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The requested person is not available

- Hi, this is John. Is Patty home?
- No sorry, John, Patty is at work.
- What time did she leave?
- She left at five this morning.
- Wow, that early! She must be crazy!
- Yes, just a little.
- Yeah, she is crazy to live with you.
- Oh you are such comedienne! Can I have a ticket to your next performance?
- Hey, I was just joking, you're my best friend. Anyway. I gotta go. Bye.
- Ok, thanks. Bye.
Frustrated plans
- Hello. This is Nicky.
- Hello, Nicky.
- I tried to call you last night. Where were you?
- What do you mean? I was home all night!
- How could you have been? I must have tried to call you ten times.
- I was here.
- Well, anyways, I was trying to call to tell you I can't come to the movie tonight.
- Nicky, that is terrible. I was really looking forward to it.
- I am so sorry. But my boss called yesterday and said I have to work late tonight.
I'm at work now.
- Well needless to say I am bummed out. I miss you!
- Maybe another time?
- Anytime!
- Ok, then how about Friday?
- Ok, it's a date.
- Good, I gotta go. Bye.
- Bye.
Talking with a friend
- Hi.
- Hi, Jack.
- Hey, sorry about last night! Are you still angry for saying those stupid things
about your brother?
- I was never angry. My brother deserved your negative comments. You didn't need
to apologize.
- Well that's good to know. What did you end up doing?
- I just hung out at the gym.

- I was going to go over to the gym tonight to do chest and shoulders. Do you want
to meet me?
- Yeah, that sounds good. We can do a really hard work-out together.
- I was thinking about some burn-out sets. Maybe something like five sets of ten
reps for each muscle?
- Sounds good to me! I hope I can keep up with you!
- Your tough. I have no doubt.
- Well thanks for the words of encouragement.
- Anyways, so what do you think about meeting there after work? Say about
seven? Is that ok?
- Yeah see you there.
- Ok, bye.
- Bye.
Mobile call dropped
- Hi, this is Paul.
- Hi, this is Joan. How are you?
- Good. What's up?
- Nothing. I'm in the car right now driving over to meet your brother at the
shopping mall.
- Oh yeah, what are you planning to do?
- Sorry, the connection was lost. Please try your call again later.
Redialing the previous call after mobile phone call was dropped
- Hi, this is Paul again.
- Hi, I'm here! Sorry I guess my call dropped.
- Where are you now?
- I'm about a mile away from the Mall.
- What do you think if I come over to meet you?
- Yeah good idea. You can come with us shopping. After we can all catch a movie
- Let's do that. How about I meet you there in about one hour?
- Ok, we can meet at the fountain in front of Macy's Department Store.
- That sounds very good. Do you think we'll have time to go to Macy's together? I
want to show you a really nice sweater I found. I want you opinion on if I should
buy it.
- I don't see why not.
- Fantastic. Then I'll look for you there in one hour.
- Ok, see you soon.
- See you later. Bye.
A friend asks for some help

- Hi.
- Hello, Max.
- Hey, I need your help my friend.
- Sure. I'm always free to help a friend. What's up?
- My car broke down and I need somebody to pick me up at the service station.
- Sure that's not a problem.
- You're the best. I'm at the Parkview service station in Hollandale. Do you know
where's it?
- Sure it's right in the center of town.
- Yeah you got it! Can you come now?
- I'll be right there!
- Thanks! I owe you one.
- Ok, I'll take you up on that!
- Look forward to seeing you. Bye.
Talking with someone close
- Hi, Mom, this is me.
- Hello, son. Good to hear your voice.
- I am glad that I could reach you this time. I was just thinking about you and
thought I'd call.
- Well that is good. A son should always be thinking about his mother.
- I can hear a TV blaring on the background. What are you doing?
- Yes, you are right. I was just sitting here watching some television.
- Anything good on the television? Oh, you'd better not tell me. I love my mommy
but I can't stand her taste in television.
- Well son the same could be said about me. All you like to watch is sports.
- Watching sports is definitely more interesting than watching the Home Knitting
- For your information I am watching a program on Discovery Channel about
- My dear mother, I rest my case!
- Don't worry. I'll remember this conversation next time you come over and watch
one of your football games. You better be a good boy or the TV will be broken
when you come to visit
- Ok, mom. I promise to be good.
- Now that's my boy.
- Ok, just wanted to call and say hello to my mommy.
- Well, hello to you also my son.
- Bye mom. Love you.
- Good bye son. Love you too.
Talk with a family member

- Hello, grand pa.
- Hello.
- I was just calling to say hello. Are you feeling ok? Mom said you're sick.
- Pop Pop is ok. I just caught a flu-bug.
- But you sound terrible?
- Sweetie that is only the medicine talking. It makes me feel very groggy.
- Does your medicine really help you?
- Honey, the doctor prescribed it and I think he knows what he's talking about.
- Ok, but I am just worried. Are you getting well?
- Don't worry. I probably will be up-and-running tomorrow.
- Ok, well I wish you to feel better.
- Thank you dear. I will be. Don't worry.
- Ok. Bye.
- Bye-bye, dear.
Calling to a spouse
- Hello dear.
- Hi honey.
- Honey, I am stuck at work until at least ten. Will you be angry if I am late?
- Dear don't worry if you're late. I just like it when you call to tell me you'll be
- You know I can't stop thinking about you today.
- Well, then that makes two of us.
- Do you know? I know this very nice man that wants to invite this very sweet girl
to dinner tomorrow night.
- She must be a very lucky girl.
- Do you think she will accept if he asks?
- I think I can say with one hundred percent certainty that she will say yes.
- Good then it's a date!
- Well then she will be waiting tomorrow night with baited breath!
- I gotta go my darling. I'll see you later.
- Ok, and try not to be too late, dear.
- I won't. Love you sweetie. Bye.
- You too my honey. Bye.
Talking with someone close
- Hello, pa, this is me, Jane!
- Hi Jane. Your father was wondering if you forgot him!
- Sorry for not calling you for so long. I am just in the middle of finals.
- I know I was only joking.

- It's a lot of work dad. I'm studying from morning to night. Tomorrow, I have a
final in mathematics. And another, on Wednesday.
- Well do good dear!
- I will, don't worry. I'm just tired that's all.
- Well try to get some sleep tonight.
- I gotta pull an all-nighter to get ready for my final tomorrow. Wish me luck
- Good luck, honey. I should let you go. You need to study not waste time talking to
your old man.
- Ok daddy, thanks for the ear! I miss you and mom!
- We miss you too, honey. Good luck!
Talk with the colleague who's running late
- Hello.
- Hello. This is John Waters.
- Hi, this is Tina Frey. I wanted to let you know I'm running a bit late today. My
daughter is sick and I have to take her to the doctor.
- Oh, I'm sorry to hear that Tina.
- Yeah, she has a high temperature. I am on my way to the doctor right now.
- Ok, don't rush. Take care of your daughter. We'll be ok here without you for a
few hours.
- I'll try not to be too long.
- That's not a problem. See you when you get in. Take your time.
Talk with the colleague who's become ill
- Good morning, this is Richard Livingston.
- Good morning, Richard.
- Hi. Yes I am under the weather today and feel terrible. Can you leave a message
for my supervisor Alex Rodriguez that I won't be in today.
- Of course.
- Also, we were working the Carroll Ice Cream Account. You can tell him that he
can find the notes for the account in my top desk drawer if he needs them.
- Good, I'll make that notation.
- Oh and also let him know that the brand manager at Carroll is supposed to call
after lunch to discuss the numbers for their fall sales.
- Ok, will do.
- Thanks a lot. Bye.
- Bye also. Hope you feel better.
Discussion regarding a business matter
- Hi, this is Paula.
- Hi Paula, this is John.

- I am happy I reached you. Do you have a minute?
- Yes, of course.
- Did you meet with marketing yesterday to review our ad campaign?
- Yeah, it was a very interesting meeting.
- Exactly, there were a lot of questions I needed to answer. Did you show them the
graphic I made with the purple shoe?
- Yes, they were absolutely ecstatic about your design. They want to use it in their
upcoming TVC fall campaign.
- Really?
- Yeah, I'm serious.
- I wish I was in the office right now so I could see your face. You're not joking
with me, are you?
- Come on you know I never joke.
- Alright, I believe you.
- Well that's good.
- So, what about the colors? It is hard to describe since I'm on the phone. But did
they like the shoe graphic in that red-orange color?
- If it's the red color I'm thinking about the managers cringed when they saw it!
But don't worry they liked all the other colors mixes.
- Good. I was thinking I'd be on the unemployment line if I screwed up this
- Nope, you're good to go.
- Thanks. Hey, I gotta get off the phone. See you soon.
- Ok, bye.
Providing assistance by phone
- Hello, this is Frank.
- Hi, Frank it's Amanda.
- I'm happy I got you. I have a question for you.
- Ok.
- I'm over at the project on 34 street now and I'm not sure what lights the
customer requested. I need to know if they wanted the standard round units or the
square designer ones.
- Hold on, let me pull their file. Alright here it is. Let me see. Oh, here it is. The
round ones!
- Ok, next question. The gauge of wire, is it supposed to be heavy or light?
- I see here on the specification sheet all wire is to be number 8 gauge.
- Now what about the lights in the master bathroom, does the customer want
halogen or low-intensity incandescent? I got a lot of work to do. Come on.
- Don't rush me. Here it is. They want incandescent in the upstairs bath and the
halogen in the first floor bath.
- Ok, that explains it!
- Happy to be of service.

- Great this all helps me out big time! See you later. Bye.
- Glad I could help. Bye.
Redirecting the call to voice-mail
- Hello. Good morning, this is Ben Johnson
- Hi, good morning. Fischer, Law Offices of Stockman and Newberg.
- I called yesterday. Can you connect me to Beverly Warner?
- I am sorry sir. Ms Warner is not in at the moment.
- Oh, if that's so, can you forward me to her voice-mail?
- Certainly, sir.
- Thank you. Bye.
- Connecting you now. Good bye.
Leaving a business message requesting a return call (formal)
- Hello, you have reached the Law Offices of Stockman and Newberg. This is
Beverly Warner's voice-mail. Please, leave your message after that signal.
- Hello. This is Ben Johnson from Carlson Law offices. The time is three fortyfive pm on Tuesday the 3. This message is for Beverly Warner. Ms Warner, can we
change our appointment tomorrow from eight am to nine am? I will not have all
the contracts completed until then. Thank you. I can be reached at area code 215
676 4987 24/7 to confirm. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Bye.
Leaving a business message requesting a return call (informal)
- Hi, this is Beverly. Unfortunately, I can't accept your call right now. Please,
leave your message in my voice-mail. I will check it as soon as I can. Thanks.
- Hi, Beverly this is Ben. Your secretary said you're out of the office so I thought
I'd drop you a message. I can't make our meet tomorrow at eight. Can we push it
back an hour to nine? Thanks. Give me a call to let me know if this is ok for you.
You can get me on my cell or at the office. See ya.
Leaving a business message with information
- Hello, you've reached the Clark residence. Nobody is at home right now. At the
sound of the signal please leave your name, number and time of your call. I'll get
back to you as soon as I return. Thanks! Please, start talking after the beep.
- Hello, this is John Simmons from Delta Travel. I was calling to let you know
your tickets are ready. You can come by our office anytime to pick them up. Our
hours are nine to five on weekdays, Saturdays till ten pm and closed Sundays.
Leaving a business message with information (urgent)

- Welcome. You've reached Toyota Parts. Philadelphia center store. Sorry, we're
presently closed, however, if you want you can leave us a voice-mail. We will
check it first thing in the morning.
- Hi, this is Paul Smith. This message is urgent. I ordered some parts for my car
last week. The parts arrived this morning and the order is completely incorrect. It
was order number 09-02899. I urgently need to have the correct order re-sent.
Please call me as soon as you get this message. I can be reached at 215 899 4600.
Thank you. Bye.
Leaving a message to a friend
- Hello. Nobody is home right now. Sorry! But I have better things to do than sit
abound and wait for your call. Ha! Ha!. Just joking. Leave a message after the
beep! Bye.
- Kate, this is Ralph. What's up? I'm in town. Where are you! I'm dying to see
you. So GIVE! ME! A! CALL! Here's my number, 912 667 6230. That's my cell
and I got it with me all the time. So you've got no excuse if you don't call. Later.
Leaving a message to someone close
- Hello, this is the answering machine of Bob Hallowell. I can't come to the phone
right now. Please leave a message at the sound of the tone and I will call you back
as soon as I return.
- Hello, Son. This is your mother calling. I just wanted to remind you to call your
father tomorrow to wish him Happy Birthday. I know you always forget! Love you
son. Bye.
Leaving a message to someone close
- Hi, how are you? Ha, fooled you! I bet you thought this was me? Wrong! You've
reached my answering machine. Leave a massage after the beep. I call you back
shortly. Beep.
- Hi Dad. Hello? HELLO! Are you there? Ok, I guess this stupid machine is
recording me now. Guess you're out to dinner with mom. Anyways, HAPPY
BIRTHDAY! By the way, this is your long lost daughter calling from far away. So
you should try to be home next time to hear my call in person. So anyways, Happy
Birthday! What are you now? 100? Bye. Miss you.
Leaving a message to someone you know (hostile)
- Good day! I'm not in right now. After the message ends feel free to leave a
message. Don't forget to include your name and number. Bye.

- This is Renee. Thanks a lot for ruining my vacation. I promised my boyfriend to
take a lot of photos and could not. WHY? Because you did not return my camera
you borrowed! Yeah, thanks a lot! I really needed it! I had to go buy another just
to replace it. Thanks a lot! See ya.
Leaving a message to someone you know (apologetic)
- Hi. Renee is not home. But if you leave a message I promise to call you as soon
as I hear it. Please speak after the sound of the beep.
- Hello Renee, this is Jason. Please, please, please don't be angry. I really tried to
meet you before you left. I called about five times but all I got was your machine!
Please don't be angry. Call me. Ok? Kiss. Bye.
Leaving a message to a co-worker
- Hello, you have reached the voice mail of John Kay in Credit Analysis. I am not
in the office right now. After the tone please leave a message including your name
and number. If your message is urgent please contact my secretary at extension
5300. Thank you and have a nice day.
- Hi Mr. Kay. This is Sally Reynolds from data analysis. We have the report you
requested ready. I'll be in my office all day. If you need to reach me my extension
is 5400. Again, this is Sally from data analysis and your report is ready. Thank
Leaving a message to a supervisor
- Hello, this is the voice mail of Larissa Monoghan in HR. I will be out of the
office today and tomorrow. Please leave a message after the tone. If you need
immediate attention I can be reached on my cell phone at 484 778 8901. Thank
- Hello. This message is for Larissa Monoghan. This is Michael Phillips. The time
is about four am on Tuesday the fifteenth of May. I am calling to inform you that
I am feeling very bad and will not be in tomorrow. I think I have the flu. I will be
in bed all day if you need to reach me. Sorry to leave a message instead of calling
in the morning. But I really feel bad. Thanks. Bye.
Leaving a message of condolence
- Hi, you've reached my voice mail. Leave a message after the tone.
- Hello. This is Laura. I just heard that your sister passed away. I can't say what a
shock it was for me. She was the most wonderful person. I'm sure you are having
a very difficult time right now and I don't want to bother you. I just wanted to let
you know that you and your family are in my thoughts. I am very, very sorry. If

you need anything please feel free to call me. You have my number. Again, I am
sorry for your loss.
A person books a railroad ticket
- Good morning. Is this the railroad ticketing office?
- Hello, yes, this is Amtrak reservations.
- I'd like to book a ticket on the morning train tomorrow to Albany, New York
from Newark. Do you have any seats?
- Yes, we have a number of seats available on the morning trains.
- What are the departure times?
- Ten-fifteen, and the other train departs at nine-twenty three.
- I'd like a ticket on the ten o'clock train. What are the prices for economy and
first-class seats?
- We have an economy fare for $23.50 and first-class seating for $35.00.
- Ok. I'll take one economy seat. Can I pay with my credit card?
- Of course, ma'am.
Payment on the telephone using a credit card
- What kind of credit card are you going to pay with?
- That will be Visa.
- Ok, that's acceptable. Name of the cardholder?
- Betty Gable.
- Ok, thanks. And your card number?
- It's 0010 4301 7256 7854.
- Expiration date?
- January 2011.
- Ok, while your transaction is processing. Let me confirm the details. One single
ticket on the Amtrak Number 103 departing Newark Station at ten-fifteen.
Arriving Albany, New York one-twenty-two pm. The total comes to $23.50 charged
to your credit card. Is everything right?
- Yes, that all sound correct.
- Ok, the transaction is approved. You can pick up your ticket at the gate.
- Yes, thank you.
- Your welcome. Enjoy your trip on Amtrak. Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
A teenager books a bus ticket
- Hi. Is this Greyhound ticketing?
- Hello. Yes, it is.
- Can I buy a ticket on the phone?
- Yes, you can book tickets through our service.

- Cool. So I want to go to Omaha to visit my girlfriend tomorrow.
- I need more information than that.
- Sorry, my name is Hal. So I'm here in Keating. I can take a bus from here to
Omaha, right?
- That's correct, sir.
- Ok, cool. How long does it take?
- We have a bus departing from 15th Street Station in Keating tomorrow at fourthirty a.m. and arriving Omaha at the Vine Street terminal at eight-oh-three pm.
- Did you say four-thirty in the morning?
- That's correct, sir.
- Wow, I guess I'm not gonna get my beauty sleep!
- I guess not sir.
- Ok, that's cool. I'll take a ticket. Oh, yeah, how much? I forgot to ask.
- The ticket we discussed is $83.00.
- Ouch! Oh, well I gotta pay to play if I wanna see my girl!
- Yes, sir. I guess you do.
- Ok, so what do I do now? Can you reserve a ticket in my name?
- I just need your name. You can pay at the cashier when you arrive at the bus
terminal tomorrow morning.
- Cool. My name's Hal Wilcox.
- Ok. I am putting a reservation in your name for the ticket we discussed. You can
pay at the cashier tomorrow up to fifteen minutes before your bus departs.
- Super. Thanks!
- Bye.
- See ya.
A person confirms an airline ticket
- Good morning. Is this Southwest Airlines Reservations?
- Good afternoon, sir. Southwest Airlines Reservations. This is Alice.
- Hi, my name is Mark. I called about a reservation yesterday. I just wanted to call
to confirm my flight. Unfortunately I forget my confirmation number. Can you
look up for the reservation using my last name?
- Of course, sir. What is your last name?
- Good. My last name is Hammil. There should be two tickets direct to West Palm
Beach from Washington, BWI.
- Ok, give me a second. Here is your reservation.
- Is the flight confirmed for tomorrow?
- Yes, Mr. Hammil. It is confirmed.
- Can I review the departure time and the seat numbers?
- Southwest Flight number 3077 is scheduled for departure at two-ten pm. You
and your wife are in seats 10-A and B.
- That's very good. Thanks for your help! Goodbye.
- My pleasure sir. Fly Southwest! Bye.

A person calls for ferry ticket information
- Hi. This is ferry information, right?
- Good afternoon, Yes, that's right. How can I help you?
- Is this the Staten Island Ferry information number?
- Yes, that's correct.
- Yes, I just have a simple question about taking the ferry over to Staten Island.
Can you answer it?
- Ok.
- Yeah, how do I get a ticket?
- You can purchase tickets at any City Tickets kiosk in the city or at any subway
- Can I buy a ticket at the ferry?
- Yes, but we don't recommend this because seating is limited and you may not be
able to get a ticket if you try to buy one at the dock.
- How much are the tickets?
- Adults are twelve dollars and children under thirteen seven-fifty.
- Ok, I understand. Thank you. You answered my question.
- Glad to have been of service.
- Goodbye.
- Bye.
A person calls to restaurant to reserve a table
- Hello. Is this The Olive Garden restaurant?
- Hello, yes, this is The Olive Garden, my name is Jessica.
- Hi. Can I reserve a table at eight?
- Certainly, sir.
- My name is Roger Hamilton.
- Ok, I'll pencil you in at eight then.
- Good! There will be four in my party.
- Ok, a table for four.
- Also, is it possible to have a table on the veranda?
- Yes, I don't see why not.
- Excellent. Oh, and one other thing. My friend will be bringing her baby. Can
you have a high chair ready to put at the table?
- Yes, that is not a problem. We have many high chairs. Just ask your server. They
can place one at your table for you.
- Thank you. Bye.
- Bye, sir.
A person calls to a restaurant to reserve a number of tables or small area

- Hi. Is this, Joe's Cantina Restaurant reservations?
- Hello. Yes, it is.
- Yes, I'm the coach of the girls, softball team at Lakeview High. We just won the
State Championships. Have you heard of us?
- Yes, I read in the newspaper. Congratulations!
- Thanks. Anyways we wanted to have our victory party at your restaurant this
Friday night. Is that possible?
- Yes, we'd be happy to host your party.
- That would be wonderful. Can you handle a crowd of about 18 hungry girls?
- Yes, I think that won't be too big of a problem.
- Is it possible to have a large group of tables together?
- Coach Peters, if I can suggest, we have a room in the back of the restaurant that
handles small groups of 10-25 persons.
- Yes, I think that would be very nice. That way we can be noisy and not bother
your other patrons.
- Yes, maybe your right!
- Ok, let's do that. We should arrive about 5:30 just after practice. Is that ok?
- Sure. We'll have the room ready for you.
- Super! Bye.
- Goodbye and congrats on the state title.
No tables are available for reservation
- Good evening. Is this La Chez Restaurant?
- Hello, Miss. This is Gustav the maitre'd.
- Yes, I'm calling to reserve an intimate table for two at about ten-thirty.
- Miss, I'm very sorry but we're all booked up tonight.
- Oh, that's terrible. Is there any way you can find me a seat? It's very important!
- Miss, I understand but, really, we are at maximum capacity.
- You mean to say you can't find even one table for two people!
- Yes, unfortunately we are completely sold-out. I even had to turn down the
- Well I guess if the mayor can't get a table then it must be bad.
- Miss, can I suggest to call a day or so ahead if you wish to dine here. It should
increase your chances.
- Ok, thank you. Sorry for bothering you.
- My pleasure Miss. And again I am sorry we were not able to accommodate your
- Bye.
- Goodbye, Miss.
A person calls a restaurant to reserve a table and discuss special menu items
- Hello. I am calling a restaurant, right?

- Hi, Pasta Palace restaurant, Holly speaking.
- Oh, good! I wanted to see if you can accommodate my wife and I tonight about
six pm.
- Sure, sir come on over. We have plenty of seats available.
- That would be fine. Also, my wife is allergic to all peanut products. Are you
familiar with this problem?
- No, sir. But tell me about her dietary restrictions and I will try to find out from
the manager if this will be a problem.
- Ok, as I said my wife is allergic to all peanut products. She cannot have any type
of peanut or sesame seed oils in her food.
- I see.
- Yes, it is extremely dangerous and can lead to a life-threatening allergic reaction.
- Oh, this is very serious.
- Can you ask the chef if he uses any of these products in his food preparations.
- Ok, hold on a minute. I will ask it now. Hello, sir. I'm back.
- So what did the chef say?
- He said that is familiar with this medical condition and that your wife has
nothing to worry about.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, he said he doesn't use anything that contains any peanut or sesame oils. He
also said to remind the waiter of this allergic problem just in case he is not
- Ok, that is good. Well, thank you for your assistance. We'll see you tonight. Bye.
- Bye, sir. My name is Holly in case you have any problems.
A person calls for travel information
- Hello. Is this a travel agency?
- Good evening, sir. Yes, it is. My name is Candice. How can I help you?
- Hi, I am interested in getting information to plan a holiday this Christmas.
- You've come to the right place.
- I was thinking about someplace warm. Maybe, the Caribbean, but I have never
been to the Caribbean. Is this a nice place to visit?
- Yes, the Caribbean is very beautiful at Christmas time.
- Where should I go?
- Well there are many islands. The British and American Virgin Islands to the
north, then as you go south, Martinique, Barbados, Saba, and many others. My
personal favorite is the British Virgin Islands.
- Hm... What can you say about British Virgin Islands?
- The British Virgin Islands are tropical and unspoiled. Not so many tourists.
- Ok, but how do I get there from New York?
- New York is easy. There are daily flights on Delta direct to Tortuga. From there
you take a boat to whatever island you choose for your stay. I recommend you
come down and I show you some photos.

- Ok, that sounds nice. See you soon. Bye.
- Bye.
A persons calls for travel information (another example)
- Hi. Is this a travel company office?
- Hello, this is Matt Barker, travel representative.
- Hi, I spoke to a travel agent from another company last week and wanted to find
out more about some different tours and prices. Can you help me?
- Sure.
- Good, I was looking at taking a holiday in Cancun, Mexico with my boyfriend.
We wanted to go for 7 days in April. Do you have some information about an all
- Of course. Cancun in April is beautiful not too hot.
- That's good! How about prices on the flights?
- The best price connections now to Cancun are on AeroMexico Airlines. They
currently have a companion fare for $250 round trip there and back. This means,
if you buy one ticket at full coach cost they give you the other ticket for $250.
- Is it cheapest to buy the tickets that way?
- Yes, you can end up saving about $150 for two tickets.
- Ok, that sounds good. What about hotels? We'd like to stay in a middle-end hotel.
Not too expensive, not too cheap.
- I can recommend the Intercontinental or the San Quentin. Both are mid-priced
and very comfortable.
- How much are rates for a one week stay?
- In general, in April a seven day eight night stay is running around $1300. With a
companion fare on the air your whole package will be under $2000.
- This is good. I'd like to come in tomorrow to book the package. Are you free?
- Yes, I am free all day. Just come in and ask for Matt.
- Ok. Thank you. Bye.
- Bye.
A person calls to reserve a room in a hotel
- Good afternoon. This is Carlton Hotel, right?
- Hello sir, that's right. Carlton Hotel reservations, how can I help you?
- Hi, do you have any rooms available next weekend?
- Yes, we have a number of free rooms all weekend.
- So Friday, Saturday and Sunday isn't a problem?
- No not at all. We have a two room suite, standard double and a single rate
- What is the price for a standard double?
- Sir, the standard double is $199 per night.
- Any weekend discount?

- Sir, that already includes the discount.
- Oh, ok. The bed is it a king or two doubles?
- You can have your choice. Just ask the person at the reception desk to give you a
room with the type of bed you desire.
- Ok, thank you. I would like to reserve a room for next Friday and Saturday
- Ok, not a problem.
- Do you need my information to reserve the room?
- Yes, let's start with your name and address.
- Ok, my name is Sam Adams and my address is 48 South Park Drive.
- I'll need a credit card to hold the room.
- Yes, I can give you a credit card number. Just don't charge anything to the card.
- No, just the number is sufficient to hold the room.
- Ok, Is Visa alright?
- Yes.
- Ok, here it is Visa number 5678 8756 8900 1212, expiration date October, 2010.
- Ok, that will be all. One room is reserved in the name of Sam Adams.
- Great, thank you. Can you confirm the details?
- Yes, one room a standard double. Check-in Friday, check-out Sunday morning
after twelve. Sir, also, please write down your confirmation number A45C901.
- Ok, thank you very much. Bye.
- Good day and thank you for calling Carlton Hotel reservations.
No reservation available because there are no vacancies.
- Hello. Have I reached hotel reservations?
- Hello, this is reservations.
- Hi do you have any rooms available tonight?
- Sorry Ma'am, we are all booked up.
- Oh that's too bad. How about tomorrow night?
- No ma'am, I'm sorry, we have been booked up for the entire week. The
republican convention is in town.
- Oh yes, I forgot. Thank you. Bye.
- Your welcome. Call again. Bye.
A person calls to change their reservation
- Hello reservations?
- Yes, this is reservations.
- Hi, my name is Sam Adams.
- Hello, sir.
- I made a reservation last night. And now I found out that I cannot arrive on my
expected date. My confirmation number is A45C901.
- Ok, let me look up your booking. Here it is. Sam Adams, one standard double for
Friday and Saturday.

- Yes. I need to change the arrival date. I can only arrive Saturday morning. Is
that a problem?
- No, not at all. We'll just update your reservation for a Saturday arrival.
- Good. Will it take long?
- Nope, already done.
- Oh, thank you so much. Sorry for the mistake.
- Not at all. Feel free to call if you have any other problems.
- Thank you. Bye.
- Bye.
A person orders a taxi
- Hi, I need a taxi.
- Hello. Yellow Cab will gladly offer you our services.
- Can you send a cab over to my house? I'm at 14th and Washington.
- Sure Lady. Not a problem. It's on the way.
- Thank you. Bye.
- Yeah, bye.
A person is trying to call a taxi to an unknown address
- Hey. What's up? Is this the taxi?
- Good. This is Taxi dispatch.
- Yeah, can you send me a taxi?
- Sure, what's your address?
- Looks like, I don't know the address. I was just at this bar downtown. I think I'm
at 47th street and 8th avenue.
- Yes, but we need an exact location. Street address.
- Ok, I am in front of the Whiskey Pub on 47th street.
- Ok, I'll send you a cab now.
- Thanks.
- Your welcome.
A person calls a taxi to order a pick up at a later time
- Taxi. Good evening?
- Hi, I am calling to schedule a pick-up tonight.
- How many persons to pick up?
- Just myself.
- Where do you need the pick-up?
- The plaza shopping center in front of the movie theater.
- When do you need the pick-up?
- Can you have a cab there at one-thirty am?

- Yes, please note, the meter will be running if you are late. If you want you can
leave your name and number in case there is a problem.
- I understand. Thank you. My name is Tony Moreno and my number is 647 6735.
- The fee is $2 for the first mile and fifty cents for each additional one-third mile.
Extra passengers are 50 cents each additional. Is it alright with you?
- Yes, that sounds reasonable. Thank you.
- Good bye.
- Bye.
A person calls to a moving company
- Good morning. Is this moving service?
- Good morning, yes, you are calling Happy Movers. Gail speaking.
- Hi, I just wanted to get some information on your moving services. Can you help
- Yes, I can answer your questions about moving.
- Good. I'll be moving in two weeks. How much it can cost me to move all my
- That depends on how much you have.
- Well I have a 3 bedroom apartment and all the usual things.
- Probably a twenty foot truck will be sufficient.
- How do you calculate your charges?
- We charge strictly by the mile.
- So how much per mile?
- The cost for moving is 91 cents per mile.
- So what would that cost me to move to Jacksonville, Florida from my home here
in New York City?
- Let me look on the mileage charts. Ok the chart says it is approximately 957
miles. At 91 cents per mile that is $857 plus additional charges.
- What are the additional charges?
- Boxes and packing materials.
- Oh, well I will be doing that all by myself.
- Ok then, the only charge will be the loading charge.
- A loading charge?
- That is a per box fee for the worker to put the boxes in the truck.
- Can I load the truck myself?
- Yes, you may load the truck yourself.
- Yes, I wanna do that by myself.
- Ok.
- Alright, lets schedule a truck pickup next week on Friday.
- Ok, I have you scheduled for Friday.
- My name is Roger Thornhill and my address is 1746 Amsterdam Avenue,
building 5, apartment 23.

- Ok, look for the truck sometime in the morning.
- Thank you. Bye.
- Good bye, Mr. Thornhill.
Ordering a pizza
- Hi. This is Geno's Pizza. How may I help you?
- Hi, I want to order a pizza for delivery.
- Ok, what size did you want?
- Large.
- Any toppings?
- Yes, mushrooms, pepperoni, onion and extra cheese.
- Ok, anything to drink?
- Yes, and let me have a big bottle of coke.
- We have 2 liter bottles, is that ok?
- Yeah, that's fine.
- Anything else with your order?
- No, that will be all thank you.
- Ok, your order comes to $15.25. Can I have your address please?
- Sure, my address is 104 Cromwell.
- Ok, your pizza will be there in about 45 minutes. Thanks for ordering.
- Yeah, thanks a lot. Bye.
Calling for take-out
- Hello, this China House. My name is Ming. What can I do for you?
- I'd like to place an order for pickup.
- Ok, do you have our menu?
- Yes.
- Good. Just tell me the name of the dish you want?
- Ok, I'd like two orders of wonton soup, pork fried rice, steamed dumplings and
one plum sauce. For the main dishes let me have one order of sweet and sour
chicken and one order of Broccoli chicken with garlic sauce.
- Ok, I got it all. And you said this is pick-up?
- Yes, that's correct - pickup.
- When will you be here to get your order?
- I'll be there in about 15 minutes.
- Ok, see you soon. Bye.
- Bye.
A person calls to a catering service
- Hello. Is this a catering service?
- Good afternoon. Yes, this is Plaza Catering.

- Hi my name is Laura Dern. I wanted to discuss using your catering service for
my daughter's wedding.
- Great. When is the marriage ceremony taking place?
- She will be getting married in about two months in June. Do you cater
- Yes, the bulk of our business is weddings.
- My daughter will be having a large wedding. Do you have a problem to handle
about 200 guests?
- No, not at all. If fact, most weddings we cater are usually a lot bigger.
- Ok, can we get started discussing the actual food service?
- Sure.
- We we're thinking about something with seafood. What can you recommend?
- Seafood is always a good idea. I can recommend as a first course - lobster
- What about appetizers?
- A big favorite has always been scallops wrapped in bacon and chilled shrimp.
- Yes, I like it. But we also wanted some type of salad. Any suggestions?
- Yes, a salad is a great idea. I can suggest an avocado salad with chestnuts and
baby clams.
- I like the sound of that. What about drinks?
- A complete bar service with all top-shelf brands is always the best. How limited is
your budget?
- Well we can't really afford that. Do you have any other ideas?
- Sure, a nice beer and wine selection is the most affordable and this always
pleases the guests.
- How much do you charge for your services?
- All consultations are included in one standard charge.
- What about food and beverage prices?
- Well it is a little complicated to go over on the phone.
- Can you give me a ball-park figure?
- Sure. For the type of service we just discussed an average estimate would be in
the range of $30-45 a head.
- Ok, this is all very good. Can we meet next week in person?
- Yes my door is open to you. Stop by anytime you wish.
- Good, I will come to your office next week to discuss all this in person. Bye.
- Good bye.
A person calls the doctor to refill a prescription
- Hello. Is this the doctor's office?
- Hello. Yes, Dr. Harris is speaking.
- Hi, this is Neil Gaylord. Do you remember me?
- Hello, Mr. Gaylord. Of course, I remember you. What can I do for you?

- Yes, I need to have my prescription for Codex refilled. I have a running
prescription for Codex 100mg.
- Ok, let me just get your file. Here it is. Yes, that's correct. I'll call in the refill to
you pharmacy.
- Thank you Dr. Harris. Bye
- Your welcome Mr. Gaylord. Take care.
A person calls a doctor to discuss a medical problem
- Good morning. This is Dr. Stone's office, doctor Stone speaking.
- Hello doctor this is Mrs. Franklin. Do you have a minute to talk about a problem
I'm having?
- Of course. Let me grab a chair. So, what's wrong?
- Lately I have been having some very bad headaches. Also, I have been getting
sick to my stomach a lot.
- Any more symptoms?
- Not really, just feeling very tired and run-down.
- Have you been eating alright?
- Yes, for the most part I have a normal appetite.
- What about any pain or discomfort in your abdominal area?
- Well, I am a little tender in my lower abdomen.
- What about any problems in the family?
- No, everybody I know is healthy.
- No flu symptoms in your other family members then?
- No, like I said all is ok with everybody else.
- Ok, I'd like you to come into my office for a more thorough evaluation. Are you
free tomorrow?
- Yes, I am free all day.
- Good, I will put down my book for ten a.m.
- Ok, doctor. I'll be in at ten. Thank you.
- Ok, see you tomorrow. Bye.
- Bye.
Ambulance call for an emergency
- Hello, this is ambulance. How may I help you?
- I have an emergency and need an ambulance.
- What is the nature of the emergency?
- My husband just passed out. I don't know what is wrong.
- Is he breathing?
- Yes, he is breathing. I just can't get him to wake up!
- Ok, I'll dispatch an ambulance immediately. Let me confirm your address.
- Yes, my address is 13 Canary Street.

- Ok, I've just entered the information. The ambulance will dispatch in about one
minute. Please try to remain within earshot of your phone in case we have trouble
locating you.
- Yes of course.
- Good bye.
- Yes, bye.
Ambulance call for a routine request
- Good afternoon, Rescue. Do you wish to request an ambulance?
- Yes, but it's not an emergency. My name is Charles Rose and my mother needs to
be taken to the hospital Saturday for an operation.
- Ok, does the patient have any existing medical condition?
- Yes, she has a broken hip and is confined to her bed.
- I see. Do you have a doctor order confirming that the patient can be moved?
- Yes, I do. The doctor signed it yesterday.
- What hospital is the patient to be transferred to?
- Lakeshore General.
- Do you know the name of the attending physician?
- Yes, that would be Dr. Olga Stone.
- Ok, what time do you need pickup?
- Eight a.m., on this Saturday.
- Ok, let me make a notation. We'll be on time.
- Thank you. I will have my mother ready.
- We'll try to do our job as professionally as possible. Good day.
- Thank you and good day also.
A person calls a High School Principle
- Good morning.
- Good morning, this is Lenore Ripley.
- Hi, my name is Paul Richards. I am calling on behalf of my daughter Anne
Richards. Do you know her personally?
- Yes, Mr. Richards, I try to get to know all of my students. How can I help you?
- She seems to be very distracted at home lately. I was wondering if she is having
any problems at school.
- Not that I know of Mr. Richards. Can you describe her behavior?
- Well, she's been staying up late and having problems concentrating on her
homework. Maybe her teachers can shed some light upon her strange behavior?
- Yes, this is definitely a concern. Let me talk to a few of her teachers and see if
they notice any problems.
- Thank you very much Mrs. Ripley. That would be very nice. Should I call you

- That won't be necessary Mr. Richards. I will check into this today and give you a
call back tomorrow.
- I understand. Thank you, Mrs. Ripley. Good bye.
- Your welcome, Mr. Richards. Good day.
A call from school to a parent
- Hello, this is Lenora Ripley principle of Spring Hill Elementary.
- Yes, this is Paul Richards.
- Hi, I'm calling in reference to our conversation yesterday.
- Yes, hello Mrs. Ripley. Thank you for getting back to me so promptly.
- I spoke to two of your daughter's teachers yesterday. One of them told me that a
few of her classmates have been picking on her.
- Oh, that's not good.
- It seems the children in question have been teasing her because she started
wearing glasses.
- Yes, we just got them for her last week. The eye doctor said it was necessary.
- Yes, I understand. I would recommend to have a talk with her. Reassure your
daughter that glasses are normal, and attractive. That sort of thing.
- Yes, I'll do that.
- Good, in the mean time I'll have her teachers talk to the other children that have
been teasing Ann. Hopefully that will put an end to this business.
- Ok, thank you Mrs. Ripley.
- Have a good day. I will give you a call next week to follow up on this matter. Bye.
- Thank you. Bye.
A person calls to enroll in a course
- Hello. Is this North Western University?
- Hello. Yes, this is North Western University registrar's office.
- Hi, I'm calling to enroll in Cultural Anthropology 102 for the fall semester.
- Yes, we are currently accepting applications.
- My name is Mary Willis. What is the fee for the course?
- The fee for the course is $345.
- Can I come in and pay in person?
- Yes, just come by during our office hours. We are open from ten to six-thirty
Monday thru Friday.
- Ok. Do I have to pay for the course first before I buy my books?
- I would recommend that. Because if for some reason you can't register you
won't be able to return your books.
- Ok, thanks. I'll be in today or tomorrow to take care of the registration.
- Ok.
- Bye.
- Good bye.

A professor calls a student to discuss their thesis
- Hi, it's Dr. Sullivan.
- Hello this is Jim.
- How are you?
- Very good thank you.
- I was calling to talk about tour upcoming thesis defense. When are you free to
come in and discuss your paper?
- I can come by tomorrow doctor Sullivan.
- That would be good. Just drop in during my office hours and we can have a
chat. Will you?
- Sure thing.
- By the way, don't forget to bring your data on the experiments we have been
- Don't worry I won't forget.
- Ok, see you tomorrow. Bye
- Good bye professor.
Hiring a painter
- Hi, my name is Mrs. Rubin. My friend Jane gave me your number. She said
you're a very good contractor.
- Hi, Mrs. Rubin. Well that's good to hear.
- I need to have some painting done in my house. Are you free?
- Sure, why don't you tell me what you need?
- I live in a split level rancher. The house hasn't been painted in years. I need
someone to come and do all the inside of the house.
- I can paint all the inside. That's not a problem.
- How long will it take? I have 4 bedrooms, kitchen, living room and two baths.
My house is about 2600 square feet.
- Well it shouldn't take more than a week or so.
- That's good. Can you come today to give me a quote for the price?
- Sure, I am on a job right now. But I finish at 3:30 and can come over then.
- My address is 192 Domino Road. Do you know this street?
- Yeah, it's over near Spring Creek, right?
- Ok, see you later in the afternoon. Bye.
- See you.
Hiring an electrician
- Hello. Is this King Electric?
- Yes, this is King electric. My name is Ben.
- Are you an electrician?

- Yes, I am an electrician.
- My name is Joan Flowers. I have a condominium in the Garden Towers. I
wanted to see if you can do some electrical work for me?
- Well Mrs. Flowers you came to the right place.
- Great. Let me explain my problem. I want to put in new lights in the ceilings.
- Ok, installation of ceiling lighting isn't a big deal.
- I was thinking about halogen fixtures on dimmers. You know?
- That is the usual that my clients want.
- But I was wondering if you have experience with any other systems?
- Well, there are some nice products on the market now called LED lights. It
stands for light emitting diode. They are very small but extremely bright. They're
very nice for overhead ceiling lighting.
- Sounds interesting. Is it expensive?
- Yeah, that is the one drawback. They are pretty pricey!
- Do you have any catalogues you can show me?
- Yes, of course.
- Ok, my address is Garden Towers 447. The complex is located in the center of
the Richfield area. Do you know our location?
- Yes, I have worked in your complex before.
- This is good. Do you have any references from people in the area?
- Sure, you can call the Robertson's at Garden towers. Uh, let me think. Yes, at
Garden Towers 202.
- Thanks. One more question please.
- Go ahead.
- Are you licensed?
- Yes, my New York State electrician number is number 8901.
- Thanks. Can you drop by tomorrow to look at what I need done?
- Sure thing. I'll be by in the morning.
- You have the address?
- Yep, wrote it down the first time you said it.
- Good, see you tomorrow. Bye.
- Bye, Mrs. Flowers. Nice to talk to you.
A plumber is being called for an emergency
- Hello is this John? I got your number from the phone book. Can you help with
an emergency?
- Hello, this is John. Sure, tell me what's wrong?
- I got a big leak in my ceiling. I think it's from the upstairs bathroom!
- Yeah, the bathroom's usually the culprit. Where are you located?
- I'm on 38th and 4th Avenue, house number 3807. Can you get there as soon as
- Ok, it'll take me about twenty minutes to get to you.
- While you come I need to stop the water somehow! How can shut off the water?

- Well, go down into the basement. Look for a big red valve Labeled main water or
simply shut-off. The shut-off valve shouldn't be too hard to identify. Just turn it
off. This will limit the damage until I can get there.
- Ok, I'll do it now. Thanks so much for you assistance! I look forward to seeing
you at my house. Bye.
- Alright, I'm on my way, bye.
Calling to report a burglary
- 911 Emergency.
- Yes, I just arrived home and found someone broke into my house!
- Are you sure the house is empty?
- Yes, there is nobody here.
- How does it appear the intruder gained entry?
- It looks like they broke the lock on the front door.
- Do you see anything missing?
- Yeah, there's stuff all over the place. They took my TV and looks like took my
stereo also!
- What is your address?
- Kingsway Apartments, number 113.
- Ok, I am dispatching a police car right now. Please remain home until they
- Ok. Bye. Thank you.
- Goodbye.
Calling to report a fire
- Fire Emergency.
- Help, my house is on Fire!
- Is your address 1177 Elf Lane?
- Yes, that's correct.
- Can you and any other occupants safely exit the house?
- Yes, we can.
- Ok, get out of the house now. Don't worry about taking anything with you. Fire
rescue is on the way! Leave now! Do you understand?
- Yes, I'm leaving!
- Bye. Go now!
- Bye.
Calling poison control
- Hello, Poison Control. How may I help you?
- Hello, can you help me? My little boy swallowed something!
- Yes, what happened?

- There was a bottle of hair spray on the table. He took off the top and drank
- Do you know the name of product?
- Yes, it was Revlon Super Holder.
- Do you see any poison signs on the product labeling?
- No, I don't see any poison sign.
- Can you read to me the part of the label that says contents?
- Uh, sodium laurel sulfate, tri hexamonium gultonate, water, herb extract,
sodium chloride, ethanol, FDC red #2, FDC blue #4, fragrance. That's it!
- Ok, you should call your doctor or emergency room right now and consult with
- Yes, thank you. I will do that.
- Good bye, and don't postpone your call to the doctor.
- Ok, good bye.
Calling police to report a traffic accident
- Hello, 911.
- Yes, I'm calling to report an accident.
- Are there any injuries you can report at this time?
- No, it's basically just a fender bender.
- Where are you located?
- Ok, I'm on route 119 North, just over the bridge from Phoenixville, about 1 mile
north of the City.
- How many vehicles are involved in the accident?
- Myself and another car.
- How many occupants are in your vehicle and the other?
- It is just me in my car. But the other car has three people in it.
- Did you speak to the other driver?
- Yes, he is ok. He's just a little angry.
- Where are the cars currently located? Are they in the roadway?
- No, both cars are off to the side.
- Ok, I am dispatching a police cruiser. Please remain in your vehicle until the
officer arrives.
- Ok.
- Thank you. Goodbye.
- Bye.
Calling police to report an accident with injuries
- 911.
- Hello, I've been in an accident. Please help!
- Please try to remain calm and tell me what happened.

- Ok, ok. There's been an accident. I'm hurt but the people in the other car are in
bad shape.
- I need you right now to tell me where exactly you are located?
- I'm not sure exactly. Help! They are hurt bad.
- Please be calm. What city are you in?
- Marlton.
- Can you tell me the street or highway number where you're located?
- Yes, I'm on Route 73. Oh, hurry please.
- Can you tell me the closest intersection?
- Let me see, I just passed Cherry Street. I was heading toward Cherry Hill. I am
on the Northbound!
- Ok, I'm dispatching police and an ambulance right now. Please hold the line.
- Yes.
- A police car and ambulance are on the way. They should arrive in about 5
minutes. What can you tell me about the occupants of the other car?
- Three kids. They look about 18 or 19 years old. Two boys and one girl.
- Where are they located in the vehicle?
- The two boys are in the front and the girl in the back.
- How did the accident occur?
- They swerved in front of me from the other lane.
- The accident was a head-on?
- Yes.
- Ok, that is helpful to the ambulance crew. How fast were you going?
- I was going about 30 miles per hour.
- And the other vehicle, how fast was it going?
- I don't know it was all so fast. Maybe the same.
- The occupants of the other vehicle. Are they conscious at this time?
- Yes, but they are hurt very bad. There's blood everywhere!
- Is there a lot of broken glass?
- Yes, all the windows and the windshield.
- Where is this car situated?
- It's on the side of the road across from me.
- Is the car upright?
- Yes.
- Does it appear badly damaged?
- Yes, it looks like it was squashed from the front.
- Can you see any smoke, flames or fire?
- It was smoking at first. But that stopped. I can see the Police coming now!
- Ok, I'd like you to hang-up now and wait for the police to come to you. Try to
stay out of their way. The main concern now is getting help to the occupants of the
other vehicle.
- Yes, sir.
- Thank you. You did very good. Try to remain calm. Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

Call to an information service
- Hello, information?
- Yes, hello.
- I need the number for Joes Tree Removal Service in Folcroft.
- Hold please. Ok, the number is 555-1245.
- Can you tell me the correct address?
- Yes, the address listed for Joes Tree Removal Service in Folcroft is 19283 Green
Junction Road, Building 14A, Folcroft, PA 19007.
- Thank you. Bye.
- Your welcome. Good bye.
Call to an information service
- Hello. Information? Can you give me the number for Bertha Maxwell?
- Hello. Hold on please. I am sorry sir this number is unlisted at the request of the
- What? You can't tell me the number?
- That's correct, sir. The number is unlisted at the request of the subscriber. No
further information is available for a Bertha Maxwell.
- I see. Thank you. Bye.
- Good afternoon, sir.
Calling the Department of Motor Vehicle Information Service
- Hi, good morning. Is this Motor Vehicle Information?
- Good morning, yes, you've reached the New Jersey Department of Motor
Vehicles information hotline. This is Officer Jones speaking, badge number 273.
- Well, last night I was stopped for speeding and given a ticket. I'm not really sure
what to do? I don't really understand how to respond.
- Ma'am on the back of the ticket you will see a place to sign if you wish to plead
not guilty or guilty.
- Yes, I see that. But I wasn't speeding.
- Ma'am, I can't tell you how to plead. If you wish to plead not guilty, you need to
enclose in an envelope a check or money order in the amount of the fine. Then
send the envelope to the address listed on the reverse of the citation.
- Yes, but why should I pay the fine if I am not guilty?
- Ma'am. You send in the payment. Later the court notifies you by mail of the time
and date for your appearance. The court decides if you are guilty or not.
- Ok. But I wasn't speeding. How do I get my money back?
- The pre-payment is the standard way the court handles the fines. If you are
found not guilty the money is reimbursed.

- Yes, but I wasn't speeding. Why should I send in the money before I am even
tried and sentenced?
- Ma'am, like I said this is the way it has always been done. If your found not
guilty you get your money back.
- Yes, but I don't want to send in any money before. It isn't fair!
- Ma'am, I don't write the rules. But if you want to dispute your ticket this is the
only way to do it.
- Well I think this is a terrible system and I don't like the way I've been treated.
- Ma'am, you have a right to your opinion.
- What is your name again so I can make a complaint?
- Ma'am, my name is Officer Jones, badge number 273.
- I plan to call your superior. This is completely unfair treatment. Why should I
have to pay for something and that I didn't even do!
- Like I said Ma'am I don't write the rules. I just enforce them.
- Good bye!
- Good day, Ma'am.
Calling for train information
- Hello. Is this train ticket booking office?
- Good afternoon, yes, this is Amtrak reservations, Alice speaking.
- Hi, I'd like to know about some train schedules.
- Sure, sir. I can help you.
- I'm interested in travelling from Los Angeles to San Francisco this Friday the
7th. I see you have special trains for particular routes. What is the difference
between local and express?
- Local has more stops compared to express. Express service is generally faster
due to the limited number of stops.
- Is the price the same?
- In general, ticket prices for local and express service are approximately the
- What if I wanted to stay in San Francisco for one or two days then travel to
another city before my return to LA?
- Yes, we can book this type of multi-route ticket for you.
- Ok, for instance, suppose I wanted to go from LA to Portland, Oregon then back
and stop in San Francisco for a day, then back to LA. What kind of ticket should I
- In this case, you buy one round-trip ticket to Portland with a one day stop-over
in San Francisco.
- What about if I wanted to spend more time in Portland?
- In this case it may be more convenient to purchase a round-trip fare to San
Francisco then an additional round-trip fare from San Francisco to Portland.
- I see. Can you give me some information for the times for trains?

- Certainly. We have hourly departures from Los Angeles central station every
hour to San Francisco the first train departs at 06:03 with subsequent departures
at 07:10, 08:15, 09:24, 10:16 and so on.
- What is the price for the express train?
- One first class ticket is $93.50. A second class berth is $81.20.
- What is the difference?
- The first class seating compartment has overhead television. Aside from that
there isn't any big difference.
- Ok, are all of trains the same price?
- Usually early morning or late evening trains are cheaper.
- Can you check for a cheaper fare?
- Sure, hold on please. Done. The 06:03 shows the lowest fare at $67.50.
- That sounds good. Is it express or local?
- The 06:03 is an express. It arrives at San Francisco at 1:15 p.m.
- Ok, I would like one second class ticket for this train, one-way. My name is
George Wright.
- Ok, Mr. Wright, I'll enter you into the system for the 06:03 train from LA to San
- Oh, excuse me. Something came up at work. Can I call back?
- Certainly, sir.
- Great. I'll call back later to arrange payment? Is Visa ok?
- Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and most major credit cards.
- Thanks for your assistance.
- Your welcome.
- Good bye.
- Goodbye, sir.
A person checks availability of a product
- Hi. This is the "16th Street Flower Shop", yes?
- Yes, this is us. Joanne is speaking.
- Great. I wanted to see if you have orange roses in stock?
- Orange roses! That's a first.
- Well, I mean they are like orange-red.
- Oh, I think you mean cranberry. They are a new color and very pretty. Yes, we
have about two dozen in stock now.
- Great, can you hold me a dozen and I'll be by this afternoon?
- Sure. Just drop by and pick them up any time today.
- Ok, thanks. Bye.
- Bye-bye.
A person calls a store to report a mistake on a purchase
- Good morning, is this Eves Cosmetics?

- Good morning, Mrs. Landers. Yes it is. Hal speaking.
- Last night I purchased several things from your shop. When I got home I found
my order was missing a couple items.
- Oh, I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience.
- Yes, I bought lipstick, blushes and several bottles of nail polish and two of the
colors were missing.
- If you want to bring in the entire order and receipt we can refund your purchase
or give you a store credit for the missing items.
- Well, I think I will bring the entire order. Then you can just replace the missing
- Yes that is not a problem.
- Can you put aside the missing items now? That way I won't have to take too
much time when I return.
- Yes, that is not a problem Mrs. Landers.
- Ok, let me see, the missing bottles are frosty pink and dusty mountaintop.
- Ok, I'll go myself and complete the order. Sorry for the mix-up.
- Very good Hal. By the way my first name is Gloria.
- Hal Eastman.
- Nice to meet you. I'll be in this afternoon to pick them up.
- Sure, Ma'am. Just don't forget to bring your receipt. Well need it to credit the
missing items to your account.
- Thank you. Good bye.
- Thank you for your patience Mrs. Landers. Goodbye and have a nice day!
Call to a store manager
- Hello this is Wal-Mart North. How may I help you?
- Hello, I'd like to speak to the manager.
- May I ask what this is in reference to?
- Yes, I'd like to make a complaint about some poor service.
- Ok, hold on I'll transfer your call.
- Thank you.
- Hold please.
Talk with a store manager
- Hello, my name is John Hobart. Are you the manager?
- Yes, Mr. Hobart. My name is Lisa Stoddard. I'm the manager here at Wal-Mart
- Hi. I was calling because last night I was at your store and had a problem with
one of your cashiers.
- Oh, really!

- Yes when I went to pay I was short about 10 dollars on my order and had to run
outside to an ATM to get some more cash. Then I came back and the cashier was
very angry with me.
- I am very sorry.
- Yes, it was very unpleasant. I did not appreciate being treated that way.
- I can tell you Sir that all our cashiers are trained to be courteous at all times.
- Yes, I understand that. I just wouldn't want it to happen to anyone else. The
cashiers name was Amy and I want you to speak with her.
- Ok, I'll have a word with her to make sure she understands she was rude.
- Thank you.
- Your welcome, and thank you for your in-put. Again, I am sorry if you were
- Good bye.
- Bye.
New customer calls to an Internet store
- Hi. Is this Best Buy Internet store?
- Hi, this is Best Buy Internet store.
- Hi, I was interested in purchasing one of your Televisions. Specifically, the
Samsung X400. Do you have it in stock?
- Yes sir, this is a very nice TV. We currently have it in stock.
- What's the current price?
- The current price is $435.
- Is there a charge for delivery?
- Yes, but we need to know your address.
- I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My zip code is 19405.
- Ok, let me look in the computer. Hold on. Here it is. Shipping to your address is
$24 regular by United States ground mail or 50$ by United Parcel Service 2-day
- How long is the delivery time for regular mail?
- US regular ground ships out the next business day. Shipments can take from 3 to
10 business days.
- Ok, here is my details. My name is Mike Harris. And my address is 2345 Silver
Springs Town Homes. House 4-A. Philadelphia, PA 197450.
- Got it.
- Can I pay with my Visa?
- Yes, a visa card is acceptable for payment.
- Ok, my card number is, 3456 7848 9847 9922 and expiration date is 9 October
- Thank you, Mr. Harris. I've entered your purchase information. The total
purchase price with shipping is $485.
- Can you tell me my receipt number?

- Your receipt number is 81924. Just keep it handy. If there is a problem with
processing your order or shipping call us back and we can track your shipment
- Great. So when can I expect delivery of the TV?
- After 2 to 3 business days.
- Thanks. Goodbye.
- Thank you, have a nice day and thanks for shopping at the Best Buy internet
A customer with an existing account calls to an Internet store
- Internet shop? Hello.
- Hello, yes, this is Toys for Internet Tots.
- Can you help me to find a nice teddy bear for my little boy? He turns four next
- Sure.
- I have your site open on my computer. But I really can't tell from the small
photos about the size of the bears.
- Aha.
- I see the one bear, Crazy Bear. It looks very small. How big is it?
- Crazy Bear measures about twelve-and-a-half inches tall and about 6 wide.
- How heavy is the Crazy Bear?
- This toy is about two pounds.
- Does the crazy bear toy come in any other color?
- Yes, he comes in blue and also white with blue stripes.
- Great, can I place and order now?
- Sure.
- I already have an account. My name is Hillary Field.
- Ok, let me look, yes here you are Mrs. Field.
- Great, just charge it to my account.
- Will do.
- Can you ship it using FedEx delivery service overnight?
- Yes, I can ship FedEx overnight.
- When will I receive the shipment?
- You should have it by three tomorrow.
- That would be perfect thank you. Bye.
- Good bye and thanks for shopping with us again!
Calling a radio station
- Good afternoon this is MMR 104.1 Hot talk. I'm your host Colleen O'Reilly.
Today we're talking about Obama and McCain. The lines are open. Just dial 1 800
664 57354. I see we have a call on the tote board right now. Hi, this is Colleen and
you're live! What's your name?

- Bill.
- So where are you from?
- Moscow. I mean Moscow, Indiana!
- Ok, my friend today we're talking about McCain and Obama. I'm trying to get
the perspective from our listeners on who they think the best man for job will be.
So let me ask you. Are you a republican or a democrat?
- Well I'm a republican but lately I'm a little angry with how the republicans have
been running the show in Washington.
- So tell me more. How would you characterize the recent job done by the
- I think that there is not enough money being spent on job and welfare. I'd like to
see more done for education.
- What can you say about the education system that we have?
- Well, for instance my kids go to school. And everything is old: old books, old
buildings, old ideas. They need to have something new.
- What changes would you like to see introduced into our education?
- Mostly ideas. We need to teach our children to get ahead in the real world. I
don't think programs in education today are good for that.
- Do you think that poor education is the fault of the republicans?
- I think in some respect bad education can be blamed on the republican programs
which stressed old standards.
- Yes, I can see your view. But let's not spend too much time hitting the
republicans on the head. Do you think Obama can do a better job with education?
- Yes, I do Colleen. He was educated at Harvard. And I know this school stresses
free thinking. He has nominated for his cabinet posts in the department of
education some people I know are very progressive in their approach to education.
I think he'll make change.
- This is all very interesting. But let's remind our listeners that this is talk radio.
All opinions are considered. So let's try to find another opinion. Thanks, for your
thoughts. Keep listening!
- Bye. See ya, Colleen, and thanks for the great program.
An irate listener calls to a radio station
- Ok, listeners we just talked to Bill from Moscow, Indiana. He thinks that Obama
can cure education. So do we have any contrasting opinions out there? Hi, you're
on Hot Talk where everybody has an opinion. Shoot!
- Hi, Colleen. This is Jack from Albany New York. The last caller is crazy! I think
they had it all wrong. Obama nominated people who are from the old school
thought. They try to fix problems with small patches.
- Ok, but why is this situation the way it is?
- Because, maybe, Obama nominated good people to run the department of
education. But the programs they are suggesting are still the same type we have
seen for years in this country.

- So? Give me an example.
- Well, for example, one Obama program I know would put less federal tax dollars
into construction of new schools. Under this program there would be fewer
schools and more students in each school.
- What can you say about the other candidate and his proposals?
- McCain would do the opposite. He wants to spend federal money to build more
schools. This is exactly what America need now.
- Good comments from good people. Thanks and keep listening.
- Thanks, goodbye.
Different types of bank accounts
- Hello. Is this a bank?
- Good morning, sir. Yes, it is.
- Hi, I was calling to find out information to open a new checking account. On
your website I read that you have two types of checking accounts, a money market
account and an interest free checking account. Is it so?
- Yes, you read it right.
- Can you tell me about the money market checking account?
- Of course. The money market account requires you to maintain a minimum
balance of five hundred dollars. The minimum balance in invested in a standard
money market fund. The proceeds are added to your account monthly.
- What about the interest free checking account?
- The interest free checking account requires no minimum account balance.
However, checking is free.
- Which is the most widely used?
- In general, our customers prefer interest free checking accounts.
- Yes, I think I would also like to open a free checking account. How can I open
- We can enter the initial information over the phone. But you would need to come
in to sign the mandatory contract and government forms.
- I heard I might need a signature card to open an account. What is a signature
card exactly?
- The signature card is a card where you sign your usual signature. We keep it on
file to compare against signatures you place on any documents to verify
- Oh yes, I understand. Well, how about I come by tomorrow and do everything in
- Yes, you can come in tomorrow. Our business hours are nine to six p.m.
- Ok, see you soon. Good bye.
- Bye.
A client calls a bank to report about a lost credit card

- Hello. This is the bank's card holder support line. How can I help you?
- Hello, can you assist me with a problem? I lost my credit card. What should I
- I see. We have to issue a stop order on your lost card. This is where the card is
blocked and nobody else can use it .We will just need your personal information
first. Can you tell me your name and address?
- My name is Eva Mendes and my address is 508 Mulholland Drive.
- Ok, let me look up you account information. Yes, here it is. Just wait a second
while I block the card. Alright, the card has been blocked. You will need a new
card in order to access your account. Would you like to order one now?
- Yes, please.
- If nothing in your information is changed I'll keep it the same. We will only need
to change your PIN code.
- Ok. Nothing has changed.
- So, your new card is been ordered. You'll need to tell me a word that only you
know for your secret code word.
- Ok, how about shark for my new code word?
- That's good, I've entered the information. Try no to forget this word and keep it
secret. Are you ready to write down your new PIN?
- Ok. I'm ready.
- Write down this PIN code\f1 for me, please, 8843. Have you got it? Repeat it to
- Yes, I got it. My PIN code is 8843.
- Yes, that's correct, 8843. The new card will be mailed to you in two to three
business days.
- Thank you.
- Your welcome. Also, we recommend after you receive the card go to an ATM and
insert the card. You will then be prompted to change your PIN code. This new PIN
code only you will know.
- Great! I'll do as you say.
- Just in case, my name is John Edwards if you need to call back with any
additional questions. Goodbye.
- Thank you for your help John. Goodbye.
A person calls a bank to ask for a mortgage
- Good morning. Is this a bank?
- Good morning, sir. This is Southwestern Bank.
- Hi, my name is Phil Peters and I wanted to find out about obtaining a mortgage
for a new home.
- Well, sir you've come to the right place for mortgages. We have an excellent
personal mortgage department.
- Good. Please, connect me to your mortgage manager.
- Hold on, I'm connecting you now.

- Ok. Thanks.
Talk with a mortgage manager
- Good morning, mortgage department. How can I help you?
- Hi, this is Phil Peters. I was interested in obtaining a loan to buy a new house.
- Loan of what size we are talking about?
- I was looking at a home in 500,000 dollar range. My credit is excellent. Is this
- Yes, I can help you with a mortgage loan, but you'll have to give me a little more
information to process the application. I will need your social security number.
Will you tell it to me, please?
- Ok My social security number is 175089076.
- Good, let me run a fast credit check and then we can get things moving. Ok, the
computer is processing the check now. Wait-a-sec. Ok, here it is! It looks like your
credit is very good.
- Yes, I always pay my bills on time.
- You can come to us at any of our business hours. We are open to eight p.m.
When are you planning to come?
- Ok, I'll come in around five, tomorrow.
- Good sir, just ask for me, Caroline Phillips. Bye.
- Bye.
A person calls a newspaper regarding an advertisement that is no longer available
- Hi. My name is George Orwein. Is this the newspaper?
- Hello, this is The Morning Herald.
- Hi, I saw an ad for a cyclone mountain bike in your paper. Is it still available?
The ad was number 452.
- Ok, let me look up that file. Here it is. Sorry sir, that file is closed which means
either the bike was sold or the person who submitted the ad withdrew the
- Ok. Thank you for your help.
- Your welcome. Feel free to call if you see any other interesting ads.
A person calls to confirm information given in an advertisement
- Hi, is this the World Trade Organization?
- Yes it is.
- My name is Pamela Smart. I saw an advertisement in the World Trade Journal
that stated that trade surpluses in agricultural production will surpass output by
100% next year. I wanted to check some of the facts in the ad?
- Yes. Let me look up the advertisement and then I can answer your questions. Ok,
here it is.

- So, what kind of goods was that ad referring to?
- The ad was referring to grain commodities. The amount of projected grain
surplus on the world market for 2009 is projected to be an additional 20%.
- Yes, this is what I saw. But the ad indicated that it was due to climate influences
and could not be corroborated at the time of publication.
- Yes, this is where it cites that.
- So, my question is: have those climatic influences been verified?
- Yes, the data appears accurate. Rainfall and seasonal growing patterns are
forecasted to maximize world grain output. The 20% increase appears justified.
- Thank you. You have been very helpful.
- Your welcome. Feel free to call if you have any other questions.
- Good bye.
- Good bye.
A person calls to make an appointment from an advertisement
- Hi, is this the homeowner 119 Sycamore in Middlebury?
- Yes, this is Claire Atkins.
- My name is Drew Konlin. I just saw your advertisement the Multiple Listing Site
for homes. Your house is beautiful!
- Thank you. My husband and I like to think so. We hate to have to sell. But my
husband found a new job in a different city.
- So tell me. Is your house still on the market?
- Yes, Mr. Konlin we are still looking for a buyer.
- I'm considering buying this house. But I had a couple of questions first.
- Shoot.
- Ok, I see in the photo there are 3 bedrooms. But I can't tell if the bathrooms
upstairs are separate or inside the rooms?
- There are two upstairs baths. One is located inside the master bedroom. The
other is off the hallway.
- Ok, second question. Does the pantry downstairs have room for a washer and
dryer or is it too small?
- No, I think you can easily fit both a washer and dryer in this room. It is pretty
- Ok, thanks for answering my questions.
- My pleasure.
- Is it possible for me to come by tomorrow to take a tour?
- Of course! Feel free to drop by any time you wish.
- I think I can get out of work early and arrive in Middlebury by four PM. Is that
- Yes, come by any time you wish. I will be home all day.
- Ok, I'll see you tomorrow. Good bye. Thanks for your time.
- You too. See you tomorrow, Mr. Konlin.

A person dials a telephone number incorrectly
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hi, is Billy home?
- I'm sorry there's no Billy here.
- Is this 999-1674?
- Nope, you must have dialed wrong. This is 999-1675.
- Ooops, sorry. I guess I dialed the wrong number.
- No problem.
- Bye.
A person dials the number right but the contact doesn't match
- Hello.
- Hello, this is Christian Charities.
- Oh, it must be a mistake, is this 555-1455?
- Yes, that's correct, this is 555-1455.
- Oh, I was looking for the Palm Palace Restaurant.
- No, this is Christian Charities.
- This is strange. I'm looking in the phone book right now and the number for
Palm Palace is 555-1455.
- Maybe it's an old phone book.
- Oh dear, I've just noticed this phone book is from 1995! Sorry to bother you. It
must be an old number.
- Not a problem. Hope you can find the phone number you're looking for.
- Thanks. Bye.
- Good bye.
A person calls an existing number which was not correctly recorded or
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Marion?
- Marion? No, my name is Sonya.
- Is there a Marion at your address?
- Sorry, there's no Marion here.
- Are you sure? This is 345-1234, right?
- Yes, this is 345-1234. The number is correct but no Marion lives here.
- Sorry, this is the number my friend Marion gave me.
- Nope, no Marion here.
- Hmm, maybe I wrote down her number incorrectly.

- Well, she either gave you a fake phone number or you didn't write it down
- I think she gave me a fake telephone number.
- Sorry. Better luck next time.
- Thanks, good bye.
- Bye.
A person calls looking for a friend at an incorrect number
- Hello, is Mark there?
- No, Mark is not at this number.
- Do you know where I can reach him?
- Let me think for a second. Yes, I think you can reach Mark at 1 717 750-1831.
- Oh, thanks a lot. If he calls can you tell him Jay called?
- Sure.
- Can you tell me your name in case he asks how I got the phone number you gave
- Yes, my name is Carol.
- Thanks. Sorry to bother you.
- My pleasure to help.
- Ok, bye.
- Bye.
A person calls the wrong number and asks for clarification
- Hello, is this Star Cleaners?
- No.
- Maybe I dialed the wrong number. Can you tell me what number I dialed?
- 985-1954.
- Excuse me, I dialed the wrong number. Sorry, goodbye.
- Good bye.
A person calls a movie theater for starting times for a specific movie
- Hello. Is this the Star 24 movie theater?
- Good evening. Yes, this is the Star 24 theater. How can I help you?
- Hi, I was calling to see what time The Nutty Bride was playing?
- Sir, show times are 8:15 and 10:20.
- Great. How much are the tickets?
- Adults are $7.50 and children under thirteen $4.00.
- Thank you, Miss.
- Your welcome
- Bye
- Good bye.

A person calls a movie theater but the film in question is no longer shown
- Hello. Is this the theater?
- Yes, this is the Plaza Twin. My name is Josh.
- Hi, I saw in the newspaper that you're showing Scorpion King 8. Is that correct?
- No, I'm sorry Miss but that movie finished last week.
- What sci-fi movies do you have now?
- We have Spiderman 4 at 9:45. Mega Flesh-Zombies at 7:30, 9:50 and 11:15 and
Dog Day Nights at 7:50 and 10:30.
- Do you know if Scorpion King 8 is playing at any of the other local theaters?
- No, I don't think so.
- Do you have any way to check there?
- No, sorry Miss we don't have internet listings here.
- Oh, that's too bad.
- Sorry, I can't help you.
- Not a problem. I'll try calling the other theaters to see if Scorpion King is playing
somewhere else. I really wanted to see that movie!
- I hope you find it. It's a really good movie.
- Ok, thanks. Bye.
- Bye.
A person calls to a theater regarding ticket availability for a specific play
- Hello. Is this the ticket agent?
- Hello, good afternoon. Yes. This is Broadway
- Hi, I was calling to check seating availability for Wicked. Are there any seats
available in February?
- Sure, let me see if something is free. Hold on please. Ok, here we are. I found
four seats: two in the Orchestra - center and two in the Mezzanine - left of stage.
These seats are available on February 20th, which will be Friday.
- Ok, how close to the stage are the seats?
- Sir, I'm looking at the seating chart now and it appears the seats in the
Orchestra are directly in front of the stage. I'd say maybe twenty feet. As for the
Mezzanine, it looks like the seats are to the very left, almost all the way to the stage
- Can I pay now or can you hold the tickets for 24 hours?
- You can hold the tickets until noon tomorrow or you can pay now with Visa or
- I think I'd like to hold the tickets. Can I do that now?
- Yes, that is not a problem. I just need your first and last names.
- My name is Robert Heath. Please, hold the tickets for me.

- Ok, Mr. Heath. I've put a hold on the tickets for 24 hours. Please call before
noon tomorrow to make your payment. Or you can stop by the box office and pay
in person. Otherwise the tickets will go back into the system.
- Ok, thank you.
- Your welcome, Mr. Heath.
- Thanks again. Bye.
- Goodbye, sir.
Call to a homeowner offering a service (homeowner is irritated)
- Good afternoon. This is John from Consumer Information Services. How are
- Fine, thank you.
- I was calling to tell you about an exciting new product we have. Can I have a
moment of your time?
- Yes, but only a moment. I'm busy right now.
- That's ok. I'll try to be fast. Let me ask you one question first.
- Ok
- Do you shop for groceries as you need them or do you buy a larger quantity
weekly or semi-weekly?
- Usually, I go shopping once a week for all I need.
- This is good because our service does the shopping for you. Once each week you
submit your shopping list via email. Then we bring everything to you for a
nominal fee. What do you think?
- I think this is something I can do for myself thank you.
- Yes, but what if we can save you time and money?
- I think I am perfectly able to save time and money myself. Look, I am busy now.
- Ok, just one more question.
- No, I have to go. Thanks, but I am not interested.
- But this question will be fast.
- Like I said. I am not interested! Bye.
Call to a homeowner offering a newspaper subscription (homeowner is patient)
- Good afternoon. Is the home owner in?
- This is he.
- I was calling to see if you'd be interested in a weekly newspaper subscription?
- Thanks for calling but I usually don't have the time to read the paper.
- Is there anybody else in your household who may be interested in a
- No, just me and my wife. But she prefers magazines.
- No problem sir. Have a nice day!
- Thank you for trying, young lady. Goodbye.
- Thank you for your time sir. Good bye.

Call to a homeowner offering something (homeowner is angry and not willing to
- Hello, this is Matt Reynolds from Alpha Realty. I have an exciting business
proposition to discuss with you. Do you have time?
- No, I do not have time to talk, I am not interested! Please, place me on your do
not call list! Good bye.
- Good bye. I will place you on the do not call list. Sorry to have disturbed you.
Call to a homeowner from a new business
- Hi, this is Wei Ming from Hunan Palace. Are you busy right now?
- No, not at all.
- We are just calling people in the neighborhood to let them know we are having
our Grand Opening next Tuesday. We are located in the Prairie View Shopping
complex next to Wal Mart. We have a full menu of Chinese cuisine and very good
- Thank you. That sounds very good. My husband and I both love Chinese food!
- Thank you. Have a nice day. Bye.
- Good bye.
Call to a homeowner offering contracting services
- Good afternoon. May I speak to the owner of the home?
- Yes, this is me.
- This is Jim Reynolds. I'm a local contractor. I was just calling homes in the
neighborhood to see if people needed any contracting work done.
- This is good. Perhaps I have a couple of projects for you.
- What seems to be the problem?
- My living room floor squeaks in a bunch of places.
- Anything else?
- The upstairs bedrooms and hallway need to be re-painted.
- I can do this. I am an experienced contractor.
- Great!
- Would you like me to drop by today or tomorrow to give you a quote?
- Tomorrow I'm off. Why don't you come by after lunch?
- Ok. Can do. Can you tell me your address?
- Sure, I'm on 2219 Larkspur Lane. Go all the way to the end and look for the
yellow mailbox.
- Ok, I won't get lost Good bye.
- Good bye.
A person calls to congratulate a friend on a special occasion

- Hi, it's Jackie! Happy Birthday! Happy, Happy, Birthday!
- Hi, Jackie. Thanks! I thought you forgot.
- How can I forget you? You're my best friend. So how does it feel to be over the
hill now?
- What do you mean over the hill... I'm only thirty!
- Yeah, but when I turned the same it was all down-hill for me.
- Yeah, very funny. That was for you. But I think my next thirty will be even better
than the first thirty.
- I'm glad that you are in a good mood. I just thought you'd be depressed because
you're now an old man!
- Ok, enough of the congratulations.
- So, are we going to meet later tonight to celebrate?
- Sure, just as long as you don't call me old man anymore!
- Ok, agreed. Where and when will the celebration be?
- Tonight, starting at 7 p.m., at my house. I'm gonna have a big party.
- Sounds great, I'll be there, bye...Old man!
- Yeah, bye.
A person calls a friend to apologize
- Good morning. How are you?
- I guess I'm ok. But I was a little upset with you last night.
- Well, I'm calling to apologize. I hope you will forgive me for being so rude with
you last night?
- Charles, I've known you for fifteen years what's a little spat between friends!
- Yeah, but I was still way out-of-line.
- Yes, I will agree on that account.
- I don't usually get so upset over such trivial matters. But I had a problem at
work before we met. Do you understand?
- Of course, sometimes when I have a bad day I speak before I think.
- Thanks for being so understanding.
- Yeah, that's what everybody says about me, understanding Louise.
- I'm serious, please forgive me.
- Don't worry about it.
- Really? Am I forgiven?
- Of course. You know [I'll] always forgive you.
- Ok, can I call you tomorrow?
- Sure just give me a ring and we can see what's up.
- Ok, bye.
- Bye.
A person calls a friend to wish bon voyage

- Hello. It's me Sam. I was just calling to wish you a pleasant trip.
- Thanks. But I don't leave for another week.
- I will suppose you have any room in your luggage to take me?
- Well let me look. NO!
- But why?
- Because Michelle wants to go alone. Without any of her crazy male friends to
accompany her!
- But what if your crazy male friend promised to take you some nice restaurants?
- Keep talking.
- Nice restaurants and interesting places to see.
- Keep talking.
- Nice restaurants, interesting places to see and some great company!
- Hmmmm, maybe.
- Come on! How about it? You won't have to pay for my bills.
- How generous! Thanks, but I don't need that from you. I have fifty other guys
who would be happy to do the same and pay the bill for me and their own!
- Oh, you kill me. Now I'm going to be jealous.
- Good. That will make you miss me more while I'm away on vacation!
- Bon voyage.
- Thanks, I'll call you when I'm back my friend.
- Ok, I'll be waiting for your return with baited breath. Bye
- Bye dear
A person calls a colleague to congratulate on a promotion at work
- Hi, this is Kelly Brewster.
- Hi, this is George Simple speaking.
- How are you? I just heard from our manager that you're being promoted to
brand manager. Is it true?
- Well I'm not supposed to say anything until it's announced next week. But I
guess I can let the cat out of the bag.
- So you got the job?
- Yes. I got the job!
- Wow! Congratulations. This is great. You really deserve it.
- Thanks, I worked hard for two years. I'm happy the managers noticed.
- Ok, I just wanted to give you my congrats! I gotta get back to work.
- Ok, bye. Thanks for the thanks.
A person calls a friend for directions
- Hi, this is Rachel. John gave me your number.
- Hi, what's up!
- We were supposed to go to The Rock Room tonight and John asked me to give
you a call, see if you wanted to go.

- Yeah, I would be great I didn't have any plans.
- You know where the club is, don't you?
- I think so. It's down on Whilshire Boulevard right?
- Yeah, that's correct. We'll get there about 12. Is that good for you?
- No problem. See you there!
- Ok, take it easy. Bye.
- See ya later.
A person calls a stranger for advice about a good hotel.
- Hello, this is Sally.
- Hi, nice to meet you.
- Alex Richmond gave me your number. He said you might be able to help me with
some information on a good hotel in Miami.
- Yes I can help.
- I'm looking for some information about Miami hotels.
- Yes, not a problem.
- What can you tell me about some nice hotels in Miami?
- Well, there are lots of nice places. I lived there for 5 years.
- What do you know in the 100-150 dollar range? And is this possible close to the
- Let me think a second. Sure, that's not too difficult. There are many nice places
in Miami. If you're interested in something chic and trendy I would go to South
- I am not really sure.
- I recommend South Beach as a very nice area. If you go there try the
Clevelander Hotel, the National or, maybe, the Delano.
- Ok, this sounds nice. But I want to go shopping a lot. What would you
recommend in this case?
- Then check out Coconut Grove. There are a bunch of hotels under 100 dollars a
- This all sounds great. Could you tell me more about these places? What are they
- South Beach and Coconut Grove are very stylish. There are a lot of interesting
cafes, beautiful people - that kind of thing. The scene up on North Beach is more
for the over fifty crowd.
- I think I got it. Where would you choose to stay if you are to go to Miami now?
- Personally, you can't go wrong with the Delano. The pool is world-renowned!
Check it out even if you don't stay there.
- What can I say, you've been an enormous help. Thanks a lot.
- My pleasure really. Feel free to give me a call if you have any other questions.
- Thanks again. Bye.
- Bye.

A person calls a stranger for directions
- Hi, this is Eric.
- Hi, nice to meet you.
- My friend Peter said I should call you for directions to the Metropolitan
Museum. Can you help?
- Sure I'd be happy to help.
- Do you know where it is located?
- Yeah, it's at 84th and 5th Avenue in midtown.
- That is great but I am from Philadelphia.
- Oh, that's a different story.
- Maybe you can tell me how to get there from Philly?
- Sure. Write down my directions. First take the Pennsylvania Turnpike all the
way to the end at Exit 31. Go through the Toll-booth. Then follow the signs to the
New Jersey Turnpike to New York City. When you're on the New Jersey Turnpike
go north about 90 miles to the Lincoln Tunnel Exit. Do you have all this? Ok.
After you exit to the Lincoln Tunnel. Go through the tunnel and into New York
City. At this point you'll be on 42nd street and 11th Avenue. Go straight ahead to
the first light. You should be on the corner of 42nd and 11th. Then take a right.
Got it? You should be on 42nd street. Now follow 42nd street across the city to 6th
avenue. At 6th avenue take left. Than travel uptown all the way to 84th street, ok?
Finally at 84th street take a left. Go straight ahead a couple blocks and you'll see
the Museum directly in front of you!
- That is great. Thank you so much for your help!
- Not a problem. Enjoy the exhibits. Check out the Egyptian section it's really
- Thanks again. Bye.
- Take care. Feel free to call me if you have any problems. Bye.
Calling customer service
- Hello. Customer Care. The dispatcher first answered your call told me that
you're having some problems with the audio on your computer?
- Hi, yes. I can't seem to get my computer to work right.
- Of course. What seems to be the problem?
- I'm trying to use my game programs but the sound doesn't work.
- Did you make sure to turn on your speakers?
- Yes, they are on.
- Are the speakers plugged into the sound card at the back of your computer?
- Yes.
- Most likely it's a software problem. Open your system folder. Click on control
panel. Ok?
- Done.
- Now click on Audio Devices. Then select Audio devices. What do you see?

- It says, No Audio device selected.
- Ok, click Default. Then reboot your computer and tell me what happens.
- I just rebooted. I can hear the beeps. Yes, the sound is working!
- Great! To adjust the volume, just turn the volume knob to clockwise to the
desired setting.
- Thanks, that shouldn't be too difficult.
- My pleasure. Are you satisfied with the service you have been given today?
- Yes, very pleased. Good day.
- Good bye.
Calling the home alarm company for assistance to set the alarm
- Hello, this is Safe-Tech call center, customer relations, Paula speaking. How can
I help you?
- Hi, Paula. I can't set the PIN code correctly to get the alarm to work.
- You called the correct place. What seems to be the problem with your PIN code?
- I forgot my PIN code and can't get my alarm to turn on.
- Can you tell me your code phrase?
- I forgot my code phrase.
- Ok, what is your name?
- Paul Jennings.
- What is your mother's maiden name?
- Roth.
- Correct. Do you remember your code word?
- Oh, yes now I do! Rabbit.
- That's correct. Do you have a pen and paper handy?
- Yes.
- Your PIN code is: 0771. Please write it down and store it in a secure place.
- Ok.
- Also, don't forget, key-in only your PIN code in the keypad, ok?
- Aha, ok.
- After you enter the PIN code press enter and the system will arm itself.
- Good, thanks a lot for your help.
- Your welcome. Good bye.
- Good bye.
Calling a car dealership for help with a mechanical problems
- Good morning. Ford Service, Blue team. This is Bill. The dispatcher told me that
you have a problem starting your car?
- It is completely dead.
- Let me get this strait. When you turn the key nothing happens?
- Yeah, that's right. Dead-as-a-door-nail!
- Did you by mistake leave your headlights on last night?

- Hold on I'll go look. Yeah, I left the lights on all night! Can you believe it!
- That's the usual culprit for a dead battery. Do you have jumper cables?
- No, unfortunately I don't.
- I'm assuming you purchased the vehicle from our dealership?
- Yes, that's correct.
- I can have a tow-truck sent in thirty minutes. Is that ok?
- Yes, that would be great.
- What is your address?
- 31 Hawthorne Drive.
- And your name?
- Dorothy McGuire.
- Can you give me your phone number in case the tow-truck has trouble locating
- Of course, it's 716-8976.
- I'll put the order in now. Is there anything else I can help you with?
- No, that will be all, thank you.
- Goodbye.
- Bye now.
Calling to Service Support for Home Appliances
- Satellite repair center, Joe speaking. The operator told me that you have a
problem with your satellite TV. What seems to be the problem?
- I pushed the wrong button and now I see nothing on my TV.
- Can I have your name please?
- Yes, my name is Martha.
- Is the screen black or do you see fuzzy white?
- Black.
- Ok. You probably just turned off the Satellite function. Do you have your control
- Yes.
- Ok, look on the control for the button marked TV/Satellite. Do you see it?
- Yes.
- Ok, just press it and tell me what happens.
- Yahoo! It works!
- Good. In the future just press that button if you lose your satellite picture. Ok?
- Yep, I got it. Thanks!
- No problem. Good day.
- Bye.
Employer calls in response to a resume but the call is accepted by different person
- Good afternoon, this is Mrs. Rothman from Is Don Richmond home?
- Yes, let me get him. Can you hold on?

- Please tell him it is in reference to the teaching position at South Lakes School.
- Ok, I'll go get him.
Employer calls in response to a resume posted on the Internet
- Good afternoon, this is Mrs. Rothman from Is this Don Richmond?
- Yes. Hello, Mrs. Rothman.
- I saw your resume on our website. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?
- No, of course. Please, ask.
- Your resume indicates that you have significant kindergarten through twelve
experience. Are you experienced with early-adolescents?
- Yes, the majority of my pupils were aged three to six.
- Are you comfortable with large groups?
- I prefer a smaller class structure. But, yes, I can handle larger groups.
- I have a number of other questions for you. Perhaps it would be more
convenient to meet in person?
- Yes, I am free all this week.
- Can you meet on Wednesday?
- No, not a problem.
- Ok, I will e-mail you the directions and time? If you can confirm Tuesday
morning that would be great.
- Tuesday morning I'll call your office and confirm.
- Ok, goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Employer calls in response to resume posted on job-seeker bulletin board
- Hello, this is Chef Paul Foreman, is Karla home?
- This is Karla.
- Hi, Karla. Are you free to talk?
- Sure, of course.
- I saw your resume posted at the culinary school. Are you still looking for work?
- Yes.
- We are looking for an assistant pastry chef. How good are your crepes?
- To be honest, I'm great with candy but I'd be happy to learn crepes.
- Did you have any practice?
- We learned pastries in school. The training chef said my crepes are pretty good.
- Do you have any plans tomorrow?
- No, I'm free Chef Foreman.
- Great, can you drop by tomorrow and prepare some samples for me?
- Sure.
- Do you know where we're located? It's by the stadium on Highland Avenue.
- Oh, I know where it is.
- Ok, how about after lunch then. Say, about one PM.

- Ok, see you then.
- See you.
- Bye.
Calling for information about a position advertised in the news media
- Hello, this is Human Resources. John Holly speaking.
- Hello, my name is Janet Hirsch, I'm calling in reference to the position your
company advertised in the New York Times? Can you tell me if it's still available?
- I see. Yes, the position is still open. Can I ask if you have any experience in
- Yes, I worked for three years in this field.
- Do you know anything about consumer electronics?
- My last job was selling video equipment and some consumer goods.
- Excellent. Can you send your CV to me today?
- Yes, I have your email and I will send it as soon as we hang-up.
- Thank you, I'll look for it. Bye.
- Thank you for your time Mr. Holly. Goodbye.
Calling for information about a position advertised on the Internet
- Good morning, this is iHop. Hop over for the best Pancakes on the Planet! How
may I help you?
- Hello, my name is Peter Johnson. I'm calling for information regarding a
position. I saw advertised on the website.
- Which position in particular?
- Internet security administrator.
- There are several positions with that description. Could you be more accurate?
- The security administrator for WAN-based applications.
- Yes, the position is still open. Please, send your CV to
- Good. Thank you. I will.
- Your welcome. Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
The secretary picks up the phone
- Good Morning. Law Offices of Fischer, Warner and Price. How can I help you?
- Hi, can you connect me to Beverly Warner?
- Who shall I say is calling?
- Ben Johnson.
- Ok, hold on. I will connect your call now.
- Thank you, Miss.
- Your welcome.

A person calls to a business partner
- Hello, this is Ben.
- Hi Ben, this is Beverly speaking.
- How are you?
- Good, what can I do for you?
- I was calling to check if you received the contract I sent over to you yesterday?
- I received it about five o'clock.
- Are you free to discuss any amendments to the contract?
- Let me check my schedule... I have an opening at three PM.
- That works for me Beverly. I'll call you that time then.
- Great. I will be waiting for your call.
- Ok, bye.
- Bye.
A person calls a business partner to ascertain if they received an important
- Hi, this is Ben.
- Hi, Ben. What can I do for you?
- Did you get the message about the change of time for our meeting?
- Yes, I already received the message.
- Very good. Is the new time convenient for you?
- Yes, later is ok.
- Ok, bye.
- Bye.
A person calls regarding a scheduled appointment
- Hi, this is Ben.
- Good afternoon, Ben.
- Are you free now to discuss the contract like we arranged?
- Yes.
- Ok, can we get started?
- Ok.
- First, I have several points to discuss regarding the contract.
- Ok.
- Number one: in general, was the contract acceptable?
- I did note some minor errors in the language and terms. We have to contact the
attorney for the plaintiff and discuss everything. However, in general, it looks
- Can you give me an idea of what errors we are looking at?
- Well, for starters Ben, the date of the agreement is incorrect.
- Yes, I agree. Can you send me your revisions today?

- Not a problem. I can send them after we hang-up.
- Can we follow-up on this topic tomorrow?
- Sure, give me a call first thing in the morning.
- Ok, I'll contact you tomorrow morning. Goodbye.
- Bye.
A person calls to invite a business partner to lunch
- Good morning!
- Hi Beverly. You're in the office early!
- Yes. I just wanted to finish this business with the contract revisions.
- Good. It will be nice to wrap-up this portion of the work.
- I finished all the revisions after we spoke yesterday. My secretary dropped them
off yesterday evening. They should be on your desk.
- Yes, I see the contracts now on my desk.
- What do you think if we meet for lunch to finalize the details?
- Great, I am free after one.
- Good. How about if we meet at La Chez?
- Fine.
- Is one-thirty ok for you?
- Excellent.
- Would you prefer to meet at the bar or a table inside?
- Take a table and I'll ask the maitre'd where you're at.
- Great, I'll call for reservations. See you later.
- Ok, see you at one-thirty then. Bye.
Calling regarding a minor business problem
- Hello, this is Sarah Allen.
- Yes, Ms Allen, this is Bob Wallace. What can I do for you?
- Hi, I was calling to find out if your firm sent us the documents we requested last
week. Did you send them?
- Well I'm not sure ma'am. Let me look in my delivery folder to see if we actually
mailed them. Yes, here it is. They were mailed yesterday.
- Good. Can you tell me, if I send another document today will it be received by
- Yes, if you can drop-it off before close of business tomorrow.
- Ok. Thank you.
- Your welcome.
- Bye.
- Good bye.