deep body temperature falls
This is called as ___________ .
a) drowning
b) hypothermia
c) hyperthermia
d) shock
e) immersion
56. In these circumstances it is difficult to assess the damage caused by the
collision. In Turkish you would say ____________ .
a) Bu koullarda atmann hasara yol ap amayacan tahmin etmek zor
b) atmann ne gibi hasara yol atn bu koullarda aklamak zor gelebilir

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c) atmann yol at zarar karlamak, bu koullar altnda ok zor

d) Farkl durumlarda atmann zararn karlamak ve karlatrmak ok zor
e) Bu koullar altnda atmann neden olduu hasar saptamak zor
57. Master transmitted a distress alert _________ Inm-C which was quickly
a) for
b) through
c) via
d) beneath
58. It is required to use the capstan to haul a line. The order given is ______.
a) to take line to capstan to heave vessel alongside
b) to take line to capstan and heave away
c) to weigh anchor
d) to take the head line and turn it around
e) to hold the line and wait near the capstan
59. It usually occurs off the ship, but as stolen cargo can be unwittingly accepted
by the vessel and as sound cargo may be subject to theft after discharge, it is
usually the vessel which is blamed. Losses due to it are very serious, especially
when foodstuffs, liquors and soft drinks, expensive clothes, tools and spare parts
for cars, electronic equipment and precious stones are being carried on board ship.
The passage is about ____________ .
a) chafing
b) collapsing
c) pilferage
d) moisture and sweating
e) rain damage
60. Last night, being the third of the month May, Mr.Selim Yavuz, the
pumper, went ashore without leave and came back this morning. He did not
turn out for work when ordered at 7 oclock. For this reason he is fined a sum
of days pay.
This is a report of __________ .
a) offence b) penalty c) defensed) accusation
e) acceptance
61. Leave the odd sentence out.
a) Radio as the primary vehicle for maritime search and rescue has been
instrumental in saving countless lives.
b) Its first known use for this purpose was in 1899 when a lightship in the Straits
of Dover used radio apparatus to report the steamship ELBE had run aground.
c) However Morse Code transmission will be eliminated.
d) At once a lifeboat was dispatched to rescue the crew.
e) Since that time many significant technical advances in the use of radio for
navigation and distress have made life at sea safer for the modern day mariner.
62. Lifeboats should be taken ashore, inspected and tested. All the damage, if
any, should be repaired. Lifeboat winches should be dismantled, overhauled
and worn parts renewed. Hand brakes and mechanical brake should be
checked and adjusted. After completing the work, they should be tested under
Chief Officers supervision.
This passage is part of ______________ .
a) deck department orders
b) repair specification
c) miscellaneous
d) engine department orders
e) plain letter
63. Many types of bulk cargo are liable to shifting and therefore special
precautions must be taken with such cargoes as grain, some kind of ores,
certain kinds of coal, broken granite etc. It is necessary to see that the bulk
cargo is well trimmed. A load of barrels should be stowed bilge free and well
blocked off to avoid it.
This passage is about ___________ .
a) handling damage
b) crushing
c) dust damage
d) leakage
e) shifting
64. Intermediate Surveys are _____________ .

a) more detailed (details extended) Annual Surveys

b) they fall due, nominally 2,5 years after the commencement of the class period
c) they are made whenever necessary
d) (a)+(c)
e) (a)+(b)
65. Merchant vessels do not include ______________ .
a) sport crafts
b) reefers
c) auxiliary vessels d) divers boats
e) dredgers
66. Navigation in coastal waters is known as __________ .
a) Pilotage
b) Plottage
c) Cruising
e) Taking bearing

d) Sailing

67. Morse code, flag signalling and radio are ____________ .

a) three main methods of fixing position
b) three main methods of taking bearings of land and sea marks
c) three main methods of navigating safely
d) three main methods of communication
e) three main methods of taking assistance
68. Mist is announced when water droplets in the atmosphere reduce visibility
to between ___________ .
a) 100 and 200 metres
b) 1000 and 2000 metres
c) 100 and 200 kilometres
d) 10 and 20 miles
e) 100 and 200 miles
69. Navigators sea map with coast outlines, rocks, shoals, known as
________ .
a) Charter party
b) Chart
c) Charge
d) Charter
e) Clearance
70. No matter how sophisticated navigational aids and safety devices become, no
matter how automated, computerized and mathematically planned become the
voyages of vessels, the element of human fallibility will always exist and will
remain the prime cause of collisions in navigable waters.
The above quotation emphasizes the importance of __________ in collisions.
a) sophisticated navigational aids
b) automated vayages
c) human factor
d) computerization
e) mathematically planned voyages of vessels
71. OBO carriers are _____________ .
a) auxiliary vessels
b) auxiliary cargo ships
c)special cargo ships
d) mixed cargo ships
e) war ships
72. Report if she does not _________
the __________ .
a) tyres-reply
b) reply-tyres
c) break-rules
d) wheel-answer
e) answer-wheel
73. Person to work with electricity should be _____________ .
a) untrained and incompetent in technical knowledge
b) unfamiliar with technical knowledge
c) disabled and incompetent
d) trained and competent with good technical knowledge
e) extremely illiterate
74. Piri Reis gemisi imdi tantma iareti ekiyorum.
a) Vessel Piri Reis I am making signals now.

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b) Vessel Piri Reis I am making a significance now.

c) Vessel Piri Reis I am making identity at the present.
d) Vessel Piri Reis I am now making an identification signal.
e) Vessel Piri Reis I am now making an identifiable signature.
75. Seamen who do NOT understand each other can communicate by using
__________ .
a) signatures b) silence
c) signals
d) sibilants
76. Portable rechargeable battery operated lamps shall be available in some
important points.
Correct translation of this sentence into Turkish is;
a) Baz nemli noktalarda arjedilebilir, portatif bataryal lambalar bulunacaktr.
b) Baz nemli noktalarda arjedilebilen bataryayla alan, portatif lambalar
c) Portatif arjedilebilen pilli lambalar nemli noktalarda bulunacaktr.
d) Bir ka nemli noktada arjl portatif lambalar bulunacaktr.
e) arjl bataryalar tanabilir olmaldr ve baz nemli noktalarda istiflenmelidir.
77.Port to Port Shipment: The responsibility of the Carrier is limited to that part
of the Carriage from and during loading onto the vessel up to and during discharge
from the vessel and the Carrier shall not be liable for any loss or damage what so
ever in respect of the Goods or for any other matter arising during any other part
of the Carriage even though charges for the whole Carriage have been charged by
the carrier.
According to this clause of a bill of lading, the carrier shall not be held
responsible for any damage to the goods __________ .
a) after they are loaded on board the ship
b) while they are loaded on board the ship
c) while they were taken to the port on trucks
d) which occured during any part of the sea voyage
e) likely to appear following the discharging operation
78.Received by the Carrier the Goods specified below in apparent good order and
condition unless otherwise stated, to be transported to such place as agreed,
authorized or permitted herein and subject to all the terms and conditions
appearing on the front and reverse
The above part is taken from a ______________ .
a) bill of lading
b)notice of readiness
c) passenger list
d) noon position report
e) ship ullage report
79. On 25 August 1994, SALLY STAR, a Bahamian Registered Ro-Ro passenger
ferry was en route to Ramsgate from Dunkirk and in a position about 6.5 miles
east of Ramsgate when fire broke out in the main engine room. The fire was
caused by the failure of a bolted flange joint on the low pressure fuel system to No
4 main engine, allowing flammable fuel oil vapour to come into contact with part
of the engine exhaust system. Initial attempts to extinguish the fire were
unsuccessful, mainly due to failure of the auxiliary generators and the emergency
fire pump and despite the injection of Kalongs into the space. However, the
closure of the engine room ventilation and fuel oil systems effectively starved the
fire of fuel and oxygen. The fire was finally reported as extinguished about three
hours from the onset of the emergency. The incident required the co-ordinating
role of HM Coastguard Dover, off-shore fire fighting teams from Kent Fire
Brigade, RAF and HM Coastguard helicopters. A total of 85 non-essential crew
and 17 passengers were transferred ashore by RNLI lifeboats based at Ramsgate
and Margate. Tugs and other vessels stood by the SALLY STAR which was finally
towed to Dunkirk for repairs. One crew member suffered an injury during fire
fighting operations and was evacuated ashore by helicopter.
The passage does not explain;
a) the reason why the fire broke out
b) the reason why the initial fire fighting attempts were unsuccessful
c) the place where fire occurred
d) how the crew member injured during fire fighting
e) how the crew and passengers were transferred to the shore

80. Request details of station in convoy.

a) Konvoydaki istasyona ilgi rica ediyorum.
b) Konvoydaki istasyon hakknda bilgi rica ediyorum.
c) Konvoydaki istasyonu bilgilendirin ltfen.
d) Konvoydaki istasyonda bilgi verin ltfen.
e) Konvoydaki istasyon hakknda ilem yapn ltfen.
81. Routine details of the voyage, any loss or damage to the ship or cargo or
any related events are kept in the ____________ by the mates during their
a) The official Log Book
b) The Scrap Log Book
c) The Engine Room Log Book
d) The Ships Log Book
e) Manuals
82. Safety communications must be concerned with two subjects. They are
____________ .
a) meteorology and first aid
b) channels and publications
c) navigation and communication
d) grounding and towing
e) navigation and meteorology
83. Port state control officer said to the Master of the M/V Rose that the ship
got detained because of the absence of the lifeboat inventory.
Which of the following conventions didnt the M/V Rose comply with?
e) ISM
84. Ship A has Ship C ahead of her so Ship C is __________ of Ship A.
a) ahead b) astern c) abeam
d)on the bow
e) on the quarter
85. Ships in general are classified into the following three types:
a) warships, merchant vessels, yachts
b) passenger ships, merchant vessels, yachts
c) warships, fishing vessels, yachts
d) passenger ships, auxiliary vessels, yachts
e) cargo vessels, merchant vessels, yachts
86. Ships position can NOT be given in _____________ .
a) latitude and longtitude
b) bearing and distance
c) reference to a navigation mark
d) rapid and unambigious method
e) electronic position fixing references
87. Signalling by using hand flags is called _________ .
a) sophomore
b) semiphone
c) semaphore
e) siren


88. Sorry and Thank you are _________ .

a) announcements
b) clarification
c) conversation control
d) polite statements
e) channel switching
89. Stand by means that the information is _____________ .
a) negative
b) affirmative
c) not immediately available
d) not proper
e) not heard
90. The force or speed of a ___________ is measured by an anemometer.

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a) precipitation

b) hail

c) fog

d) wind


91. The content of any letter of protest prepared and signed by the master is
to be ___________ .
a) kept in a locked drawer on board the ship
b) taken to the court by the master himself
c) passed to the owner / charterer or their agent
d) published in any regional newspaper related with the topic
e) checked and corrected by the chief officer
92. The following four stages in a VHF exchange are in the wrong order.
Write down the letters of the correct sequences.
A-Agree on a working VHF channel
B-Exchange messages
D-Make contact
93. amandrann kuzeyinden gemenizi tavsiye ederim.
a) Advise you pass East of Mark.
b) Advise you pass West of Mark.
c) Advise you pass South of Mark.
d) Advise you pass North of Mark.
e) Advise you pass Northeast of Mark.
94. The forepeak tank is used to ______ .
a) store fresh water or ballast water
b) store paint, buckets, ropes in
c) divide the vessel into longitudinal subdivisions
d) stow the chain cables of the bower anchors
e) determine the ships carrying capacity
95. The four (4) types of merchant vessels are:
a) Passanger shipsCargo vesselsAuxiliary vesselsFishing vessels
b) WarshipsCargo vesselsAuxiliary vesselsFishing vessels
c) Passanger shipsYachtsAuxiliary vesselsFishing vessels
d) Passanger shipsCargo vesselsDredgersFishing vessels
e) Passanger shipsCable layersAuxiliary vesselsFishing vessels
96. The Gross Tonnage of a ship is ___________ .
a) the weight of living spaces and navigational spaces
b) the weight of cargo, passengers and provisions, measured in metric tons
c) the total volume of all closed spaces of a ship in ft, divided by hundred (100)
d) the weight of fuel, fresh water and water tanks in tons
e) the amount of water spilled out by a ship
97. The instruction to single up shows __________ .
a) the ship is ready to leave the quay or berth
b) the ship has completed the operation
c) the ship has departed
d) the ship is underway
e) the ship is abandoned
98. The maintenance on board is the responsibility of the _______ and the
men in his charge.
a) Captain
b) Chief officer
c) Second officer
d) Third officer
e) Chief engineer
99. The main aim of the Classification Society is ____________ .
a) to provide quick and cheap construction of a vessel
b) to design a ship
c) to put limits on the ships dimensions
d) to pay for the ship construction
e) to observe if the ship is seaworthy and is capable of carrying the corgo she has
been designed to carry

100. The mechanical barrel around which lines and wires are turned is a
____________ .
a) buoy b) barrel
c) capstan
d) captain
e) waist
101. The master of every ship carrying hazardous cargo other than in bulkwhether it is, or may be, explosive, flammable, toxic, health- threatening, or
environment polluting- shall in organizing safe watch keeping arrangements take
full account of the nature, quantity, packing and stowage of the hazardous cargo
and of any special conditions on board, afloat and ashore.
Considering this rule, complete the following statement in case the cargo is
_________ , the master must consider __________ while arranging ________ .
a) hazardous/ the nature, quantity, packing and stowage of the cargo/ watch
b) bulk / explosive, flammable, toxic, health- threatening/ the stowage
c) special/ health- threatening or environment polluting/ the full account
d) on board/ watch keeping arrangements/ any special conditions
e) carried in bulk / any special conditions on board / watch keeping
102. The Medical Report Format for Seafarers is filled/completed by:
a) Only the Captain
b) Only the hospital ashore
c) Only the Doctor ashore
d) By the Captain and also the hospital/doctor ashore
e) All the officers on board
103. The most modern kind of lifeboat, dropping or falling into the sea and
which is covered, is a/an:
a) Inflatable life raft
b) Freefall
c) Lifebelt
d) Liferaft
e) Water proof life boat
104. The M/V Yldz got loaded at Port of Izmir with dried fruits and left for
Lisbon. When arrived at the Port of Lisbon, she was detained because the
Masters Certificate was Master Certificate not Unlimited Master Certificate.
The detention was attributed to the incompliance with the requirements of;
e) ISM
105. The opening to the hold from the upper deck is called a/an __________ .
a) hatch
b) boom
c) derrick
d) upper peak
e) inner bottom
106. The publication in which the medical codes is found is __________ .
a) GMT
b) Safety message transmission
c) The International code of signals
d) The local newspapers
e) A well-know magazine
107. The rudder fitted at the stern of the ship is turned by a ______________ .
a) steering engine
b) figure
c) compass
d) report
e) watch
108. To amplify voice _______________ is used.
a) aldis lamp
b) loud hailer
c) gong
d) drum
e) low frequency
109. The starboard bow is the area __________ .
a) on the right side of the stem
b) on the right side of the stern
c) on the left side of the stem
d) on the left side of the midship line
e) on either side of the stern

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110. The space between the holds and the bottom of the hull contains
________ used for ballast water and fuel.
a) tweendecks
b) double bottom tanks
c) cargo-carrying compartments
d) fore peak tank
e) aft peak tank
111. The term vessel is different from the term ship in that the term
vessel is used for ____________ .
a) floating craft smaller than ships
b) floating craft larger than ships
c) some floating craft used for sport activities only
d) huge tankers only
e) warships more commonly
112.The weather was supposed to be nice today, but we were almost frozen
to death while doing the ships maintenance. can be expressed as
__________ .
a) The weather was expected to be cold today but it is not.
b) The weather was not very cold today as it was before.
c) Although everyone hoped for a cold day it turned out to be nice.
d) The weather was terribly cold although it had been expected to be good.
e) The day was so nice and warm just as we had expected before.
113. The vessel which has the right of way is known as ____________ .
a) the regulations
b) more safety
c) a higher certificate
d) the standing-on vessel
e) their message

This is to notify you officially that vessel . under my command
has arrived in your port on ... at . hours and is ready to discharge/load
cargo of kilos of .. as per clauses and conditions of the covering
very truly,
This is an example of a __________ .
a) Letter of Readiness
b) Letter of Protest
c) Bill of Lading
d) Letter of confession
e) Letter of acceptance
120. The purpose of a Notice of Readiness is to __________ .
a) inform the related party that the vessel is ready to commence
loading/discharging operation.
b) note that the charter is ready to sign the relevant document.
c) notice that the parties have agreed on the readiness.
d) specify the full account of the nature of a charter party.
e) inform the master that the consignee is ready to receive the goods.
This is to certify that Mr.Walden has worked on board the BEAUTY as a
captain since 1995 . He has specialized in the Far Eastern container trade.
Owing to his great experience in handling the refrigerated goods, we found him
and his services very useful and we can recommend him to be employed on any
He is leaving us at his request and we are sorry to lose him.
This is an example of a __________ .
a) job application
b) accident report
c)survey report
e)incident report

114. There are certain medicines on board which you can only use when:
a) Captain orders you to do so
b) You think it is necessary
c) You have medical advice by radio
d) The ill/injured person wants you to do so
e) The shipowner gives you instructions to do so

122. Underway and making way __________ .

a) are nearly the same
b) are not synonyms
c) mean the same thing
d) are no different from each other
e) are exactly the same

115. There is a vessel obstructing your movements.

a) lerde hareketlerinizi engelleyen bir gemi var.
b) lerde hareketinize kasteden bir gemi var.
c) lerde sizi takip eden bir gemi var.
d) lerde sizin hareketinizi bekleyen bir gemi var.
e) lerde sizinle ilgili hareketli bir gemi var.

123. Visibility is reduced by fog.

a) Gr mesafesi yamur nedeniyle azalmtr.
b) Gr mesafesi kar nedeniyle azalmtr.
c) Gr mesafesi toz nedeniyle azalmtr.
d) Gr mesafesi sis nedeniyle azalmtr.
e) Gr mesafesinin deimesi bekleniyor.

116. What part of a ship isnt in accommodation spaces?

a) boiler room
b) galley
c) crew mess
d) laundry room
e) cabin
117. There shall be clear instructions relating to the operating of the system.
Correct translation of this sentence into Turkish is;
a) Sistemin almasna ilikin aklamalar yaplacaktr.
b) Sistemin almasna ilikin ak talimatlar bulunacaktr.
c) Sistem zerindeki ak talimatlara gre altrlr.
d) Sistemin almas ak talimatlar olmasyla ilgilidir.
e) Sistem almasyla ak talimatlara baldr.
118. This is to certify that before/after loading/discharging, all cargo tanks
were inspected and found empty and dry. This is an example of;
a) Notice of Readiness
b) Letter of Protest
c) Dry-Tank Certificate
d) Job Application
e) Deratting Certificate-Deratting Exemption Certificate

124. Visual coded signals and radio-telegraphy signals are printed in

________________ .
a) National code of manners
b) International code of signals
c) International regulations
d) Worldwide magazines
e) Multinational regulations
125. Watertight bulkheads do not __________________ .
a) provide protection against fire
b) prevent odours from passing from one compartment to another
c) prevent leakage between the two adjacent compartments
d) divide the vessel into longitudinal subdivisions
e) store fresh water or ballast water
126. When steel is in contact with water, air or salt solutions, it undergoes a
chemical change known as __________ .
a) coating b) bitumenc) rusting d) cement e) detoriation
127. What is the function of Navtex device on board?

Sayfa 7 / 30

a) It receives only news on sea meteorology and records them.

b) It receives only navigational warnings and records them.
c) It receives navigational and meteorological news and records them.
d) According to the information transmitted from shorebased radar stations, it
always indicates the position of the vessel.
e) If the position of the vessel is filled up in it, it always indicates the position of
the vessel.

136. When you cannot understand the message received, say ____________

a) Message not understood

b) Stand by
c) No information
d) What you have said is not understandable
e) What is your message?

128. There is no doubt that the scope of a pilots duties have over the years
been clearly defined. That he has exclusive control and conduct of the ship is
seldom disputed, but this is very different from having command of the ship.
It is implied in the above mentioned quotation that;
a) the scope of a pilots duties has ever been doubtful
b) no rule has ever clearly defined as pilots duties
c) a pilot has the conduct of the ship he is in charge of navigating
d) a pilot has both conduct and command of the ship he is in charge of
e) a pilots exclusive control and conduct of a ship has been a point of dispute

137. When you are going to request Radio Medical Advice, you must have
some information ready. These information are:
a) Routine particulars about the ship and the patient
b) Particulars of the illness and the results of the examination of the ill person
c) Diagnosis and Treatment
d) Problems and other comments
e) All the above

129. When a message has been received but the information requested can not
be obtained, say
a) No information
b) Say again
c) Message not understood
d) Message not requested
e) Message not received
130. When out of sight of land position is found by __________ .
a) coastal navigation
b) metaphysics
c) celestial navigation
d) definite landmarks
e) previous experiences

139. Which of the following messages is a distress message?

a) 80 miles northeast of Cape Town engine broken down Require tug assistance
b) Gale warning southwest gale force winds imminent in sea areas the Black Sea
c) 37.18 West 26.32 North fire in number 1 hold ship in vicinity. Please stand by
d) Ship holed in engine room. Sinking. Request immediate assistance
e) Man overboard. Help with search and rescue

140. Meteorologists are scientists who study ___________ and atmosphere?

a) Wind b) Weatherc) Forecastd) Sea State
e) Water Conditions

131. What association below is not true?

a) GPS atomic clock
b) Dead Reckoning log
c) Celestial Navigation sextant
d) Satellite Navigation LORAN
e) Piloting chart

141. Which of the following procedures is used while abandoning the vessel?
a) Urgency
b) Security
c) Distress
d) SOS
e) TTT

132. When the engine refuses to start, which of the following situations cannot
be a reason?
a) No fuel
b) Starting air pressure to low
c) Air in fuel line or pump
d) Injection nozzles not working
e) Overloading
133. When the second mate caught a contagious disease _______________ .
a) the doctor advised him to stop complaining
b) he was taken out of the sick bay as soon as possible
c) the crew lost hope when his condition worsened
d) no one was allowed to visit him
e) the doctor gave him a check up and found nothing
134. When two vessels are meeting head-on, they both ___________ to
a) collision
b) must alter course
c) follow
d) musnt alter course
e) receive their message
135. Which of the following can not be a defect a light might have?
a) destroyed
b) damaged
c) unlit
d) off station

138. Which of the following cannot be categorized as a distress signal?

a) A flag and a ball below it
b) A signaling mirror
c) Raising arms
d) Smoke signal
e) A rocket parachute flare


142. Which of the following statements is incorrect?

a) The bridge is generally located amidship extending from one side of the vessel
to the other.
b) The bridge may be also situated aft or forward on a vessel.
c) The bridge is made up of the wheel-house, the chart-room and the radio-room.
d) The bridge is always high up as the ship is controlled from there by the captain
and officers.
e) The bridge functions as the heart of the vessel.
143. Which of the following vessels is to give way to the others ?
a) A sailing vessel
b) A fishing vessel
c) A disabled vessel
d) A vessel not under command.
e) A vessel underway and driven by force
144. Which of the following statements is not correct about tallying?
a) Tallying is the process of counting, checking and recording of cargo when it
comes aboard and leaves the ship.
b) Tally clerks are responsible for tallying.
c) One group of tally clerks are employed by shipper whereas one group are
employed by ship owner.
d) The Bill of Lading is important as it states the description of the goods,
quantity, marks on packages.
e) Its not anybodys responsibility if theres damaged cargo on board.
145. Which of the following statements about finding a ships position is not
a) A ships position can be calculated by a technique known as dead reckoning.
b) When in sight of land, the navigator uses the techniques of coastal navigation to
find position.

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c) To find the exact position of the ship, a compass bearing can be used.
d) When out of sight of land, a ships position can be found out by using the
techniques of celestial navigation.
e) It is not possible finding the position of a ship by means of satellite.
146. Which of the following statements is incorrect?
a) If there is a new crew member who joins the vessel, he must be trained within
the first two weeks after joining the vessel.
b) All the life-saving equipment and appliances must be in their correct places and
c) If there are any passengers on board, they must be trained on how to use the
life-saving appliances.
d) Drills must be conducted as if there is a real emergency situation.
e) It is not necessary to lower at least one life-boat into the sea when there is an
onboard training.
147. While using abbreviations in shipping forecasts, the capital letter R
denotes :
a) Showers of rain
b) Continuous heavy rain
c) Heavy rain
d) Intermittent rain
e) Rain followed by mist
148. Yangn nlemek iin tedbirler alnacaktr.
Correct translation of this sentence into English is;
a) Precautions must be done to avoid fire.
b) Precautions shall be taken to prevent fire.
c) There shall be prevented with caution.
d) To prevent fire, some cautions shall be taken.
e) Fire is prevented by some precautions.
149. You are running into danger. Fog bang ahead of you.
a)Tehlikeye gidiyorsunuz. nnzde kesik sis var.
b)Tehlikeye gidiyorsunuz. nnzde s su var.
c)Tehlikeye gidiyorsunuz. nnzde enkaz var.
d)Tehlikeye gidiyorsunuz. nnzde kesif sis var.
e)Tehlikeye gidiyorsunuz. nnzde mayn var.
150. You have caught my fishing gear. is a term used by a ______________ .
a) passing ship
b) ship aground
c) vessel moving
d) fishing boat
e) protecting vessel
151. You can anchor until there is sufficient water.
a) Su yetersiz onun iin demirleme.
b) Su derinlii yeterli olana dek demirleyebilirsiniz.
c) Su derinlii giderek azalyor, demirliyebilirsiniz.
d) Su derinlii yetersiz, demirlemek tehlikelidir.
e) Su derinlii kafi yola kabilirsiniz.
152. You may navigate by yourself or wait for pilot.
a) Kendiniz seyredebilirsiniz yoksa pilot gelir.
b) Kendiniz seyrederseniz pilot bekleyebilir.
c) Kendiniz seyredebilir veya pilotu bekleyebilirsiniz.
d) Kendiniz seyredemezseniz, pilotu bekleyin.
e) Kendiniz seyredin yoksa pilotu bekleteyim.
153. You must shorten your cable to three shackles is an order given by a
pilot station ___________ .
a) when the pilot boards the vessel to take her from waiting anchorage into
b) after the pilot boards the vessel to take her from waiting anchorage into harbour
c) immediately before the pilot boards her to take her from waiting anchorage into
d) immediately after the pilot boards her to take her from waiting anchorage into
e) it has nothing to do with the pilot whatsoever

154. Your navigation lights are not visible.

a) Seyir fenerleriniz grlmyor.
b) Seyir fenerleriniz alyor mu ?
c) Hangi seyir fenerleriniz arzal ?
d) Seyir fenerleriniz neden grlmyor ?
e) Seyir fenerlerim arzal.
155. You are in the leading line.
a) Transit hattnz uzun.
b) Transit hatt zerindesiniz.
c) Transit geite batasnz.
d) Transit hatt uzuyor.
e) Transitte lider olun.
156. You are running into danger.
a) Gemime yaklamayn.
b) Tehlike var.
c) Tehlikeye gidiyorsunuz.
d) Yol veriniz.
e) Gemeyiniz.
157. A: Do not follow me.
B: ________________ .
a) I am stopping.
b) I will not follow you.
c) What is your course?
d) Full ahead immediately.
e) Must I take tugs?
158. A: Full ahead immediately.
B: _________________ .
a) Stop your vessel.
b) I am going full ahead immediately.
c) I am stopping my vessel.
d) I am increasing my speed.
e) I am slowing down.
159. __________ and __________ are used as distress signals.
a)speakersaviators b)smokepigeons c)rockersvoices
160. A : Go ahead : (Follow me)
B : ____________ .
a) I will be ready to help.
b) I am going ahead (I am following you).
c) I will be followed by vessel.
d) He will go ahead.
e) Will you be followed by vessel?
161. ___________is NOT included in a radar identification message.
a) destination
b) addressee
c) sender
d) position
e) course/speed
162. ......... mevkiinde monte edilmi aknt ler var.
a) There are oceanographic instruments moored in position ...........
b) There are current meters moored in position ............
c) There are drilling rigs installed in position ...............
d) There are speedometers installed in position .........
e) There are cable laying operations in position ..........
163. Carbon dioxide extinguishers should be held only by the handle and the
thermally insulated grip on the hose. Otherwise it will cause ___________ .
a) Insulation
b) heart attack
c) steam burns
d) ice burns
e) non-conduction
164. The masters of all merchant vessels must hold fire-fighting drills in the
framework of ___________ .

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a) Worid Health Organizaton

b) The Merchant Shipping (Musters and Training regulations)
c) Prevention of Collision at Sea (The International Regulation)
d) Maritime Judges Resolutions
e) Merchant Marine Cadets Achievement

b) When giving way

c) When meeting head-on
d) When overtaking
e) When offering way
175. Safety Communications must be concerned with two subjects. They are
___________ .
a) meteorology and frst aid.
b) channels and publications.
c) navigation and communication.
d) grounding and towing.
e) navigation and meteorology

165. Ullage is the _________________ .

a) space left for the explosion of the heated oil
b) space left for the passage of the heated oil
c) space left for the expansion of the heated oil
d) space left for the diffusion of the heated oil
e) space left for the interaction of the heated oil
166. Which of the following is NOT a sound signal?
a) ship's whistle
b) siren c) bell
d) gong

e) rattle

167. "The International Code of Signals" is available in _____ languages.

a) four
b) five
c) six
d) seven e)
168. A kind of thermometer the bulb of which is kept moistened while reading
the level of humidity is called ________ .
a) human thermometer
b) fever thermometer
c) doctor's thermometer
d) dry bulb thermometer
e) wet bulb thermometer
169. Which of the following is not checked daily?
a) Whistle
b) Telegraph
c) Distance recorder
d) Compasses errors
e) Steering systems
170. The pilot is now waiting at position _______ .
What type of message is it?
a) Advice b) Warning
c) Instruction
d) Information
e) Request
171. In case of abandoning the ship, which sentence is incorrect?
A) Before abandoning the ship have the lifeboats and rafts ready to be launched.
B) Before abandoning the ship everybody should muster at the correct lifeboat
C) Have everyone take their earthly possessions.
D) Before abandoning the ship, it there is enough time, ensure to have extra
supplies and equipment in the lifeboats and rafts.
E) Take the emergency radio, morphine and extra navigational equipment.
172. "North Harbour, this is Amphora, this is Amphora, on channet 14, over." is an
example of ________ .
a) first contact message
b) ETA message
c) pilot request message
d) anchoring message
e) way point message
173. The chief officer isn t in charge of ______________ .
a) cargo handling operations
b) giving duties to the junior deck officers
c) the work done by the officers of his department
d) the care of navigational equipment
e) ensuring safe keeping of care of navigational equipment

174. In which case does each of the two power-driven vessels have to alter
course to starboard so as to pass one another on the port side?
a) When standing on

176. __________ is the part of the vessel that increases the speed?
a) Propeller
b) Rudder c) Bulb d) Ballast e) Fore peak tank
177. To sound the tanks and bilges in order to check the depths of liquid in
them is the regular job of a __________ on board.
a) bosun
b) donkeyman
c) carpenter
d) boatswain
e) stevedore
178. Depths which have been measured are indicated by the __________
shown on the chart. Depths on charts published in most parts of the world use
a) colours b) symbols
c) numbers
d) shapes e) beacons
179. If an object blocks the airway of a person, what first aid method is used
to remove that object?
a) Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
b) Artificial Respiration
c) Heimlich Manoeuvre
d) Splinting
e) Rescue Breathing
180. Which is not a method of giving a position on VHF?
a) referring to a navigational mark
b) giving latitude and longitude
c) reporting a point
d) giving the bearing and distance
e) confirming the speed
181. What ships can be used for fire fighting if necessary equipment fitted?
a) offshore supply vessels
b) tugs
c) barges
d) dredgers
e) pipe-layers
182. Which of the following statements is correct?
a) Hard naterial fires are called C class fire
b) Liquid material fires are called B class fire
c) Gas material fires are called D class fire
d) Electrical fires are called A class fire
e) Light metal fires are called E class fire
183. If the survey reveals that a vessels class has been affected,
_____________ .
a) There is no change in class
b) The survey is repeated in one (1) year
c) Class recommendations will be carried out within the time limit given by the
class society
d) The ship loses all the classes
e) None of the above
184. The fixed aids to navigation located ashore or attached to the bottom of
the shallow waterways are;
a) buoys
b) lighthouse
c) lightships
d) beacons
e) flags

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185. You must know ________ to wear your life jacket correctly, instructions
are displayed in your cabin.
a) what b) why
c) how
d) when e) which
186. To ________ broken arms and legs, it is necessary to wear __________ .
a) fall safety boots
b) prevent safety boots
c) slip safety googles
d) srotect hard hat
e) suffer safety gloves
187. The true order of conducting an urgency message is;
l-Pan Pan Pan Pan Pan Pan '
IV-Required assistance
V-Ships Name & Call Sign
Vl-Pan Pan
188. Arama ve kurtarmay ynetiyorum.
a) He is in command of search and recue.
b) I am in command of search and rescue.
c) Take command of search and rescue.
d) I will attempt rescue by breeches-buoy.
e) I am managing the salvage operation.
189. ___________ hattnda rota / trafik yn deitirildi.
a) Route / traffic lane ............ has been suspended.
b) Route / traffic lane ......... has been discontinued.
c) Route / traffic lane ............ has been cleared.
d) Route / traffic lane ............ has been diverted.
e) Route / traffic lane ............ has been closed.
190. The document prepared by the vessel or by his agents separately at
loading and unloading ports stating all the operations performed by the
vessel, from tendering of the notice readiness up to sailing from port is
called____________ .
a) Statement of Facts
b) Notice of Readiness
c) Cargo Manifest
d) Mates Receipt
e) Charter Party
191. Light Displacement Tonnage is:
a) The amount of water spilled out by a ship,when it floats at a specific condition.
b) The tonnage value of a ship,after subtracting the volumes of navigational
c) The total volume of all closed spaces in cubic feet(ft3), divided by hundred
d) The sum of the weights of hull, machinery, engines, rigging, spare parts, all
connected equipment.
e) None of the above.
192. Your anchor is under a rock on the seabed, so it is ______________ .
a) foul
b) weigh c) heaved d) dredging
e) dragging
193. What is not used to describe a mark in IALA system?
a) shape b) distancec) colour d) top mark
e) light
194. The below mentioned part is;
I. A11 cargo stowed open area,

II. Cargo wet before shipment,

III. Weight and quality as per shippers declaration.
a) a part of masters Remarks in a Masters Receipt
b) a set of clauses of a charter party
c) taken from a bill of lading
d) a part of a Notice of Readiness
e) a part of the shippers declaration
195. Which of the following is a cargo handling device?
a) davits b) derrick c) bitts
d) bollard e) capstan
196. Electrical power ________ the ship was provided ________ shaft
a) in/for b) of/at
c) on/by d) inside/to
e) into/from
197. What would the SW point be in degrees?
a) 270o
b) 225o
c) 315o
d) 170o

e) 110o

198. My position has been _________by decca.

a) loosened
b) performed
c) fulfilled d) lost


199. All ships which you meet at sea or in the approaches to a harbour are
collectively called __________ .
a) jam
b) fleet
c) power-driven lifeboats
d) tug
e) traffic
200. Classification of ships are made by:
a) Ministry of Maritime Affairs
b) Shipyards
c) National Dependent Organizations
d) Independent International or Internationally recognised Classification
e) None of the above
201. Any ________ of course and/or speed to avoid collision shall, if the
circumstances of the case admit be large enough to be readily apparent to
another vessel observing visually or by radar.
a) depletion
b) declaration
c) transmission
d) alteration
e) measurement
202. As the heat increases, hurricane begins to swirl in a counter clockwise
motion. The average life of a hurricane is only about 9 days. Water, not wind,
is the main source of death and destruction in a hurricane. A typical
hurricane brings 6 to 12 inch downpours resulting in sudden floods. Worst is
the powerful movement of the sea-the mountains of water moving toward the
low-pressure hurricane center. The water level rises as much as 15 feet above
normal as it moves toward shore.
The counter-clockwise swirling of the hurricane is brought about by
__________ .
a) the lowpressure area in the center of the storm
b) the increasing heat
c) the trade winds
d) the power of water waves
e) the highpressure area with the storm
203. cone, sphere, spar indicate buoys _________ .
a) shape b) location c) functiond) signals e) position
204. What includes the weight of fuel, stores and other provisions?
a) net tonnage
b) light displacement
c) gross tonnage
d) deadweight
e) tonnage

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205. Device for attaching a vessel to the sea bed, and holding her stationary
a) anchor
b) crane
c) bolt
d) cable stopper
e) chain
206. The saving or rescue of a ship or its cargo is _____________ .
a) pilotage b) mooring
c) berthingd) salvage e) towing
207. Vessel requiring a health clearance (at night) should show a _______ ,
where it can be best seen.
a) a white light over a red light
b) an orange light over a green light
c) a red light over a white light
d) two red lights
e) two white lights
208. The length of the hull is divided into three equal parts which are;
a) after part, amidships part, and forepart
b) stern, stem and aft
c) fore line, middle line and center line
d) rigging, machinery, and sails
e) fore, stem and amid ship

217. International Signals Code Book includes signals for:

a) Emergency-Distress-Casualties-Damages
b) Aids to Navigation-Navigation-Hydrography
c) Manoeuvres-Meteorology-Communications
d) Sanitary Regulations and Medical Section
e) All the above
218. Line may have either a left _____ or a right _______ depending up on
how the strands are twisted together.
a) lay
b) twist c) side
d) way
219. An instrument used for measuring the _______ of the air is called a
a) pressureb) heat
c)air pressure
d) speed e) humidity
220. The ability an object to float can be defined by:
a) displacement
b) gravity
c) stability
d) buoyancy
e) inclination

209. ________ survey, either general or partial according to the

circumstances, should be made after a repair resulting from investigations or
whenever any important repairs or renewals are made.
a) Renewal
b) Periodical
c) Additional
d) Initial e)
210. The angle of altitude of a celestial body is measured by means of;
a) gyrocompass
b) log
c) parallel ruler
d) timepiece
e) sextant

221. What deepens the channels and clears the muddy bottom of ports, canals
a) Pipe layers
b) Icebreakers
c) Dredgers
d) Reefers
e) Bulkers
222. What is not displayed on a nautical chart?
a) Latitudes and longitudes
b) Deviation c) Variation
d) Shoals
e) Lighthouses

211. Which is used to announce an urgency message?


223. Which of the followings is the volumetric capacity of a ship?

a) Deadwight
b) Lightweight
c) Gross tonnage
d) Displacement
e) Full displacement

212. The power produced in the cylinder is called.

c)break horse power(BHP)
d)indicated horse power(IHP)

224. If you wished to transmit a message by voice concerning the safety of

navigation, you would preface it by the word __________ .
a) Mayday
b) Pan-pan
c) Securite
d) Safety e)

213. To inform others about danger, the message marker to be used is

________ .
a) Warning
b) Request c) Information
d) Advice


214. The wind is backing and increasing.

a) Rzgar saat ynne dnyor ve azalyor.
b) Rzgar saat yn tersine dnyor ve azalyor.
c) Rzgar saat ynne dnyor ve artyor.
d) Rzgar saat ynnn tersine dnyor ve artyor.
e) Rzgarn yn deiiyor.
215. What is not included in the category of deck machinery?
a) windlass
b) hatchcover
c) bow thruster
d) steam generator
e) life boat engine
216. Surveys required internationally or/and by the flag state both,include:
a) load line convention
b) solas and marpol
c) IMO codes
d) ILO convention
e) all of above

225. Cargo loaded loose and not in packages or containers are called
___________ .
a) hazardous cargo
b) containerized cargo
c) chemical cargo
d) bulk cargo
e) cargo battens
226. Old ______ nautical charts should never be used for navigation.
a) and torn
b) cheap
c) or uncorrected
d) but readable
e) or inexpensive
227. "A sister ship is in the neighborhood" means __________ .
a) she is far away from you
b) she is nowhere
c) she has sunk
d) she is in the same area as you are
e) it does not matter where she is
228. A vessel not having a "Seaworthiness Certificate" or of which the part of
it is over ___________ .
a) can carry cargo but not passengers
b) cannot carry cargo

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c) cannot carry passengers

d) cannot operate commercially
e) cannot sail
229. During the survey, the vessel's structure support systems, equipment and
electronics are inspected and _______ .
a) examined
b) repairedc) replacedd) tested e) fixed
230. Bill of lading is a _____ document and implies the ownership of the
a) international
b) customary
c) negotiable
d) certified
e) secure
231. ________ is an offical record book which is used to keep information
about a journey such as the ship's speed heading, port of call, crew
complement, and events on board ship.
a) A noon position report
b) A letter of confirmation
c) A log book
d) A draft survey
e) A letter of protest

240. Which of the below is not a personal life saving equipment?

a) life buoy
b) life ring
c) life belt
d) life raft
e) life jacket
241. To put out a fire is;
a) fire prevention
b) fire detection
c) fire extinction
d) fire installation
e) none
242. _______ is a simple knot used to form a fixed loop at the end of a rope. It
is easy to tie and untie.
a) reef knot
b) bowline c) margarita
d) sheet knot
overhand knot
243. What is the burthen tonnage?
a) light displacement
b) loaded displacement
c) dead weight
d) net register tonnage
e) gross tonnage

232. Which statement is wrong regarding the bill of lading?

a) it is issued by the carrier of goods for shipment
b) it is document of title of the goods
c) it is a negotiable document
d) it is issued when the goods have been discharged
e) ship's agent draws up the bill of lading and the ship master signs it

244. Normally portable water systems are connected directly to the _______ .
a) feed-water system
b) ballast water system
c) fire-main system
d) oeak domestic water tanks
e) fresh water sanitary system

233. Because Log books are vital documents, in the event of ________
or shipwrecks, they should be well protected documents for such events.
a) an accident
b) drills
c) berthing operation d) routine jobs
e) fire drills

245. What does RADAR stand for?

a) radio detecting and ranging
b) radio direction and ranging
c) radio automatic direction aid ranging
d) radio association direction and ranging
e) range at detecting and radio

234. The activation temperature range of sprinkles for accomodation spaces is

_________ .
a) 63oC to 73oC
b) 61oC to 79oC
c) 68 C to 79 C
d) 68oC to 89oC
e) 68oC to 90oC
235. Bleeding is usually associated with ___________ .
a) wounds
b) chocking
c) heart attack
d) fracture
e) food poisoning
236. A small cargo ship not suitable for ocean voyages is called .
a) container ship
b) Ro-Ro
c) tanker
d) chemical tanker
e) coaster
237. Which statement is not true regarding grain?
a) Grain isnt stowed near wet cargo.
b) Grain can swell in hold.
c) Grain can be secured by shifting boats.
d) Grain needs lashing while stowing.
e) Grain can emit odour.
238. ________ is to elliminate the heat aside of the fire by applying something
that will absorb the heat.
a) smothering
b) cooling
c) smouldering
d) prevating
e) diluting
239. _________ used main as an agent for A categorized fire.
a) halon
b) dry powder
c) foam
d) co2
e) water

246. Solas chapter 12 requires loading instrument in;

a) bulk carries
b) container ships
c) fixed production and units
d) mobile offshore drilling units
e) all of the above
247. A narrow band direct printing equipment is a __________ .
a) facsimile
b) morse telegraph
c) telex
d) printer
e) radiotelegraph
248. What does "EPIRB" stand for?
a) Emergency Position Indicating Radar Buoy
b) Electronic Pulse Indicating Radio Beacon
c) Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon
d) None of the above
249. The __________ of a celestial body is the bearing of the body from your
position, as measured clockwise from true North.
a) altitude
b) declination
c) horizon
d) meridian
e) azimuth
250. A cargo manifest is signed by the _____________ .
a) master
b) shipper
c) consignor
d) consignee
e) stewaders company
251. When received a message from a VTS station running as : Instruction.
Alter course.

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The recipient _______________ .

a) has to alter course
b) does not have to alter course
c) is not permitted to alter course
d) is free whether to alter course or not
e) must wait for the next message before altering course
252. A low pressure system is an area where the atmospheric pressure is lower
than that of the area surrounding it.
For the definition of low pressure which below abbrevation is used?
a) LP
b) L
c) AP
d) HP
e) H
253. _________________ is the day-to-day state of the atmosphere, and its
short-term variation.
a) atmosphere
b) meteorology
c) weather
d) climate
e) synoptic meteorology
Following questions (254-255-256) to be replied according to the text below:
Having just obtained the Institutes Harbor Masters Certificate, I would like to
say that I have found the course extremely useful and worthwhile. The questions
exact a wide sort of information if answered thoroughly and provide an essential
grounding to anybody wishing to enter this branch of the industry. Seeking
information for projects enabled me to make a number of helpful contacts and the
fact that I had completed the scheme was certainly a material factor in being
selected an assistant harbour master with my current employers. I would like to
thank Institute, the parties involved and my examiner for creating such a
wortwhile and practical course
254. The word exact in the second sentence means;
a) accurate or correct in every detail
b) capable of being accurate over details
c) precise
d) to force the payment of
e) to demand; to insist upon having
255. The word material in this context means;
a) anything out of which something is made
b) cloth
c) belonging to the world; not spiritual
d) essential or important
e) equipment
256. The purpose of the writer, a captain, in writing this letter is to
a) exact a wide sort of information
b) create a worth while and practical course
c) thank the Institute mentioned
d) select an assistant harbour master
e) be a material factor in being selected as an assistant harbour master
257. Pruvanzdaki gemiye yaklayorsunuz.
a) Please get closer to the vessel ahead of you.
b) You should get closer to the vessel ahead of you.
c) You are getting closer to the vessel ahead of you.
d) You are nearing the vessel in the vicinity.
e) You are getting closed.
258. The passenger vessel _________ just ______________ the port.
a) isentering
b) is going toenter
c) wasentered
d) hasentered
e) hadentered
259. The _________ is a person appointed by the company and the ships
master for ensuring the security of the ship. He coordinates with ship board
personnel and port authorities to carry out all ship operations with utmost
a) ship safety officer
b) ship security officer

c) designated person
d) company security officer
e) port security officer
260. Denizin / solugann nmzdeki 2 saat sresince artmas bekleniyor.
a) Sea / swell is expected to increase after 2 hours.
b) Sea / swell is expected to decrease within the next 2 hours.
c) Sea / swell is expecting the increase for 2 hours time.
d) Sea / swell is expected to increase during the next 2 hours.
e) Sea / swell is expected within the next 2 hours.
261. A ship at rest will safely lie to an anchor streamed over the bow. Two anchors
are normally carried, although some ships which operate in river trades or the St.
Lawrence Seaway also ship a stern anchor that will enable the ship to be anchored
safely in a narrow channel where there is insufficient room to swing. Anchors will
normally have two flukes, which are blades that will dig into the sea bed and,
along with the anchor chain cable, provide sufficient force to hold the vessel at
rest. On a very large ship the anchor may weigh in excess of 100 tonnes. The cable
itself is enormously heavy, so it is clear that the windlass capable of lifting this off
the sea bottom must be an enormously powerful winch. Windlasses are typically
powered by steam or electricity, geared heavily so that the maximum amount of
lift is provided, with the chain grasped in a special wheel or gypsy that stops the
chain from slipping. Once off the bottom, the windlass lifts the anchor until it is
housed in its hawse pipe and secured.
According to the passage, it isnt true that;
a) the anchor may weight up to 100 tones
b) flukes are blades which dig into the sea bottom
c) all ships carry two anchors
d) to handle the anchor on board a ship, mostly a windlass is used
e) anchor chain flows through the hawse pipe

262. Dear sirs,

I am writing to find out whether the post advertised in the Motor Ship is
still vacant. I am 38 years old and have been working as a mate for the past
seven years.
I got the masters certificate in 1992 and since that time I have been working
for the Turkish Ocean Lines on board general cargo, container and Ro-Ro
As I am on leave now I can be available for the job any time.
Looking forward to your prompt reply, I remain,
Yours faithfully
Capt. Can Gkhan Yldztepe
This correspondence is an example of ________ .
a) testimonial
b) masters report of the voyage
c) letter of exceptions
d) job application
e) extract of log book
263. The "." consists of 7 short blasts followed by 1 long blast of the
ship's horn or whistle.
a) General Emergency Alarm
b) Abandon ship Alarm
c) Muster Alarm
d) MOB Alarm
e) Oil Spill Alarm
264. Which is the best treatment for a chemical burn?
a) taking victim to a clear atmosphere
b) washing with large quantity of water
c) artificial respiration
d) splinting
e) keeping victim lying down
265. ________ survey is a unique one and a complete inspection of all the
items relating to the particular certificate before the ship is afloat.
a) initial
b) intermediate

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c) annual
e) renewal

d) periodical

275. The ship's safety comittee should include; ____________, safety officer
and all respresetetive personnel for safety.
a) all crewmember
b) the master
c) the chief engineer
d) all ratings e) officers

266. Classification interests with:

a) Only hull
b) Hull and machinery
c) Elecrtical installations
d) Hull and elecrtical installations
e) Hull and machinery and elecrtical installations

276. A "_______" is the name for the boundary where air masses with sharply
contrasting temperatures meet.
a) front b) pressurec) wind d) storm e)cyclon

267. Personnel _________ or in survival craft being lowered should remain

seated, keep their hands inside to avoid them being crashed against ship side.
a) on board
b) standing by
c) monitoring
d) taking part in
e) in a rescue boat
268. For classification survey, the following is to be kept on board and made
available to the surveyor on request.
a) class certificates and other documentation of significance.
b) reports on previous surveys performed
c) approved drawings
d) all the above
e) none of theabove
269. Depths are measured from the chart ________ which is related to the
local sea level.
a) datum b) information
c) line
d) scale e) symbol
270. Reduce swing as rapidly as possible.
Has the same meaning with;
a) steady
b) steady as she goes
c) steady on her route
d) midship
e) keep the wheel rapidly

272. Although you had been informed about the bad weather conditions,you
ignored it and had an accident.You say as a regret ____________ .
a) I feel dizzy when I have a few drinks
b) I should have the ship overhauled before setting out for the voyage
c) What if the shipowner gets worried!
d) Why on earth did not I pay attention to the warning on the radio?
e) It is useless to listen to the weather reports
273. For the treatment of a major burn,
a) put ice or cold water on a burn
b) pour cool water over the burned area
c) apply oinments or creams to wounds
d) use adhesive dressings
e) break blisters
274. Leave odd sentences out.
I- Tornados are funnel shape tropical thunderstorms which cause enermous
II- Among all the fearfull storms tornadoes are the most frigtenings
III- Wind within tornado funnel can reach the deadly speed of 100 mile per hour
IV- Thank heaven, they are short lived. If they were not the damage unbearable
V- It is not unlikely for tornoda blow up the buildings on its way
b) II
e) V

c) III

278. Ballast kept in tanks seperated from cargo pipes and tanks is called
_________ Balast.
a) Permanent
b) Dirty
c) Clean
d) Segregated
279. Which is not included in firemans outfit?
a) breathing aparatus
b) smoke mask
c) boots and gloves
d) protective clothing
e) hydrants/nozzle
280. Which of the following is not a life-saving appliance ?
a) Liferaft
b) Life jacket
c) Life Boat
d) Life Buoy
e) Life insurance
281. Vessel is sinking, she probably needs _________ .
a) fire fighting equipment
b) an escort
c) a lifeboat
d) making a lee
e) bunker

271. ____________ meteorology deals with air and wave forecasts for ships
operating at sea.
a) Agricultural
b) General
c) Hydro
d) Aviation
e) Maritime

a) I

277. Every vessel shall at all times proceed at a safe speed____________she

can take proper and effective action to avoid collision and be stopped within a
distance appropriate to the prevailing circumstances and conditions.
a) so as to b) so that c) in order to
d) for
e) to

d) IV

282. ____________ is an effective extinguishing medium in an enclosed space.

a) CO2
b) dry chemicals
c) sprinklers
d) foam systems
e) water monitors
283. Which of the below extinguishing agents do not have cooling effect?
a) water b) foam c) halon 1211
d) dry powder
e) halon mixture
284. In what do class C fires occur?
a) combustible metals
b) electrical equipment
c) wood, paper, cloth etc.
d) vapour of flammable liquids
e) fuel oil or lubrication oil
285. Before using a fixed co2 system to fight an engine room fire, you must
______ .
a) evacaute all engine room personel
b) call Master to engine room
c) wait for shore support
d) close Quick Close Valves
e) inform shore authorities
286. Fuel valve, inlet and exhaust valves are _____________ by cylinder head.
a) mounted
b) exposedc) released d) operated
e) housed
287. Which is a solid fire extinguishing method?
a) foam
b) sand
c) carbon dioxide
d) halon
288. Which is not a smothering technique?

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a) sprinkling
c) emulsifying
e) mixing

b) dilution
d) separation

298. For the carriage of the goods firstly the shipper or agent sends a
________ to the carrier to book his cargo. The document includes full
explanations and facts of all the cargo.
a) booking note
b) charter party
c) sea report
d) dock receipt
e) boat note

289. A message warning of a tropical storm should be sent as a(n)

a) routine message b) urgent message
c) distress message d) safety message
290. Which of the following equipment can not be used for Fire Fighting?
a) CO2 Fixed System
b) Dry Chemical Powder
c) Hand Flares
d) Fireman Outfit
e) Fire Alarm
291. Which one(s) can be started automatically for fire extinction?
I- Hydrant
II- Halon
III- Sanitary pump
IV- Portable foam applicator
V- Sprinkler
a) I-III
b) II-III-V c) II-V
d) V

e) I-

292. What can a portable fire extinguisher contain as a fire extinguishing

a) foam
b) water
c) dry chemical
d) carbon dioxide
e) all
293. Automatic wet sprinkler is installed.
Which word gives the opposite meaning of the underlined word?
a) man made
b) handy
c) manual
d) installed
e) mechanic
294. Leave the odd sentence out:
I. Montreux Straits Convention entered into force in 1936
II. All vessels have obtained the right of way
III. In those days the largest ship of the Turkish fleet was 13 tons
IV. None of the Turkish ships has an insurance
V. Turkish fleet tonnage has increased over time
a) I
b) II
c) III
d) IV
e) V
295. Flashlights used aboard tankers must be ___________ .
a) waterproof
b) of the three cell type
c) approved by the board of fire underwriters
d) all above
e) 1 and 3
296. What is her air-draught?
a) Ykseklii ne kadardr?
b) Gemi dz m?
c) Ba su ekimi ne kadardr?
d) Gemi bata trimli mi?
e) imdiki en derin su ekimi ne kadardr?
297. ______ advises mariners of important matters affecting navigational
safety, including new hydrographic information, changes in channels and
aids to navigation, and other important data.
a) The notice to mariners
b) The nautical almanac
c) Planning guide
d) The pilot book
e) The sailing directions planning

299. Life saving appliances are to be of a ________ color on all parts where
this will assist detection.
a) highly visible
b) orange
c) red
d) yellow
e) white
300. Solas 74 convention has different evaluation levels for different passages.
Which of the following is not an evaluation?
a) Length of the ship
b) Purpose of usage
c) Number of the passengers
d) Tonnage of the ships
e) Owner of the ship
301. Portable electrical equipment, including lamps, for operation in
hazardous areas must be ________ .
a) handy
b) approved explosive proof
c) battery fed
d) self-sustaining
e) all of above
302. What is the first aid to be applied on minor cuts and burns?
a) starting artificial respiration
b) applying tourniquet
c) employing the Heimlich manoeuvre
d) covering wound to prevent infection
e) washing with large amount of water
303. Who arranges and organises cargo handling at ports?
a) hatchways
b) tallyman
c) stevedore
d) crane operator
e) harbour master
304. The success of emergency response depends on ________ by voice and by
radio handset between team leaders and command area.
a) cooperation
b) coordination
c) check list
d) the quality of communication
e) synchronization
305. Nautical charts are issued by the national ________________ in many
a) land survey
b) hydrographic survey
c) deep tide water
d) port authority
e) class societies
306. During surveys, ship is sometimes __________ for visual hull inspection
below the water line, anchor equipment and thickness measurement.
a) at sea
b) at anchorage
c) dry docked
d) docked
307. Depths are measured from chart ______ which is related to the local sea
a) Datum
b) Information
c) Line
d) Scale
e) Symbol

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308. The radio log book should be kept close to the radio for __________ by
any authorized person.
a) fiilling in
b) an easy access
c) inspection
d) drills
e) maintenance
309. ___________ is published weekly informing mariners of important
effecting navigational safety including new hydrographic information,
changes and aids to navigation.
a) the notice to mariners
b) the nautical almanac
c) planning guide
d) the pilot book
e) the sailing directions planning
310. According to COLREG vessels should be deeled to be in sight of one
another when one is observed _________ from to other.
a) by radarb) in rangec) visually
d) on course
e) and heard
311. The total weight of each liferaft will not exceed ____________kg.
a) 55
b) 105
c) 185
d) 200
e) 300
312. __________ are used for insulation on pipes and ship's funnel.
a) Asphalts
b) Heat resistant paints
c) Varnish d) Plastic paints
e) Thinners
313. The nautical almanac contains information on sunrise and _________
moonrise and moonset .
a) swells
b) sunset
c) atmosphere pressure
d) ocean basin
314. The best known reason for the pollution during bunkering is occured
a) more pressure
b) first receiving the Bunker
c) final topping off
d) removing the pipes and fixing back
315. Deadweight Tonnage of a ship is;
a) The weight of fuel,fresh water and water tanks in tons.
b) The total volume of all enclosed spaces.
c) The weight in tons that a ship carries, when it is fully loaded with cargo,
passengers, provisions, fuel and fresh water up to summer draught in salt water.
d) The volume of enclosed spaces that the ship uses to make profit.
e) None of the above.
316. Which statement is TRUE of a stiff vessel?
a) She will have a large metacentric height.
b) Her period of roll will be large due to her large metacentric height.
c) She will have an unusually high center of gravity.
d) She will pitch heavily.
317. Which is TRUE of a "stiff" vessel?
a) It has a small GM.
b) It pitches heavily.
c) It has an unusually high center of gravity.
d) Its period of roll is short.
318. Which statement is TRUE of a tender vessel?
a) It has a large GM.
b) Its period of roll is long.
c) It has a very low center of gravity.
d) It has a good transverse stability.
319. Leave odd sentence out in the tender vessel.
a) angle and period of roll is large

b) rolling is small and regular

c) less severe stresses set up on hull
d) GM is small for type size and nature
320. A victim has suffered a second-degree burn to a small area of the lower
arm. What is the proper treatment for this injury?
a) Immerse the arm in cold water for 1 to 2 hours, apply burn ointment, and
b) Open any blisters with a sterile needle, apply burn ointment and bandage.
c) Apply burn ointment, remove any foreign material and insure that nothing is in
contact with the burn.
d) Immerse the arm in cold water for 1 to 2 hours, open any blister and apply burn
321. After using a C02 portable extinguisher, it should be _____.
a) put back in service if some C02 remains b) hydrostatically tested
c) retagged
d) recharged
322. Unless there is danger of further injury, a person with a compound
fracture should not be moved until bleeding is controlled and _________ .
a) the bone has been set
b) the fracture is immobilized
c) radio advice has been obtained
d) the wound has been washed
323. The preferred method of controlling external bleeding is by ____ .
a) direct pressure on the wound
b) elevating the wounded area
c) pressure on a pressure point
d) a tourniquet above the wound
324. First aid treatment for small cuts and open wounds is to __________ .
a) lay the patient down and cover the wound when the bleeding stops
b) stop the bleeding, clean, medicate, and cover the wound
c) apply an ice pack to the wound and cover it when the bleeding stops
d) apply a hot towel to purge the wound, then medicate and cover it
325. The ____________ will include Sailing Directions, List of Lights, Tide
Tables, List of Radio signals, Nautical Almanac, Charts Catalogue, Mariners
Handbook and others necessary for the safe navigation of the ship.
a) nauticalcal chart
b) nautical publications
c) sight reduction tables
d) notice to mariners
326. Notice of Readiness (NOR), which the master or agent of the ship must
give to the charterer when the ship has ______________ at the port of loading
or discharge.
a) pilotage
b) berthed
c) arrived
d) anchored
327. Depths which have been measured are indicated by the numbers shown
on the chart. Depths on charts published in most parts of the world use
a) meters b) feet
c) fathom d) yard
e) inch
328. Marine animal with valved shell which attaches itself to hulls of ships.
a) Barnacle
b) Moss c) Fish
d) Algae e) Binnacle
329. Carbon dioxide (CO) is an ___________ agent for extinguishing fires by
smothering them.
a) enough b) effective
c) good d) functional
e) portable
330. Operasyon armhla yaplacak.
a) Operation will be carried out using hose.
b) Operation will be carried out by means of hose.
c) Operation will be carried on using hoist.
d) Operation will be carried up using hose.
e) Operation will be carried out using hoist.

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342. Makinenin hareketini pervaneye ileten rottur.

a) Propeller
b) Rudder
c) Shaft
d) Hawse pipe
e) Chain

331. Lifting machinery ___________ .

a) is passed by radio-signals
b) can save time on a voyage
c) are derricks and cranes
d) give way to sailing ships
e) will have find their position
332. Spill, grounding, collision, personal injury, fire, loss of power are known
as __________ at sea.
a) incidents
b) emergency situations
c) cargo contamination
d) damages
e) Safety of Life
333. "Restricted visibility" means .................................. visibility.
a) Unlimited
b) Limitless
c) Limited
d) Antilimitless
e) Dislimited

335. Klavuzluk hizmeti geici olarak kk gemiler iin durdurulmutur.

a) Pilotage suspended for small vessels.
b) Pilotage suspended for all vessels.
c) Pilotage resumed for all vessels.
d) Pilotage resumed for small vessels.
e) Pilotage is not compulsory for small vessels.
336. The carriage of cargo by sea is the principal reason __________________
a) for the existence of ships
b) when cargo is loaded
c) if the ship is to discharge at more than one port
d) for the carriage of passengers
e) for the existence of cargo
337. Machinery apart from main engines in the engine room.
a) Main engine
b) Windlass
c) Auxiliary machinery
d) Winch
e) Steering-gear

e) phased

347. What is NOT a treatment for traumatic shock?

a) Keep the patient warm but not hot.
b) Have the injured person lie down.
c) Massage the arms and legs to restore circulation.
d) Relieve the pain of the injury.
348. The Master shall ensure that the Emergency Position Indicating Radio
beacon (EPIRB) is __________ .
a) secured inside the wheelhouse
b) tested annually
c) tested monthly
d) secured in the emergency locker

350. A ships size capasity can be described in two ways linear dimensions or
___________ .
a) tonnage
b) length
c) length overall
d) draft
e) width


341. Son urak limannz neresi idi ?

a) What are my berthing instructions?
b) What are my docking instructions?
c) What was your last port of call?
d) What did you load in your last port?
e) What will you discharge in your last port?

346. What is the primary purpose of a splint applied in first aid?

a) Control bleeding
b) Reduce pain
c) Immobilize a fracture
d) Reset the bone

349. The rescuer can best provide an airtight seal during mouth-to-mouth
resuscitation by pinching the victim's nostrils and __________.
a) cupping a hand around the patient's mouth
b) keeping the head elevated
c) applying his mouth tightly over the victim's mouth
d) holding the jaw down firmly

338. The saving or rescue of a ship or its cargo is called ____________ .

a) Pilotage b) Mooring
c) Berthing
d) Salvage e) Towing

A : "Did you have bad weather on the ship" ?

B : "Yes, we had _________ rain than the weatherman
a) a lot more
b) a little c) much less
d) too much

344. All echo-sounders can measure the __________ .

a) actual depth of water
b) actual depth of water below keel
c) average depth from waterline to hard bottom
d) average depth of water to soft bottom
345. Before using a fixed CO2 system to fight an engine room fire, you must
a) secure the engine room ventilation
b) secure the machinery in the engine room
c) evacuate all engine room personnel
d) all of the above

334. Aknt durgundur.

a) The tide is against you.
b) The tide is slack.
c) The tide is with you.
d) The tide is abnormal.
e) The tide is rising.

339. Is shore ___________ assistance available?

a) base
b) basic c) based d) laced

343. Regardless of the geographical location of an oil spill, you should notify
the _____________ .
a) Local Police Department
b) Local Fire Department
c) Corps of Engineers
d) Coast Guard
e) Pilot


351. No smoking in closed areas means;

a) You arent able to smoke in closed areas
b) You dont have to smoke in closed areas
c) You dont need to smoke in closed areas
d) You neednt smoke in closed areas
e) You must not smoke in closed areas
352. Make a lee for _____________ .
a) my vessel
b) fire
c) spaces
d) destination
e) overtake

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353. Which abbreviation refers to the horizontal distance measured between

perpendiculars taken at the forward-most and after-most points on the
waterline corresponding to the deepest operating draft.
a) LBP (Length between perpendiculars)
b) LOA
c) LWL (Length on the waterline)
d) LLL (Load line length )
e) LOD (Length on deck )
354. Which is suitable for minor burns treatment?
a) hold the affected area under hot water for at least 10 minutes
b) make the casually as comfortable as possible, lie them down
c) cover the burn with clean non-fluffy material to project it from infection
d) continue to pour copious amounts of cold water over the burn
e) take the casually to clear atmosphere and clean them
355. Yardm gerekli deildir. Yolunuza devam edebilirsiniz.
a) Tug is no longer required. You may let go the tug lines.
b) Help is not required. Please proceed to my position.
c) I require fire fighting assistance.
d) Assistance is not required. You may proceed.
e) I am coming to your assistance.
356. Certificates and documents required to be carried on board ships,
________ that the ship comply with the requirements of the regulation for
classification construction, machine and equipment.
a) carry b) certify c) classes d) classify e) indemnity
357. Which is not a charcteristic of liner trade?
a) liner conference system
b) designated ports
c) hire for shipment
d) fixed schedule
e) published rates
358. Which of the following is an international code of signal including
a) emg-distress-injured-damaged
b) maneovring-comunication
c) safety comunication-health
d) health-meteorological forcastle
359. If there is more than one unconscious or bleeding casualty, treat the most
serious injury first in the order of: not breathing and/or heart
stopped,unconsciousness, ___________ .
a) vomitting
b) breathing
c) serious bleeding
d) serious sickness
e) freezing
360. ____________ a signal announce indicated for safety?
a) all ships
b) all ships all ships
c) pan pan
d) securite

363. Which is not weather precipitation?

a) Sleet b) Hail
c) Halo d) Snow

e) Rain

365. The vessel ____________the port when the storm ___________ .

a) was leave begun
b) was leaving was begun
c) was leaving begun
d) left was began
e) was leaving began
366. Let go spring line.
a) Ba halat mola.
b) K halat mola.
c) Koltuk halat mola.
d) ekme halat mola.
e) Alar mola.
367. Which of the below is indicated by using knots?
I. Wind speed
II. Speed
III. Weight
IV. Bearing
V. Distance
b) I II IV
c) I II
d) I V
e) II IV
368. Inspection, either general or partial according to the circumstances, to be
made after a repair resulting from casualty investigations or whenever any
important repairs or renewals are made
The sentence above is the definition of,
a) Additional survey
b) Intermediate survey
c) Annual survey
d) Periodical survey
e) Renewal survey
369. _____________ are used as simple and effective mechanical means of
securing the end of a steel wire rope.
a) Nuts
b) Bolts
c) Bulldog grips
d) Dog
370. In case of emergency you jump _____________ the liferaft.
a) at
b) on
c) in
d) into
e) from
371. The emergency ________ consist of seven short blast followed by
prolonged blast.
a) Drill
b) Alarm c) Ring d) Procedure
e) Response

361. Before applying first layer of paint, last particles on bare metal removed
with _________ .
a) Line Brush
b) Flat Brush
c) Wire Brush
d) Chipping hammer
362. If cargo is damaged or lost, ________ shall be made.
a) Claims b) Marks c) Writings
d) Reports

364. One who command a fleet of naval ships

a) Captain
b) Chief engineer
c) Admiral
d) Steward
e) Officer

e) Statement

372. An ___________ is a form that is filled out in order to record details of

an unusual event that occurs at the facility when someone witnessed the
a) Incident report
b) ISM
d) Ilness Report
e) Damage Report
373. __________ is the carrying capacity in weight and it includes the crew,
passengers, cargo, fuel, water, and stores.
a) the deadweight
b) net tonnage
c) gross tonnage

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d) net register tonnage

e) gross register tonnage
374. During navigation, navigator shall refer to both texts and _______
example of text sailing directions list of lights example of table sight
a) Books b) Directions
c) Tables d) Lists e) Publications
375. Which association is not correct?
a) cirrus low cloud
b) cumulonimbus thunders
c) cirrostratus layer like
d) altocumulus ball like
376. Which is necessary to be done by a first aider to a victim who has severe
a) Applying tourniquet
b) Employing the Heimlich manoeuvre
c) Apply pressure over wound with wad of sterile gauze or other clean material.
d) Applying CPR
e) Applying Artificial Respiration
377. A coaster was on a journey in a fjord. Early in the morning, when the ship
was to change course, she collided with a small lighthouse. The reason why the
collision took place is unknown. The foundation of the lighthouse was circular
with a flat top just underneath the water surface. Its diameter was bigger than the
diameter of the lighthouse itself, situated right on top of the foundation. This
construction causes a rather sharp outer edge, which could easily rip a ship's hull.
This was what happened - the ship's hull was ripped open and she sank within
minutes. Two persons on the bridge died. Two other crew members survived
although they could not reach the survival suits which were kept under port bridge
wing as the ship immediately listed to port and put them out of reach. One of the
survivors managed to launch the starboard life raft. Another crew member was
down in the mess room and threw out a couple of life jackets. He did not manage
to get out of the mess room. The investigation found that the hydrostatic releases
to the rafts had not been properly mounted. If the starboard side raft had not been
launched manually, no raft would have been released.
We can not understand from the passage ..
a) why the vessel collided with a lighthouse
b) why the vessel sank
c) why the vessels hull was ripped
d) why the crew member in the mess room died
e) why the two other crew members survived
378. When abandoning the vessel ______________ must be worn together
with the life buoy.
a) loose clothes
b) warm clothes
c) worn out clothes
d) tight clothes
e) highly visible coloured clothes
379. The __________ is issued as an acknowledgement of the shipment when
the cargo is loaded to the vessel.
a) draught survey report
b) SOF
c) sea protest
d) mate's receipt
e) NOR
380. Before CPR is started, you should __________.
a) establish an open airway
b) treat any bleeding wounds
c) insure the victim is conscious
d) make the victim comfortable
e) all of the above

381. During Port State Control Procedures, there are certain definitions, to
limit or authorize the port state control officer (PSCO), executing his/her
Choose the correct answer: A Port State control officer is :
a) The Administration representative of the flag state
b) The senior command authority of the coast guard of the port state
c) A person duly authorized by the competent authority of a party to a relevant
convention, to carry out port state control inspections, and responsible exclusively
to that party
d) A person who meets the relevant conditions set forth by resolution A. 739 (18)
and has been delegated by the flag state administration
e) The captain of the coast guard boat
382. Which statement about immersion suits is TRUE?
a) Prior to abandonment, the suit allows body movement such as walking,
climbing a ladder and picking up small objects
b) The immersion suit seals in body heat and provides protection against
hypoglycemia for weeks
c) The suit is flameproof and provides protection to the wearer while swimming
through burning oil
d) The wearer of the suit is severely restricted and requires 1.5 times more time to
climb a ladder than without the suit
e) The suit will still be serviceable after a brief (2-6 minutes) exposure to flame
and burning
383. For extinguishing a fire which of the below is not true?
a) Smothering
b) Cooling
c) Removing fuel from fire
d) Breaking the fire equation
e) Putting a heat detector
384. You are departing from the Heathrow Airport to join your ship in
Holland. You are stopped by a security guard who suspects you. What would
he say?
a) Nothing can prevent us from searching you, can it?
b) I regret to tell you that your movements should be restricted.
c) Sorry to trouble you, but would you mind showing your identity card?
d) Why have you agreed to carry someone elses suitcase?
e) Can you explain why I am so suspicious?
385. Which statement about immersion suits is TRUE?
a) The primary color of the suit's exterior may be red, orange or yellow
b) The suit must, without assistance, turn an unconscious person's mouth clear of
the water within 5 seconds
c) The suit is flameproof and provides protection to a wearer swimming in burning
d) The suit may be stored in a machinery space where the ambient temperature is
e) The collar must be inflated before abandoning ship
386. If there's a fire aboard your vessel, you should FIRST __________.
a) notify the Coast Guard
b) sound the alarm
c) have passengers put on life preservers
d) cut off air supply to the fire
e) attempt to extinguish it
387. A bulk carrier is;
a) a liquid cargo ship.
b) a tanker.
c) an Atlantic linear.
d) a dry cargo ship.
e) none of the above.
388. Your ship is going to be sunk, What nature of message do you transmit?
a) Distress
b) Urgency
c) Safety d) Routine e) PAN PAN

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389. Before anchoring, which publication do you use to check soundings?

a) Notice of tables
b) Local Notice of tables
c) Tide Tables
d) Sight Reduction Tables
e) IALA Buoyage System
390. The pipes and hydrants shall be so placed that the fire hoses may be easily
coupled to them. Their arrangement shall be such as to avoid possibility of
freezing. A valve shall be fitted to serve each fire hose so that any fire hose may be
removed while the fire pumps are at work. Fire hoses shall be non-perishable
material and be sufficient in length to project a jet of water to any of spaces. Each
hose shall be provided with a nozzle and the couplings. In passenger ships there
shall be one fire hose for each of the hydrants and these hoses shall be used only
for fire extinguishing. In cargo ships of 1000 GT and upwards the number of fire
hoses shall be one for each 30 m length of the ship and one spare but in no case
less than five at all. This number doesnt include any hoses required by any engine
or boiler room. Standard nozzle sizes shall be 12 mm, 16 mm and 19 mm. All
nozzles shall be dual-purpose type (spray/jet type) incorporating a shut off.
According to the passage, nozzles shall be_____________ .
a) either spray or jet type
b) both spray and jet type
c) neither spray nor jet type
d) only jet type
e) only spray type
391. A vessel is tender if cargo weight is ____________ .
a) Concentrated and with the full double bottoms
b) Evenly distrubuted vertically with the double bottoms
c) Concentrated high and the double bottoms empty
d) Concentrated low and the double bottoms empty
e) None of the above
392. Changes may be made to the scrap log but the official log is considered
permanent ________ erasures are permitted.
a) so
b) but some
c) and no d) and some
and any
393.Laytime for loading and discharging shall commence at 13.00 hours, if
notice of readiness is given up to and including 12.00 hours, and at 06.00 hours
next working day if notice given during office hours after 12.00 hours.
According to this clause of a charter party, if the notice of readiness is
given at 13.00 hours on Friday, laytime for loading and/ or discharging shall
commence........................ .
a) On Friday at 13.00 hours.
b) On Monday at 06.00 hours.
c) On Saturday at 06.00 hours.
d) On Friday at 06.00 hours.
e) On Saturday at 12.00 hours.
394. All specifics and facts regarding the vessel's current condition and
_______ are covered in the marine survey conducted by the surveyors.
a) only machinery
b) only inert gas systems
c) seaworthiness
d) the hull
e) crewmembers
395. Training in fire-fighting procedures and maintenance of equipment
should be assured ____________ .
a) at regular drills
b) when needed
c) before arriving at a port
d) when a new crewmember joins the vessel
e) when there is an emergency
396. A fire can be extinguished by;
a) water
b) foam

c) carbon dioxide
e) all

d) sprinkling

397. A: Has your position been obtained by radar ?

B: __________________________ .
a) My position has been obtained by radar
b) Your position has been obtained by radar
c) My position will be obtained by radar
d) You must alter course for identification
e) I do not have a radar
398. _____________ shows the description of cargo.
a) cargo manifest
b) bill of lading
c) master receipt
d) draft survey
e) notice of readiness
399. Maintenance of the ship is the responsibility of the chief officer and his
men in his charge.They must protect the ship from the damaging effects of
_________ changes in temperature and the action of waves.
a) oil
b) bunker c) any liquid
d)salt water
e)fresh water
400. The ______weight of each liferaft will not exceed 185 kg.
a) Total b) General c) Local d) Net
e) Some
401. Which of the following regulations is related with toxic substances?
402. Which of the following statements is not correct?
a) A bill of lading is a receipt for goods shipped, stating the terms of the contract
of carriage
b) The terms may be sometimes explained or added by usage or customs
c) A bill of lading is sometimes signed by the chief officer
d) A mate's receipt, in cases where given, is an intermediate document to be given
up by the ship in exchange of bill of lading
e) A charter party is usually signed by the ship owner and/or broker
403. What is a Flood Current ?
a) Horizontal Current, after low tide from land
b) Horizontal Current, after high tide from land
c) Horizontal Current, high water from sea
d) Horizontal Current, low water from sea
e) Horizontal Current, neap tide from land
404. An international air pollution prevention certificate can be valid for:
a) 1 year
b) 2 years
c) 3 years
d) 5 years
e) it does not have validity limitations

405. The main body of a ship is called _______________ .

a) keel
b) bottom c) deck
d) hull


406. _____________ is one of the responsibilities of the first mate.

a) Operating of the main engines.
b) The loading and discharging of cargo.
c) To advise the crane driver near the hatch.
d) To operate the winches on board the ship.
e) To lift the cargo into and out of the ship's hold.
407. Say your position again for identification.
a) imdiki mevki ve rotanz nedir?
b) imdiki mevki ve rotanz bildiriniz.
c) imdiki mevki ve rotanz bildirmediniz.

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d) Belirlenmeniz iin mevkinizi tekrar syleyiniz.

e) Size varmak iin mevkinizi syleyiniz.

419. M/V Chicago Dream, M/V Chicago Dream. You are running ______
a) into
b) in
c) to
d) onto
e) on

408. Faxing is a means of communication __________________ .

a) that works on a system based on phone system
b) which has developed very quickly over the past few years
c) therefore changes will rapidly change
d) if companies were using it for telex machines
e) unless you determine the name of the reciever

420. This cargo vessel is ______________ in the port.

a) large b) largest c) the largest
d) larger than
the large

409. It is prohibited by law that the discharge of untreated sewage in

restricted waters. What word can be used instead of the underlined word?
a) insufficient
b) raw
c) refined
d) separated
e) contaminated
410. Which is not normally a bulk cargo handling device?
a) suction tube
b) grab bucket
c) conveyor belt
d) pump
e) crane
411.Which is not an ancient way of cargo handling?
a) burtoning
b) married-fall
c) single man load d) suction tube
e) packaged

422. The emergency telephone is _________ the wall.

a) in
b) under c) at
d) on


e) Northeast

424. The large vessels are assisted in ports for berthing by;
a) tugboats
b) dredgers
c) icebreaker
d) fireboats
e) ferries

413. Which of the following statements is not correct?

a)There arent any regulations about sound signals.
b) Sound signals are made up of bells,whistles and gongs.
c) Lighting means illumination of ships.
d) During day time,in clear weather,it is easy to recognise the approaching vessel.
e) Light signals give information about the type of the vessel approaching and
what she is about to do.
414. Is it clear for me to enter traffic lane?
Lane is an area in which ___________
a) one way traffic is established.
b) two way traffic is established.
c) sea and land traffic is established.
d) only car traffic is established.
e) only land traffic is established.
415. Navigator finds his position by using the techniques of coastal navigation
when __________.
a) land is out of sight
b) land is in sight
c) land is out of mind
d) land is too far away
e) land is invisible
416.Gemilerde insann girebilecei byklkteki kapak;
a) manhole
b) tug
c) flag
e) hail

421. Avoid jumping onto the liferaft canopy or jumping into the water
________ of a liferaft, in case the ship has some remaining headway.
a) starboard
b) port
c) astern
d) on top of
e) in front

423. Antalya is to the __________ of Adana.

a) North
b) East
c) West d) South

412. Which statement is not true regarding liquid cargo?

a) Liquid cargo is carried by tankers.
b) It is loaded and unloaded by pumps.
c) It is transported in tankers holds.
d) Some liquid cargoes need to be heated while loading.
e) Liquid cargo can be stowed in barrels, casks etc.


d) hold

426. Ship are designed for;

a) trasporting cargo and passengers between ports
b) performing service
c) defence and military purposes
d) pleasure and entertainment
e) all
427. Which of the following ships is a cargo ship ?
a) dredger b) cable-layer
c) tugboat d) reefer e) icebreaker
428. What ship are not included in Merchant ships category?
a) Auxiliary vessels
b) Cargo ships
c) Passengers ships
d) Pleasure crafts
e) Fishing vessels
429. Livestock carriers carry;
a) liguid cargo, petroleum products
b) frezen food
c) farm animals
d) grain,ore,coal etc.
e) cargo in containers
430. Cruise ships are included in the category of;
a) naval ships
b) cargo ships
c) service ships
d) passenger ships
e) fishing vessels

417. I am going astern. means;

a) Kanala giriyorum.
b) Kanaln ortasndayz.
c) Benden iyice ak bulunun.
d) Kumanda altnda deilim.
e) Tornistan yapyorum.
418. I cut my finger half an hour ago ___________ it is still bleeding.
a) because b) but
c) or
d) and

425. Bulk liquid cargo can be carrieed by;

a) reefers
b) livestock carriers
c) heavy-lift ships
d) bulk carriers
e) gas carriers

431. The depth of ships keel below water line is;

a) freeboard b) bottom
c) bearn

d) draught

432. Cargo can be loaded or discharged by;

a) holds b) hatches c) derricks
d) rudders


e) anchors

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433. What statement is not true regarding a ship?

a) A ship is steerned by its rudder
b) A ship is propelled by its propeller
c) A ship is moored by its mooring arrangements
d) A ship is controlled from the engine room
e) A ship is built in shipyard

444. This is a tanker and _______ cargo is liquid.

a) this
b) his
c) its
e) her

445. Dunnage may be used to protect a cargo from loss or damage by

________________ .
a) ships sweat
b) inherent vice
c) tainting
d) hygroscopic absorption

434. Marine engineers are responsible for;

a) safe and efficient operation of main propulsion machinery
b) ship service systems
c) the repair and maintenance of deck machinery
d) the operation and maintenance auxiliary machinery
e) all

446. What equipment for fog signals is required for a vessel 13 meters in
a ) whistle only
b) whistle and bell
c) bell only
d) bell and gong
e) not obliged to carry the sound signaling appliances

435. A Marine engineer has to know about;

a) chemistry, physics, mathematics
b) maintenance of machinery
c) safety rules and equipment
d) hydraulics and pneumatics
e) all

447. What document is issued after the final check discharged cargo at the
port of destination?
a) Cargo manifest
b) Mates receipt
c) The outturn report
d) Fixture note
e) The disbursement account

436. What statement is not true concerning a chief engineer?

a) chief engineer is directly responsible to the chief officer
b) chief engineer is responsible for the efficient operation of all machinery
c) chief engineer supervises any repair
d) chief engineer approves the ordering of any spares and equipment
e) chief engineer does not normally keep watch

448. Man overboard! ____________ the life boat.

a) Lower b) Call
c) Raise d) Put

437. The second engineer is responsible for;

a) the maintenance of main engine
b) the safety of engine room
c) the maintenance of deck machinery
d) sharing the duties of engine room personnel
e) all

e) Sound

449. What are the following words related with; circulation, vessel, artery
a) bone b) joint
c) ribs
d) fracture e) blood
450. Which of the following messages needs to be corrected?
a) Instruction: Do not enter the fairway
b) Information: Visibility is not expected to change in your position
c) I will use my own tow lines.
d) Question: May I proceed along the ice channel ?
e) Warning. Obstruction in the fair way

438. Bunkering and fuel handling is the duty of the ;

a) chief engineer
b) second engineer
c) third engineer
d) fourth engineer
e) engineering cadet
439. Who is the foreman of the engine room ratings?
a) donkeyman
b) wiper
c) oiler
d) pump man
440. Who is employed only on tankers?
a) donkeyman
b) oiler
e) fitter

d) its


d) pump man

441. What statement is not true regarding watchkeeping system?

a) watchkeeping in the engine room can be unattended
b) when unattended ,a duty engineer will be responsible for supervisiom
c) The engineer of watch is the Chief Engineers represensative
d) The system is usually an 8-hours period of working with 8 hours rest
e) The parameters are recorded in logbook during the watch
442. Supposing a fire caused by short electric circuit within the equipments is
categorized as a _____________ fire and will be extinguished via
a) Class A/foam
b) Class C/chemical powder
c) Class C/CO
d) Class B/foam
e) Class A/chemical powder
443. Foam and water __________ for electrical fires definetely.
a) werent used
b) will not be used
c) arent being used d) is not used
e) arent used

451. We will be berthing port side.

a) Sancaktan yanayor olacaz.
b) skeleden yanayor olacaz.
c) Batan amandralara balayacaz.
d) Irgat donanma aln.
e) Dmenin ii tamam.
452. When should you first have any food or water after boarding a lifeboat
or liferaft?
a) After 12 hours
b) After 24 hours
c) Within 48 hours
d) Some food and water should be consumed immediately and then not until 48
hours later.
453. I am __________ my course to starboard.
a) increasing
b) decreasing
c) standingd) altering e) getting
454. In a steam turbine, the jet of steam is directed against the blades and it
_________ the rudder.
a) fails
b) reduces c) displaces
d) acts
455. The movement of piston from top dead center to bottom dead center or
from bottom to top in a cylinder is defined by;
a) cycle
b) combustion
c) stroke
d) scavenging
e) revolution

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456. What does wet silencer mean in diesel engine terminology?

a) The exhaust gases are mixed with salt water.
b) The exhaust gases are mixed with fresh water.
c) The silencer jacket is always water cooled.
d) The silencer baffles are water cooled.
e) The sea water is mixed with fresh water.
457. _____________ control the ship from the bridge.
a) The crew
b) Engineering cadets
c) Storemen
d) The captain and the navigating officers
e) Purser
458. What statement is not true regarding service ships?
a) Cable layers lay and repair transoceanic cables.
b) Dredgers deepen the canals,clear the muddy bottoms of waterways or ports.
c) Tugboats tow ships and asist large vessels in manoeuvring.
d) LASH ships are designed to carry refrigrated cargo.
e) Icebreakers open lanes through icy waters.
459. When an engine is installed,the bedplate is seated on the .
a) crankcase
b) entablature
c) foundation
d) main bearing
e) cylinder block
460. With a reciprocating pump,failure to deliver liquid may be caused by
___________ .
a) pump not being primed.
b) discharge head too high.
c) liquid plunger packing worn.
d) any of the above.
e) only a and b
461. A ball bearing will be overheated if _____________ .
a) completely full of Grease.
b) half full of Grease.
c) in use for a long time.
d) operated at high speed.
e) operated at medium speed.
462. While making your rounds, you notice the main lube oil temperature is
higher than normal. To remedy this situation, you should:
a) Speed up the main lube oil pump
b) Open the lube oil cooler seawater inlet valve wider
c) Throttle in on the lube oil cooler seawater discharge valve
d) Close the lube oil cooler seawater discharge valve wider
e) Open the lube oil cooler seawater discharge valve wider
463. Leave the odd sentence out:
a) Mental illness must be taken seriously.
b) Have two people to walk the unsound person on the deck.
c) An unsound person may kill himself or other people.
d) He often thinks that his friends are trying to do him wrong.
e) If the captain does not restrain and control the mental patient,and the mental
patient does kil lor injure himself or others,the captain will be held responsible.
464. All specifics and facts regarding the vessel's current condition and ..........
are covered in the marine survey conducted by the surveyors.
a) only machinery
b) only inert gas systems
c) seaworthiness
d) the hull
e) crew members
465. During Port State Control Procedures, there are certain definitions, to
limit or authorize the port state control officer (PSCO), executing his/her
responsibility. Choose the correct answer: A Port State control officer is :

a) The Administration representative of the flag state

b) The senior command authority of the coast guard of the port state
c) A person duly authorized by the competent authority of a party to a relevant
convention, to carry out port state control inspections, and responsible exclusively
to that party
d) A person who meets the relevant conditions set forth by resolution A. 739 (18)
and has been delegated by the flag state administration
e) The captain of the coast guard boat
466. An emergency towing arrangement shall be fitted at both ends on board
all __________ as defined in regulation II-1/3.21 constructed on or after 1
January 1996.
a) all tankers of not less than 20,000 tonnes deadweight
b) roro passanger
c) passanger
d) dry cargo ship more than 20,000
e) cargo ship more than 20,000
467. Which of the certificates below is not approved by class societies?
a) Tonnage Certificate
b) IAPP Certificate
c) Safety Construction Certificate
d) Load Line Certificate
e) DOC
468. The vessel's _________ is measured vertically from the lowest point of
the hull, ordinarily from the bottom of the keel, to the side of any deck that
you may choose as a reference point.
a) Width
b) Length
c) Height
d) Depth
469. Procedures and techniques beyond the _________ ability should not be
attempted. More harm than good might result.
a) victim's b) patient'sc) rescuer's
d) casualty's
e) first aid
470. Commercial ships and Naval vessels often keep a "__________log," - a
preliminary draft of the ship's course, speed, location, and other data, which
is then transcribed as the "official log" - the final version of the ship's record.
a) scrap log
b) proper log
c) unofficial log
d) officer's log
e) clean log
471. What term means payment for cargo?
a) Freight
b) Despatch
c) Cargo claim
d) Tramp
e) Damage
472. For the question, What is your ETA? the best answer is ________ .
a) My ETA at lighthouse is 01:00 hours UTC.
b) My ETA is ....locally.
c) My ETA to....nm from lighthouse.
d) My ETA from ... is ... hours UTC.
e) My ETA at distress position with ...... hours UTC.
473. Rearrange the following words to make a meaningful sentence;
a) Repeat you have what received.
b) Repeat what you have received.
c) Repeat what have you received.
d) Repeat what received you have.
e) What you have recieved repeat.
474. The payment for loss or damage is called;
a) Demurrage
b) Fee
c) Due
d) Despatch
e) Indemnity

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475. There are some Certificates/documents which are internationally

recognized and have to be carried on board. These are checked/inspected by
the port state control officer (PSCO) when he/she/they come on board. One of
the following certificates does not have to be carried on board on tanker.
Choose that certificate and mark it :
a) Document of compliance, Solas 74, Regulation II-2/54,
b) Oil record book, Parts I and II
c) Cargo record book
d) Document of Authorization for the carriage of grain
e) Minimum safe manning document
476. The quantity of oil in separated water is controlled by a control unit.
What sentence below has the same meaning?
a) Control unit controls the oil quantity and separate it.
b) The quantity of oil is separated and controlled by control unit
c) The oil quantity in water is separated by control unit
d) Control unit controls the oil quantity in separated water.
e) Separated water in oil is controlled by control unit.
477. ________ should be regarded as a special attention after installing a new
hydraulic pump.
a) The relief filters should be readjusted
b) The filters and strainers should be checked frequently
c) System pressures should be readjusted
d) The fluid should be drained and renewed
e) All above
478. It shall be the responsibility of the_____________ to prepare the boilers
for inspection.
a) Chief Engineer
b) 2nd Engineer
c) Boatswain
d) 2nd officer
e) Any above
479. In the International Code of Signals, the code signal meaning "I require
immediate assistance" is ____.
c) DX
d) CP
e) BR (in urgent need of a helicopter)
480. The steam turbine can be connected to a reduction gear to produce
motion. What word can be used instead of the underlined word as a
a) force b) movement
c) velocity
d) buoyancy
481. A patient in shock should NOT be placed in which position?
a) On their side if unconscious
b) Head down and feet up, no injuries to face or head
c) Flat on their back with head and feet at the same level
d) Arms above their head
482. The MOST important element in administering CPR is __________.
a) having the proper equipment for the process
b) starting the treatment quickly
c) administering of oxygen
d) treating for traumatic shock
483. Before CPR is started, you should __________.
a) establish an open airway
b) treat any bleeding wounds
c) insure the victim is conscious
d) make the victim comfortable
484. In all but the most severe cases, bleeding from a wound should be
controlled by _______.
a) applying direct pressure to the wound

b) submerging the wound in lukewarm water

c) cooling the wound with ice
d) applying a tourniquet
485. Prior to port arrival, a diesel alternator_____________, turbo
alternator_____________, and all the full awayprocedure should be
a) Will have to be started/will be shut down/in reverse order
b) Doesnot have to be started/will have to be shut down/in reverse order
c) Will have to be started/will have to be started/in right order
d) Will have to be shut down/will have to be started/in reverse order
e) Doesnt have to be shut down/will have to be shut down/in right order
486. The preferred method of controlling external bleeding is by __________.
a) direct pressure on the wound
b) elevating the wounded area
c) pressure on a pressure point
d) a tourniquet above the wound
487. Unless there is danger of further injury, a person with a compound
fracture should not be moved untilbleeding is controlled and __________.
a) the bone has been set
b) the fracture is immobilized
c) radio advice has been obtained
d) the wound has been washed
488. A propeller turning clockwise when viewed from aft is considered rihgt
handed and most single screw shipshave__________propellers. A twin screw
ship usually has a________ propeller anda_______________propeller.
a) Right handed/right handed starboard/left handed port
b) Right handed/right handed port/left handed starboard
c) Left handed/right handed starboard/left handed port
d) Left handed/right handed port/left handed starboard
e) Right handed/left handed starboard/right handed port
489. If a person gets something in his or her eye and you see that it is not
embedded, you can ________.
a) get them to rub their eye until the object is gone
b) remove it with a match or toothpick
c) remove it with a piece of dry sterile cotton
d) remove it with a moist, cotton-tipped applicator
490. _______ ships are fitted with bow thrusters to improve
________manoeuvring capability.
a) any / its
b) some / them
c) some / their
d) all / they
e) all / its
491. Emergency generators are placed ___________ .
a) Near the machinery space
b) Above the bulkhead or freeboard deck whichever the higher
c) Midships near the engine room casing
d) Above the deep load line
e) None above
492. The beam of a ship is its width at the _______ point as measured at the
ship's nominal waterline.
a) widest b) longest c) depth d) narrowest
e) vertical
493. Current refers to the __________.
a) horizontal movement of the water
b) vertical movement of the water
c) density changes in the water
d) velocity changes in the water
e) body of water that is dragged with the ship
494. The magnitude or speed of current is called___________.
a) drift
b) though c) crest
d) ample e) set

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495. Select the correct answer from the list of choices to fill the blank. The
ship sank __________ the heavy storm.
a) because b) owing of
c) due to d) since e) as
496. For the what period of time is the IOPP certificate valid?
a) 6 months
b) 5 years
c) 3 years d) 1 years

e) 10

497. Read the text carefully and answer the questions accordingly.
Transporting oil by tankersin the artic sea is mostly carried out by fleets of nuclear
ice breakers and relatively smallAfterthe introduction of azipods vessel operating
in the ice will be able to transport crude oil without icebreaker asistance new
tankers meet all the international requirements related to the safety of navigation
and the protection of the marine ice is still a challenge but not a
major problem anymore with the most advanced and unique tecnical such as
According to passage what makes this ship so unique?
a) it means all the international requirements
b) it can operate at minus 40 celcius
c) it does not need the assistance of an ice-breaker
d) it is able to carry crude oil in the artic sea
e) it protect the marine environment
498. Different dangerous good are considered in campatible if their stowage
togethermay result in undue hazard in the case of leakage , spilage or any
other acidents.
Which of the following measures can be used to prevent above mentioned
a) disrepancy
b) segregation
c) disorder
d) decontamination
e) allotment
499. A short conversations between two people is given below. Chose the
answer that most accurately answer the questions on what is started or
implied by speakers mark the answer.
Captain:Which broke the copt machine
Seafarer:I don't know it was jammed when tired it
Captain:it bugs me when somebody does that and just leaves it that was
What does the captain imply?
a) He damaged the machine
b) He thinks the machine has been repaired
c) He thinks somebody broke machine and and kept quiet about it
d) There are inspects the machine
e) He thinks that the machine does perfectly the work
500. Select the correct answer from the list of choices to complete the sentence
All crew onboard must have a feeling ............................................................
a) off responsibility
b) to be responsibility
c) of responsibility
d) responsible
e) resposibility
501. What equipment for fog signals is required for a vessel 15m?
a) whistle only
b) bell only
c) whistle and bell
d) whistle and gong
e) bell and gong
502. What occurs when the boundary between a cold and a warm air mass
does not move in any direction?
a) wave-like air mass
b) cyclone
c) occluded front
d) stationary front
e) anticyclone
503. Lubricating oil should be changed on a heavy duty diesel engine
________ .
a) it has been in a use for a specified interval
b) it gets dark in color
c) a sample rubbed between fingers feels thin
d) it no longer supports combustion
e) its viscosity is increased

504. Every producer of nautical charts must provide a system ____________ .

a) the latest prices
b) the latest development
c) changes
d) the latest editions
e) the sales
505. Generally speaking,nautical charting takes the form of charts _______ or
computerized electronic navigational charts used for the safe operation of
vessels around the world.
a) printed on discs
b) downloaded by anyone
c) printed on record card system
d) downloaded software on electronic databases
e) printed on paper
506. Moulded depth is measured from the_________ .
a) inside of the shell
b) outside of the shell
c) top of the center vertical keel
d) top of the garboard strake
e) top of the stringer plate
507. Which type of verification Survey consists of an examination of the plans
diagrams other technical documantation to verify that the
structure,machinery and equipment relevant to the particular certificate?
a) initial
b) verification
c) structural
d) plan approval
e) periodical
508. ___________should be regarded as a special attention after installing a
new hydraulic pump.
a) The relief filters should be readjusted
b) The filters and strainers should be checked frequently
c) System pressures should be readjusted
d) The fluid should be drained and renewed
e) All above
509. Every vessel shoul maintain a proper _________ by sight and hearing.
a) whistle
b) speed and course
c) route
d) look out
e) helmsman
510. Passenger ship Safety Equipment Certificate Validity;
a) 12 Months
b) 24 Months
c) 36 Months

d) 5 Years e) 48

511. What does AFFF stand for?

a) aqueous film forming foam
b) aneroid film forming foam
c) alternative fire fighting foam
d) aqueous fire fighting foam
e) absorbing film forming foam
512. What are the large automatic navigational buoys called?
a) landys
b) lands
c) autoby
d) autobo
513. On an anchor windlass, the wheel over which the anchor chain passes is
called a _______.
a) brake compressor wheel
b) devil's claw
c) Wildcat
d) winchhead
514. A rope ladder with wooden rungs is a __________.
a) drop ladder
c) Jacob's ladder

b) life ladder
d) jury ladder

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515. Placing a lashing across a hook to prevent a fitting from slipping out of
the hook is called _____________.
a) faking
b) flemishing down
c) mousing
d) worming
516. Which of the following is not approved by TL?
a) Deck log book
b) Safety management certificate
c) Safety equipment certificate
d) Stability book
e) Fire plan
517. Radio installation survey does not check the ..
a) Deck log book
b) Radio record book
c) Operator certificated
d) Radio certificated issued by flag administrator
e) Up to ITU publication
518. Yangn nlemek iin tedbirler alnacaktr. Correct translation of this
sentence into English is;
a) Precautions must be done to avoid fire.
b) Precautions shall be taken to prevent fire.
c) There shall be prevented with caution.
d) To prevent fire, some cautions shall be taken.
e) Fire is prevented by some precautions.
519. What represents poor sanitary procedures?
a) Keep and use a separate filling hose for potable (drinking) water.
b) Locate potable (drinking) water tanks as low as possible in the bilge.
c) Eliminate enclosed spaces in which trash, food particles, dirt may gather.
d) After washing dishes with soap and warm water, sterilize them in water of at
least 170F (76.7C).
520. What statement is not true regarding sevice ships?
a) Cable layers lay and repair transoceanic cables.
b) Dredgers deepen the canals,clear the muddy bottoms of waterways or ports.
c) Tugboats tow ships and assist large vessels in manoeuvring.
d) Lashships are designed to carry refrigrated cargo.
e) Icebreakers open lanes through icy waters.
521. Your small vessel is broken down and rolling in heavy seas. You can
reduce the possibility of capsizing by __________ .
a) rigging a sea anchor
b) constantly shifting the rudder
c) moving all personnel forward and low
d) moving all personnel aft
522. A vessel in distress should send by radio telephone the two tone alarm
signal followed immediately by the __________.
a) distress position
b) spoken words "Mayday, Mayday, Mayday"
c) ship's name
d) ship's call letters
523. According to the "Vessel Bridge-to-Bridge Radiotelephone Act", your
radiotelephone log must contain __________.
a) a record of all routine calls
b) a record of your transmissions only
c) the home address of the vessel's Master or owner
d) a summary of all distress calls and messages
524. A message warning of a tropical storm should be sent as a(n)
a) routine message
b) urgent message
c) distress message
d) safety message
525. A message giving warning of a hurricane should have which prefix when
sent by radiotelephone?

a) Pan-Pan (3 times)
b) Securite Securite Securite
d) No special prefix
526. If you wished to transmit a message by voice concerning the safety of
navigation, you would preface it by the word __________.
a) Mayday b) Pan-pan
c) Securite d) Safety
527. The radiotelephone safety message urgently concerned with safety of a
person would be prefixed by the word __________.
a) Mayday
b) Pan-pan
c) Safety
d) Interco
528. Your vessel has been damaged and is taking on water, but you do not
require immediate assistance. You would preface a message advising other
vessels of your situation with __________ .
a) Mayday-Mayday-Mayday
b) Pan-Pan (3 times)
c) Securite-Securite-Securite
529. The fittings used to secure a watertight door are known as __________.
a) clamps
b) clasps
c) dogs
d) latches
530. The safe working load of a vessel is checked by _______________ .
a) Harbour master
b) Llyod
c) Recognised Organisation
d) Port authority
e) Ministry commerce
531. A Coast Guard radiotelephone message about an aid to navigation that is
off station is preceded by the word __________.
a) "PAN-PAN"
c) "SOS"
532. Messages concerning weather conditions transmitted by radiotelephone
are preceded by ___.
d) SOS
533. You are using VHF channel 16 (156.8 MHz) or 2182 kHz. You need help
but are not in danger. You should use the urgent signal __________.
b) "PAN-PAN"
534. The difference between the forward and aft drafts is __________.
a) list
b) heel
c) trim
d) flotation
535. As a last resort, a tourniquet can be used to __________.
a) hold a victim in a stretcher
b) stop uncontrolled bleeding
c) hold a large bandage in place
d) restrain a delirious victim
536. For an upright vessel, draft is the vertical distance between the keel and
the __________.
a) waterline
b) freeboard deck
c) Plimsoll mark
d) amidships section
537. Charts, landmark legends which indicate a conspicuous landmark are
printed in ________.
a) underlined letters b) capital letters
c) italics
d) boldface print

538. To perform Hemlich Manoeuvre;

I-Bend the person sightly forward
II-Repeat untill the object is expelled from the airway

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III-Make a fist with one hand and place it slightly above the persons navel
IV-Stand behind the victim and wrap your arms around his or her waist
V- Grasp your fist wtih the other hand and press into the abdomen
539. A sentence with five underlined word or phrases is given as below for the
sentence. Choose the underlined word or phrase that is incorrect in standart
written English.
The congressman , accompained by secret service agent and aides, are preraring
to enter the convention hall within the next few minutes.
a) within the next
b) by
c) to enter d) are
e) aides
540. Proper administration of ____________ can mean the difference between
life and death, short-long-term recovery, and permanent or temporary
a) first aid
b) oxigen
c) meditation
d) injection
e) pain killer
541. Which sentences is true for Inspections of the outside of the ship's
bottom of cargo ships.
a) Inspections of the outside of the ship's bottom of cargo ships being carried out
with both ship is in drydock and afloat.
b) Inspections of the outside of the ship's bottom of cargo ships being carried out
only with ship is in drydock
c) It is carried out every 24 months for Passenger ships.
d) It is carried out every 36 months for Cargo ships.
e) It is additional survey
542. A periodic thorough examination of the cargo gear proves satisfactory.
What percentage of the total gear must be dismantled to determine actual
internal condition?
a) None b) 10%
c) 25%
d) 100% e) 15%
543. Cirrus clouds are composed primarily of __________.
a) ice crystals
b) water droplets
c) snow crystals
d) nitrogen
e) drizzle
544. Which one is the major advantages of Navtex over other transmission
a) It broadcasts in scheduled.
b) It transmits with low frequency and long distance
c) Transmissions can receive basic FM receiver
d) You can read and print message
e) Updated informations can be received continiously.
545. Which is about insulation?
a) Immersion suit
b) Lifebuoy
c) Lifejacket
d) Liferaft
e) all
546. A mooring line leading at nearly right angles to the keel is a __________.
a) spring line
b) bow line
c) stern line
d) breast line
e) towing line

547. Examining the plans for the helicopter facilities is the part of _________ .
a) Safety Equipment Certificate Survey
b) Safety Installations Certificate Survey
c) Load Line Certificate Survey
d) Classification Certificate Survey
e) Special Arrangements Certificate Survey
548. The significance of a mark depends on one or more features:
Cevap: By dayColour, shape and topmark. By nightLight colour and rhythm.

549. __________ stations are designated areas where you are to go when an
emergency signal sounds.
Cevap: Muster
550. Immersion suits help reduce the _______ of body heat and shock on
entering cold water, immersion suits are critically important life saving
Cevap: Loss
551. ..means the residual waste oil products generated
during the normal operation of a ship such as those resulting from the
purification of fuel or lubricating oil for main or auxiliary machinery,
separated waste oil from oil filtering equipment, waste oil collected in drip
trays, and waste hydraulic and lubricating oils.
Cevap: Sludge
552. Deficiencies must be rectified before the ship can depart the port.
The word rectified means:
Cevap: Corrected
553. Depths are measured in a variety of ways. Historically the sounding line
was used. In modern times, ________ is used for measuring the seabed in the
open sea.
Cevap: Echo sounding

554. A ship's Length Overall [LOA] is measured in ___________ and inches

from the extreme forward end of the bow to the extreme aft end of the stern.
Cevap: Feet
555. Abandon ship drill and __________ must be held within 24 hours of
leaving port if more than %25 of the crew have taken part indrills on board
the ship the previous month.
Cevap: Fire drill
556. To ensure the safe operation of each ship and to provide a link between
the Company and those on board is the responsibility of _____ . They have
direct access to the highest level of management.
Cevap: Designated Person Aboard (DPA)
557. Nautical charts must be labeled with ____________ and depth
information. There are a few software solutions in the market that do
automatic label placement for any kind of map or chart.
Cevap: Navigational
558. Which ships does the ISPS Code apply to?
Cevap: Cargo ships of 500 gross tonnage and upwards.

559. The nautical chart holds crucial information such as__________,

landmarks, and seamarks. There are symbols that describe the seabed, such
as the depth of the ocean, possible hazards, and tidal information.
Cevap: Seabed notification
560. Meteorology report athens meteology center part 1 : no gale part 2 :
baleras sw1-3, w2-4, nw4-6 later storm and strong wind , moderate
thunderstrom .....
Which could be the weather case of baleras state?
Cevap: Veering

561. What is the 3 types of frequent surveys?

Cevap: Annual, Intermediate, Class Renawal
562. Weather decks and other suitable surface as compaion ways should be
used for the safety of _______ .
Cevap: Crewmember

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563. A weather ___________ displays various meteorological features across a

particular area at a particular point in time and has various symbols which
all have specific meanings.
Cevap: Map

580. How is the intensity of a light expressed in the light list?

Cevap: Nominal range

564. The main reasons to coat the underwater hull is for ______ and fouling
Cevap: Corrosion

581.Dunnage may be used to protect a cargo from loss or damage by

________ .
Cevap: Ship's sweat

565. Alterations or ________ must be initialled by the authorised keeper of

the logbook and the original data entries which have been cancelled or
corrected must remain legible.
Cevap: Corrections

582. A vessel cannot comply with all of the SOLAS requirements due to its
construction. Where will this be indicated?
Cevap: On the Exemption Certificate
583. In which case is the IOPP Certificate of an inspected vessel NOT
Cevap: The required oily-water separator malfunctions.

566. Draft marks are numbers marked on each side of the __________ and
stern of the vessel.
Cevap: Bow
567. ______________ must be present for fire to occur.
Cevap: Fuel, heat, oxygen, and a chemical chain reaction.
568. The main reasons to coat the underwater hull is for _____ and fouling
Cevap: Corrosion
569. 'All seafarers should therefore receive training in the basic first aid skills,
and their training and retraining in this area should be continued on every
voyage. The most important life-saving skills are: artificial respiration, heart
compression, and the control of __________ .'
Cevap: Severe bleeding
570. Nautical charts are essential tools for marine navigation; many countries
require vessels, especially commercial ships, to carry them. Charts are
essential because they provide a graphic representation of a maritime
.. and adjacent coastal regions.
Cevap: Area

571. What is another word for the transverse curvature?

Cevap: Camber
572. An example of a messenger is a __________.
Cevap: Heaving line
573. A "gypsy" or "gypsyhead" is a __________ .
Cevap: Spool-shaped drum fitted on a winch
574. A tug's horsepower available at the shaft is __________.
Cevap: Brake horsepower
575. The purpose of the tripping line on a sea anchor is to ___________ .
Cevap: Aid in its recovery
576. The revolving drum of a winch used to haul lines is called a __________ .
Cevap: Gypsyhead
577. What is the difference between net tonnage and gross tonnage?
Cevap: Net tonnage is the gross tonnage less certain deductible spaces.
578. A spanner is a __________.
Cevap: Special wrench for the couplings in a fire hose line.
579. A major advantage of the NAVTEX system when compared to other
systems is that __________ .
Cevap: Warning are printed out for reading when convenient.

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