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To realize the relationship of prayer and faith;
To provide the appropriate notion of prayer and its varied
3. To appreciate the beauty of prayer, and see the different
opportunities available in life for a deepened prayer and
spiritual life through the example and teaching of Jesus
To acquire the ability to formulate the prayer of their own.



Three Possibilities of any Relationship.

It has been learned the valuable role being played by faith
in any relationships. It enables us to realize that indeed it is
impossible to build up relationship if one or both of the parties
are afraid or unwilling to share him/herself with the other.
Relationship requires love, and love requires reaching out or
making the initiative. Faith makes us love, which builds the
Another dimension of relationship is that it is basically a
two way process. It involves both reaching out (invitation) and
response. Unless the two parties involved prove themselves
worthy, even given all the essential factors, love relationships
are not to be realized.
Whatever is true in human relationships is the same in
God-man relation. Faith is foremost the prerequisite in loving
God. It clearly implies the courage and confidence to openness
and to take chances. After all, God has assured us “believe and
He will show us”.
Granted that relationships have already been built. What
are the possibilities that may happen in such relationship? There
are three possibilities that can be gleaned: 1.) Growth, 2.)
Maintenance of a distant but superficial relationship, and 3.)
Decay or end of the relationship.

Religious Experience

The common inclination any person would want the
relationship to go through is naturally growth and maturity.
Christian Prayer

the offering of worship and respect to His almighty power and greatness for ADORATION. is necessary. what can each one of us communicates or speak about? What are the different reasons or purpose to enter into prayer? Apparently. The so-called “special moments” may be actual or physical or maybe in thoughts. The relationship with parents. It may be about the humble realization and acceptance of us as sinners. the relationship with God likewise undergoes growth and maturity. It is a kind of an interaction known as religious experience where faith thrives and deepens. It is in prayer where divine presence is experienced. Christian Prayer . Each moment then becomes an opportunity to express one’s love. each moment a chance to enhance the relationship. though may not be physical at times but the mere presence. Another is the simple token of their presence like pictures. for instance. the encounter of persons. Ordinary daily activities could be a special occasion of an encounter by transforming them as an offering for the parents. It may be the recognition and acknowledgement of God’s goodness and love. It may be about the joys and contentment. If this is what it takes for the relationship to mature. there are a lot of varied things to talk about. success and any wonderful blessings and events that transpired in our life for THANKSGIVING. This process of dialogue is PRAYER.Apparently it is achieved by means of a constant communication or expression of love to the other. sentimental gifts. Before God. In the same manner the relationship with God grows in the constant experience of God’s presence in the personal life. C. the experience of persons or presence nowadays can take place in varied ways. it is “a moment of speaking with God”. thus an act of ATONEMENT or CONTRITION. The love is alive. Literally. Thus. ever burning and consuming. the use of communications technology that makes their presence readily available and accessible. may grow without physical attachment. Prayer: A moment of Dialogue with God If there is communication or dialogue. asking for pardon and mercy for all shortcomings.

It may be about the problems. Hence we must pray constantly to establish a much deeper relationship with God. 1. People who seldom pray generate a superficial brand of relationship with God.Finally. the Supreme Being far above the heaven. can run towards God to share the whole gamut of experiences s/he needs to have a constant encounter of God to establish closeness and openness. . Hail Mary. etc.1 Christian Prayer Vocal Prayer: expressing ones prayer in words or occasionally in gestures. so powerful to provide whatever needs. Kinds of Prayer 1. there is nothing wrong with the prayers of adoration and petition. a brother. prayer before and after going to bed. a special friend. any pains and sufferings for PETITION. so too we cannot approach God unless we are first close to Him and have known Him better if not fully. Before one. They tend to have the false notion that God is only God. It is an uncontestable fact that God is the highest being. a) Formulated: Fixed formula. God can likewise be a parent. Individual/Private: the approach to God through His grace by an individual out of his own private fervor or initiative. etc… b) Spontaneous: a personal spontaneous cry that springs from the heart of person in joy or in danger or because of a situation in which one finds oneself. Example: A visit to the Blessed Sacrament. the notion of God who is no more than a servant or s sort of a super waiter whose presence is sought only when necessary such as for petition. Actually. any difficulties and urgent needs. However. no more no less. follow a certain pattern as in Our Father. and a special someone all rolled into one. which simply means asking for something. Inasmuch as we cannot approach our parents or anybody else unless we have proven their trustworthiness and sincerity. D. Or worst. however. Such a faulty notion leads to a wide distant gap as to approach God only for worship or adoration.

Christian Prayer Qualities Essential in Prayer. Liturgical/Public: the prayer of the whole church. Mental Prayer: a prayer characterized by the absence of words or gestures. He can speak to us through the silent moment in our lives. God speaks to us through the daily ordinary occurrences in life. . our feelings and emotions.2 2. no one can excuse oneself from praying despite the hectic schedule at work. prayer means wo/man talking and listening to God and vice-versa. it is an activity involving a total sharing or encounter of persons. novena. He can speak to us through our minds. a) Formal: denotes a definite period of time. Such is the beauty of prayer. Indeed.1. b) Informal: praying while doing something else. The tendency or inclination for wo/man to monopolize the dialogue must be avoided. so is every moment in life is a chance to enter into a prayer. F. 3. Shared: a private local prayer addressed to God but voice aloud acquired together with others. He too has a lot of things to share. Above all. Prayer is an art. It must be borne in mind that prayer is a dialogue or a communication between God and wo/man. The entire life can be transform into a prayer in itself if every moment is an experience of God’s presence. Proper Attitude towards Prayer. In this type of prayer the individual approach God as a member of the Church and the prayer is subject to regulation. Clearly. Just as every moment in our life is an opportunity to express the love for loved ones. and through nature. With the informal type of prayer. Prayer is a two-sided affair. of the family of God united together in Christ. Example: Prayer before and after the class. God likewise has a lot of stories to tell us. through the people around us. Such definition entails the presence of a speaker and listener. Example: Mass and the other sacraments. etc. rosary. our hearts. E.

This is the element of confidence. Effects of Prayer. Prayer is presented as an identifying mark of the Church and of the genuine Christian. It enables us to believe that what was ask for will be given if it is for the greater glory of God and our salvation. Because of human weakness. By attention means praying with an absolute inner sincerity. It obtains other benefits from God. God never abandons his people. confidence and perseverance. and never lose heart. Christians should never be discouraged in prayer. He answers prayers. should never give up. 3. Christian Prayer . 1. devotion. 2. It merits graces from God. 3. H. We must give our whole being to the reality of God and His presence before us. It means approaching God in the spirit of total dedication to God’s will and purposes. but your will be done”. It spiritual refreshes of the mind. At prayer moment we give the complete self. Devotion on the other hand requires a genuine genuflection of the will of God. “Not my will. Finally. but in the appropriate time. Christian prayer also demands that we approach God with unshakable trust born of faith. G. Christ Himself lived always in a prayerful spirit that blossomed easily into explicit prayer. Christ wants us to pray with perseverance and courage. But these do not destroy the value of prayer. It enables us to approach God with the spirit of total submission to his will. Man cannot reach salvation without graces from God and some grace according to God’s plan are granted only in answer to one’s prayer. Prayer can be an acknowledgement of one’s weakness and dependence on God. involuntary distractions may come and go. 4. Necessity of Prayer for Christian Life. 2. Thus. body and soul to experience God’s reality and presence. 1. Attention requires more than just the hypocritical externalism of the Pharisees in the gospel.A true Christian whenever in prayer must have attention.

3. J. than this world dreams of…” ( A. Result from living a life of Prayer.” (St. “More things are wrought by prayers. each one alphabetically will take turns to lead the prayer before and after the class. 2.III. The seatwork is equivalent to a quiz. Compose a spontaneous prayer for the class containing the four purposes for prayer. Thompson) Learning Activities: 1. “Faith without works is dead” (St. 3. Augustine of Hippo) 2. I. 4. R. Christian Prayer . A view of this world from the perspective of God of eternity. Harmonious order and balance with oneself. 2. 2. The fulfillment of His will. 5. 4. H. “ A man without a prayer is like a tree without its roots. Famous quotations about prayer. The coming of His Kingdom. Happiness and peace of mind. What are the things that we should ask for in a prayer of petition? 1. The activity is considered one oral quiz for the finals for 20 pts. A growing closeness to God through focus in Christ. A strength to hold oneself together despite change about and within. At the conclusion will be two of any formulated prayers. 6. Paul) 3. 1. The graces necessary and useful for salvation. Then with personal spontaneous prayer. 1. The peace of Christ. We should ask for God’s glory.

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