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Writing : Composing Efficiently

Nikko Sucahyo
In writing messages, there are two types of composing techniques in making the
messages efficient and faster, such as the general composing techniques and the special
composing techniques. In general composing techniques, we will be talking about the process
of writing the message in general, setting goals and the steps in getting it done, while the
special composing techniques will be discussing writing process in a certain situation that
people will most likely face as a challenge in writing.
The first step of writing message would be the initiation process, which is the process
of determining the communication strategy that the writer would use and the consideration
of the reason, temporary feelings involved, riskiness of the possibility of getting a certain
record, how immediate response needed, timing, and appropriateness of the message.
Afterwards, the next step would be the five different writing composition process that will be
explained later, and the overlapping stage of rethinking of each previous five-stage writing
composition where new information, ideas, and reorganization might be gathered later.
The five stage of writing composition involves five different aspects of writing that
helps the writer in visualizing the composition process from the beginning to the end, and the
possibility in looking back at previous processes to add more information or ideas or even
reorganizing the whole writing for each composition processes. The processes includes the
research stage of gathering information from a wide possibility of sources; the organization of
the informations gathered from the research process by grouping similar ideas or composing
organizational blueprint by using outlines or even idea charts and mindmap as a tool. Then
the writer have to determine the focus of ideas for the readers to get and the essence of the
message by determining what the audience need to know the most, distinguishing major and
minor ideas, and stating the ideas in teaching manner and in the simplest way possible. Later
the writer need to draft off of the thoughts and consideration from prior steps, then comes
the editing part where the writer edit the document from the aspects of strategy, macro level
of the whole document, the micro level of words and sentences, then the correctness of
grammar and punctuations.
The other technique of writing message is the special composing technique where the
writer of the message have to deal with special challenges in writing consists of overcoming

innapropriate and burdensome if not done properly. The writer’s block is the situation where the writer has a temporary inability in writing the message where inspiration. and providing or asking confidential matters. and agreeing group guidelines alongside with sticking to the tasks and timeline are the way to go. collaborative group writing. in need to interact directly to the audiences or might run the risk of annoying or interrupting the audience. and tonal voice where it is easier to execute in direct interaction. . the writers could apply strategies such as changing the writing task that the writer is currently working on. and also consider use polite words and be cautious with jokes and emoticons since writing lacks of gestures. Writers must not use email when they are in certain situations such as in an angry mood. using email where writing could be efficient. where the writer have to collaboratively write in group. The other challenge is the group writing. it might be unclear. Lastly. facial expressions. in need to convey sensitive or negative information. Overcoming the writer’s block. changing activity by doing other things than the writing process. would not come easily to the writer.the writer’s block. Writers also need to carefully choose first word since readers or audience might only look at the first words. and writing using email. Lastly. writers need to think twice in sending the email and thinking back whether the writer is in emotional condition composing the email and consider sending email if the email is considered safe to be publicly seen. which is the main part of the writing process. and changing the perceptions about the writer and the writings itself.