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Hajj Return to the old page. Got feedback? Let us know! From: journeytojannah Subscribe Joined: 8 months ago Videos: 4 more info less info About This Video A really nice hajj presentation I made. (Backgr... A really nice hajj presentation I made. (Background nasheed by Raihan) Added: 8 months ago Category: Entertainment Tags: hajj haj pilgrimage islam muslim muslims kaabah kabah ka'bah ka'abah makkah mecca makka makah madinah masjidil haram URL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6t7_HLTRkk Share Favorite Add to Playlists Flag

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Hajj 05:59 From: UmHumaid Views: 12,342

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Comments & Responses
Show: average (-5 or better) Help Change this to see only comments above a certain value. Change the value of a comment by clicking on a thumb. Next Page: 1 2 3 ... Oldest Seffir0005 (1 week ago) 0 (Reply) well it is very well known that Christians tries to distorted a lot of verses to defend their claims on their dogmas and teachings etc. so be careful on them.. liatamara (2 weeks ago) 0 (Reply) Assalaamualaikum, I just wanna say that obsulately you are right! I have been in Hajj this the 2006/2007 seasons, and it's truly unvaluable experience, that I have been travelled around the world!! Subhanallah!!! Almost 2,5 millions people came to the Holy Mecca, only for Allah, the Bestower to us, the Moslem!!! Allahu Akbar!!! mebeur (2 weeks ago) 0 (Reply) You have been watching far too many movies that have polluted your mind & soul which disables the brain.Others have taken hold of it indirectly and sadly you are a victim of your own self! mebeur (2 weeks ago) 0 (Reply) You've spent your life obviously researching not for the truth but only to mock .ISLAM IS THE TRUTH, O SON OF ADAM,BEWARE,HELLFIRE AWAITS YOU AT THIS RATE! Seffir0005 (1 month ago) 0 (Reply) yeahright brother admir0106 (1 month ago) 0 (Reply) it makes me want to cry. only a muslim will see the true beauty of this video. Only Allah picks who will be a muslim, dont listen to the kafir, haters. Allah is happy with you. Video is great. Thank you for letting us watch it. Seffir0005 (1 month ago) 0 (Reply) uhmm what kind of hallucination is this ideas? catholics and Islam cant be combine.. their likes are oil and water, fire and ice, yin and yang.. one is in the right path and the other is on wrong path. so it was impossible and can never be ^_^

Hajj - A Journey of the Heart 09:58 From: jannah7 Views: 14,416 Hajj 2006/1426H Post a video 02:17 From: awe2020 response Views: 3,454 Post a text Hajj comment 10:05 From: ahlulbeit Views: 7,930 'Hajj 07' 08:39 From: VisualDaawah Views: 8,402 National Geographic - Inside Mecca (Makkah, Makka & Promoted Videos Hajj) 43:54 From: Intervis ta Poland: The Official Diritti InnocentSinnerDesi doppia.. . Updat... 37,374 Video Umani: Views: 04:36 04:55 2005 Flooding 22... Ac... Hajj altromercatopolandtheup... 01:27 01:01 01:29 From: abdulawwal MotoGP Nilok1959 Views: 5,975 The Hajj 08:13 From: ElifZeyneb Views: 10,476 Hajj 2007 10:19 From: msauofc Views: 4,408 Hajj & Umra Nabicharyayiloode 01:02:54 From: Shijaz Views: 6,358 Hajj Safety - Part 1 07:34 From: justanick2007 Views: 1,735 Mecca (Makkah) 04:45 From: faraz123 Views: 30,479 Malcolm X Returning from Hajj 01:24 From: IbneKhan Views: 16,991 Dua Kumail recitation in Jannat al-Baqi - Hajj Year 1426 01:01:25 From: islammedia Views: 9,579 Hajj Trip 2006 09:41 From: hajjihamza Views: 4,240 El Hajj 03:25 From: leylasp1 Views: 10,761 El Hajj 39:37 From: hosamnasr Views: 6,863 Hajj ,Mecca , over 2.5 million people 01:46 From: sarrys Views: 5,898 Hajj-Fifth Pillar of Islam by Belal 05:06 From: skisvideo Views: 7,454 Hajj Pilgrimage 2006/2007

Seffir0005 (1 month ago) 0 (Reply) ^_^ i already woke up brother... maybe you yourself is still sleeping... i like to talk w/ you on this matter in private ^_^ i dont want to talk this matter in this video bcoz it is too limited... ^_^ salam brother if you have an arguement about islam just PM me ^_^ Tesselator (1 month ago) -3 (Reply) I guess it's time good folks like yourself wake up and start getting the word out. Expose evil to the light and it withers and dies like fragile cave fungus. Seffir0005 (1 month ago) 0 (Reply) yeah i did it always... i even answer the contradictions that the west said on the different websites in net ^_^ and i found nothing fault in the Quran.. only on their mind because they cant understand it clearly... ^_^ Next Page: 1 2 3 ... Oldest View all 51 comments

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