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I. Read the following text and do task A and B:

Electrician Occupational Outlook
The job of an electrician involves 1. in and maintaining electrical 2
systems. This is done in homes and businesses. The work of an electrician is occasionally 3 .
Electricians must 4.. heavy objects and 5 ladders. The work may require them to
bend, 6 , kneel, or stoop 7. low for long periods. To be successful, electricians
need to work fast. In order to 8 .. and 9 tools quickly, they wear a
10 to prevent 11 , electricians usually 12.. the power source
before working. They 13 the power when they are done. Electricians also use 14..
to 15 wires.
A. Fill in the gaps in the text with the following words:
split; putting; sharp tools; power; turn on; demanding; turn off; lift; tool belt; climb;
release; stand; grab; down; power
B. Read the text and mark the statements as true (T) or False (F)
1. Electricians are expected to work quickly.
2. Electricians must wear helmets to work.
3. Electricians work in businesses and homes.
4. Electricians usually turn on the power source before working.
5. An electrician usually does easy work.
II. Match the words on the left with the right definition on the right:
1. to install
2. voltage
3. wire stripper
4. volt
5. ohm
6. to lift
7. arc flash blanket
8. fish tape
9. tool kit
10. allen wrench

a. a measurement of the force of electricity

b. a measurement showing resistance
c. to connect something so it can be used
d. a blanket used to protect from explosion or shock
e. a tool use to tighten bolts
f. a bag or box used to hold a set of tools
g. the strength of moving electricity
h. a tool used for cutting, twisting or pulling wires move something up to a higher place
j. you use it to put wires behind walls

III. Unjumble the words to form correct sentences:

1. working/ when/careful/extra/with/wires/be/live
2. boots/without/never/steel/safety/leather/work/wearing/glasses/gloves/and/toe
3. electricity/a/with/stick/hot/working/worn/when/is
4. blades/the/five/powerful/with/reciprocating/comes/saw
5. wires/pliers/cutting/are/and/needed/pulling/for

IV. Write about the job of an electrician: what it involves; qualities and skills needed; hazard;
why you would choose this job. (50-100 words)



A. 15 x 1 = 15p

1-putting; 2-power; 3- demanding; 4- lift; 5- climb; 6- stand; 7- down;

8-grab; 9-release; 10-tool belt; 11-shock; 12- turn off; 13- power; 14-sharp
tools; 15-split
B. 5 x 1p = 5p
1- T; 2-F; 3-T; 4-F; 5-F

10 X 2p = 20 p
1-c; 2-g; 3- h; 4-a; 5-b; 6-i; 7-d; 8-j; 9-f; 10-e

III. 5 x 4p = 20 p
1. When working with live wires, be extra careful.

Never work without wearing steel toe boots, safety glasses and leather gloves.
A hot stick is worn when working with electricity.
The powerful reciprocating saw comes with five blades.
Pliers are needed for pulling and cutting wires.

IV. 30 points