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200th Anniversary of the Illyrian Provinces

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Top Slovenian Products [June, 2006]

Responses to the Media Reporting - Archive

National Programme for Culture 2008-2011 [April, 2008) On Slovene [September , 2007] If today... [June, 2004] Poet Srečko Kosovel (1904-1926) [March, 2004] National Programme for Culture 2004-2007 Celica Ex-Prison Turned into Stylish Youth Hostel [September, 2003] Beekeeping in Slovenia [April, 2003] World's Oldest Wheel Found in Slovenia [March, 2003] Vladimir Bartol, the Author of Alamut [February, 2003] Ljubljana's Neboticnik - The First Slovenian Skyscraper [February, 2003] Christmas in Slovenia [May, 2002] European Year of Languages: Slovene [December, 2001] Academia Philharmonicorum - The Slovene Philharmonic, 1701-2001 [September, 2001] France Prešeren (3 December 1800 - 8 February 1849) [December, 2000] The Message of Zdravljica First Slovene Book [November, 2000] The Freising Manuscripts (Brižinski spomeniki) - the Oldest Known Writings in Slovene [November, 2000] Celebrating Prešeren's Year [February, 2000] Neanderthal flute [November, 2003] ]

Links New Most Wanted Government President of the Republic National Assembly Prime Minister Ministries / Government Offices Secretariat-General of the Government e-government Slovenian Press Agency

Domestic Policy
The Erased [April, 2004] State and NGO to Tackle Human Trafficking Hand in Hand [web pages since April, 2005] Constitutional Amendments [May, 2001] Prompt denationalisation is in the public interest [April, 2001] Illegal migration - a threat to Slovenia's national security [January, 2001] The Reform of Public Administration and Improved Administrative Services [January, 2001]

EU Topics
Introduction of the Euro in Slovenia [January, 2007] ] Schengen acquis [ Prepared by the Ministry of the Interior, June 2006] Slovene Euro Coins [October, 2005] Communication Strategy on the Introduction of the Euro (218 KB) [June, 2005] Elections to the European Parliament in Slovenia [June, 2004]

Gregorčičeva 25 1000 Ljubljana Phone: (01) 478 26 00 Fax: (01) 251 23 12 e-mail: gp.ukom(at)

Economy & Finance
Slovenian Exit Strategy 2010 - 2013 [February, 2010] Accession of Slovenia to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) [February, 2010] Slovenian Government actively combats financial and economic crisis [February, 2009] Introduction of the Euro in Slovenia [January, 2007] En Route to the Adoption of the Euro [June, 2006] Reforms [June, 2006] Framework of Economic and Social Reforms for Increasing the Welfare in Slovenia (Brief summary) (75 KB) [November, 2005] Slovenia’s Development Strategy (Summary) (52 KB) [June, 2005] Slovene Euro Coins [October, 2005] Former Slovene Bank-notes and Coins [March, 2003, January 2007] Privatisation of Public Capital in Insurance Companies and Banks [December, 2000] Slovenia Gives Green Light to Foreign Investors [March, 2000] Additional Explanations Concerning the Negotiating Position to Chapter 4 - Free Movement of Capital - Denationalisation [February, 2000] Value Added Tax [September, 1999] Value Added Tax (VAT) [June, 1999]

Educational System in Slovenia [April, 2009] Education in Slovenia [February, 2000]

Parliamentary Elections 2008 [September, 2008] Parliamentary election results (1990-2008) [February, 2009] Parliamentary Elections 2004 [October, 2004] Elections in Slovenia in 2002 [November, 2002] Slovenia Gets Its Sixth Government [December, 2000] 3rd Post-independence Parliamentary Elections [October, 2000] 1,001 Candidates at 2000 Elections [October, 2000] 15 October 2000: Parliamentary Elections [October, 2000] Ten years of first direct and multiparty elections in Slovenia [April, 2000]

Slovenian Standpoint on European Energy Policy [February, 2007] Towards Energy Efficiency and Renewable Sources [June, 2001] Slovene Nuclear Power Plant Save from Earthquake [October, 2000]

Foreign Policy
Border Issue between Slovenia and Croatia [December, 2009] Border issue between Slovenia and Croatia [July, 2009] Slovenia in the World [June, 2006] What is Spanish Compromise? [December, 2000] In November 1999, Slovenia is Presiding over the Security Council for the Second Time [November, 1999]

The State of Karantanija [July, 2005] 26 December - Independence Day and Anniversary of the Plebiscite [December, 2000]

Health Care System [April, 2009] Healthcare system - Health reform [September, 2003]

International Organisations
Slovenia Ready to Head the Council of Europe [May, 2009] Priorities of the Slovenian Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe (77 KB) [April, 2009] Slovenian Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers’ of the Council of Europe (12 May – 18 November 2009) [February, 2009] Slovenia's OSCE Chairmanship in 2005 [June, 2006]

Information about Roma issue in Slovenia [December, 2006] Minorities in Slovenia [June, 2006] Minorities: An Enriched Expression of the Cultural Heritage [February, 2002] The Italian and Hungarian Autochthonous Ethnic Communities, and the Romany in the Republic of Slovenia [June, 1999] The Republic of Slovenia and Slovene Ethnic Minorities in Neighbouring Countries [June, 1999 and July, 2003]

Science & Technology
Jurij Vega (1754-1802) - Logarithms for World Heritage [March, 2004] Edvard Rusjan, Pioneer of Slovene Aviation [January, 2001] ]

Slovenia – EU (Information on the Accesson Process)
Slovenia's Accession to the EU [May, 2004] Slovenia Entering the EU (249 KB) [April, 2004] EU: Open Issues and Perspectives [December, 2001] Report on Slovenia's Progress in EU Integration [July, 2001] Slovenia Towards a Breakthrough in Negotiations with EU [April, 2001] Increasing administrative skills prior to Slovenia becoming an EU member state [March, 2001] No influx of Slovene Workers to the EU Expected [February, 2001] The Reform of Public Administration and Improved Administrative Services [January, 2001] Slovenia Follows Measures and EU Legal Standards to Combat Mad Cow Disease [January, 2001] EU/Slovenia: Progress in All Problematic Areas [November, 2000] European Commission Report is Positive [November, 2000] Slovenia is preparing to establish a Schengen border [October, 2000] EUR 21 million over the next three years for programmes of cross-border cooperation with Italy, Austria and Hungary [October, 2000] Additional Explanations Concerning the Negotiating Position to Chapter 4 - Free Movement of Capital - Denationalisation [February, 2000] Slovenians' Viewpoints on Slovenia's Integration in the European Union [December, 1999]

Social Affairs & Human Rights
Modernisation of the Pensions System in Slovenia [November, 2009] The National Employment Action Plan 2004 [September, 2004] Accepted by the Government on 23 September 2004 and based on the strategic objectives of the National Programme for the Development of the Labour Market and Employment until the year 2006 and the European Employment Strategy. Slovenia Enters New Millennium with Reformed Pension System [December, 2000]

Sports and the Olympic Tradition - An Important Part of Slovenia's Cultural Heritage [June, 2006] Extreme sports: Few in number and crazy [April, 2002] Sports and the Olympic Tradition - An Important Part of Slovenia's Cultural Heritage [March, 2001]

Motorway Construction in the Republic of Slovenia [October, 2003] Slovenian transport: Transport's Attractive Business Potential [October, 2001] Slovenia, a Country at the Crossroads of Transport Links [November, 2000]

New Act on Telecommunications [April, 2001] Towards Electronic Public Administration: simple, user-friendly and accessible by internet [February, 2001] Slovenia - First Among Eastern European Countries in Development of Telecommunications [December, 2000]

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