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Welcome! If this is your first visit to the Chester Zoo website, or, if you
have visited before, then we offer you a warm welcome.
As you will see from this website, there is more to Chester Zoo than meets the
eye. We may have over 20,000 wonderful animals right here - but we are helping
thousands more around the world through our conservation and education
The zoo’s mission is to be a major force in conserving biodiversity worldwide. To
this aim we currently care for more than 500 different species in the zoo - about
half of which are endangered. Every effort goes into ensuring the highest

You can find out more about our activities through our conservation pages or by
I am always keen to hear your feedback so that we can continue to achieve the
very best for our animals and our visitors so please do tell us what you think.
Don’t forget that you can keep right up to date with the latest zoo news by
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By visiting Chester Zoo and supporting us you can help make a real difference,
not only to our animals here at the zoo, but also to the animals, plants and people
within our conservation activities around the world.
Enjoy your visit.
Thank you.

standards of welfare and the best care is given to all our animals, from the tiny

Dr Mark Pilgrim

snails to the tall giraffes.

Director General

At each enclosure there are unique ways of learning about the animals too, by
reading, touching and smelling the information panels. By simply observing we
can all learn so much more about the animals, their natural habitats and what


makes them so special and worth conserving.

The only reason we’re here is because one man, George Mottershead,
had a dream of ‘a zoo without bars’.

But our charitable work extends well beyond the zoo’s perimeter. At home and

That devotion to the welfare and protection of wildlife has always been at the

abroad, we support and conduct some 150 field projects for conservation and

heart of everything we do.

education in more than 50 countries worldwide. We know not everyone can be as
hands on as we are, so we’ve createdAct for Wildlife, a conservation campaign

For over 80 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to protecting biodiversity and

that gives you the chance to get involved and make a real difference for wildlife

fighting to save species from extinction. These days, we sum all this up in our

conservation around the world.

vision and mission.

toilet blocks and admin offices. we’re not only the UK’s most popular zoo. (As you can tell.) With the war over. ‘Always building. and honorary Master of Science degree. In 1930. he wasn’t one to give up easily. he bought Oakfield House and seven acres of land for £3. thriving and sustainable natural world. The first animals of Chester Zoo. the North of England Zoological Society All because one little boy cared deeply about animals. to see the huge estate we have now – in Our mission is to be a major force in conserving the living world. George Mottershead in the Tropical Realm Planning Approval Planning permission for the project was formally received in November 2010 from By the time he died in 1978. and one of the top 15 in the with him. from the animal exhibits to the Back at the turn of the twentieth century. world. George never forgot that day. more than 100 years ago.“Our vision is for a diverse. and in 1934. Plus. George’s dream of a ‘zoo without bars’ was Cheshire West & Chester Council and the Secretary of State. we’re also a highly respected centre for global conservation and research.500.’ George’s amazing energy.” total. shops. But we’ve always come through stronger than ever. restaurants. was born. aged 84. Keeping the young zoo open through the Second World War was no NATURAL VISION mean feat. and passionate campaigners for wildlife. which are both Grade II* listed. One of the zoo’s slogans back then was. or the vow he made. It hasn’t always been easy Determinedly he told his father: ‘When I have a zoo. about 500 acres. earned him an OBE. The zoo opened in 1931. We’ve had a long history here at Chester Zoo.' (George had to fight opposition to his very first zoo in the 1930s). How amazed and proud he’d be today. What George saw that day inspired him to do something different. will transform the zoo into a world class animal and visitor experience. near Crewe. of course. it won’t have any bars. the original Oakfield House itself and stable block. The zoo itself takes up a massive 125 acres – more than THE HISTORY OF CHESTER ZOO ten times the size of that first bit of land George bought in 1930! There are now 170 buildings at Chester Zoo. a boy named George Mottershead was taken to a zoo in Manchester. now grown up and with a family. But George did it. the Rt Hon Eric well and truly flourishing at Chester. our long term expansion plan. Natural Vision. the zoo began to grow – fast. and a term as President of the International Union of Zoo Directors. . And Today. enthusiasm and skill We have some really exciting and ambitious plans to improve the zoo for you and our animals. he brought a group of animals from a zoo at Shavington. Pickles MP.

Gone . Studentships and Scholarships and Technical Support. There’s a worldwide network of zoos.many including the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA). the majority of the zoo’s extensive land bank remains CONSERVATION & RESEARCH We're a major supporter of conservation and research in the wild. help zoos do more for conservation. conservation breeding. in the UK and worldwide. islands and features Monsoon Forest. and will create a further 660+ jobs in the zoo and surrounding area . . Each year the zoo is involved in many conservation projects working directly with threatened species in the wild. becoming of extinction within this century.allow us to develop a number of themed zones linked to our animal collection The world’s wildlife is under threat. and keep standards high in every zoo. And we're playing a big part in the battle to protect threatened species and habitats. the UK's largest indoor zoo exhibit. FIELD CONSERVATION Corporate Sponsorship If your business is interested in supporting our projects you can get in touch with our Development Team on 01244 650 289 / 01244 650 265 or email development@chesterzoo. and education. animal welfare. European and international organisations. approximately 30%. Field Projects. Follow the links below and find out more about our vital conservation work and the partners we work with. research. who join forces to co-ordinate conservation Environment work. We have to fight back. Whilst the Natural Vision masterplan increases the size of the core zoo by We belong to a number of UK. and international conservation programmes. We participate in field conservation through Field Programmes. bats and a great diversity of birds. and we do it through a combination of field Islands recreates the amazing tropical environments of six South East Asian conservation. Our mission is to be a major force in Islands conserving biodiversity worldwide. And we are. associated with the hotel development. Natural Vision will be built in a series of phases between 2012 and 2024 and will one of the largest zoos in Europe. and protected from development by its Green Belt status and by our commitment to maintaining it in an unspoilt state. the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) and the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA). Scientists reckon a third of all animal and plant species on Earth face a high risk The core zoo will expand by approximately a third to cover 50 hectares. Economy It is estimated that Natural Vision will safeguard more than 500 jobs in the region. We work together to co-ordinate breeding programmes. This land is home to a wide range of native wildlife species including badgers.forever. Extinction: that’s it.

4 million visitors each year and depends on this income to directly support conservation activities and help protect wildlife in the UK and Together we can make a big difference in protecting wildlife and by supporting our around the world. . campaigns.We have strong partnerships with a large number of conservation professionals CONSERVATION CAMPAIGNS and organisations as well as working alongside partners and local communities to educate and protect about species and habitats. Each year. we take part in a number of conservation campaigns which raise funds and / or awareness for a conservation related issue. you can help us Act for Wildlife. The zoo attracts 1.